The very words of the true s hepherd


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The very words of the true s hepherd

  1. 1. THE WORD OF GOD John 9:39-10:21
  2. 2.  Blind sinners Thieves and Robbers True sheep Hirelings And the True Shepherd
  3. 3. The Sheepfold (Sheep pen) Place of shelter for the sheep, where they slept at night safe from the attacks of wild animals or rustlers. Flat building, a surrounding stone wall covered by a protective layer of thorns, and single guarded doorway . There is a watchman appointed by the Shepherd to guard the single entrance.
  4. 4.  Someone who breaks into a house to steal from the owners or inhabitants. Most of them enter a house through a window. “Bantay Salakay”Because Christ is the Door (v.7) everyone who tries to get to heaven by any other way must be a thief and a robber.We can apply this truth to every false cult or religion.
  5. 5. -believe in “Four Noble Truths”1. That existence involves suffering,2. That the cause of suffering is desire,3. That release from suffering comes only by ending desire, and4. That they can attain Nirvana-absolute nothingness
  6. 6.  Hindus also seek Nirvana. For them it is ultimate reunion with Brahman. They believe in reincarnation- a continuous cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth.Obviously they are trying to climb up some way other than that mandated by Christ.
  7. 7.  Muslims, those who practice the teachings of ISLAM, seek a paradise of wine, women and song. They believe they can achieve this goal by abstaining from these very things here on earth. They will be rewarded with them in paradise. They must obey the “Five Pillars of Islam”
  8. 8. 1. Recitation of creed (There is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet)2. Making at least one pilgrimage to Mecca3. Giving of money to the poor4. Praying five times a day5. Keeping the fast of the month of Ramadan
  9. 9.  Hear the voice of the Shepherd (v.4) -Pharisees did not understand or recognize Jesus as the Shepherd because they weren’t true sheep. (v.6) Will not follow a stranger (vs.6) -One sure sign of a true believer is that he knows the truth when he hears it. -Also discerns error when he hears it. -Born-again Christians will not be fooled by the message of false prophets.
  10. 10.  We should be far more committed to our worship and service of Jesus. We do not need to follow any man. Christ is our Shepherd and He did what no other man has ever done. We should constantly meditate God’s love letter to us, which is His Word.