The iOS7 Apple Event for the Enterprise (that never happened)


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The iOS7 Apple Event for the Enterprise (that never happened)

  1. Thank you for joining us and welcome to Cupertino. The blogs and pundits have endlessly tried to predict today’s presentation, so I’m going to surprise everyone and show the amazing new enterprise features we’ve built into iOS7 that don’t get the attention they deserve.
  2. First, let’s talk about the fingerprint sensor in the new iPhone 5S.
  3. This might be the single greatest gift any mobile device has ever given the enterprise: Finally, authentication that your busy and harried employees will actually use. Now you can go back to worrying about terrible passwords on their laptops.
  4. Now let’s talk about iWork...
  5. We’ve bypassed your procurement department that only buys Office. iWork is now free on your employees’ phones and now it’s in their browser on the desktop. It won’t be taking over your company but expect motivated employees to dip their toes in, especially if your existing enterprise tools aren’t cloud ready.
  6. Apps and books purchased through the Volume Purchase Program stay with the company and not the employee…
  7. So when someone leaves your company, you can re-assign that license to another employee.
  8. BYOD doesn’t have to translate into putting your data at risk.
  9. The IT department can now prevent accidental data leakage by controlling which apps on a user’s phone are allowed to open corporate attachments. That financial forecast you emailed is no longer a single, dangerous tap away from ending up on twitter.
  10. We’ve built Single Sign On into iOS7 so your employees won’t have to re-enter passwords when moving between managed apps.
  11. We’ve also added Per App VPN, so work data securely goes through the company VPN, but your Instagram upload doesn't.
  12. Best of all, for most apps no code changes are required to support both Per App VPN and Single Sign On.
  13. We’ve also added new options and capabilities that streamline MDM deployments…
  14. ...and improved data security for all App Store apps.
  15. iBeacons offer precise micro-location targeting, even indoors where GPS doesn’t work, and have an amazing potential in retail…especially when paired with the passive messaging available in iOS Passbook. But also keep your eye out for novel enterprise uses as adoption matures.
  16. We’re really proud of all the enterprise features that are now available. iOS7 is the best mobile operating system for everyone — both consumers and businesses.
  17. This next song is dedicated to MDM, VPN, IT, SSO, VPP, B2B, and BYOD…