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  1. 1. As the Internet has changed the media, business andculture, people are still adjusting to its impact. From the way people buy Christmas gifts to how business pay bills, the Internet has brought a number of radical alterations. However, while many of these changes have been positive, some have been extremely negative. Some of these negative changes have required certain defensive tactics such as reputation management.
  2. 2. Reputation management is required when someone, or multiple people, areproducing (or have produced) negative comments about you on the InternetOnline reputation management, or ORM, allows you to research and analyze aperson's reputation across all types of online media
  3. 3. This new industry has become a necessity in that businesses and individualsare confronting the fact that there is an overwhelming amount of information onthe Internet Search engines such as Google and Yahoo become doorways forpeople to hear all sorts of rumors about you, or for individuals to see forumswhere anonymous individuals bash others
  4. 4. Reputation management can help you in the long term, and a consistent focuson keeping an eye on your reputation is always a good thing If you're aconsumer, you should always pay attention to your credit score, and ifyou're a company or corporation you should always keep an eye on whatpeople are saying about you
  5. 5. What Can Reputation Management Fix? Obviously, there are no perfectsolutions, and solving problems will take time, but reputation management canhelp take care of: Bad product reviews Complaints Abusive Forum commentsAnti-corporate blogs How Reputation Management Works Most reputationmanagement services work by tracking what's written about a client onthe Web, and then responding by doing SEO (search engine optimization)which promotes positive pages They can also create other sites that will pushthe damaging references off of the first page or two of search results
  6. 6. It's basically and advanced, technological form of public relationsReputation Management Evolution In the past, if a company, or individual, hadbad press, they'd have to spend thousands, and sometimes millions, orcharity events, speaking engagements and so forth
  7. 7. With the Internet though, it's actually a bit easier and somewhat lessexpensive to try and erase the negative comments being propagated by one or more individuals The key isto do it in such a way that it isn't obvious
  8. 8. That's why having a qualified reputation management firm working foryou is an important part of the process Examples of Reputation ManagementScenarios Reputation management companies work for small and largecompanies
  9. 9. A Small company clients might include pet stores targeted by animal rightsactivists, stockbrokers linked to decades-old SEC violations or local politicianswith a fifteen-year-old DUI charge Getting such news removed is nearimpossible, but flooding the Web with positive news is far easier and theinformation can be easily manipulated to produce nothing but rosy stories onGoogle or Yahoo
  10. 10. Contact a reputable, experienced reputation management company today,you never know what's flying around the Web under your nose
  11. 11.