Social media 101 strategy and connecting the dots


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Social Media Strategy: Connecting the Social Media dots.

A monthly educational series taught by Dorien Morin-van Dam Social Media Manager, Consultant and Trainer at More In Media. Available to the community as well as to HONMB members at a discounted fee, each month is a different class specific to a social media platform or topic.

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Social media 101 strategy and connecting the dots

  1. 1. Social Media  Planning Strategy  Connecting The Dots©Dorien Morin-van Dam 1
  2. 2. Intro WELCOME! ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 2
  3. 3. Overview Which Platforms? (Local) Small Businesses We recommend: Facebook Page Twitter LinkedIn to start with. ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 3
  4. 4. Overview For Artist & Musicians consider adding: YouTube Pinterest ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 4
  5. 5. Overview For Brick & Mortar Business consider adding: FourSquare Google Places Yelp ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 5
  6. 6. Overview Before You Design Your Social Media Strategy 5 things to consider… ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 6
  7. 7. Overview 1. Social Media Is A Force Multiplier  Instead of thinking in terms of new goals, which a social media strategy would be used to reach, think in terms of how you can use social media, alongside your other marketing efforts, to reach your current business goals. ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 7
  8. 8. Overview 2. Never Let Tactics Dictate Strategy The Difference Between Strategy and Tactics • Tactics are the day-to-day activities that are repeatable and clear-cut, they are comprised of the basic components that execute the actually strategy. (Facebook, email, print advertising) • Strategy is the big picture, it’s the overall plan, comprised of tactics, that gives direction towards meeting goals and objectives. ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 8
  9. 9. Overview 3. Think Laterally With social media you are able to influence the conversation, the lateral communication that is happening between people in different social channels. So, when designing your strategy always think in terms of how you can get people to talk in a positive manner about your business. ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 9
  10. 10. Overview 4. Connect With Social Projects You do this by becoming part of the community, a contributor that adds to the overall enjoyment of the social project. If you live in a college town, maybe it’s the local football team, live in a family friendly city, maybe it’s education, it could even be a local charity or fishing, the ideas really are limitless.  ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 10
  11. 11. Overview 5. Don’t Go At It Alone   The Strategic Response Team should be comprised of at least one person from each department in your organization, including office staff. The reasons are plenty, but the most important reason is creativity. The creativity of the group will always be better than the creativity of the individual. ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 11
  12. 12. Strategy Planning Strategy ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 12
  13. 13. Strategy Before You Plan You Need to Know These 3 Things ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 13
  14. 14. Strategy #1 Everyone Must Work Together ‘Until you start collaborating internally as a team, you will not succeed in social media’ *Marketing, IT, Sales, Employees etc. ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 14
  15. 15. Strategy #2 Top Management Must Be On Board ‘Social media integration is bound to meet huge resistance until top management says it’s OK to spend time and money to integrate it into the company’s marketing and culture.’ ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 15
  16. 16. Strategy #3 Don’t Expect Overnight Success ‘Smart companies look at the long-term. Once you have created the social media community, listen to it and work to serve its needs. Doing so will help build customer trust and loyalty.’ ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 16
  17. 17. Strategy Start with Goals More Sales More Clients More Business More $$$ ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 17
  18. 18. Strategy Example of a Strategy  MORE ENGAGEMENT  on your Fan Page ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 18
  19. 19. Strategy Example of a Strategy  DRIVE TRAFFIC  to your website ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 19
  20. 20. Strategy Planning  Social Media Audit  Content Development  Social Media Strategic Plan  Tie in with Business Plan ALL are needed to succeed. ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 20
  21. 21. Self Audit ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 21
  22. 22. Strategy CONTENT DEVELOPMENT What do I want to say on Facebook Twitter LinkedIn ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 22
  23. 23. Strategy Content Focus  Who is your target audience?  Which key words should you use?  What do you want to be known for? ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 23
  24. 24. Strategy Content Planning Why do I need different content on each platform?  Variety  Media Functions  Audience ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 24
  25. 25. Strategy Benefits of Planning Get more Done/Time Saver ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 25
  26. 26. Strategy Benefits of Planning Defined plan to follow. ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 26
  27. 27. Strategy Benefits of Planning No duplicate posts/actions. ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 27
  28. 28. Strategy Benefits of Planning Easy to delegate tasks. ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 28
  29. 29. Strategy Benefits of Planning (Better) Analysis ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 29
  30. 30. Strategy Benefits of Planning Monitoring ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 30
  31. 31. Strategy Content Optimization Goals & Objectives  Planning  Execution  Analysis & Monitoring  Adjusting ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 31
  32. 32. Strategy Social Media Audit ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 32
  33. 33. Execution Execution Doing it! Make a PLAN ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 33
  34. 34. Execution Social Media Connecting Convert current mailing list and current customers to on-line friends and fans ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 34
  35. 35. Execution Social Media Networking Develop new on-line contacts through LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter and by joining LinkedIn and Facebook Groups. ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 35
  36. 36. Execution Social Media Fame Add value by writing a blog in your ‘niche’ and linking to all your social media platforms ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 36
  37. 37. Execution SEO Search Engine Optimization “Do You Want To Be Found?” ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 37
  38. 38. Execution Use Key Words ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 38
  39. 39. Execution Use Your Profiles ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 39
  40. 40. Execution Like-Share-Post Best advice ever Clicking ‘like’ is free. Posting is free. Sharing is free. ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 40
  41. 41. Execution Like-Share-Post  Share posts of those you respect, like, or want to connect with.  Click ‘like’ when you read a post and it makes you laugh, cry, excited, etc. ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 41
  42. 42. Execution Conclusion Options Available To Small Business Owners: DIY Investment: Time, To Learn Social Media Marketing Time, To Execute Social Media Strategy Minimal $ ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 42
  43. 43. ConclusionOptions Available To Small Business Owners: OutsourcingInvestment:  Consulting Fees $$  Project Fees $$$  Management Fees $$$$ ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 43
  44. 44. Execution Resource for Social Media Updates ©Dorien Morin-van Dam 44