...Smarter Receivables

The richest, most granular customer data. The most flexible

Empowers businesses to analyse, optim...
...Smarter Receivables

The ero57 interface incorporates
nudge theory design to motivate users

Telephone/email support fo...
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ero57 One Pager

  1. 1. ...Smarter Receivables The richest, most granular customer data. The most flexible Empowers businesses to analyse, optimise & and powerful analytical tools and automate to collect more, quicker, for less data visualisations, to gain rapid understanding and identify op- Tracks every action of every customer and user portunities. in every transaction. Predictive analytics mean accurate forecasting Flexible, data-driven collector Rich data visulisations are combined with the tasks allocation. An interface most intuitive user interface on the market to specifically designed to motivate ensure comprehensive understanding of perfor- action. Extensive automation of mance. tasks that don’t require collector Extensive automation provides optimum efficien- input. cy, and interactive e-comms allow customers to self-serve and pay online. COMMUNI CATIONS The right message, to the right person. At the right time, via the Sophisticated in design but simple to use, ero57 is em- ero57 is molded by MoretonSmith’s Smarter Receiva- right channel. Behaviourally powering companies across the globe to achieve out- bles approach, which we have pioneered and continue targeted automated delivery. standing receivables performance. to develop. Smarter Receivables seeks to strike the perfect balance of people, process and technology to Interactive self-serve payment ero57 is the only receivables software developed by recognise where and how payment behaviour can be experienced AR professionals. It takes advantage of influenced in the receivables process. In this way, it REPORTING continual live R&D in an environment of real-world receiv- continually improves performance, improves efficiency, Over 40 different ways to ana- ables management. reduces risk and strengthens customer relationships. intuitive, visually appealing dash- Innovative, powerful and effective, it empowers compa- ero57 achieves A/R professionals’ goals by leveraging board to gain deeper under- nies to achieve maximum working capital, optimised cash granular measurement techniques and powerful data standing more quickly. Flexible flow, reduced DSO and enhanced risk control...all whilst analytics, combined with extensive automation. This report build and delivery. protecting & enhancing their relationships with customers enables the software to learn continually from the past to across the globe. optimise future performance, remove unnecessary hu- portals. lyse performance information. An man intervention and ensure a pleasant experience for both user and customer.
  2. 2. ...Smarter Receivables The ero57 interface incorporates nudge theory design to motivate users Telephone/email support for the and ensure the relevant information is appointed client system adminis- easily accessible and visually appeal- trator. SQL Server backend ing. monitoring, maintenance & upgrades. IIS web service & com- The net result for you will be a happy, ponent maintenance & upgrades. motivated team with associated productivity gains. What’s more, the Maintenance of the daily import/ interface means managers will far export processes. Error logging more quickly and easily understand & software patches. Performance performance data at a granular level, monitoring of hardware & con- and spot opportunities for improvement. nectivity. Future upgrades included.. Disaster recovery – (backup and failover solution). Before ero57 is implemented in your organisation, a project manager will conduct an analysis of your requirements and assess the configuration you need and the work that should be undertaken. They will be your single point of contact and will manage the configuration and the coordination of all your stakeholders. Afterwards, your project manager can assist with training and user adoption within your business. Support team on hand to answer your questions & support your software. Support desk is manned by product specialists & UBM wanted to improve collections and reduce costs developers to give you a com- across its debtor base of 15,000 live accounts. plete package for technical & user questions. Training programmes available: On site trainthe-trainer, on site team training, web ex training, user videos, ero57 enabled customers to more easily respond with a dispute, a promise of payment or an online payment. The solution was tailored to UBM’s needs and customised with its branding. super user videos. Secure online payment options and simplified customer communications channels were also implemented. Total annual communications spend was reduced by 58% DSO was reduced by 19%