MobiWebApp 2012 - Gaps between standard & tool for native and web mobile applications


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MobiWebApp 2012 - Paris - Gaps between standard & tool for native and web mobile applications

This presentation deals with mobile development with native and web tools using or not framework.

1. Native vs HTML5
2. Using Frameworks - JS, PhoneGap, Titanium
3. What Mootwin offers on top of that to lower development cycle

Mootwin : SDK's add-ons to empower your applications with plug & play features.

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MobiWebApp 2012 - Gaps between standard & tool for native and web mobile applications

  1. 1. What standardization gaps do you see in the market arounddevelopment and deployment of cross-platform native and/or webapps ?Does that pose challenges and how are you addressing thosechallenges ?
  2. 2. Q1 2012 Status Native Hybrid WebUser experienceRich functionExpensesDevice APIsSignal ManagementFlexible securityPlatform RangeAgility Worst 2 Best
  3. 3. Native or Web ?Gartner : By 2015, half of the applications that today would be written as native mobile apps will bedelivered as mobile Web apps.
  4. 4. Native HTML5Cross platform language & No YesIDECode pooling No YesStandardized No Yes (2014)Back-end connect. Any JSONPerformances High BowserMarket places Yes NoApproval process iOS No PerUI Native platform 4
  5. 5. Business Back-end 3rd party UI back-end Native Facebook Application BL Twitter Any other service Business Back-end 3rd party back-end BL UI Facebook Web Web server Application UI Twitter User interfaceBL Business logic Any other service 5
  6. 6. How to fill in the gap ? Using Framework !
  7. 7. Source Orange 7
  8. 8. PhoneGap Titanium JavascriptArchitecture Native wrapper runtimeCoding HTML 5 Pure Javascript TitaniumRenderer Native browser engineNative UI No YesMarket submission Yes YesPerformances Browser Closer to nativePlatform supported 7 2Plugins Yes Yes (complex)Complexity Simple More complex 8
  9. 9. Native AD toolsets and runtimes MEAPs with prepackaged apps There is no perfect solution MCAPs, AD tools with web support NativeEach one has advantages and Cost / Complexity Web JavaScript and RIA frameworks weaknesses Web adapter/transcoding toolsComplexity and performances Smartphone-optimized site means heavy tools Do nothing — rely 100% on web Quality of User Experience
  10. 10. How Mootwin helps reducing the gap between all the tools and the standards ?
  11. 11. Complexity / Mootwin FrameworkPerformances Native App Titanium App PhoneGap Wrapper & JS framework Web Apps 11
  12. 12. Mootwin App UIWeak network proof Real time channel Incremental Mootwin App cache PlatformAll back-ends BL Connct. Certified Back-endbanking grade Facebook Any other back-end 3rd party Business Twitter service security Data query engine 12
  13. 13. Server Side Mootwin Operation ServerMobile Side Serveur-side Enterprise Backend systems Application Code Device system M-Data Exchange Application Code M-Data Exchange M-Identity Management M-Web Portal Local Cache (Offline) Unified PUSH Notif. API PUSH Notification Usage Tracking Runtime Skinning Mobile WebApp Live Update 13
  14. 14. • Strong features & modules for all platforms at the lowest cost• Server flexibility & remote management• Reduction up to 70% of a new platform development 14
  15. 15. Thank you Emmanuel HAVET @mootwin www.mootwin.comSlides link on Twitter account
  16. 16. Mootwin Application Platform Pro-active M-Identity Multichannel Context Aware ManagementBi-directional realtime Seamless Interconnectioncommunication Manage multi-device with backend systemschannel mobile Identity (CRM)Realtime tracking of Total control thanks to a Mapping IS Identity and Common & Server-sideusers navigation Mobile Identity Business Logiccontext Multi-platform supportUser context (phone Multicriteria Filtering (SmartPhone, Tablet,sensors, location) WebTV, …) Groups of mobile usersProactive data pre- In-App Push with rich based on business rules contentfetching 16
  17. 17. Information System Accounts Server-side App XML Financial Connector Data M-Data Push 001010101100 001010101010 M-Data Connector Connector Exchange Engine Third-Party RSS Provider Connector News Provider Incremental Push updates to • Optimized connector selectionHides the complexity of connectivity dramatically reduce data exchange et depdending on incoming mobileand data management to developers increase responsiveness. request Server-side Cache to optimize backend • Standard connectors for aMakes transactions fast, secure and response time seamless interconnectionreliable (HTTP, REST, SOAP, XML, JSON, …) Mobile requests mutualization toTransparent Persistent Offline Storage reduced workload on interconnected • Built-in aggregation mecanism for 17 17 backends multiple datasources