Jsdf logistical capability lessons learned from 3 11
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Jsdf logistical capability lessons learned from 3 11






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Jsdf logistical capability lessons learned from 3 11 Jsdf logistical capability lessons learned from 3 11 Presentation Transcript

  • JSDF’s logistics capability—lessons learned from the 3-11 — 16 Mar 2012 COL Naoyuki Taura
  • Agenda1 Background2 Overview of Great Earthquake East Japan3 Overview of “TOMDACHI” Operation4 Lessons learn from Great Earthquake East Japan D/R5 Way to goThis presentation is my opinion. It does not reflect the views of the Stimson Center,nor does it represent the views of the Ground Self-Defense Force.
  • Background• Working at G4 in Ground Staff Office, I have always faced challenges with this topic.• Experience of the disaster relief (DR) operation in the Great Eastern Japan• Facing a challenge of how to ensure the survival of the domestic defense industrial base when the defense budget is being cut.
  • SDF response in Great Eastern Japan Earthquake Northern Army Personnel 2,800 Total Strength 105,800 × × Aircraft 39 GSDF Component 70,000 7 (-) MSDF Component 14,200 × ASDF Component 21,600 (-) 11 Northeastern Army(JTF) × × Personnel 45,000 ASDF Component Aircraft 67 × C-1 C-1 C-130H C-130H 130 Eastern Army Supply Trans. MSDF Component Personnel 3,800 × × Aircraft 39 3 (-) × × 1 (-) Supply Trans. Central Readiness Force (-) Personnel 900 × (-) × × Aircraft 2415 8 (-) Aviation School Aircraft 51 Western Army Middle Army GSO, Other units & Personnel 3,100 Personnel 3,500 Schools Aircraft 41 Aircraft 34 Personnel 10,900
  • Operation Tomodachi<MAX>20,000 personnel,20 warships,140 aircrafts US LSD sea-lifted JGSDF 5th Bde USMC in Okinawa U.S. Navy US C-17 air-lifted USMC 5 JGSDF 15th Bde U.S. Army
  • Lessons Learned
  • Lessons Learned from GEJEJTF organized for the first time Challenge in transportationDifficulty in bilateral operationChallenges in logistics
  • JTF Organization Minister of Defense Chief of Staff, Joint StaffNuclear Disaster Relief OPS Joint Task Force Commander ,CRF Commander, *CRF: Central Readiness Force Northeastern Army Units Land Component (Commander, Northeast Army) Maritime Component (Commander Yokosuka district) Air Component (Commander, Air Defense Command) 8 8
  • Challenges in TransportationDelay in starting transport coordination center. Prioritization Lack of maritime transport. Lack of transport capability.
  • Difficulty in Bilateral Operations Reinforcement of Framework for Japan – U.S. Coordination Prime Minister Ichigaya Coordination Center CCS Minister for Defense Relevant Minister CS (National Security Internal Bureau Relevant Ministries And And Agencies MG Oue Crisis Management) Brig Gen MG Isobe Crowe (JSO) (USFJ) Ichigaya Yokota JSO JSF- JSF-J Bilateral Bilateral Coordination Center Coordination Center Sendai Coordination Center Yokota Coordination Center Sendai Col Timberlake JTF- JTF-Tohoku (ⅢMEF) Bilateral COL Hiroe MG Bansho ADM Walsh ↓ Coordination Center (GSO) COL Agena (GSO) (PACFLT) (USARJ)※ CCS=Chief of Cabinet Secretary
  • Challenges in Logistics Commercial vendors/JSDFcompeted for relief supplies Two missionsDestruction of the local government
  • The Way Forward
  • The Way Forward Enhance Jointness Improve transport capability Tighten bilateral coordination Improve logistic capabilityImportance of defense industrial base
  • Enhance Jointness Japan’s Goldwater- Nichols?Enforcement of jointness criticalJoint Staff Office needs personnel and budget
  • Improve Transportation Ability × × C-130H C-130H 130 ×C-1C-1 (-)
  • Use of Commercial Transportation
  • Tighten Bilateral CoordinationUpdate the framework of BCAT Improve mutual understanding More training and exercise
  • Improve logistic capability Government should prioritize control Log COM-likeorganization necessary?Enhance mutual support
  • Defense Budget Trends defense budgetAmount of contract and maintenance (billion) (billion) 550 Amount of contract (billion) Amount of maintenance (billion) defense budget 450 Reverse 350 250 150 1990 1992 1994 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 1989 1991 1993 1995 1997 1999 2001 2003 2005 2007 2009
  • Challenges Participation in joint developmentRelax export control ban M&A
  • Questions?