Delivering online exams using Moodle Tim Hunt, Mahmoud Kassaei


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Delivering online exams using Moodle Tim Hunt, Mahmoud Kassaei
Presented at Moodlemoot Edinburgh 2014

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Delivering online exams using Moodle Tim Hunt, Mahmoud Kassaei

  1. 1. Delivering online exams using Moodle Tim Hunt & Mahmoud Kassaei Moodlemoot Edinburgh 2014
  2. 2. Outline 1. Introduction 2. How it works 3. Summary
  3. 3. The goal
  4. 4. Exams at the OU • 91,739 exams • for 400 modules • at 289 centres around the UK/world • with 2,576 invigilators • all on paper (except students with special circumstances) Data from 2012
  5. 5. From the student’s point of view
  6. 6. Step 1: Get invite MDL101 exam on 15th April 2014: using a computer I am writing to offer you the opportunity of taking your above examination on a computer rather than handwriting your examination. Why are we doing this? Many students have told us that typing is easier than handwriting and would prefer this method of answering examination questions. We have therefore decided to pilot the use of computers with a small group of students during the October 2013 examination period. What will completing an examination using a computer be like? The computer-based examination will be in the same format as the written examination which will be sat by the rest of the students on the module. … … If you would like to volunteer to take part in this pilot and sit the computer
  7. 7. Step 2: Download browser
  8. 8. Step 3: Try the demo exam
  9. 9. Step 4: Opt in for online exam
  10. 10. Step 5: Get to exam hall
  11. 11. Step 6: Start when told to
  12. 12. Step 7: Answer questions
  13. 13. Step 8: Submit and finish
  14. 14. Summary
  15. 15. Recap: Moodle add-ons • Custom theme • Single activity course format Moodle 2.6 • Quiz auto-save Moodle 2.5 • Safe Exam Browser quiz access • Add ‘exam’ type to our course generator script
  16. 16. Separate Moodle install
  17. 17. Student comments This was much easier than the handwritten exam. The ability to edit answers made for a calmer experience, leaving more time to think of coherant answers (hopefully!) Much better. I used the answer book for notes + preparation but it was much better to then be able to quickly type everything out. Saved time + less stressful! I was so anxious about having to write with a pen for 3 hours. I haven’t really handwritten anything much since school over 15 years ago. I’m much more familiar with computers. Q14 not complete  Found it easier to concentrate on the exam for three hours than I have in any handwritten exam – great to go back and re-format answers or even switch between answers without concerns of running out of space.
  18. 18. Options for typed exams Online ↔ Offline Student laptops ↔ Institutional computers Exam hall ↔ Online invigilation Lock-down ↔ Open book Thanks to: Paul Johnson & colleagues Exams & Assessment Phil Butcher Learning & Teaching Solutions David Baines & colleagues Information Technology