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Onet activity project
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Onet activity project


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  • 1. Career Project Matt Morganelli
  • 2. Occupations
    • Coaches and Scouts
    • Athletic Trainers
    • Police Officer
  • 3. Coaches and Scouts
    • Tasks
    • Identify and recruit athletes for your future
    • Analyze strength and weaknesses of the opposing team
    • Provide training, encouragement and motivation
    • Make scouting reports of your own players
  • 4. Coaches and Scouts
    • Knowledge
    • Psychology-knowledge of behavior and performance
    • Personal and Human Resources- know how and who to recruit
    • Sales and Marketing-trying to get more students to go out for the team
    • Education and Training- instructing and training athletes so they perform to their best
    • Administration and Management- knowing how a business works
  • 5. Coaches and Scouts
    • Skills:
    • Instructing- showing and telling others how to do something
    • Speaking- being able to give motivational speeches
    • Critical Thinking- being able to find alternate solutions
    • Coordination- being able to demonstrate things you are teaching
    • Management of personal resources- motivating and directing people
    • Interests:
    • Social- working, communicating, and teaching people
    • Realistic- involves hands on activities
    • Enterprising- starting up and carrying out projects
  • 6. Coaches and Scouts
    • Abilities:
    • Speech Clarity- being able to speak clearly
    • Fluency of ideas- being able to come up with multiple ideas
    • Originality- being able to come up with unusual and clever ideas
    • Speech Recognition- understanding the speech of another person
    • Problem Sensitivity- sensing when something is going wrong
    • Related Occupations:
    • Fitness Trainers
    • First line Supervisors/Managers
  • 7. Athletic Trainers
    • Tasks
    • Evaluating athletes readiness to play
    • Applying protective or preventive devices
    • Instructing others on how to prevent injuries
    • Planning and implementing athletic injury and illness programs
    • Traveling with sports teams and being available at sporting events
  • 8. Athletic Trainers
    • Skills
    • Instructing- teaching others the proper way of how to do something
    • Social Perspectives- knowing how certain people will react to things
    • Service Orientation- always looking for ways to help someone
    • Speaking- talking to others to convey information correctly
    • Coordination- adjusting actions in relation to others actions
  • 9. Athletic Trainers
    • Knowledge:
    • Medicine and Dentistry- knowing what medicine to treat someone with
    • Psychology- knowledge of human behavior and performance
    • Education and Training- knowing principles and methods for curriculum and training design
    • Administration and Management- knowledge of business and management principles
    • Therapy and Counseling- knowing methods and procedures for diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation
    • Related Occupations:
    • Physical Therapists
    • Recreational Therapists
    • Respiratory Therapists
  • 10. Athletic Trainers
    • Abilities:
    • Speech Clarity- being able to project your voice clearly
    • Body Language- knowing someone's response by seeing their body language
    • Inductive Reasoning- putting together pieces to form conclusions
    • Oral Expression- expressing your thoughts clearly through your words
    • Deductive Reasoning- using rules with problems to get answers
    • Interests:
    • Social- working, communicating, and teaching people
    • Realistic- involves hand-on activities
    • Investigative- requires an extensive amount of thinking
  • 11. Police Officer
    • Tasks:
    • Maintaining order and protecting people for public safety
    • Record facts for documents about incidents
    • Patrolling areas on foot or in a vehicle
    • Figuring out what the crime is by investigating accidents
    • Drawing or taking photographs of the scene of the accident/crime
  • 12. Police Officer
    • Skills:
    • Persuasion- being able to get information out of criminals
    • Negotiation- being able to cut deals with people to get certain needs
    • Critical Thinking- using logic to find alternate solutions to things
    • Active Listening- figuring out what the person your interrogating is saying
    • Monitoring- being able to watch the people you have in custody
  • 13. Police Officer
    • Knowledge:
    • Public Safety and Security- protecting people in public areas
    • English Language- using certain words to interrogate somebody
    • Education and Training- training other officers how to do their job
    • Law and Government- knowing necessary laws and codes
    • Customer and Personal Services- dealing with criminals and fellow employees
    • Abilities:
    • Oral Expression- communicating ideas and information to interpret
    • Far Vision- being able to see things from far away
    • Reaction Time- being able to respond to things quickly
    • Selective Attention- paying attention to only important things said
    • Deductive Reasoning- applying general rules to situations
  • 14. Police Officer
    • Interests:
    • Realistic- practical and hands-on problems
    • Enterprising- starting up and carrying-out projects
    • Conventional- following set procedures and routines
    • Social- working, communicating, and teaching people
    • Related Occupations:
    • Fire Inspectors
    • Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs
    • Security Guards
  • 15. Closing Slide
    • My favorite occupation out of all the three that I have written about on my PowerPoint is an Athletic Trainer.
    • Reasons for this choice:
    • Good money
    • Get to be around sports
    • Getting athletes to perform at their best ability