The state of automotive internet marketing
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The state of automotive internet marketing






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The state of automotive internet marketing The state of automotive internet marketing Presentation Transcript

  • The State of Automotive Internet Marketing Jeff Tirey Mongoose Metrics, CMO May 16, 2012
  • What We Will Cover In The Next Hour1. Review how the workshop’s data was created and understand its strengths AND pitfalls.2. Discuss how benchmarking can be an important tool in the formation of your marketing plans.3. Dive deep into the data to uncover results, such as the rates of use of important third-party web technologies and services.4. Identify how social media is used in the automotive industry.
  • Workshop Goals• Gain a high level vision of where you’re industry is at.• Identify best practices and top performers in your industry• Identify the rates of technology use within your industry• Justify your marketing decisions with data• Discover the new world of big-data and big data tools
  • Key GoalMore than anything…I want you to understand at a high level what your industry is doing and have confidence when forming your own Internet marketing strategic plan.… because, you’ll have the data to backup your decisions.
  • Best Of AllAll the data we discuss in this workshop,you will have full access to for your own further study.
  • Part 1 – The Data About The Data• Approximately 17,669 U.S. automotive dealer websites• The data was built by first retrieving company information, including web address, using the API.• With the website address, a website crawler visited each website and download the source-code of the homepage.
  • Part 1 – The DataData Collection Overview
  • Part 1 – The Data To Be Clear• The data-set only contains the homepage source code.• Not the entire website.• If a technology is not present on the homepage, it will not be found.
  • Part 1 – The Data This Data Set is Not Perfect• It’s only the homepage• It contains rouge records introduced by Jigsaw through the incorrect categorization of companies
  • Part 1 – The DataBad Record Example - Trucks
  • Part 1 – The DataBad Record Example - Motorcycles
  • Part 1 – The DataBad Record Example - Tires
  • Part 1 – The Data So How Can We Trust This Data?• The API returned an initial dataset of 32,000 records.• Approximately 15,000 records – about 46% of records -where purged through cleaning to bring the dataset to 17,669• While stragglers remain in the record-set, they are low enough to not skew the findings.• This is the nature of big-data. It’s big, but imperfect. (This is true for Hoovers and D&B.)
  • Part 1 – The DataHow do we know the study’s data-set is a good representation of all U.S. automotive dealer websites?
  • Part 1 – The DataNADA Industry Research
  • Part 1 – The DataNADA – New Car Dealerships
  • Part 1 – The Data Study’s Data: 17,669 NADA’s Data: 17,700 The two record-sets are very close in count, but this does not mean the two hold the same records. Adetailed examination of the study’s data-set indicates a rate of error of about 3%-5%. I can live with that.
  • Part 1 – The DataOk, so we have the data... What do we do with it?
  • Part 2 – Benchmarking Benchmarking• Benchmarking provides a moment in time snapshot of your business’s performance and helps you see clearly your position in a relation with a particular standard.
  • Part 2 – Benchmarking Benchmarking Provides Context• Context makes data relevant• With context you can compare your company’s efforts to other companies in direct competition.• Compare your company to best-performers in your industry
  • Part 2 – Benchmarking Benchmarking Beware!• Benchmarking does not tell you what to do.• You need KPIs for that
  • Part 2 – Benchmarking Develop Your Own KPIs• What is not measured is not managed.• KPIs define and measure progress• Base KPIs on your own overall business goals• Measure KPIs over time• Example: If overall company goal is to increase customer service appointments, your KPI could be to increase existing customer social media engagement by 30%
  • “We have the facts and we’re using them too”
  • Part 3 – ResultsDistribution of Web Analytics Packages
  • Part 3 – ResultsUnknown
  • Part 3 – ResultsTrade-In Car Value AutoTrader – 564 Pure Cars – 349 Black Book - 947
  • Part 3 – ResultsReviews/Customer Experience Better Business – 564 Dealer Rater – 925 iPerceptions- 947
  • Part 3 – Results ChatContact At Once – 2,619Live Person – 65Provide Support - 16
  • Part 3 – ResultsOnly 94 Dealer Websites Use Quantcast
  • Part 3 – ResultsBe Sure To Hide Audience Reports
  • Part 3 – ResultsBe Sure To Hide Audience Reports If You Do Not Want Others To See Your Metrics
  • Part 3 – ResultsSome Dealers Choose To Not Hide Audience Metrics
  • Part 3 – ResultsQuantcast is a great tool to discover and validate your visitor demographics
  • Part 3 – ResultsGreat for metrics on local marketing
  • Part 3 – Results And my favorite… where else does your visitorship go on the Internet.. Are you strengthening your brand With ad targeting on bridal, jewelry, fashion, Cosmetic, and parenting sites?Use audience metrics to speak to their needs
  • Part 3 – ResultsI trust Quantcast..
  • Part 3 – ResultsHere’s Why…
  • Part 3 – ResultsSpeaking of Retargeting… Google - 610 AdRoll - 100 Fetchback - 22 ReTargeter -2
  • Part 3 – ResultsMarketing Automation HubSpot - 29 Pardot - 0 Marketo - 0 Eloqua - 0
  • Part 4 – Social Media Social Media UsageTwitter 4,164 24%Facebook 6,628 38%LinkedIn 270 2%Youtube 4,066 23%Google+ 1,344 8%
  • Part 4 – Social Media Combinations of Social Media Use•Only Facebook 2,688 15%•Only Twitter 224 1%•Both Facebook & Twitter 3,940 22%
  • Part 4 – Social MediaFacebook Open Graph API Call
  • Part 4 – Social Media Facebook’s ‘People Talking About’ MetricThis metric refreshes daily but goes back aweek. So it’s the current barometer of howmuch conversation is being generated bysomeone’s Page on Facebook. It’s a goodgauge of the content Pages are putting up andhow to generate more conversations around aPage
  • Part 4 – Social Media ‘People Talking About’ Metrics• liking a Page• posting to a Page’s Wall• liking, commenting on or sharing a Page post (or other content on a page, like photos, videos or albums)• answering a Question posted• RSVPing to an event• mentioning a Page in a post• Photo-tagging a Page• liking or sharing a check-in deal• or checking in at a Place.
  • Part 3 – ResultsTop 12 Brands By ‘Likes’ & Engagement
  • Part 4 – Social MediaBut how do these rates of Facebook Engagement Stack Up? ..An example in another vertical for context …
  • Part 4 – Social MediaIt is possible to have satisfactory FB engagement rates and high ‘like’ counts How are engagement rates at the local auto dealership level?
  • Part 4 – Social MediaTop 12 Acura Dealers by ‘Likes’
  • Part 4 – Social MediaMost Facebook ‘Likes’
  • Part 4 – Social Media Likes GraphThere’s even 1 like from my network of Facebook friends.
  • Part 4 – Social MediaPopular Likes
  • Part 4 – Social Media Top ‘Likes’Dave White Acura davewhiteacura 150655Steve Castrucci Jeep Eagle Svc SuzukiAuto 85586Smart Center of Walnut Creek smartusa 70366Lake Country Chevrolet LakeCountryChevroletCadillac 50963Furnace Brook Motors Inc autotrader 44156Steve Rayman Chrysler Jeep steveraymanchevy 42831Habberstad BMW habberstadbmw 41708Town & Country Ford AlabamaFord 30350Hunter Douglas HunterDouglas 29376Dugan Chevrolet duganchevrolet 29169Mercedes Benz of Austin mercedesbenzofaustin 20700J.M. Lexus JMLexusFL 18418Camelback Volkswagen camelbackdifference 17744
  • Part 4 – Social MediaHow To Take Action?
  • Part 4 – Social MediaA Better Way To Visualize
  • Part 4 – Social MediaGeolocating Dealership Facebook Accounts
  • Part 4 – Social MediaFacebook ‘Likes’ Map Blue markers = 
  • Part 4 – Social MediaAuto Dealership Facebook Engagement % Blue markers indicate < 0.58% engagement 
  • Part 4 – Social Detail View Follow me @tireytv to get access to this these maps
  • Part 4 – Social MediaTwitter By Follower Count
  • Part 4 – Social MediaFollower Count Over Time
  • Part 4 – Social MediaFriends Count Over Time
  • Part 4 – Social
  • Part 4 – Social MediaGeo Visualization of Twitter Followers
  • Part 4 – Social MediaActivity of Followers
  • Part 4 – Social MediaFollowers Bio Cloud
  • Part 4 – Social MediaGeo Zoom-In of Followers
  • Part 4 – Social MediaView Followers
  • Part 4 – Social Media
  • Part 4 – Social MediaShared Followers
  • Thank You!Jeff TireyCMO, Founding