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Office-Cleaning-Is-Important-As-Clean-And-Organize170 Office-Cleaning-Is-Important-As-Clean-And-Organize170 Document Transcript

  • Office cleaning is important as clean and organized office increases productivity and boosts the morale of the workers. A clean and uncluttered office alsoprojects a positive attitude to the customers visiting the place. Office cleaning can also be a great boost up activity in times of slow customer activity.Additional Info
  • How to start cleaning the office The first step toward office cleaningis the uncluttering of a workspace For this you have to sift throughthe materials to look for newer versions of printed material Forexample, catalogues, magazines, files and phone books should beremoved if there are newer versions of the said material, availableImportant papers and materials should be safely secured in boxesand these should be neatly labeled for future reference
  • These boxes then should be placed in some locker or storage roomto allow space in the office Office supplies that have accumulatedover time and are not being used for the time being should be placedin cupboard or the office supply room These supplies could be alsobe used by other people in the office
  • * Once the work of uncluttering is complete, the actual officecleaning work begins To begin cleaning, you must have thenecessary supplies of the cleaners and the disinfectants Papertowels, clean rags and new light bulbs, if needed must be collected
  • The initial work begins with the cleaning of the items that areprobably the most used These include: computer keyboards, phonehandsets, door knobs, furniture, mouse and other such items Theseshould be cleaned and disinfected
  • * The next step in office cleaning includes the cleaning of desks,shelves, chairs, drawers, computer and blinds These should beeach cleaned with the appropriate cleaner After this the next thingson the list to be cleaned are the floors and carpets
  • If the entire office is carpeted it must be vacuum cleaned Flooredoffices can be washed and wiped clean Windows have to bewashed
  • For exterior cleaning of windows, the work can be outsourced tocleaning companies * The next step in office cleaning is thereplacement of any worn out lights or bulbs Also included is therepair of furniture or the purchase of new furniture to replace theworn out one
  • A fresh coat of paint can be applied if the budget allows Thus thisway your office would be clean and uncluttered and provide a greatatmosphere to start work anew Office cleaning is not only AdditionalInfo appreciated by clients and customers, but also by workers asthere is a cleaner and organized place for them to work
  • This not only reduces stress but also increases productivity andimproves time management Although office cleaning means workingon a holiday but it is worth the effort
  • Additional Info