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  1. 1. My experience in PersonalComputers. Also, bath salts. Monica Hower CMPE3 – Assignment 5 mhower 12/11/12
  2. 2. A Little About Me – Before and After Ohheyyy. So this is me with my nephew. You know, before the bath salts. I am ahappy, well rounded individual who places a priority on school. This is me after the bath salts. I am now a crazed, zombie-like being. I have lost all sense of priorities, including love of other humans, like my nephew (except for eating them, of course). Also, zombies don’t go to school.
  3. 3. Personal Computers – The Assignments An explanation of my ratings: Spreadsheet (2.5) – I rated the Assignment Rating spreadsheet a little lower than the others6 because it was kind of boring, but I did think it was practical knowledge to have.5 Webpage (5) – I gave the webpage the4 highest rating because I thought it was the most fun and really enjoyed doing it.3 Also, bath salts.2 Assignment Javascript (3.5) – Javascript was pretty Rating fun, but it had little room for creativity.1 Scratch Program (4) – Scratch0 programming was the hardest, but I had a lot of fun and even made another one after. It’s a marble racing game. PowerPoint (3.5) – The PowerPoint is the most straight-forward of the assignments, which makes it a little less interesting. I’m still having fun with it
  4. 4. A Zombie’s Guide to Surviving Zombies1. Do not panic. Just kidding, there are zombies is definitely the appropriate time to panic. 1. But really, stop panicking as soon as possible. If you to increase your already very small chances of survival, you will need your wits about you.2. Fortify your base -- your base is wherever you are at the time of the outbreak, or the next best place you can get to. 1. This will ideally be somewhere with sturdy walls, minimal entrances, and even fewer windows. Every door and window is just another place you have to worry about a zombie entering.3. Gather necessary supplies: fuel, food, water, power if available, and develop an exit strategy. 1. I would also recommend keeping an emergency bag somewhere handy filled with enough extra food to sustain you for a day or so, should you need to evacuate in a hurry.4. If there are uninfected near you, gather allies. But make sure they contribute to the common good -- or just use them as zombie bait later. 1. I think “zombie bait” is self-explanatory enough and needs no further elaboration. But if it will help I could type it in all caps for you – ZOMBIE BAIT.5. Lastly, be prepared to kill; be that zombie hordes, or road gangs trying to steal your artillery. 1. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and if you’re not prepared to kill, be prepared to be killed.
  5. 5. THE ENDFor completing my slideshow, I have decided to reward you with a photo of my angsty, high school self applying both way too much make up and way too much editing in an attempt to inflict fear into the heart of the masses. I was clearly always meant to be a zombie. Enjoy.