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Social media 101   engagement
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Social media 101 engagement


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Social Media Engagement: It is more than talking; learn to listen! …

Social Media Engagement: It is more than talking; learn to listen!

A monthly educational series taught by Dorien Morin-van Dam Social Media Manager, Consultant and Trainer at More In Media. Available to the community as well as to HONMB members at a discounted fee, each month is a different class specific to a social media platform or topic.

Published in: Self Improvement
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  • 1. Social Media 101Hands On Networking “Engagement” © 2012 Dorien Morin-van
  • 2. Social Media Engagement © 2012 Dorien Morin-van
  • 3. “Just like you wouldn’t asksomebody to marry you on the first date, social media allows potential clients & customers to get to know you better.” © 2012 Dorien Morin-van
  • 4. Five StagesConnectingFirst ImpressionsBuilding TrustDeeper RelationshipCommitment! © 2012 Dorien Morin-van
  • 5. Or, in #SM terms… Connect Converse Collect Curate Create Convert © 2012 Dorien Morin-van
  • 6. Connecting Initial Contact © 2012 Dorien Morin-van
  • 7. Current FriendsOn Facebook: Invite your friends to like your Page.On Twitter: Connect with others in your industry or use the ‘find friends button’On Pinterest: ‘Find Friends’ through FB or TwitterOn LinkedIn: Connect with those you know via email. © 2012 Dorien Morin-van
  • 8. LocalConnect with everyone at networking events -> use business cards to find them on social media.Connect with your business associates and ‘like’ their FB Page.Connect with your local customers and ask them to ‘Fan You’ on Facebook.Connect with local businesses and set up a reciprocal ‘like’ for your pages and shout-outs. © 2012 Dorien Morin-van
  • 9. IndustrySearch for Social Media leaders in your industry -> start retweeting their content.Search for online engagement in your industry and join the conversations already in place. Become the authority in your niche!Search for blogs in your industry and leave comments. That’s alink back to your own website! © 2012 Dorien Morin-van
  • 10. KeyWordsUse your keywords to find others talking about the same keywords. Curate that content.Use your keywords to find people and businesses to follow. Follow and start a conversation.Use keywords to find articles about your industry and share those with your audience! © 2012 Dorien Morin-van
  • 11. ReferralsAsk for the likes.Ask for the follow.Ask your current audience to connect on your other platforms, tooGIVE likes, comments and shares! © 2012 Dorien Morin-van
  • 12. Show & TellFacebook Search Twitter Search © 2012 Dorien Morin-van
  • 13. Initial Contact First ‘Date’ © 2012 Dorien Morin-van
  • 14. What to Wear Smile Positive Energy Business Branding © 2012 Dorien Morin-van
  • 15. What to SayPositive CommentsComplimentsWhy You WantedTo Meet! © 2012 Dorien Morin-van
  • 16. What to DoIntroduce YourselfAsk About Their BusinessTell The World You Met © 2012 Dorien Morin-van
  • 17. What to BringSocial GraceListening EarsSocial Media Etiquette © 2012 Dorien Morin-van
  • 18. The Morning After Follow Up Interact on their Social Media profiles Tell a friend! © 2012 Dorien Morin-van
  • 19. Show & TellTagging in FacebookMentioning on Twitter#hashtag on Twitter © 2012 Dorien Morin-van
  • 20. Building Trust Give! © 2012 Dorien Morin-van
  • 21. Share, RT, RePin, Repost Your Social Media hub is CONTENTWhen you share something that someoneelse has created, that is a very powerful connection. © 2012 Dorien Morin-van
  • 22. LikePut Facebook Pages you’ve liked on an INTEREST lIST so you can easily find them and interact.‘Like’ comments, posts, images etc. Go down your newsfeed and just ‘like’ twice a day! © 2012 Dorien Morin-van
  • 23. CommentBe part of conversations, both as you (personal profile) as well as your Facebook Page.Leave intelligent comments. As a business avoid politics, religion and sexual posts. © 2012 Dorien Morin-van
  • 24. Provide Information On your own social media sites, provide information. With EACH POST, post a CALL TO ACTION. Respond to each comment with another comment. Follow up and go to their page and leave them a comment, too. Tell your story and how your business came to be! © 2012 Dorien Morin-van
  • 25. Be A Resource Be available for questions. Answer questions in a timely fashion. Never brush off questions as silly or meaningless. Post phoned in questions on your social media sites with the answer! Chances are someone else has the same question! © 2012 Dorien Morin-van
  • 26. Show & TellCommentingQuestionsInterest Lists © 2012 Dorien Morin-van
  • 27. Deeper Relationship Continuity © 2012 Dorien Morin-van
  • 28. Be ConsistentPost daily!Post daily!Post daily! © 2012 Dorien Morin-van
  • 29. Be HelpfulAnswer questions.Offer help.Give daily/weekly tips.Give away stuff.Be nice & kind. © 2012 Dorien Morin-van
  • 30. Add ValueCreate your own content! eBooks, How-To guides, videosOffer value to all your current customers and clients as well as those just getting to know you.Post videos. How-To’s are great! © 2012 Dorien Morin-van
  • 31. Build TrustDo as you say!Follow through.Speak highly of all your connections. © 2012 Dorien Morin-van
  • 32. Show & TellPicMonkey for ImagesBlog & eBooksS(t)weet Tips & Pin Point(s) © 2012 Dorien Morin-van
  • 33. Commitment!Make them part of yourclient/customer base! © 2012 Dorien Morin-van
  • 34. Offer PromotionsNow that your audience knows you and trusts you, offer promotions.Ask them to sign up for your email list and send them a weekly newsletter.Post FB only offers and ask your audience to share! © 2012 Dorien Morin-van
  • 35. SalesHow do you close the ‘social media’ sale? In person!It’s usually done via Skype or phone, or if at all possible, in person! © 2012 Dorien Morin-van
  • 36. Show & TellMailChimp3rd party app on Facebook: RaffleCopter, WooBox, WildFire AppSkype © 2012 Dorien Morin-van
  • 37. Listeningis as important as talking! © 2012 Dorien Morin-van
  • 38. “Engaging”It’s a journey, enjoy it! © 2012 Dorien Morin-van