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  1. 1. It is known that PDF is not easy to edit without an expensive Adobe Acrobat, but we could find some alternative way to solve this problem. If you want to convert "PDF to HTML", its easy as there are so many websites on the internet offering the service to convert "PDF to HTML" or other file format online. some are free. However, you need to upload your files to the websiteplatform and enter your email address, then converted files will be sent to your mailbox.It takes a long time to wait for uploading and receiving the converted PDF files. Whats more, they cannot support to convert encrypted PDF to HTML. And it is not safe for the important files to convert online. There may be "free PDF converting software" to support normal PDF to HTML conversion, but wont support restricted PDF files. Then PDF conversion software
  2. 2. that supports converting encrypted PDF files is a good choice.Edit PDF text Mac
  3. 3. Whats encrypted PDF? Encrypted PDFs are documents that arepassword-protected This is often done to prevent unwanted users tohave access to your document Since the Edit PDF text Mac PDF hasbeen encrypted, you will have to use Acrobat to remove the encryptionand save it as an HTML file How to convert encrypted PDF to HTML? Asabove mentioned, those online PDF converters cannot "convert securedPDF to HTML", so, you have to download some desktop "PDF to HTMLconverter" to convert restricted PDF to HTML format
  4. 4. Below are steps guide to convert encrypted PDF to HTML files with PDFconverter for Mac, you can also use PDF to HTML converter for Mac toconvert the secured PDF files Click to free download Mac PDFconverter, and run it on your Mac for preparation Step1
  5. 5. Import files needed to convert Its easy, just drag and drop the files to the"PDF conversion software" interface If the added files is protected byuser password, you will find free PDF converting software beside the files Step 2 Customize (Optional) You can customize the output HTMLformat, including page range, text color, background color, image andhyperlinks
  6. 6. Just click the "preference" from the file menu Step 3 Convert encryptedPDF to HTML format There are two different passwords to protect yourPDF files
  7. 7. 1 User Password: It is used to prevent other people from opening yourfiles; In this case, just enter user password to unlock it Then click theConvert button to start to convert encrypted PDF to HTML files
  8. 8. 2 Owner Password: by setting this password, your PDF files areprotected from copying, printing or editing, that means, others cannotchange the PDF content, just reading them In this case, PDF Converterfor Mac can convert those PDF files directly without entering thepassword
  9. 9. Just set the output document format as "HTML" and then click "convert"button to "convert PDF to HTML" After the conversion, you can editHTML or share HTML files with your friends Youve found that theencrypted PDF to HTML conversion is easy and simple, with just 3 steps:import - customize-convert
  10. 10. Everything will be done for you by this best PDF converter in a fewseconds As saying goes "Sharp tools make good work", this smart is theone for you to do a great job
  11. 11. Edit PDF text Mac