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Become Financially Free TOTALLY RISK FREE, While Paying It Forward And You Will Have Help Too! Visit www.MoneyThrill.Com & http://www.youtube.com/user/MoneyThrill

Become Financially Free TOTALLY RISK FREE, While Paying It Forward And You Will Have Help Too! Visit www.MoneyThrill.Com & http://www.youtube.com/user/MoneyThrill



www.MoneyThrill.Com http://www.youtube.com/user/MoneyThrill ...

www.MoneyThrill.Com http://www.youtube.com/user/MoneyThrill
You Can Become Financially Free TOTALLY RISK FREE, While Paying It Forward And You Will Have Help Too!

Visit www.MoneyThrill.Com



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    Become Financially Free TOTALLY RISK FREE, While Paying It Forward And You Will Have Help Too! Visit www.MoneyThrill.Com & http://www.youtube.com/user/MoneyThrill Become Financially Free TOTALLY RISK FREE, While Paying It Forward And You Will Have Help Too! Visit www.MoneyThrill.Com & http://www.youtube.com/user/MoneyThrill Presentation Transcript

    • Join The Ultimate Pay It Forward Group Of Helpful Entrepreneurs And Easily Become Financially Free , ((( RISK FREE ! )))
    • How Is Our Group Unique And How Are We Paying It Forward ? Our group of entrepreneurs is involved in what is commonly known as Cash Gifting or Private Gifting. However, my group of entrepreneurs does things very differently than many of the common programs or systems you may have seen or be familiar with. For People That I PERSONALLY Sign Up In My Group, Nobody Loses Their Money, Guaranteed !!! If You Get Involved Now And Decide Later That This Is Not For You, For Whatever Reason, I Can Accept That AND I Will Give Back Your Gift Of Money To Any Of You That I PERSONALLY Sign Up. I do this because I only want to have people in my life and in my group who are happy with me and this program.
    • What Is Cash Gifting or Private Gifting ? It’s A Concept Embraced By Private Groups Of Individuals And Has Been In Existence For Many Years. This Private Activity Does Not Involve Network Marketing, Multi-level Marketing, Or A Business Or Commercial Activity. There Are No Business Transactions, No Investments Or Securities Involved In This Activity. There Is No Business Or Company Name Or Location And There Are No Directors, Officers, Shareholders Or Principals. Individuals Simply Support Each Other In A Team Concept With A Long Term Global Vision Of Helping Change Peoples Lives.
    • Is Cash Gifting A Pyramid Type of Program? The concept of private gifting is based upon the fact that both American and Canadian citizens have the Constitutional Right to gift property, cash and other assets, and are subject to the rules and regulations established by the laws. The U.S. gifting rules are found in the IRS Tax Code, Title 26, Sections 2501-2504 and 2511. The law states that one or more individuals can give a gift to another individual of up to $13,000 each per calendar year, without any tax liability to either the giver or receiver of the gift, because the tax on the gift has already been paid. These Gifts Are Also Not Included In The Gross Income Of The Recipient.
    • How did this Cash Gifting Concept begin? Giving Cash Gifts To Someone Is An Expression Of Kindness, Which Has Been Going On For Centuries. Governments Have Allowed Its Practice For Individuals To Share Their Wealth With Families, Friends And Others. It Has Been A Means Of Helping And Blessing Others On Special Occasions Or When The Need Arises. Many Cultures Practice Gifting As A Matter Of Cultures Expression; Asian, Jewish And South American Communities Gift Individuals Within Their Culture On A Regular Basis So That They May Start A Business Or Buy A Home. They In Turn Gift Someone Else To Help Enhance Their Lives. Habitat For Humanity Is One Of Many Great Examples Of Private Gifting Where Everyone Participates With Their Time, Their Talents And Materials To Build A Home For Someone Else. Some Participate With A Hammer, Some With Nails, Some With Food And Others With The Monetary Gifts To Purchase Other Supplies, But All Create A Team That Works Together To Bless Someone's Life.
    • How Does The Gifting Activity Work ? Individuals share, following the concept that, “All things are done in order” The Universal Law of Sowing and Reaping – “when you give, you shall receive” This follows God's Law of Reciprocity, “Give and it shall be given unto you.” Our group activity is offered only by a means of an exclusive one-to-one invitation . When someone accepts the invitation, they move through a natural progression from the giving to the receiving stage of the activity. In This Activity, There Are NO People Who Have A Higher Position Or Unfair Advantage Over New Participants. Everyone that joins our group must first “Qualify” before they begin receiving gifts from other participants of our group. First, you are “privately invited” to join by someone that is already a participant of our Gifting family. Each participant is known as a “Host or Inviter” And you may be a "Host/Inviter" to hundreds of people if you choose! As corporate America has proven, you can never become financially independent if you are "underneath" someone in an organization or group!
    • This System Prevents Anyone From Being “Underneath” Someone Else, Because Of The 1-UP Gifting System, Therefore, There Is No Fat Cat Sitting At The Top Of Anyone Else. Every Participant Who Qualifies In This System Is Then Able To Receive Cash Gifts On Their Own, With Help. When a “Host/Inviter” shares the activity with somebody, they are offering them an invitation to become a “Host/Inviter”. When you decide to join, you give your “gift” to your “Host/Inviter” to show your appreciation to them for sharing this activity with you. Then, to become a “Host/Inviter,” you replace yourself to your “Host/Inviter” by giving your “Host/Inviter” the very first person you share this activity with.
    • That very first person is called a “Qualifier” who becomes 1-UPPED to the “Host/Inviter”. The “qualifier” will send their gift to that “Host/Inviter” and must also give them their "replacement, or “qualifier”, to now become a cash gift receiver for themselves. With the 1-UP system, nobody will ever be “underneath” anyone in the group. Once “Qualified” you become a “Host/Inviter” and share this activity with other people as you choose. Every person invited from that point forward becomes what is known as a “Receiving Line”, and each new “Receiving Line” will send their gift in appreciation for sharing this activity with them. Then, they must “replace” themselves with their “qualifier”, who sends their gift and they must replace themselves to you with a “qualifier” so they may become a “Host/Inviter”!
    • If You Have Been Searching For A Unique System That Really Works, You Have Finally Found It ! If You Are Looking For A Financial Break-through In Your Life Then This System Can Definitely Help You Do That! With This Ingenious System, You Can Immediately And Dramatically Change Your Financial Life! The System Is Simple And Based Upon The Power Of One! This Revolutionary 1-UP System, To Infinity Structure, Is Creating So Much Excitement ! By Practicing The True Spirit Of People Helping People You WILL Create All Kinds Of Positive Changes In The Financial Future Of Many Other Lives !!!
    • There Are Literally Thousands Of People In Thousands Of Groups Around The World Doing Cash Gifting. But, However Easy And Simple It May Seem, This May Not Be For Everyone. Beware Of Those People Flashing Lots Of Cash On The Internet Enticing You To Join Their Group, For Me, That Kind Of Show Seems Unethical And Gives Cash Gifting A Negative Connotation. If you are a caring and giving person thinking of joining any group, then do your due diligence. Do your homework and take time to really find out about the group you are thinking of joining. Do not ever get in just because someone flashed cash around, look for a group of like minded individuals who help others to have the cash that our program helps you receive.
    • Look For A Mentor That Can Explain The Real Deal To You And One That Will Give You Guidance And Assistance With The Same Spirit And Long Term Vision Of Helping Others Meet Their Success. Then, By The Very Law Of The Universe, You Will Inevitably Meet Your Prosperity. Doing This Activity Of Giving Is Divine, And Takes A Heart For Giving Without Expecting In Return. Give With Your Heart And The Law Will Take Care Of Itself And Flow Back The Blessings To You. Look For A Mentor Who Gives You Value Without Expecting Anything In Return. The System Is A Working System But Be Sure You Can Trust Who You Are Working With.
    • Remember I Stated In The Beginning; That I Will Give Back The Money Gift To Those Who Find That This System Is Just Not Right For Them! ( Specifically For People That I PERSONALLY Sign Up. ) We Are Unique Because The Group Of Entrepreneurs That I’m Evolved With Have Spent A Lot Of Money Finding The Best Of The Systems That Work! This System Allows You To Build With Minimal Expense, And More Importantly, With A Guarantee Of Satisfaction Or I’ll Happily Give You Back Your Gift Of Money , And Bless You On Your Way With Sincere Hopes That You Find What You Need For Your Own Best Growth!
    • This Gifting Program Allows You To Take Advantage Of The SAME EXACT Opportunity As Your Inviter. Make Your Own Call, Listen To Your Guidance Within Yourself . The Government And Corporations Always Aim To Control, And If You Really Think We Live In A Free Country, You Need To Get A Whole New Perspective. Cash Gifting IS Legal And Moral And The Fact Is, If The Government Really Wanted To Shut You Down, Of Course They Could In One Way Or Another. Remember, Our Current Political Leaders Are Just Representatives Of Corporations, Known As Organizations And States, But Free Men & Women Represent Their Families, Communities, Themselves & Their Creator .
    • So If You Think You Might Be Interested In This System, Please Understand That You Can Do This Any Way You Want. You Don’t Need Videos And Power Points Or Any Special Training From Anyone. You Can Begin Simply By Sharing Our Group Of Entrepreneurs Who Will Help You To Help Yourself And Others While Learning And Practicing Your Way To Success. In Fact, If You Want To Do This On Your Own Or On Auto-pilot, You Don’t Need To Speak With Me Or Our Group Of Entrepreneurs, Just Know That You Can Call On Us For Any Guidance, Support Or Information, To Help You Understand This Better And To Help You In Reaching Your Goals. I’m Dr. Katherine And I’m Available By Email & Phone Call : 727 - 215 - 4454 Or Email : [email_address] But Make Sure You Visit : www.MoneyThrill.Com And Subscribe To : http://www.YouTube.Com/User/MoneyThrill