Introduction to Barter With Montana Trade Exchange

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  • 1. Why Join A Barter Exchange?As a business person, you probably created a trading situation at sometime. You traded your product for someone else’s service. You neededwhat the other business had and the other business wanted what youhad. And it worked out. But what happens when you want what the other guy has, but he does not want what you have? Or Worse…. You give the other guy your services on trade, and he never makes good on his IOU to you….A Barter Exchange solves these issues. When your business needssomething, and you want to conserve your cash and pay with YOURgoods and services, a barter exchange makes it happen.First, you will be selling your goods and services to Exchange membersand receiving Trade Dollars. Being a member of an Exchange will bringyou new business from Exchange members- New customers.Then, simply use Trade Dollars as a CURRENCY to get the goods orservices your business needs WITHOUT SPENDING CASH, with othermember businesses. It’s that simple… * 1-877-321-SWAP (7927) *
  • 2. ABOUT BARTERINGMany smart business owners are already bartering on their own toconserve their cash and get the things they need. They recognize thevalue of bartering because they know their profit margin will beminimally affected.Bartering with an organized, professional exchange, such as theMontana Trade Exchange, offers the business owner access to goodsand services he would normally not have access to, such as restaurants,gifts, sporting equipment, art, plumbing services, spa services, dentalservices, optometry services, legal services, construction services, andmuch more. Setting up separate deals to barter with these companieson your own would be very difficult and time consuming.Montana Trade Exchange has already done the leg work. Simply look inour member directory, which is available online to members, find thedesired company, and place a call. Each time a member makes a barterpurchase, Montana Trade Exchange debits the buyers account andcredits the sellers account with Trade Dollars, similar to an ordinarybank * 1-877-321-SWAP (7927) *
  • 3. Why Barter?Barter is booming, a rebirth of the most ancient way of doing business.Barter saves cash and reduces business overhead. Buy just about anything with your barter dollars. Print or design a flyer, build a web site, get business cards, have your carpets cleaned, get your painting, plumbing, accounting services, legal services, advertising and much, much more paid for in barter dollars! How many of these things are you now paying cash for?Enhance your life with barter dollars. Use them to pay for vacations, stay at fine resorts, or take a cruise. You can spend barter dollars to eat out, go to shows and buy gifts.Increase business with barter. See new customers, sell your excess inventory, and reduce your down time in a service * 1-877-321-SWAP (7927) *
  • 4. How will Barter be Profitable to my Business?Barter will prove profitable to your business if: • You are not operating at full capacity • You are ready to expand • You want to reduce cash expenses • You have excess inventory • You have changed product lines and want to clear out discontinued itemsJoin an Exchange vs. Bartering One-to-oneBy trading one-on-one with another business your bartering power isextremely limited by the simple fact that you must take what the otherbusiness has to offer, and track your trade credits with each partner.By joining Montana Trade Exchange you are eligible to barter withthousands of other members who have a wide variety of goods andservices from which to choose. Your Trade Dollar is worth a dollar withany member business, and gives you the freedom to purchase any itemor service available in network, greatly expanding your buying power! * 1-877-321-SWAP (7927) *
  • 5. Why Montana Trade Exchange?You wont pay more than retail for goods and services in barter than you would in cash, a common problem in many one to one barter transactions.The Montana Trade Exchange staff keeps in close contact with members to be sure your barter needs are met. Any questions you have, call us. We are always available by e-mail, fax and phone.New goods and services are made easily available to all members everyday through our website. We also send regular emails with all the latest updates, new members, and goods/services available.No surprises! With few exceptions, all transactions are 100% trade. If a transaction involves cash, other than tax or tip, you will know up front.Functions are held throughout the year so that members can get together to form new business alliances and friendshipsOur company commitment is to offer the best service and communications of any barter company. No excuses! * 1-877-321-SWAP (7927) *
  • 6. What is the Montana Trade Exchange Promise? • To provide a quality service to a quality customer; • To always put our members first; • To operate with the highest level of integrity; • To do what it takes to do the job right.Montana Trade Exchange is a business-to-business barter/tradeexchange network. Montana Trade Exchange, acting as a broker andrecord keeper for its clients, coordinates barter transactions between itsMembers.Additionally, through our reciprocal agreements with both local andnational trade exchanges, our members have access to thousands ofbusinesses nationwide to buy and sell with on Trade.There are many benefits to joining Montana Trade Exchange.New Customer Base: Attract customers that may never have steppedinto your establishment- these can be Montana Trade Exchangemembers, or members across the country in our network.Increased Buying Power: Buy merchandise or services nationally ontrade and sell for cash. Offer more to your existing clients!Conservation of Cash: Take products or services you normally pay cashfor - such as pest control, carpet cleaning, employee gifts or incentives,etc. - and use barter credits * 1-877-321-SWAP (7927) *
  • 7. Converting Dead Inventory into Profit: Move slow-selling merchandisethrough Montana Trade Exchange and convert it into barter credits youcan use on products or services you need. Now, merchandise you mighthave sold for cash at a significantly reduced price can be sold for fullretail on trade.Higher Standard of Living: Enjoy a higher standard of living! Things youmay not spend cash on are readily available on trade. Eat out more, goto sporting events, buy jewelry, rent a limousine, etc.New Cash Business: One of the best ways of advertising has alwaysbeen "word of mouth" - and its free! Montana Trade Exchangemembers benefit from networking with other members as well as theirneighbors, friends and families who are not members. Our membersdefinitely enjoy the cash business that comes their way because ofreferrals from other Montana Trade Exchange members. Now that you know some great reasons to trade, Click Here to join the Montana Trade Exchange! * 1-877-321-SWAP (7927) *