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ero57 Introduction


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An introduction to ero57; analyse performance, optimise processes, automate tasks - collect more, collect faster, collect smarter.

An introduction to ero57; analyse performance, optimise processes, automate tasks - collect more, collect faster, collect smarter.

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  • 1. Smarter Receivables
  • 2. 2 01 / Our Company Our Company ero57 is brought to you by the receivables technology division of MoretonSmith. MoretonSmith are steeped in over 20 years of receivables management expertise across the globe and are known as focused, yet comprehensive specialists in receivables management. For 20 years, we have been dedicated to helping our clients collect more of what they are owed, more efficiently. We support 17 of the FTSE 100 and operate in over 120 countries. Working with us means working with an established and trusted brand in MoretonSmith, and a dynamic, cutting-edge technology company in ero57. We are fast-paced, with real enthusiasm for the technology we produce and for the business needs we serve. • Founded in 1994 • The original cloud-based collections software – since 2008 • The most intuitive user-interface on the market • 40+ different ways to analyse performance • Free consultation and Smarter Receivables report for all prospective new clients • Easy-start pilot scheme to help you build your business case
  • 3. 3 02 / What we do What we do Smarter Receivables is our mission. We strive to develop the ultimate balance of people, process and technology. We use technology to better understand how collectors perform, customers react and processes function. In doing this, we continually learn from the past to optimise future performance. Accounts receivable isn’t just a process, its also about communication between you and your customers. The more effective your communication, and the better you understand your customers’ motivation, behaviour and the context in which they’re working, the more likely it is the outcome will be successful for you. ero57 enables our Smarter Receivables methodology to constantly evolve within your business to provide you with transformational insights into your AR performance. • PPA Magazine Credit Supplier of the Year • Credit Today Rising Star Award • ICM International Trade Award • ICM Innovative Solution of the Year Awards • ICM International Trade Initiative Award • Export Credit Team of the Year • Export Credit Professional of the Year
  • 4. 4 03 / Indroducing ero57 Introducing ero57 The ero57 suite is the only collection software developed by leading professionals of the accounts receivable industry. Innovative and powerful, it enables companies to achieve optimum working capital, reduce DSO and control risk while protecting their relationships with customers. ero57 takes the power of human reasoning and uses technology to scale it up to a whole new level – focusing on large data sets to determine the best course of action in delivering efficient, effective accounts receivable. Trend updates made by collector comparison Dashboard filter selection ero57 constantly improves key elements of the receivables function to deliver: • Improved working capital • Improved collector performance • Accelerated dispute resolution • Lower administrative costs • Enhanced customer service Benefits
  • 5. 5 04 / Build a stronger business Build a stronger business How ero57 delivers results: ++ Rich customer data ++ Powerful analytical tools ++ Flexible workflow creation ++ Communications ++ The right message ++ To the right person ++ At the right time ++ Interactive self-serve customer portals ++ In any language in the world ++ Resource allocation ++ Data-driven collector tasks allocation ++ Designed to motivate action ++ Automation of tasks wherever appropriate ++ Management reporting ++ The most granular yet relevant information ++ Dashboard delivers deep understanding – fast ++ Customisable: what you need, when you need it ++ Strategy
  • 6. 6 05 / Reporting Reporting ero57 enables you to segment and analyse your data using 40+ different permutations to generate insightful reports to your own specifications. This flexibility improves forecasting, helps you decide on the best course of action in individual cases – and makes a significant difference to your overall accounts receivable performance. The Reporting function includes the Collector Productivity Dashboard, which displays how much users have obtained in payment promises every day, and how many customer accounts they have updated. The dashboard also displays other key information, such as aged debt and status. You’ll be able to mix and match from all applicable options: Performance Metric Compare to: Split / Filter by: DSO - Days Sales Outstanding DSO - Days Sales Outstanding Collector ADP - Average Days to Pay ADP - Average Days to Pay Aged Debt DBT Days Beyond Payment Terms DBT Days Beyond Payment Terms Ledger ADO - Average Days Outstanding ADO - Average Days Outstanding Country ADD - Average Days in Dispute ADD - Average Days in Dispute Region Balance Balance Workflow Billed Billed Risk Collected Collected Portfolio Comms sent Comms sent Promises obtained Promises obtained Updates made Updates made Card Payments Card Payments Forecasting Metric Compare to: Split / Filter by: Future Diary Future Diary Collector Next Comms Workflow Next Comms Workflow Aged Debt Promised Promised Ledger Predicted Predicted Country Combined Combined Region Workflow Risk Portfolio
  • 7. 7 06 / Ease of use Ease of use ero57’s user interface is the most intuitive, visually appealing and functional interface ever seen in receivables software: • Motivates users • Easily accessible and visually appealing information • Happy, motivated team • Productivity gains • Easily comprehensible performance data to help managers identify opportunities for improvement
  • 8. 8 07 / Testimonials Testimonials “Whether they wish to raise a dispute, download a copy invoice, make a payment promise or pay by credit card, it can all be done online without the need to interact with a credit controller. The resulting efficiency gains have already paid for this system a number of times over.” Dan Harris, Group Financial Process Manager (UBMi) “The introduction of this product has truly changed the face of our credit & collections operation. As a Shared Service Operation, communication with our stakeholders and their clients is paramount and this product has added a new dimension to this aspect of our service. Additionally, the control and direction of our collection teams has improved tremendously, bringing both tangible and intangible rewards to accountability and effectiveness. I cannot speak highly enough of this product and the people at MoretonSmith who introduced us to its excellence.” David Hughes, Director of Shared Financial Serrvices at Omnicom Media Group UK
  • 9. 9 07 / Testimonials 9 07 / Testimonials “It was a choice between implementing an upgraded credit control module of our current financial system or ero57. ero57 won hands down because of the eComm capabilities and the reporting tools.” Joanne Hastings, Commercial Manager at Grass Roots “MoretonSmith did a great job thinking through a new delivery model to automate collections and then working with us to implement.” CEO, GE Capital UK “I have rarely worked with a more flexible team who are prepared to listen to client ideas and understand our business.” Group Credit Controller, Hitachi Europe Ltd.
  • 10. 10 08 / What’s next? What’s next? Understand more A company with a uniquely comprehensive, proven and respected one-stop approach to receivables management. Our team will provide a free consultation, along with a no-obligation report to help you determine just how ero57 could best assist your business. Just get in touch below. Take action If you are ready to take the next step on the path to Smarter Receivables, please contact our sales team below to arrange a demonstration and discuss our easy-start and fully-managed implementation programmes. Contact us We are able to make a real and immediate difference to your receivables function, to your cash flow – and to your business as a whole. • Call us on +44 (0)207 566 3277 • Email us at • Fill out an enquiry form at We look forward to hearing from you. 80 Clerkenwell Road London EC1M 5RJ United Kingdom +44 (0)207 566 3277
  • 11. MoretonSmith 80 Clerkenwell Road London EC1M 5RJ United Kingdom +44 (0)207 566 3277