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  1. 1. Construction companies are looking to find ways to switch to eco friendly cleaningproducts. Not only does it help the environment but it helps those businesses grow as well. In the past construction companies have steered clear of eco friendly cleaning products due tothe common misconception that green cleaningproducts costs more than the average chemicalbased products. Although cleaning is a priority, the commercial maintenance products used were not on the priority list for these businesses. Janitorial Supply Companies have grown to, not only provide products for these companies, but to educate construction businesses on how green cleaning products can help their companies grow and prosper.affordable furniture
  2. 2. There are list of benefits that green cleaning products provides to constructioncompanies For instance eco friendly cleaning products are able to cut energyand water by 20% Furthermore, concentrated commercial maintenanceproducts mean less solution This will allow the eco friendly cleaning productsto last longer and their effectiveness to result is lower amount of labor Theevaluation is not direct but work with changes in habitual use
  3. 3. For some companies, cleaning after a job is done for a second crew hired forthat sole position Two ways to save money includes: teaming up withJanitorial supply companies to reduce the expenditure used for laborers andreduction of using multiple chemical based products for cleaning servicesSince all green cleaning products are water based, they clean efficiently whilemaintaining the surface without any damage The optimal goal for aconstruction company is to be able to generate income which is a result of thestructures they are built becoming sustainable
  4. 4. Although it can be a messy process the construction of a building can havesustainable benefits with the incorporation of green cleaning products One ofthe biggest threats against chemical based commercial maintenance productsis when they are poured down drains or toilets On one side, each commercialcleaning product will be released into the ocean and local rivers This waterevidently turned into drinking water and can causes algae to grow on plants
  5. 5. When plants are not able to release affordable furniture oxygen, this will leadto asthmatic and allergic reactions by human beings The environmentalimpact of using chemical based commercial maintenance products will alsosmother and kill plants and limit the food resources for animals Although itseems extensive, the smaller and subtle impacts can evidently lead to largerenvironmentally damaging impacts Janitorial supply companies have a rangeof eco friendly cleaning products which can be used to protect the environmentand save energy
  6. 6. In a simple form cleaning windows with water based solutions can lead to anincrease of sunlight in a s specific room Using chemical based formulas canleave streaks which will restrict the entry of sunlight Overall, green cleaningproducts is the preferable choice by both construction companies and by eachjanitorial supply company
  7. 7. affordable furniture