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Ebay Business Guide- how to make money on ebay
Ebay Business Guide- how to make money on ebay
Ebay Business Guide- how to make money on ebay
Ebay Business Guide- how to make money on ebay
Ebay Business Guide- how to make money on ebay
Ebay Business Guide- how to make money on ebay
Ebay Business Guide- how to make money on ebay
Ebay Business Guide- how to make money on ebay
Ebay Business Guide- how to make money on ebay
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Ebay Business Guide- how to make money on ebay


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This FREE ebay business guide teaches you exactly how to make money on ebay. Here, I give you a tried and tested ebay business model so that you can start your own ebay business! Read this ebay book …

This FREE ebay business guide teaches you exactly how to make money on ebay. Here, I give you a tried and tested ebay business model so that you can start your own ebay business! Read this ebay book for FREE right now!

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  • 1. Start Your Own Business! How To make $100 per day on e-bay EASILY! The Ultimate Guide! By, Jim McVinery
  • 2. Copyright Notice & Disclaimer This publication is protected under the US Copyright Act of 1976 and all other applicable international, federal, state and local laws, and all rights are reserved, including resale rights. You MAY NOT sell this Guide to anyone else. However, this guide may me given away for free, and by owning this guide you do also, now own the give away rights. Please note that much of this publication is based on personal experience and anecdotal evidence. Although the author and publisher have made every reasonable attempt to achieve complete accuracy of the content in this Guide, they assume no responsibility for errors or omissions. Also, you should use this information as you see fit, and at your own risk. Your particular situation may not be exactly suited to the examples illustrated here; in fact, it's likely that they won't be the same, and you should adjust your use of the information and recommendations accordingly. Any trademarks, service marks, product names or named features are assumed to be the property of their respective owners, and are used only for reference. There is no implied endorsement if we use one of these terms. Finally, use your head. Nothing in this Guide is intended to replace common sense, legal, medical or other professional advice, and is meant to inform and entertain the reader. So have fun with this guide and lets start making money!
  • 3. Contents Introduction Page 4 How To Know What Sells Page 5 Where To Find Your Products Page 7 Technique 2: Dropshipping Page 8 Action Plan & Conclusion Page 9 “That's It! A no fluff guide is what I aimed for and that is what you have got! A whole money- making system for ebay in less then 10 pages. Please just take action on what you read!” - Jim
  • 4. Introduction There is a huge amount of money to be made on ebay IF you know what is selling, and you know how to source it. However, this is where most people go wrong with ebay. They use it to sell goods lying around the house and do not treat it as a proper business. If want to start running your own ebay business and make a full time living from it then you must treat the whole affair as such and follow tried and tested systems to make the most money you can, in the most time efficient way. After all this is about acquiring a quality lifestyle, not working all the hours God sends JUST to have some money! In this guide I am going to teach you a tried and tested system for making a full time income on ebay and it will not require you to spend outrageous amounts of money to get started. As a bit of brief background, this technique is going to be based around selling GENUINE and AUTHENTIC designer and branded goods for high profit on ebay. I am going to teach you how to acquire these goods at 85% below retail price AND you do not have to buy these good in wholesale quantities to get started. My primary source for these discounted designer goods is an amazing website: This site is a FREE membership site which constantly offers 85% off designer branded goods. Obviously I would recommend you read the rest of this guide before jumping right in because it's important to know how to sell these items on most effectively- though with these prices you could even make a living with no further knowledge! Without further ado, let's get started!
  • 5. How To Know What Sells Obviously, when you're starting your e-bay business you need to first of all know what sort of items are already selling on ebay. This is a no fluff guide, so lets get straight to working this information out. The main tool to utilize is the e-bay advanced search tool. To access this tool simply click advanced search on the e-bay home page. Once you have clicked there you will be presented with the following scree: Simple ensure that the box next to the words 'completed listings is ticked, as above. This then means that you are able to type whatever item name you would like into the search box, and will be presented with the completed listings from the past two weeks for that item. You will be prompted to sign in after clicking search, after which you will be presented with the results. This tool alone, provided by ebay
  • 6. themselves, is simply INVALUABLE to your research efforts. It will show EXACTLY what has sold over the past fortnight, and exactly what price for. It even shows you the time that these auctions finished! Meaning, you can even know what time is the best time for these auctions to finish! The screen below is what you will see. The red listings have NOT sold and the green listings HAVE sold: As you can see, the above item searched for 'chloe handbags' (chloe being a brand of bag- for those of you NOT in the know! Lol) seems to be an item that sells well- the majority of items there, other than those priced uncompetitively seem to sell well. So, lesson well. Use ebay for your research! Another tool that can be used is seller history tool. Simply copy and paste the user-name of a seller you are interested in, in the 'seller history' box and press Go. You will see how much money they have made and what items they've sold in the last 30/ 60 days! These tools are amazing, and FREE! Make sure you use them! Now, let's move on to sourcing these products!
  • 7. Where To Find Your Products! So, we're on to the exciting bit now, where to actually get your products from! As you already know, the first place I recommend when it comes to sourcing your products, especially if you are planning on targeting the profitable 'Designer Goods' market is This is what that site looks like: Once you have simply entered your, name, state, country & email you have full FREE access to the 85% below retail sales Modnique specialise in. You may be surprised you have not heard of this site before.. don't worry about that- just make sure we keep it that only a select few of us now about this site, so we can exploit the massive savings! It is important to realise that only US residents are able to make the most of Modnique savings. This is unfortunate and I do not know why it is. Maybe this will change in the future. For none US residents (and even US residents as well to be honest) I recommend a technique called...
  • 8. Drop-shipping This is where you act as a middle man between the consumer and the wholesalers and have to buy no products at all up front. There are a lot of 'scammy' dropship companies out there that actually offer nothing but a list of other drop-shippers! The company I would recommend called 'Dropship Design'. This is a drop-shipping company that offer a HUGE range of products- many of them branded goods- at very competitive prices. BUT the beauty of this company is that you don't buy any stock until you have sold it! They ship the product direct to YOUR customer for you! Work it out- the choice is buy stock and spend money upfront or don't buy anything at all up front put LOADS of well researched listings up on ebay and only spend money as those items sell. You See the huge positive of this method? With this company you simply pay a one of fee of $99 for the ebay plan and then have access to wholesale prices without having to buy wholesale quantities Dropship Design even provide you with an 'auction wizard' to automatically generate and upload professional auction listings. So, everything you need to get going IMMEDIATELY! Definitely worth $99... I hope that you can see the value of this! So, there you have it the only two suppliers that I myself use in my business to source genuine, high quality products.
  • 9. Conclusion This was meant to be a 'no fluff' guide on quickly setting up your own ebay business. I feel this has been achieved! I've told you how to find out what sells, how to source those same products and even shown you how to branch out and see what other sellers are selling successfully in order to scale your business up quickly! Now really, all that is left for you to do is simply list the items on ebay and rake in the money! Remember, if you don't want to even design the listings yourself or simply want to branch - you can, with 'Dropship Design' who will not only source your products AND send them to your customers but also provide you with the listings to upload straight to ebay! Let me quickly just summarise what you need to do to get started! Step-By-Step Action Plan 1. if you haven't already, whilst it is still FREE and availible sign up for your membership over at This means you have your product supplier now already sorted. 2. Log into ebay and do an advanced search of completed listings to see what sort of designer handbags and other fashion items are selling well. Once you have a list of these items jump back over to Modnique to see how much you can source these for. 3. List these items on ebay at the most appropriate times based on your previous research. 4. If you want to branch out head over to Dropship Design and purchase their ebay package for that one off $99 fee. You can often make this back with one ebay sale when dealing with designer goods! 5. Now you can use the previously mentioned research tools to see which other non fashion/ designer related products are selling and upload listings directly from Dropship Design to ebay. 6. Once these items have been purchased pay Dropship Design for them and get them sent direct to your customer. This is the EXACT system I have used to rake in up to $1400 per week on ebay. Please use this information and TAKE ACTION! Then you can easily do the same! Thanks for reading! I hope you found this report helpful!