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If your interested in making thousands of dollars from home then this is for you!
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Krystals Motor Club Of America Blog

  1. 1. TVC MARKETING TRAINING FOR MCA - Krystals Blog 2/5/13 7:59 PM MCA TRAINING Content is KING ~ GET YOUR HIGH MCA TRAINING MCA TRAINING QUALITY CONTENT ONLINE Company History Company History Like 185 Tweet 27 10 34 HOW TO ? HOW TO ? MCA Package Benefits MCA Package Benefits MCA Documents MCA Documents Get Your Articles & Blogs ONLINE! What Is MCA? What Is MCA? Krystals Blog Krystals Blog Obviously, youll want to create content (or have it created for you) related to Internet marketing and Marketing Marketing making money online, since your objective is to ADS ADS promoting your MCA website and build your list. TOOLS TOOLS Heres your free guide on where to submit your Photo Gallery Photo Gallery content: Get MCA Flyers Get MCA Flyers VIDEOS: Q&A Q&A Email Marketing Email Marketing Team Training Calls Team Training Calls TIP: Create an Internet marketing channel and add relevant, useful videos *regularly*. You wont get a Videos Videos ton of traffic at FIRST (most likely). Youll get some, but this is something you *build* over time. Youre building your YouTube "channel" by getting subscribers and regular viewers who comment and watch each new video as you make them available. * Also dont forget to share your YouTube videos on *facebook, twitter, and other social media sites* Whats great about YouTube is that the traffic starts coming in just *minutes* after your video is uploaded. Theres VERY few places you can say the same of. ARTICLES: http://www.ArticlesBase.com Page 1 of 8
  2. 2. TVC MARKETING TRAINING FOR MCA - Krystals Blog 2/5/13 7:59 PM Youll want to have a "resource box" with a link to your MCA website following each article. Most article directories enable you to create and save a resource box which appears automatically following each new article you submit. (And if some article directories dont allow "referral" links, you could set up a Facebook page or page that promotes your MCA website, and link to *that* as an alternative.) PDF FILES, POWER POINT PRESENTATIONS, ETC: These are whats known as "doc sharing sites", and these WILL get you free traffic as well - just like videos and regular text articles will: Heres a good gig for converting and submitting your regular articles to "docs" (if you want it done FOR you): (If this gig becomes unavailable just let me know...) powerpoint-and-pdf-and-submit-it-for-backlinks (you can get articles and content written for you for $5 dollars) ...Place your MCA website/referral link in your "signature file" with them - which appears after all Page 2 of 8
  3. 3. TVC MARKETING TRAINING FOR MCA - Krystals Blog 2/5/13 7:59 PM your posts and forum replies. But make SURE youre providing RELEVANT and USEFUL posts or youll get booted! ;-) ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- Remember, get your initial list built up to several hundred subscribers - and then one of your *main* strategies at that point should become a pro and understand the concept of building your list! I totally recommend solo ads, banner ads, and other low cost PAID advertising as well. But if youre on a tight budget, my free traffic methods WILL get you where you need to be. Just understand that there are only TWO kinds of advertising - free an Free will generally take you longer, but its free! And paid will generally be much less time con- summing to get the same results as free methods, but theres a price :) So, balance things out and use BOTH methods if you can. If not, just be prepared to spend TIME with the free methods Ive been covering. You WILL succeed!! DAILY ACTION LIST **PRINT IT IF YOU MUST** ACTION PLAN -- GET YOUR DOMAIN AND WEBSITE SETUP POST 2 CLASSIFIED ADS PER SITE DAILY (clickable image ads convert the best) www.CRAIGSLIST.COM www.BACKPAGE.COM www.OLX.COM next after you post 2 fresh ads on each of those sites, Make a NEW youtube video on how to post to those sites, how to setup your capture page, how to sign up for MCA how to make clickable image ads any skill you learned along the way make a VIDEO using high quality high content titles to generate traffic and back links to your URL/DOMAIN. Page 3 of 8
  4. 4. TVC MARKETING TRAINING FOR MCA - Krystals Blog 2/5/13 7:59 PM Also start blogging daily with the same concept HIGH quality CONTENT my blog 16 comments Add a comment Rene Miller · Following · Top Commenter · Portland Community College Hey K! Nice work and I hope easy to follow as well. I commend you on stepping up and sharing; more of it should be happening. I noticed that someone asked you to email them so they could communicate with you in more discretionary circumstances. Did you email that person? Got to know cause I am ready to follow today! Thanks for the honesty and caring about others. You will get 10 fold in return from whatever it is that you have shared! Take care. R. Reply · 1 · Like · Follow Post · January 23 at 10:02pm Kareem Success Matthews · Following · MCA Recuriter at Kareems MCA Success Krystal, how can I get rid of my sponsor and get a new one who will help lead me to my $5,000 a month goal? I WANT A NEW SPONSOR. HELP. Reply · Like · Follow Post · December 26, 2012 at 12:33am Ken Turner · Following · Top Commenter · Works at Entrepreneur I am following Krystals lead and using her guidelines. I just got 3 text notifications from getweeklypaychecks telling me I got 3 more leads just a minute ago. Follow her breadcrumbs and you will succeed. Kenatace Reply · 2 · Like · Follow Post · December 15, 2012 at 10:41am Aaron Detailed Dunn · Team Member at Nestle DSD Follow these steps and you WILL be successful in this marketing business. I can say that honestly, I have not been following these methods step by step as I KNOW I should. And thats maybe why Im not seeing the kind of results that I want to see. So, Im going to start subscribing to these exact same methods and get the results that I know are out there. I highly suggest the same thing to anyone who is trying to be successful in this business..... Reply · 2 · Unlike · Follow Post · November 15, 2012 at 7:56pm Lakesha Williams-Martin Thanks for the great information Reply · 4 · Unlike · Unfollow Post · November 16, 2012 at 7:23pm Krystal Taylor · Top Commenter · Marketing Director at Austin Elite Marketing · 16,380 subscribers No problem more to come! Reply · 2 · Like · November 19, 2012 at 1:23pm Josh Marshall · Follow · University of Phoenix Krystal, Hey I am new to this I was wondering if you could help me get started! I want to be an associate and be the highest I can. If you could email me back at I would greatly appreciate it. Or you could even call me or text me if you would like. Ill give that to you in a email. Hope you have a blessed day. Reply · 1 · Like · November 24, 2012 at 11:46am View 11 more Facebook social plugin SATURDAY 20TH OCT 2012 How to Keep Your Craigslist Listing at the Top of the Search Results Craigslist displays search results in reverse chronological order, so if youre selling a popular item you can quickly fall further and further in the listings. If you want to keep your item up top, you need to frequently repost. Heres an easy way to minimize the tediousness of reposting your ad to move it to the top of the search listings. Create a Craigslist account if you dont already have one and log in. Post your ad, wait until it falls in the listings, and then right-click the ad you want to repost (on your account page) and open it in a new tab. In the new tab, youll have an option to edit your ad. Right-click the option to edit and open it in a new tab. Page 4 of 8
  5. 5. TVC MARKETING TRAINING FOR MCA - Krystals Blog 2/5/13 7:59 PM Now right click your category and open that in a new tab. Create a new ad in that category, then navigate between the tabs you already have open and copy and paste the information from the existing ad into the new fields. Once youve copy-and-pasted all the information into the new ad, delete the old one from your account page and post the new one. Now your ad will be back up top. This may seem like its just as tedious as redoing the ad from scratch, but I do this for pretty much every Craigslist listing I post and I can promise it does save quite a bit of time. As a Craigslist seller, its a handy trick, but as any buyer knows, little is more annoying than having to weed through the same ad popping up at the top of your results every single day, so re-post responsibly, and please, dont spam. How To Repost A Craigslist Ad Before It Expires November 7th Update Responder An auto responder is a lead capturing system that is an integral part of an online business. It usually takes a combination of an investment of time, marketing effort and money to accomplish a stream of people finding your website on the internet. It is therefore quite understandable that getting maximum value out of every single visitor to your website is paramount in the long term success of your venture. It is common practice to gather details of website visitors and to follow up with a promotional newsletter or information. One way to do this is to use an auto responder to build a mailing list. An auto responder is a promotional tool that automatically handles email subscriptions to your newsletter or mailing list, while building a database of all visitors who join the list. Statistics shows that most people will not buy something online on first contact. The generally accepted standard is that it takes around 7 contacts before someone makes a buying decision. In other words, you may do all the work to get someone to your website, but if you dont implement some way to keep in touch with them and expose them to your product again and again over time, your initial effort may well have been wasted. An auto responder takes care of this by being the vehicle with which you can capture leads and keep in touch with them. Always look for a service that provides you with unlimited Auto responders for a flat fee. This takes care of all future expansion of your enterprise, and these days this sort of service has become very affordable. Having an auto responder system as part of your online business is virtually non-negotiable. If your webhost can provide you with easy access and help in setting up such a lead capturing system in order to maximize your profit and save you money, then you probably found the right place to host your business as well. Building on-line relationships As statistics show us that it takes about 7 follow up emails before the average sale is made through auto responder interaction with your mailing list subscribers, it goes to show that people tend to hold back their wallets most of the Page 5 of 8
  6. 6. TVC MARKETING TRAINING FOR MCA - Krystals Blog 2/5/13 7:59 PM time until they have established an online relationship with you. Just like getting the initial sale online is a venture into the art of building on-line relationships, so is the customer service or after sales service as well. Follow up and over delivery is especially important when it comes to your online customer, or potential customer. There are numerous ways for your business to interact with your customer or website visitor, thus building on-line relationships. Most businesses online make use of an auto responder because this keeps a mailing list database of people grouped together, making it possible for easy contact and following up. Once your web forms are online and ready your visitors can sign up and get direct response follow up messages emailed to them that address their specified needs. It is easy to set up and once the set up is completed, it takes a lot off your hands when it comes to the work of interacting with prospects or following up on customers with after sales service. Providing informative emails rather than constant hard selling will go a long way towards building trust and credibility with your leads. Running a blog is another interactive way of keeping in touch with your customers. You will be giving more information and your customers can comment and ask questions related to the post. When signing up for a web host from which to run your online business, make sure you get a range of helpful scripts for customer interaction. This would include customer support systems, discussion boards, e-commerce platforms, image galleries, polls and surveys, and indeed blogs. Live webmeeting room for presentations and cashing in Communication is a backbone for the success of any business. You may need to get your team leaders or members together in a conference room for something like training, coordinating a product launch, doing a product demonstration walkthrough or just to sit in on a general budget meeting. This can prove to be quite difficult with an online business as your partners, team leader or business members normally live hundreds if not thousands of miles away. Advantages of live web meeting rooms International communication Do you have customers or business partners from all over the world? Get in touch with them in real time via audio or video communication. Its the perfect way to stay up to date while having as close to a real face to face meeting as you can get. Online training and support Need to train members of your organization in real time? Perhaps you just want to provide personalized support to clients or customers? A live web meeting room is the perfect solution. Product demonstrations Yet again, the perfect way to do a product demonstration live on a very personal and interactive level is with video conferencing. No online business that relies heavily on communication between sales personnel or team members to coordinate and plan future events can do without such a conference communication tool. It is, however, easy to spend hundreds of dollars in obtaining the software and capability to do this. Wouldnt it be great to have a web hosting company that can already provide you with everything you need to do live web meetings without any outrageous expenses? This way you always have the support you need at hand, while the cost factor is markedly reduced due to the integrated nature of the services provided. CREATE EVENTS ON FACEBOOK AND INVITE EVERYONE YOU KNOW ON FB Always look for more when choosing a web host - there are some wonderful business hosts out there that provide so much more than just a space for your website. Video Hosting - Why "Not" You tube And How Powerful Video Is To Marketing Video is one marketing tool no online business can do without. The conversion rate of video media is much higher than the conventional sales page. Video is also a much richer and more versatile media. It is therefore much more Page 6 of 8
  7. 7. TVC MARKETING TRAINING FOR MCA - Krystals Blog 2/5/13 7:59 PM effective in getting the sales message across. Video is so powerful to marketing online that most sales pages online nowadays incorporate video to convey trust through testimonials. In some cases sales pages are totally redone to start off with a video pre-sell that, when done right for the targeted audience, has every potential to vastly outperform traditional sales copy. So much is the increase in profitability that most registered affiliates are using the video pre-sell method to duplicate the sales pitch of the sales page without stressing the visitor to read through it all. To incorporate video you normally need video production tools to produce the video, as well as a hosting platform to display the video online. Normal video hosting sites like YouTube just dont do the online business any justice. Often YouTube either deletes videos or prevent the videos from being embedded into a web page for reasons they alone understand. Imagine launching an ad campaign to your website that features a YouTube embedded video, only to wake up the next morning and find the video isnt displaying anymore as YouTube has removed it. Furthermore, YouTube can display advertising and links to related videos in their video interface that you have absolutely no control over. It simply isnt a professional way to display videos on your website. Bandwidth usage and the related costs involved with video hosting is not the biggest issue for an online business. Delivering a quality video display that you have full control over is crucial. Video marketing, when done right, will easily cover the expenses in getting it set up right. An absolute bargain would be if you can run your business with a web host that also provides you with proper video hosting. Youll save money while being in full control of your own professional video delivery system. Why a Blog Is So Important Blogging is a very effective marketing tool for any online business and there are many reasons for this, which well briefly discuss in this article. To address all those concerns you basically have to understand what a blog is. In addition to this, its important to grasp why having a blog is really important for anyone that wants to attract attention on the World Wide Web. Blogs are usually easy to install and set up by using the one-click installation tools that these days come standard with most hosting packages. Word press is the most common and most popular platform for a blog. HTTP://WWW.BLOGGER.COM/ Once you have your blog installed it is important to know that every time you post any new information, search engines are quick to pick up on this. They give a high priority to blogging content on average since they deem this as fresh news. Blogging is also a fresh alternative to emails. You can add all sorts of interactive or multimedia content to a blog to enhance your message. Using RSS feeds your content and message can quickly spread across the internet. If you already have a big email list, you may choose to post your newsletters on your blog, and simply mail a link to the post to your list. Theres just so much more you can do with a blog than with standard email. The comments feature on blogs, for example, make it easy for your readers to leave feedback. This way you can determine what news and information your readers enjoy, and you can also get some valuable feedback. Its easy to monetize your blog by using revenue sharing programs like Google Ad sense or affiliate programs as well. A blog is a fun, but powerful way to inform, entertain and profit...while building a loyal readership at the same time Satuday November 17th Bum Marketing Secrets Exposed: 7 Tricks To Get Traffic & Sales On Autopilot Photo Marketing Photo Marketing is such a simple concept that it is crazy that more internet marketers are not engaging in it. Ever since Google launched universal search; different verticals such as; images and videos are automatically blended into the search engine results. As you can see when I ran a search for the extremely competitive term ‘internet marketing’ in Google I got 167,000,000 results. Take note that a group of 6 images are displayed on page one of Google for the term ‘internet marketing’. When a user clicks on one of those images they are taken directly to the website on which the image is located. Page 7 of 8
  8. 8. TVC MARKETING TRAINING FOR MCA - Krystals Blog 2/5/13 7:59 PM Considering that the competition for images is no where near as competitive as it is for standard HTML pages, it is surprisingly easy to get well optimized images on page one of Google. Can you imagine how much traffic you could automatically drive to your website, if you were able to get ‘images’ on page one of Google that are directly relevant to the search term. Having checked Google’s keyword tool I discovered that there are 2,740,000 monthly searches for the term ‘internet marketing’. Can you imagine how much traffic you could drive to your website just by capturing an ultra conservative 0.1% of that traffic through photo / image marketing? That would equate to 274,000 targeted visitors to your website on complete autopilot every single month. Would that be something you might be interested in? I bet it would. Now images do not appear on page one of Google for ever imaginable search term. For that reason you should enter keyword phrases into Google and take note of which ones trigger images in the results. It does not matter if they are position # 1 on page one of Google in position # 10. Once they are on the front page, it is worth while optimizing images for these phrases. The fact that thumbnail size images appear in the results; they will naturally attract the eye of web surfers, which will inevitably increase click through rates. The Process The process is so simple, that it really could not be easier. All of us engaged in internet marketing own various websites and blogs. If you are engaged in blogging you should be braking up your text with images every time you make a Blog post. If you are not doing this then not only will people not read your Blog posts (who likes Bum Marketing Secrets Exposed: 7 Tricks To Get Traffic & Sales On Autopilot reading one big block of text), but you are missing out on the incredible potential of image marketing. You need to get into the habit of putting images into each and every Blog post you make. Step #1: Download Images related to your Blog post The first step is to download images pertaining to the topic in your Blog post. You can use Google Images, but you may run the risk of copyright infringement. For that reason I advocate using ‘royalty free images’. The fastest way to find these sites is to go to Google, and type ‘royalty free images’ in quotation marks, and hit ‘Search’. Explore the sites that are returned and make sure the images are royalty free before downloading them for your own use. Some sites which offer quality royalty free images are; Take note that you can use digital images that you created yourself, or even screen shots of your own website using the ‘Print Screen’ function on your keyboard. If you want to screen capture images with professional effects like I have throughout this e- book then I strongly recommend you snap up a copy of the ‘Snag It’ software. Step #2: Rename the images using your primary keyword phrases Most likely the images you downloaded off the net, have non sensical keyword names e.g. 0001.jpg. We are simply going to rename these images using out keyword phrases. Right click on the image and select ‘Rename’. Type in your keyword phrase separating each word by a hyphen. For example if my keyword phrase was ‘how to make money blogging’ then I would replace ‘0001.jpg’ with ‘how-to-make-money-blogging.jpg’. Step #3: Upload the keyword optimized images into your Blog posts. Login to your Wordpress control panel. Which is available at; /wp-login.php Click on ‘Posts’ ‘Add New’. Full Name: Email: Submit welcome to the fastest growing mca team Page 8 of 8