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  • Hello. My name is Monica Jackson and I am a Business Relations Representative with NC Dept. of Vocational Rehabilitation. My Job is to help our clients with job searching skills and placement of employment. With this in mind I plan to cover a Instructional method that I have found to be very useful for our organization. The method is WEB BASED TRAINING !
  • Web Based Training is defined as “the integration of instructional practices and Internet capabilities to direct a learner toward a specified level of proficiency in a specified competency.
  • The rational for selecting Web Based Training was: It Allows Customizing content for the need of a defined audience – i.e. Disabled clients return to the workforces Presents outcome-based learning objectives – Training activities that allow real time hands-on practice Logically sequencing material to reinforce those objectives – Outline in the order of what would happen when actually applying for employment Basing navigational options on existing and desired skill knowledge of learners – Students are able to self pace thru (or seek assistance) And allow for group discussion and one-on-one feedback Designing objective-based, interactive learning activities students must complete to receive some form of evaluation -
  • Why the VR WBT Environment has worked Individual – Self Pace Formal Lecture - Informal Lecture Discussion - Feedback Visual Aids – Video Role Play Guest Speakers / Outside experts Group Discussion
  • Disadvantages: Bandwidth/Browser limitations Not ideal for clients with no computer skills – Assessment and Limited Feedback – if no t administered in group setting Advantages Multi-platform usage (Windows, Mac etc.) Time Management Delivery ( at anytime – home, as a group, or in 1-on-1 setting) Similar to real word environment ( for obtain skills)
  • Purpose and Goal of VR Calendar of Events Contacts for VR Registration for participants Resources Activities Quiz Evaluation Addition Websites for future practice Chat session Once the students complete every section they will have the knowledge of being able to logon to the internet, search for jobs, create a resume/cover letter, apply for a job, call and follow up with employer. And with any training they will take a quiz with real time scoring, provide an evaluation of the material/training to BBR and have future access to help material. These objectives have been ideal this semester for the clients of VR and have lead to a 82% employment rate.
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  • Web Base Training - NCDVRS Monica Jackson

    1. 1. 2201 Brewer Road, Winston Salem, NC 27127 (336)784-2700
    2. 2. 2201 Brewer Road, Winston Salem, NC 27127 (336)784-2700
    3. 3. 2201 Brewer Road, Winston Salem, NC 27127 (336)784-2700
    4. 4. 2201 Brewer Road, Winston Salem, NC 27127 (336)784-2700
    5. 5. http://www.ncura.edu/content/educational_programs/sites/51/handouts/Fri_130_245PM_G2.pdf http://www.webbasedtraining.com/primer_advdis.aspx 2201 Brewer Road, Winston Salem, NC 27127 (336)784-2700
    6. 6. 2201 Brewer Road, Winston Salem, NC 27127 (336)784-2700
    7. 7. 2201 Brewer Road, Winston Salem, NC 27127 (336)784-2700
    8. 8. http://www.wix.com/mcjackson36/vrsite 2201 Brewer Road, Winston Salem, NC 27127 (336)784-2700