Jordan Kopp Presents his campaign to help save Mountain Gorillas
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Jordan Kopp Presents his campaign to help save Mountain Gorillas






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Jordan Kopp Presents his campaign to help save Mountain Gorillas Jordan Kopp Presents his campaign to help save Mountain Gorillas Presentation Transcript

  • Boulder Sustainable Energy Network MeetUp
    May 19, 2011
    Jordan Kopp
    The biggest threat to gorilla habitat is collecting wood for charcoal and the resulting deforestation. As you'll soon understand, solar energy is a seemingly great solution for creating a carbon negative alternative (perhaps a Renewable Energy Credit funded effort) for the people living near the Virunga National Park, where the gorillas live. Learn more about this effort and how to help protect gorilla habitat through sustainable energy.
  • Boulder Sustainable Energy Network MeetUp
    May 19, 2011
    Jordan Kopp
  • Boulder Sustainable Energy Network MeetUp
    May 19, 2011
  • Jordan’s “Board of Advisors”
    (NOT Invited)
  • Jordan’s “Board of Advisors”
    Debra Kopp, Chairman of the Board!
    • Past Director, National Tae Kwon Do Federation
    • National & Collegiate Tae Kwon Do Champion
    • Denver/Boulder Massage Therapist & Fitness Instructor
    Morey Bean, AIA, LEED AP, Coach
    • Architect and Energy Manager, CO+2030, LLC
    • Entrepreneur: Discovery Partnership, Cheyenne Commons
    • AIA Colorado’s Architect of the Year 1999
    Kofi Amoo-Gottfried, Africa Business Advisor
    • Managing Director, Publicis Ghana
    • Jordan’s Cousin
    • Kofi Annan’s Nephew
    Isaac Bean, Travel Advisor
    • Antarctic South Pole Traverse Team
    • 2008 B.S., Microfinance, CU Boulder
    • My Microfinance Advisor
    Kate Amoo-Gottfried, Africa Business Advisor
    • Director, Vodaphone Ghana
    • Jordan’s Cousin
    • Deb’s Niece
  • Jordan’s “Board of Advisors” (Invited)
    Amy Vedder ,PhD
    • Senior VP, The Wilderness Society
    • Co-Author, In the Kingdom of Gorillas
    • Co-Worker with Dian Fosse
    • Mountain Gorilla Research Scientist
    Biruté Mary Galdikas, PhD
    • President, Orangutan Foundation International
    • Professor, Simon Fraser University
    • One of Louis Leakey’s “Primate Angels”
    • “Star” Born To Be Wild IMAX Film
    Thatcher Bean, Fundraising Advisor
    • 2011 CU Boulder Grad, BFA in Film & Women's Studies
    • Elite Kayaker, Video Boater
    • Past Co-Chair, American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life
  • Fund Raising
    Here’s the financial help I need:
    • Scholarship to Wild Bear Ecology Center: Conservationist-in-Training Program
    • Donation to the Orangutan Foundation International
    • Sponsorship for a trip to Camp Leakey to help the Orangutans myself
    • Support the Wilderness Society’s Virunga Park Landscape Project
    • Go there to help the Mountain Gorillas myself
    • Support the local people surrounding the parks with sustainable energy
  • The Endangered Primate Benefit Corp
    Value Proposition
  • The Endangered Primate Benefit Corp
    Key Activities
    • Early Stage Business Planning
    • Partner Fundraising
    • Channel Development
    • Value Proposition Refinement
    • Carbon Credit Sales
    • Project Reporting / Communication
    Value Proposition
    • We protect endangered gorilla and orangutan populations and their habitat
    • We bring forest preservation to sustainable businesses
    • We bring electric service and smart phones to forest neighbors
    • We build and support local businesses
    Customer Relationships
    • We respect the integrity of great ape populations
    • We highlight business partner sustainability missions
    • We support our distributors
    • We honor our investors
    Proposed Key Partners
    • Renewable Choice, Carbon Offset Brokers
    • The Wilderness Society
    • Conservation International
    • UN-REDD
    • Jordan’s Advisory Board
    • Vodaphone Ghana
    • Saatchi & Saatchi S
    Customer Segments
    • Advisory Board / Investors / Supporters
    • Enterprise Partners
    • Distributors / New, on-the-ground businesses
    • End Users
    Cost Structure
    • Off-site Staffing: The Bean Kopp Family
    • On-site Staffing: TBD & Morey Bean
    • Distributor Support
    • Inventory, Just-in-time
    • Financing costs
    • Overhead
    Revenue Streams
    • Bootstrap enterprise investment
    • Annual business subscriptions
    • REDD carbon credit sale
    • Sale of gorilla and orangutan art
    • Sale of distributorships
    • Percentage of product sales
    Key Resources
    • The Bean Kopp Family
    • Jordan Kopp, Age 14, Passionate about Great Apes
    • Deb Kopp, Jordan’s Mom, Passionate about Jordan
    • Morey Bean, Enterprise Principal
    • Thatcher Bean, Step-brother, Fundraiser
    • Isaac Bean, Step-brother, Businessman
    • Kofi Amoo-Gottfried, Cousin, Director, Publicis Ghana
    • Kate Amoo-Gottfried, Cousin, Director Vodaphone Ghana
    • Enterprise Website / Apps
    • d.Light
    • Renewable Choice Carbon Credit Broker
    • Saatchi & Saatchi S Clients
    • Vodaphone Ghana
    • Ascent Solar, CT Solar and other cell phone charger companies
    • West African distribution channels TBD
  • Boulder Sustainable Energy Network MeetUp
    May 19, 2011
  • Thank you!
    Contact me at:
    Questions / Help:
    • Are we headed in the right direction?
    • What organizations are you involved with that might help us?
    • Are you interested in helping me and my family get organized and/or raise money?
    • Be an advisory board member?
    • Support me and Orangutan Foundation International?
    • Wildlife Conservation Society?
    • What questions and comments do you have for us?