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Organ cloning

Organ cloning



Dylan R and John M period 9 Organ Cloning 10 slides

Dylan R and John M period 9 Organ Cloning 10 slides



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    Organ cloning Organ cloning Presentation Transcript

    • Organ Cloning By John Mesagno and Dylan Reynolds
    • Basic principles of genetics
      • Traits controlled by recessive alleles only show up when the dominant allele is not present. Dominate alleles mask recessive alleles when dominate allele is present.
      • Co-Dominates is neither dominate nor recessive. As a result neither allele is masked in the offspring.
      • Alleles of two parents combine to express traits in offspring because traits show all the possible outcomes of a genetic cross and to determine the probability of a particular trait.
      • Genetic counsling can help parents who have a genetic disorder regarding future children because
    • Human Genome Project
      • The human genome project started October 1990 and ended in 2003. The main goals of the project is to identify the DNA sequence.
      • Some current applications is when the project is over an encyclopedia of genetic information about humans will be available. Some potential applications are that new understandings may lead to treatments and prevention strategies for many genetic disorders and for diseases such as cancer.
      • The GINA project protects Americans being denied coverage from insurance because they have a bad gene for example a Breast Cancer gene or if they fail their genetic test.
    • Genetic Disorders
      • Single gene disorder-is when a gene is mutated. Some examples are: sickle cell anemia.
      • Chromosome abnormalities- The failure of chromosomes to separate which results in an embryo having too many of too few chromosomes. Down syndrome suffer trisomy 21 which is three chromosomes instead of two.
      • Multifactorial disorders- Complex interaction among numerous genes and the environment. Current genetic test are not accurate. An example of a multifactorial disorder is heart disease.
      • Genetic counseling can help perspective parents who have a genetic disorder regarding future children because it helps the health of your baby, and to predicts any potential health risks.
      • Karotypes are used to predict genetic disorders because a certain number of chromosomes and they can see if anything is missing.
    • Argument 1
      • Cloning human organs could save lives. If a person clones her heart at the age of 18, by the time she is 40; her cloned heart will be fully grown. Then, if that person needed a heart transplant later on in life, she would have a fully grown "spare" heart that would function perfectly with her own body. This process could save people who would otherwise die of heart disease.     Jennifer Chan, 16, a junior at the New York City Lab School, is completely in favor of this type of organ cloning.     "I want to be a doctor, and cloning body organs will help save many patients' lives," she said. "I think that cloning is an amazing medical breakthrough. And the process could stop at cloning organs--if we're accountable then we could just stop at any time
    • Argument 2
      • Cloned embryos are said to be needed for research on embryonic stem cells that promise to revolutionize medicine. Scientists believe that embryonic stem cell research will lead to cures for many diseases and will provide tissues and organs for transplant and treatment of degenerative conditions. Courtney S. Campbell also argrees with religious traditions.
    • Argument 3
      • Early in 1997, Scottish scientist Dr. Ian Wilmot revealed to the world that he had successfully cloned an adult sheep, Dolly. With this invention, the world made a collective gasp at the realization that cloning was no longer a pipe dream or an element of a Science Fiction movie. Since then, human cloning has become one of the most debated topics in the world. From the schoolhouse to the White House, discussions began regarding the ethical implications of human cloning. In several recent polls by TIME magazine (The Ethics of Cloning, 1998 ), it was shown that 75 percent of the responding population thought that cloning wasn’t a good thing. Furthermore, 74 percent of the respondents believed that cloning was against God’s will, and when asked if they would clone themselves, if presented with the opportunity, 91 percent responded with a “no”. However, when asked to define human cloning, an estimated 95 percent of them couldn’t describe it correctly. As a matter of fact, in a personal interview with Miss. Weber, T.A. (personal interview, November 7,1998) when asked, “What do you think about human cloning?” responded, “I don’t know a lot about it, but I know it’s scary”. Opponents of human cloning argue that it is immoral and unethical to clone human beings for both religious and humanitarian reasons. Moreover, other opponents describe human cloning as a luxury for wealthy people or as a tool for organ market development. Conversely, I believe that human cloning can have many benefits for the human race in terms of helping infertile couples and people with genetic problems. In addition, it can be really helpful for a person with diseases such as kidney and liver defects or cancer.
    • Argument 4
      • There are two passages in the Bible that bear directly on the issue of men playing God. The first is in Genesis, when Adam and Eve were thrown out of the Garden of Eden for taking fruit from the tree of knowledge and presuming to obtain God's wisdom. Also, in Genesis 11 is the story of the Tower of Babel. Humans, with the help of a common language, were on the verge of building a tower all the way to Heaven. But God did not approve: "The LORD said, 'If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other.'" Taken together, the arguments against cloning seem to outweigh any good that could be obtained from the process.
    • Pictures Of Organ cloning
    • Chart of organ cloning Souce: Gallup 5/02
    • Citations
      • <http://www.explorestemcells.co.uk/>.
      • <http://www.ehow.com/healthy-living/>.
      • Courtney S. Campbell, Ph.D. Oregon State University.