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Defense Language Istitute Slide Presentation Part 2

Defense Language Istitute Slide Presentation Part 2

Published in: Education, Sports, Travel

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  • 1. So what is a student’s regular day like?
  • 2. DLI has the very best technology available. All of our classrooms have DVDs, computers and “Smart Boards”.
  • 3. Computers are used for language learning, transcription, tests, current events research and special internet projects .
  • 4. Students are issued MP-3 players to do group listening activities in class and homework after school.
  • 5. Students often take tests in the Language Labs. Study Hall is held here 2 nights a week for students who need extra help.
  • 6. As often as reasonably possible, students practice speaking 1-on-1 with native instructors
  • 7. They do Area Studies (ethnic groups, history, geography, culture et cetera)
  • 8. Students singing Serbian and Croatian carols for a class Christmas party.
  • 9. Persian-Farsi students on break between one of their six daily classes.
  • 10. What about when students aren’t in class? What is there to do on post? ? How is the food? What About exercise?
  • 11. DLI has 2 dining facilities, a food court and 2 snack bars scattered around the campus. Lunch typically is almost 2 hours long, so students have time to visit their supervisors. Vegetarian food is available.
  • 12.
    • What if students are done studying for the evening and don’t want to go downtown?
    • The Hobson Student Center has hundreds of video movies, several large screen TVs, ping pong tables, pool tables, an air hockey game, dozens of video games, PS2s and X-Boxes and TVs, and a dozen computers which students can use for free most nights until 10 pm.
    • The Hobson Center also has 4 or 5 music rooms where students can practice playing pianos, drum sets and electric guitars.
  • 13. To burn off all that free food, students do physical training a few hours a week
  • 14.
    • For intramural sports, DLI Army units have teams and facilities for softball, basketball, volleyball, mountain biking, soccer & football.
    • The Price Fitness Center has three floors of volleyball / basketball / handball courts, weight rooms, aerobic machines, Nautilus machines; and special rooms for martial arts, boxing, yoga, dance aerobics & swing dancing. Bring your spouses.
  • 15. And we get to jog by the shops, sea lions, otters sailboats, seals and beaches to the Aquarium or to Lovers’ Point in Pacific Grove. Photo was taken on Christmas break, at about 55* outside.
  • 16.
    • Besides doing routine class work, language students get out of the classroom to participate in:
    • * Off-base picnics, cultural activities & field trips
    • * Speaking exercises while walking around
    • Monterey, Pacific Grove or Carmel-by-the-Sea
    • * Joint Language Training Exercises
    • * 3-day/2-night Immersion Activities
  • 17. One of the Persian-Farsi barbeque picnics
  • 18. Some classes have 3-day immersion activities. Students were interviewing a suspected terrorist.
  • 19. Teachers preparing for role-playing activities. They all have Masters Degrees or higher.
  • 20. Teachers preparing a feast of ethnic food for the immersion activity. Students often learn how to cook ethnic dishes for picnics too.
  • 21. Final party after an immersion activity
  • 22. Joint Language Training Exercises (JLTXs) are similar to immersion activities, but often are done outside.
  • 23. JLTX on Soldier’s Field 2003
  • 24. Students rotating between 8 JLTX stations.
  • 25. Besides studying languages, students maintain Army skills at least weekly. The air-pistol range was just for fun behind the barracks.
  • 26. There are always opportunities to volunteer, on or off post ….for example, we have a rifle drill team.
  • 27.  
  • 28. and hundreds of volunteers are needed for the annual Language Day.  Persian bazaar display
  • 29. As a linguistic joke, the Croatian choir in 2004 called itself the “Smeli Hor”, which means “The Courageous Choir”.
  • 30. Persian-Farsi students performed several authentic folk dances on Language Day.
  • 31. There are many beautiful areas with hiking trails near the Presidio, such as Point Lobos.
  • 32. There is also a lot to see and do near Big Sur and Carmel-By-the-Sea.
  • 33. If you like to golf, there is a course at Fort Ord by the military housing area; or Pebble Beach is just 10 minutes away.
  • 34.
    • The Monterey Bay Sanctuary attracts divers from around the world: more than 65,000 of them visit each year. Lured by the unique beauty of the kelp forest and underwater canyon, divers also appreciate the good visibility and safe conditions. Monastery Beach and Stillwater Cove in Carmel; Bluefish and Whaler's Coves at Point Lobos; Monterey State, San Carlos and McAbee Beaches in Monterey, and Lover's Point in Pacific Grove are popular beach dives. Monterey has been rated as the best beach dive in the U.S., according to Scuba Diving magazine. Lover’s Point, P.G. 