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Way Into Work presentation by Momnouthshire County Council and Momnouthshire Housing Associatiobn
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Way Into Work presentation by Momnouthshire County Council and Momnouthshire Housing Associatiobn



Published in Career , Technology , Business
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  • Good afternoon and welcome to the Way into Work celebration ceremony my name Farida Aslam and I work as the Inclusion coordinator at Monmouthshire housing, I am the lead officer for Financial and Economic Inclusion initiatives at MHA, the aim of this event is to celebrate the success of the WIW project, young peoples achievements, and the collaborative efforts of our partners many of whom are here today. Before we start I need to mention a couple of housekeeping matters there are no planned fire drills for today so if the fire alarm does go off we are expected to assemble in the furthest car park on the right hand side of the building as you exit. The toilets are on the right hand side of the corridor as you exit this room. Monmouthshire Housing Association since transfer have taken the lead in Monmouthshire in raising awareness and promoting financial inclusion work, understanding the needs of our service users and our clients demographics we developed the Money Wise services to help financially include our tenants providing face to face money, debt, welfare benefits and energy advice, we recognised very early on that Financial inclusion shouldn’t just be about putting people on benefits and helping with debts we must take the long tem view and this about “ultimately” financially including our tenants, thus in 2010 MHA sowed the seeds of their Work and Skills wise service whose aim it is to help tenant back into training, education and employment. Helping young people in our communities into employment was a natural step for us and an opportunity which we embraced working with our lead partners Monmouthshire Youth Service. As part of the way in work project which is funded by the DWP MHA and MYS were set a challenge of getting 20 young people into employment within a period of 9 month, the way into work team smashed this target and we achieved over and above our set target assisting 24 young people employment or over a period of 24 weeks a fantastic achievement, which is why we have termed this event a NEET success in Monmouthshire. This is event whilst a celebration event it is also a dissemination event at which we aim to provide you with our findings and also to initiate a discussion of how we can work collectively in Monmouthshire to build on this successes and take the lessons learnt forward improving employment outcomes for young people in our county. On your seats you should have a programme for the proceedings today along with a dissemination leaflets, furthermore you will also find an a4 sheet of paper with a number of heading – this is our discussion paper, it lists key questions linked to our findings, gaps, barriers and statements which we need to addressed or discussed if we are to move forward with the employability agenda. We will invite you after the formal presentations to network and speak with officer stationed at the back of the room to capture your thoughts and feelings on how you can work with us to address these gaps and barriers, those of you who are not able to stay please complete the sheet and hand this is before you leave. We will be holding a further meeting following on from this event to develop the discussion further and develop a number of action point to move forward. So please remember this isn’t just about what we have achieved its about how we now move forward and build on this.The event today is jointly hosted by our lead partners Monmouthshire Youth Services, without whom we could not have had delivered this work – it is a truly jointly owned initiative and having explained our driver for this project and the context within which we at MHA work, and I'd like to invite the Hannah from the youth service to say a few words before we invite Leanne to introduce the project in detail the finding and outcomes. Hannah JonesAlternative Educational Learning and Post 16 OfficerMy role is to manage and support alternative education programmes for young people both in formal and informal settings. To work collaboratively with agencies in providing Engagement and Progression opportunities meeting the needs of young people who are not in education, employment or training. To develop work based learning opportunities in Monmouthshire.
  • Drivers for Work Time To Engage(T2E)funded through WCVA Engagement GatewayThe Youth Service delivered 2 projects 1 for 16 -18 years and 1 for 18 – 25 years offering on confidence building, motivation, and communication skills with workshops on team building, Business Enterprise and with 18 -24 years focuses on CV writing, job search and interview techniques. The exit for 16 -18 years was onto a Youth Gateway Programme with Careers and with 18 -24 years, employment, further education or training. We found the 18 -25 years ready to engage and keen to take the next steps in their future pathways in comparison with the 16 -18 years who were harder to reach and engage. Success for the project with 18 -25 years included 2 young people gaining an ILM placement with Melin Homes, 3 taking up volunteering opportunities and 1 gain our first Jobs Growth Wales Placement with Monmouthshire County Council as an Assistant Fitness Instructor at the Chepstow Leisure Centre. Both projects were delivered mainly by the Youth Service Team and we recognised the value of delivering future Engagement and Progression Programmes with agencies working with young people 16 -25 years.Post 16 Steering GroupThis group was set up for a number of reasons;To have a better understanding of the services and opportunities available to young people 16 -25 years.To share good practiceTo analysis NEET and JSA dataTo oversee the Time To Engage ProjectsTo work collaboratively with partners in developing new initiatives for young people 16 -25 years, i.e Way into Work.The steering group continues to meet on a regular basis to support young people of Monmouthshire to engage and progress in Education, Employment and Training. The group feeds into the 14 -19 and the Employment and Skills Partnerships.Programme of OpportunitiesTime to Engage was a pilot and a taste of engagement and progression activities which had its successes and limitations. We recognised that working with our steering group partners in delivering future programmes is key to achieving meaningful outcomes. Dialogue with Careers, Training Providers and Job Centre Plus partnership manager for future funding opportunities i.e. the Monmouthshire Flexible Support Fund. I’d like to now introduce you to Leanne who unfortunately cannot be joined by Jade as she is stranded sunnier climbs.
  • Hi my name is Leanne Ward and I am the ………. My role in the project was to delivery the way into work services I lead on the following……… arranging content and speakers for the programme ….. (fill in here – you may want to change some of what I have put in Jades bit)Jade West worked as the Work and skills wise officer also jointly responsible for the operational delivery of way into work project from, MHA. Her role involved developing content for the confidence building session, arranging work placements, supporting applicants with job searches and CV development and submission of applications
  • The aim of the WIW project....Designed There are 2 key themes to this project which are: Developing the YP And Equipping them with the skills to gain a job.
  • So what did we do in terms of developing the young people we as partners signed up to signed up to help to :
  • In terms of equipping young people with the skills needed to gain employment we helped to
  • Ultimately WIW was about helping young people helping themselves, changing their approach to the job market and coming up with different ways to approach employer and get yourself known -WIW was delivered from a individual and needs led approach – based of the need of the YP. In terms of the practicalities Referral were received from JCP,The 6 week courses were held across the county in Abergavenny, Caldicot & Chepstow (two in Chepstow and 2 in Abergavenny) in Youth service venues. induction meetings were arranged with the participants prior to enrolling on the programme to kick start and develop a relationship, and to provide participantsan idea of what the course involved starts date were then provided to YP at this meeting. Setting out clearly what was to be delivered and what was to be expected.
  • The actual programme involved 4 weeks of interactive desk based learning and doing. Sessions with inspirational speakers drawn in from a number of employment arenas were also held, organisations were invited in to speak about potential employment opportunities in various sector, information about the voluntary sector and the benefits of volunteering were also highlighted to the YP and YP were encouraged to volunteer to build their CV’s, confidence and practical skills. Personal action plan were developed jointly , listing realistic targets, and clear instructions of how to get there, with build in time scales. These action plans provided a focus and were live documents, and were being referred to regularly to maintain direction. Team building – provided a relaxed atmosphere in which YP were able to have fun and openly discuss fears and past experiences which were then included in personal action plan. Two weeks work placements - at the outset of the programme YP were asked of where they would like to spend their 2 week voluntary work placement Jade West was responsible for brokering these placements, the placements varied from working within leisure services, childcare, construction services, marketing, IT and community development work. CV development – this was a critical segment of the programme, where YP were supported and encouraged to developed up to date CV’s but also to take ownership of this process and recognised the importance of this document as a basis for job application content. Comparing CV looking at good and bad example and the realisation the CV are only looked at for a matter of seconds and they need to be impressive and appealing. This them followed on to the submission of at least 2 job applications per person if not more. Application and from filling skills became second nature when participants learnt what a good application must include.
  • I’d like to now invite you view a digital diary of Chloe’s journey into work via the way into work programme ....
  • This slides demonstrates number of referrals outcome and attendance rates…. the Talk through the stats and explain
  • In terms of outcomes we have supported 38 YP in gaining interview during the way into work programme– we understand that our YP are continuing to be interview for positions even though the programme has come to an end. We estimate that at least 20 further interview have been conducted based on feedback We have helped YP submit over 100 applications for jobsThe total number of volunteering hours conducted as part of the programme is 3500, again we estimate this is higher as a number of participants are now volunteering. And the total number of contact hours provides of support via the WIW programme by the delivery team adds to 1400.
  • Our significant achievement has been achieving above the set target of 20 into employment to 24 and counting. A total of 48 participant engaged and completed the course with a phenomenal 50% entering into the employment market for over 26 weeks and off JSA.
  • I’s like to now talk about the project from the participants perspective
  • Lydia Hockey a participant form the.... Cohort send her apologies and says “sorry I can’t be there today” whilst this may be disporting were not disappointed, we are over joyed by the fact that the reason that she can’t be here is about she now has a job, and which is what this is all about.
  • 50 % of our participants gained employment and were really proud of that but what has been so inspiring is the effort, dedication and commitment that some of our YP are still continuing to plough into finding jobs. We have noticed this increase in confidence in navigating the job market and the sheer resilience on the part of some of our YP to say no – I will find a job, one of these YP is Rob and I would like Rob and come and speak about his experience and how this process has given him the motivation to continue. Rob is nervous, so please give your support to encouragement so he can come and tell his journey about his steps towards his way into work. ..... Rob, Leanne to come back I’d like to now invite a another live way into work success story – our next participants is someone who proactively sough out to be a participant on the WAY into Work programme, without being referred by the JC, CathMurarry looked for support in Monmouthshire to help get a job, she found that help via the WIW programme she the MHA work and Skills wise Support officer and is a real success story in the making Cath please come and share your story about your way into work.
  • Whilst the way into work delivery team may consist of two organizations in reality there were a number of partners delivering this project including some “celebratory” guest speakers including John Keegan Peter Fox Kath Deakin James Woodcock to name a few. We would like to that all our partnership and speaker you are a part of making this a success. So thank you.
  • Unfortunately the JCP contact manager wasn’t able to be here today to share his thoughts – however what we do know is that they Must! pleased with our work as we have now been awarded a second pot of money to deliver WIW phase 2 which start in July. We have however received direct feedback from JCP advisors from the north and south of the county referring directly to the project
  • Sue Smith & Hollie Thomas JCP advisor in the South stated
  • Kath Thomas JCP advisor from the North –i’d like to now hand back over to Farida to discuss the lesson learnt.
  • Thank you Leanne and all the participants who shared their experiences with us today – it amazing the kind of impact that these types of projects can have on individuals and their lives, contributing to social economic and financial advancement. As mentioned at the outset, for MHA and the Youth service this event is about more than a celebration its about learning the lessons and initiating a dialogue a for future venture and actions. So what lessons did we learn and what were our findings? We recognised that a wider pool of volunteering opportunities are needed to showcase therange of employment options available in the world of work.We found there was a huge about of Volunteering potential within organizations across Monmouthshrie we would like to see these opportunities realized allowing help young people aspire non traditional roles. These placement were identified not only in the private sector and also public sector. Where we were able to broker placements in some cases the organizations taking on volunteers were doing it for the first time and were willing to take on volunteer again and felt a sense of social responsibility towards this. Supplier chain. Through our work we recognised that we were not exploiting our supply chain to the full potential, e.g the caters we used today for coffee and cake, could they take on volunteers, the taxi company we use regularly what can they offer. We want to look at our supply chains and are looking to see via partnership are interested to see in the first what can the chain offer us in terms of volunteering as a starting point.
  • We found that the young people we were working with carrying the burden of finding a job also face a multitude of other barriers too, these included issues around self esteem, confidence, family relationship breakdown, housing and in some cases mental health issues too. In some cases it was clear that to many agencies were involve and there was no clear pathway for these young people to turn to which was a one stop shop for support, it was clear that to joined up approached was needed, headed by a single agency or a central point. What can we do in this regard, clearly the will is there on the part of young people as public service providers how can we join this up? Do we want to join this up, what realistic role can we play? Want to play, again a conversation worth having. And that it is the practical help and support that is the key missing ingredient that is letting people down., can we continue to provide that support in what guise?
  • A common recourring barrier to gaining employment in Monmouthshire is transport links, within Monmouthshire work has already started in looking at this agenda what can we do as providers in the room? What ideas do we have? What solution can we see? Or want? And a final lesson or observation the Jobs Growth Wales placements played a significant part in assisting young people into gaining employment via the Way into Work Programme, practice project related support on the ground and regionally driven programme such as JGW and the coming together of theme is what we need.
  • We want to develop creative solutions to the problems and lessons learnt, many of the issues raised have certainly given us food for thought, we want to now move forward and build on this. Paving the way for WIW phase 2. We are seeking partners with a clear, shared joint focus who will work in true partnership to help the young people in Monmouthshire who deserve a chance. Our discussion paper on your seats asks you questions around the lesson learnt and issues to discussed here today and are a starting point from what I hope will be the initiation of future ventures. But before we process to initiate that discussion I would like to invite Peter Fox, Leader of MCC council to say a few words along before inviting CEO of MHA john Keegan to present the WIW participants with their graduation ceremony certificates. So Collor Fox if you would like to address the audiences with your thoughts for a few moment. Many thanks
  • Thank you Cllr Fox for you thought, I'd like to now invite John Keegan to say a few final words and present the participants with their certificates JK don’t forget to provide your comments and particpate in the start of discussions in helping us collectively move forward.


  • 1. Way Into WorkMHA and MYSCelebrating NEET success inMonmouthshire
  • 2. Welcome&Introduction
  • 3. • Farida Aslam - Inclusion Coordinator at MHA• Hannah Jones - Alternative EducationalLearning and Post 16 Officer
  • 4. MCC youth serviceOur drivers• Time to Engage (T2E)funded through WCVAEngagement Gateway• Post 16 Steering Group• Programme of Opportunities
  • 5. Way into work delivery team
  • 6. Aim of the WIW project•WIW project designed to improve employmentprospects of young 18-24 year olds inMonmouthshire.•Funded by DWP Flexible Support Fund and ranfor 9 months from September 2012 to May2013.•Two key themes in the project•Developing the YP & Equipping the YP skills togain a job
  • 7. Developing the Y Person• To Motivate young people,•To build Confidence•To enhance/develop Communication Skills;•To enhance/develop Team Building skills usinglinked to the natural environment.•To arrange Work Placement Tasters, lasting 2weeks based on the youngs peoples chosenoccupational sector.
  • 8. Equipping YP with the skills•To develop Employability and Job search skills•To help develop skills for CV preparation,•To help develop job application/form filling skills•To help prepare for effective performance atinterviews and•To introduce participants to job search resources.
  • 9. WIW practicalities•Referral received from JCP•The 6 week courses were held across thecounty in Abergavenny, Caldicot & Chepstow(two in Chepstow and 2 in Abergavenny).• induction meetings were arranged with theparticipants prior to enrolling on theprogramme and starts dates were provided toYP.
  • 10. WIW practicalities continued .....•A 4 week programme of work arrangedpart participants•Personal action plan•Team building exercise•2 weeks volunteer work placements•Completion of an up to date CV•Completion and submission of aminimum of 2 of job application
  • 11. DVD Chloe journey
  • 12. Way into work delivery teamDate ofintakeReferrals Starts Outcomes % Attendance %Outcome10.9.12 Aber 15 13 10 86.7% 76.9%22.10.12Chepstow12 9 4 75.0% 44.4%10.12.12Caldicot11 6 3 54.5% 50%18.2.13 Aber 11 11 2 100% 18.2%25.03.13Chepstow10 9 4 90% 22.2%Totals 59 48 24 81.4% 43.8%Stats
  • 13. •Number of interviews undertaken: 38• Over 100 job applications submitted aspart of the programme• Number of volunteering hoursundertaken by young people: 3,500• Total number of contact hours with youngpeople: 1,440Outcomes
  • 14. •Achieved above target 24 young peopleinto employment• 48 young people engaged and completedthe course programme• 50% of young people engaged inprogramme gained employmentOutcomes continued...
  • 15. Way into Workparticipants
  • 16. “Unfortunately/fortunately Im working that day, as theway into work helped me so much to have even gotthis job! I want to thank you all and everyone who isinvolved on the way into work course and I hope thereare many more for others like myself. Hope you have agreat day at the ceremony! Thanks again”Sorry I can’t be thereLydia Hockey
  • 17. My steps towards my way intoworkRob Leonard
  • 18. Cath MurrayMy way into work
  • 19. Partnership WIW delivery team•Dynamo•GAVO•Monmouthsire Enterprise•Centre for Business• Randstad Recruitment•Sage Green Technology•One Planet Centre•TCP Car Parking•Substance misuse support•Careers Wales•Haze Recruitment•N-ery Recruitment
  • 20. JCP feedback
  • 21. Sue Smith & Hollie Thomas: JCP South Advisor“The Way into Work has provided our customerswith invaluable skills, experience and theconfidence to move into employment. We feel thestrong working relations built between ourorganisations have made this project a successand we hope to continue this into the future inorder to provide our young people with thisexcellent package of support”.
  • 22. JCP link & feedbackKath Thomas: JCP North“We referred 13 customers, 9 of which found full time workeither during or directly after completing the course. Wehave one customer awaiting a voluntary work placement onthe back of completing the work experience with MHA,another who signed off JSA and one customer signed off tostart a college course. Congratulations on a job well done.”
  • 23. Lessons learnt
  • 24. •More volunteering opportunities needed in arange of employment settings both within thepublic and private sector.• The exploiting of supply chains need to beconsidered when looking for workplacementsLessons learnt
  • 25. •YP multitude of barriers, self esteem, confidence,family relationship breakdown, housing and mentalhealth issues. A joined up approached is needed,headed by a single agency.•Practical help and support is the key missingingredient in helping young people finding jobs.Lessons learnt
  • 26. • A common barrier to gaining employmentin Monmouthshire is transport links.Jobs Growth Wales played a significant part inassisting young people into gainingemployment via the Way into WorkProgramme.Lessons learnt
  • 27. • We want to work jointly and proactively• We are seeking partners with a clear, sharedjoint focus who will work in true partnershipto help the young people in Monmouthshirewho deserve a chanceMoving forward.....
  • 28. MCC Cllr Peter Fox•Partnership work•Moving forward•Addressing youth unemployment•Direction that the council wants totravel
  • 29. Certificatepresentation to participantsFinal comments John Keegan&
  • 30. Thank you for listeningany questions
  • 31. Please take time to participate in ourdialogue either via paper submissionor preferably by speaking with anyoneof the way into work team.