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IdT slideshow group c


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Technology in English and Language Arts Instruction
    By: Morgan Bibbs, Brittany Butler, Mary Horst, Samantha McCulley
  • 2. Most Important Concepts
    Literature Analysis
  • 3. Examples of how devices such as scanners, digital cameras, and/or video cameras can be used with computer systems and software:
    Take pictures with a digital camera to illustrate a written play
    Video tape speech or interview about a story in class
    Sequence photographs in order in which they happen in the novel
    Scan art or computer generated drawings to illustrate a story
  • 4. Examples of how technology can be used in communicating, collaborating, conducting research, and/or solving problems:
    Demonstrates awareness of resources of adaptive/assistive devices for students with special needs
    School and classroom websites promote and maintain home teach communication
    Technology can help problem solving skills by creating timelines
    Threaded class discussion boards
  • 5. Examples of how to use productivity tools for word-processing, database management, and spreadsheet applications:
    Share English/ Language Arts notes online for students and teachers
    Provide tools for writing practice for students
    Provide feedback on student writing and projects
    Student-created stories and books
  • 6. Examples of how to use multimedia tools:
    Digital Storytelling
    Threaded Discussions at a Distance
    Writing Blogs
    Activities with Interactive Storybooks and Talking Books
  • 7. Examples of how to use resources for adaptive/assistive devices for students with special needs:
    Electronic Texts
    Step-By-Step Visuals
    Digital Dictation Devices
  • 8. Example of how teachers and students can practice socially responsible, ethical, and legal use of technology, information, and software resources:
    Filter websites that are inappropriate for students
    Do Not Copyright
    Keeping the privacy of students off of the internet
  • 9. Example of how teachers and students can adhere to copyright laws and guidelines in the access and use of information from various technologies:
    Teachers and students can adhere to copyright laws by properly citing sources
  • 10. Examples of how an existing TrackStar or WebQuest can be used as an activity:
    The Grammar Gorillas
    TrackStar # 279858
    A game where the student would help the gorillas identify the parts of speech. Beginner and Advanced Levels
    TrackStar # 311957
    Provides educators and students access to the highest quality practices, resources, reading, and language arts instruction.
  • 11. Reading and Language Arts Skill Builders for Grades 2-6
    TrackStar # 265121
    Helps find activities that help to build your child’s reading and language arts skills.
    Teaching Ideas and Resources
    TrackStar # 303452
    You can download free teaching resources, discover new and exciting lesson ideas, and share your own ideas.
  • 12. Examples of instructional software:
    Microsoft Word
    Fast ForWord
    Accelerated Reader
  • 13. Examples of tools or resources that teachers can use for developing teleresearch or telecommunication projects for students:
    Kidpix-Software Tools
  • 14. Examples of rubrics that can be used for assessing student outcomes:
    A Comparative Study Rubric
    English Language Arts Scoring Rubric
    Sample Rubrics from English Ed
    California Professional Development Institute Assessment Scoring rubrics2.htm
    Will have an example handout!
  • 15. Description and example integration idea of appropriate lesson plans:
    Animal Alphabet
    Pendemonium: The Italian Job: Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes
    Writing Strategies
    Animal Around Us
    Will have an example handout!