5 Ways To Fix Your Broken Mobile Advertising


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Mobile usage continues to grow among consumers, and nearly 60% of smartphone owners don't go an hour without checking their phones. Marketers are using mobile advertising to tap into their target audiences, however there are significant challenges acting as roadblocks to mobile ad success.

Don’t let these challenges stand in your way of reaching real business objectives. Find out:

- The questions you should be asking before creating mobile ads
- The five components your mobile ads must include
- How to fix your mobile ads
- And more

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5 Ways To Fix Your Broken Mobile Advertising

  1. 5 Ways To Fix Your Broken Mobile Advertising
  2. #FixMobileAds
  3. Part I: Your mobile ads aren’t working
  4. 57% Say mobile is central to every day life Source: Exact Target’s 2014 Mobile Behavior Report Internet usage on mobile 85%
  5. of smartphone owners don’t go an hour without checking their phones Source: Lookout’s Mobile Mindset Study check their phones in bed 60% 54%
  6. share of digital media time spent on mobile web & apps Source: ComScore of social networking time is spent on mobile platforms 60% 71%
  7. Every mobile activity has mobile ad opportunities Playing games Checking weather Going to mobile sites Keeping up with favorite sports teams Booking travel Finding new music Checking movie times Using Social Media
  8. Marketers are not adapting
  9. Mobile advertising potential 0% 7.5% 15% 22.5% 30% Time Spent Ad Spent 4% 20% 22% 25% Internet Mobile %ofTotalMediaConsumption TimeofAdvertisingSpending Mobile advertising is missing out on a $7.1 billion opportunity
  10. Lack of knowledge is the #1 hurdle to mobile marketing success Source: June 2014 polling by Ascend2
  11. Source: Study from Contently in May 2014 marketers expressed uncertainty that their key metrics are effective marketers desire to be able to measure how much real attention users are paying to content 90%50%
  12. Reasons mobile ads aren’t working
  13. Reasons mobile ads aren’t working Source: Dartmouth research too busy for ads on mobile hate not being able to easily return to previous content 70% 69%
  14. Reasons mobile ads aren’t working Source: Dartmouth research frustrated when mobile consumption is interrupted say ads take too long to load 54% 53%
  15. Are you asking the right questions?
  16. The 5 components to demand of your mobile ads
  17. Robust targeting to the ideal audience 1
  18. Clear and actionable calls-to-action 2
  19. Tracking capabilities 3
  20. Non-distruptive & in context of the user’s goals 4
  21. Adapt appropriately to any device 5
  22. The mobile advertising potential
  23. Part II: How to fix your mobile ads
  24. Native Video Rich Media
  25. Native Video
  26. Rich Media
  27. Rich Media Native Video
  28. …Rich Media does just that
  29. ! ! Rich Media ! !
  30. The 5 Components to Successful Mobile Ads Using Rich Media
  31. Rich media ads use pixeling capabilities to draw and retarget your ideal audience based on their engagement 1
  32. Rich Media ads allow for customized images, calls- to-action, and functionality 2
  33. Rich Media ads include pixeling capabilities to track conversions beyond Native Ad capabilities. 3
  34. Rich Media ads live natively in the consumer’s social feed so the user receives a more cohesive experience. 4
  35. Rich Media ads adapt to device types and social networks with faster load times than industry standards. 5
  36. Rich Media ads allow you to drive: Engagement Consideration Demand GenerationLead Generation
  37. Engagement
  38. Twitter Q&A Invite your social audience to take part in a live event or new release while engaging with your Twitter page. Users can also tweet questions and interact with your brand directly from the ad unit in one seamless interaction.
  39. Polling Integrating polling into your campaigns on social is a great way to spark a community conversation. The polling ad allows users to engage with your brand, express their opinions, and see how they stack up next to their peers on social.
  40. Pinterest Board The Pinterest Board Ad brings a selection of your Pinterest Boards across each of your social networks. Users can view your boards through the Ad, instantly follow your brand on Pinterest and pin items from the ad directly to their boards, generating greater brand awareness.
  41. Social Feed The Social Feed Ad is a great way to merge content from multiple social channels into one unit that can be distributed anywhere online. You can use this ad to express specific features around a launch or special event, while giving your social audience the option to engage and view your most recent posts from each channel.
  42. Image or Video Voting Gallery An Image or Video Voting Gallery lets your audience scroll through an array of images or videos and vote for their favorite, creating engagement.
  43. Head-to-head Head-to-Head ads give your fans the option to choose between two direct pieces of content. Giving fans a voice engages them in your brand content.
  44. Consideration Demand Generation
  45. Social LookBook The Social LookBook Ad is the perfect way to show off your latest collections. Users can browse the looks and view their favorites. The ad urges social sharing so that users can share their favorite look.
  46. Social Catalogue The Social Catalogue Ad is a great way to grab the attention of your audience by featuring products from your brand. Hashtags related to specific products are assembled into galleries, creating a quick and simple way for fans to buy and share with friends.
  47. Decision Tree A Decision Tree starts a conversation with your audience by giving them the opportunity to learn more about your product and make their own choices. Incorporate questions and integrated content to provide the most favorable shopping experience while driving consideration.
  48. Image or Video Gallery Feature multiple images or videos in a gallery for an event, new product or release to build more consideration. The image or video gallery ad drives users to visit an external site, discover more about your brand and engage in further conversation.
  49. Image or Video Voting Gallery After submitting their vote in an image or Video Voting Gallery, users have the ability to see where their choice stands in the ranked results, generating consideration.
  50. Head-to-head The Head-to-head ad unit drives deeper consideration and demand generation among your fans through the ability to choose and see where their choice ranks.
  51. Lead Generation
  52. Ad with a Form Social Rich Media ads with forms are great tools if you have a giveaway, sweepstakes, or coupon that you are offering. Fans are able to enter their information into the form, driving lead generation for your brand.
  53. Brands using Moontoast’s Rich Media Ads have seen impressive results
  54. 1.2 million impressions 90% coming from mobile 91% mobile conversion rate 3.9 Interactions per user 30K video votes collected 45% voter conversion rate
  55. Want to find out more about Moontoast? hello@moontoast.com Join us for our webinars each month: Go to moontoast.com/webinar to find out what’s coming up