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Customising Moodle with Course Formats 	Alex Walker
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Customising Moodle with Course Formats Alex Walker


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Customising Moodle with Course Formats Alex Walker …

Customising Moodle with Course Formats Alex Walker
Presented at Moodlemoot Edinburgh 2014

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  • 1. Custom Course Formats Alex Walker City of Glasgow College
  • 2. The Point Of This Talk • An introduction to course formats. • An overview of the course formats available to you. • A brief tutorial on building your own.
  • 3. Why Build a Course Format • Control how items are displayed. • Add extra things to the course page. • Customise your Moodle courses to reflect the way your institution teaches.
  • 4. Why Build a Course Format
  • 5. Why Build a Course Format
  • 6. Pros & Cons • Create 'useful links' that make it easier for teachers to run courses. • Add features without using blocks. • New ways of organising and displaying course materials.
  • 7. Masonry Format
  • 8. Grid Format
  • 9. One Topic Format
  • 10. Other Course Formats • Some course formats don't have sections at all. • Moodle's social course format is just a forum. • Singleactivity makes a course that is just a single activity (2.6+)
  • 11. Building a Course Format • You don't have to start from scratch! • Take a copy of the 'topics' folder and rename a few things. • Moodle's developer wiki has documentation on course formats. • Warning! Upgrading from Moodle 2.3 or lower will break your course formats.
  • 12. Building a Course Format • Rename the folder, language file, and class name in lib.php • Search and replace in the format's files: from format_topics to format_whatever. • Your topic is ready to customise.
  • 13. Building a Course Format • format.php is responsible for outputting the course's main content area. • The heavy lifting is devolved to renderer.php
  • 14. Building a Course Format • format.js holds any Javascript you need. • styles.css contains any CSS you need for your format - don't put it in your theme's CSS.
  • 15. Building a Course Format • If you want to customise the overall page layout, you can change format.php • If you want to customise how sections are output, you can use renderer.php • You can always look through other formats to find examples.
  • 16. Building a Course Format
  • 17. Building a Course Format
  • 18. Building a Course Format
  • 19. Building a Course Format
  • 20. Building a Course Format
  • 21. Building a Course Format
  • 22. Building a Course Format
  • 23. Building a Course Format
  • 24. Building a Course Format • Course formats can have 'fields' that let you customise information. • For example, this optional Twitter Username field pulls in tweets from that user. • Can be set up in your format's lib.php file.
  • 25. Building a Course Format
  • 26. Questions Alex Walker City of Glasgow College