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VR slideshow


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This slideshow is about two aushonats (jun and eman) taking an adventure to aterspace. Along the way they meet a alien named Morgan. Morgan hepls Jun and eman out through the rest of the trip.

This slideshow is about two aushonats (jun and eman) taking an adventure to aterspace. Along the way they meet a alien named Morgan. Morgan hepls Jun and eman out through the rest of the trip.

Published in: Technology, Education
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  • 6. BLAST OFF!
  • 7.  
  • 8. Wow. This is the solar system . . . And what was in the solar system again? In the center, there’s the sun. All the eight planets orbit the sun and their moons. There’s also three dwarf planets. These three dwarf planets have 4 moons.
  • 9. There are also asteroids, meteoroids, comets and interplanetary dust in the solar system. . Cool. But what are the names of the planets?
  • 10. The small one closest to the sun is Mercury, then Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus. I thought Pluto was a planet, isn’t it? It is, but in 2006, Pluto was defined as a dwarf planet along with two others, Ceres and Eris.
  • 11. Wow. This is really Mercury! Tell me all about this planet! Well, Mercury is the first and smallest planet of the solar system. It orbits the Sun every 88 Earth days. So since Mercury is closest to the sun, the temperature must be extremely high. Yeah, and Mercury can only be seen in twilight. This planet doesn’t have a natural atmosphere and no satellites surround it. Mercury… Is this planet named after any Roman God? That’s right, it was named after the fleet footed God, Mercury.
  • 12. O oh. Venus is such a pretty planet. It looks kinda like the moon … That’s because it’s the brightest planet in the whole solar system. And unlike Earth, Venus has a lot of volcanoes. But I thought Venus was called Earth’s sister planet. Yeah, but for having similar size, gravity and bulk composition. It’s the second closest planet to the sun and orbits the sun every 224.7 days. G uess what? I know something. Venus was named after the Roman Goddess of LOVE <3!!! Isn’t that sweet?
  • 13. Mars is the fourth planet from the sun. I can’t believe there was water long time ago in this dry planet.
  • 14. Hey, I thought mars was known as the red planet… it doesn’t look red to me.
  • 15. Well, Mars looks red when you’re on Earth but in actual reality, its color is beige.
  • 16. I wonder if there are aliens in here.. That would be pretty freaky.
  • 17. Hello my friend. I’m here to guide you to the planets.
  • 20. Now, you don’t need to be scared from me. I’m not going to cause any harm, don’t worry. I’m only hear to guide you. So let’s get out of here and fly to Jupiter.
  • 21. I think we should listen to this alien. She might really help us. Let’s go.
  • 22. This is Jupiter. It is the largest planet of the solar system. It’s the fifth planet from the sun. It has 28 known satellites. Wow! Its such an amazing planet. Its huge! I feel like an ant in this planet. Its really huge!!
  • 23. Ok, now that we have seen Jupiter and how huge and amazing it is, we have to move on to Saturn. We don’t have that much of time. Ok, lets go.
  • 24. This is beautiful Saturn. This planet is the second largest planet of the solar system. Saturn’s ring system makes the planet one of the most beautiful objects in the Solar system. Its a very beautiful planet.
  • 25. Wow, it is beautiful!!
  • 26. Yes. Let’s go to Neptune. We have to go now anyways… Hey can we leave now? It’s Neptune next isn’t it?
  • 27. This is Neptune. It is the eighth and furthest planet from the sun in our solar system.
  • 28. Yes it is Eman Isn’t Neptune the first planet discovered based on mathematical prediction rather than regular observations .
  • 29. Jun said OK!!! LETS GO TO Uranus!!!!!
  • 30. One of the most distinctive features of Uranus is its axial tilt of ninety - eight degrees . Oh really?!? No wonder it feels weird standing on this planet. Said Eman
  • 31. Did you know that there are 162 known moons, Luna is Latin for moon and also Sol is Latin for sun. ‘ Oh my gosh! Are you kidding!!! I didn’t know there was 162 moons.
  • 32. Ok well we better be getting home said Eman Yeah Jun saids my mom might start worrying about me. I cant do that to her. She will give me a hours worth of lecturing. Ok I will walk you to your rocket-ship
  • 33. Ok this is as far I can walk you because the stilight migth pick up something that it should. So long! Hope to see you girls soon again.
  • 34. Ok Morgan we will see you soon.