CDG - Company Overview


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A brief history and overview of CDG, including our, products and services, locations, and clients.

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CDG - Company Overview

  1. 1. COMPANY OVERVIEW NAC STA 127.4 55 40 265ZONE 441 C A B 55 K N L 160 55 165 170 D 160 N 165 170 145 240 160 245 180 165 250 145 170 160 160 185 165 165 170 170 190 225 210 145 55 55 145 160 55 165 225 55 170 225 225 55 195 1
  2. 2. About CDGCDG, a Boeing Company, is a world-class strategic partner for engineering-driven organizationsthat develop, support and maintain complex equipment.CDG specializes in helping engineering and manufacturing organizations maximize efficiencyby providing engineering lifecycle services and software solutions.n Software Solutions  IETM/IETP Authoring & Delivery Platforms (including S1000D™)  Interactive Wiring Diagnostics & Troubleshooting  Interactive Illustrated Parts Catalog & Configuration Management  Hosted Content Management Solution  Business and Supply Chain Analyticsn Engineering Lifecycle Support Services  Engineering Design  Data and Content Conversion Services n Engineering Data & Content Conversion n Document Scanning/Digital Imaging  Technical Documentation Services (including S1000D™)  Training & eLearning Solutions  Process Improvement Training & Consulting n Lean n S1000D™ n Technical AuthoringOur experienced worldwide team of hundreds of highly skilled engineers and technical dataexperts supports delivery of cost-effective on-shore, off-shore, or blended team options tosupport numerous organizations in aviation and aerospace, defense and space, manufacturing,energy, and other engineering-focused industries. Our customers benefit from our depth ofexperience, our ability to structure flexible solutions, and our global Governance Model.
  3. 3. Our Governance Model:Supporting You with Global ResourcesMany organizations have turned to outsourcing and off-shore solutions as ways to increase capacity,lower price or provide capabilities they require. But too often these firms fail to fully account forthe costs and complexities involved in implementing a global resourcing model for engineeringservices and technical documentation. CDG has solved this problem for our customers by offeringa Governance Model that provides the cost efficiencies needed while eliminating the customer’sresponsibility to manage remote, off-shore teams.At CDG, we have a highly experienced and capable staff at key locations around the globe. Ourteams can be brought into action quickly to meet customer needs in the most cost effective mannerpossible. And our customers never have to coordinate across multiple time zones when planningproject meetings – CDG takes care of the global resourcing and completes the tasks, on time andon budget.Our relationship with the customer is a Partnership, rather than a series of transactions. CDG sets upprojects so the customer has maximum visibility at all levels, while CDG is responsible for all globalresource coordination and project deliverables. 3
  4. 4. CDG Services With strong knowledge of engineering, technical documentation, and maintenance and training support Technical Documentation processes, CDG offers a number of services to support In any engineering environment supporting complex the entire engineering lifecycle. assets and equipment, safety, training, and routine maintenance practices all require access to accurate Engineering Services and up to date technical documentation. Fast-paced, engineering-focused industries demand CDG is a world leader in the development of technical flexible resource strategies and immediate access to documentation to support engineering-focused industries. advanced engineering support. CDG offers a broad Our technical documentation support services include: scope of Engineering Services to support the entire n Technical Authoring Services engineering lifecycle.  Numerous types of technical documents, CDG Engineering Services include: including: n Engineering Design Services n Aircraft Maintenance Manuals (AMMs) n Illustrated Parts Catalogs (IPCs)  Concept and Design n Component Maintenance Manuals (CMMs)  Design Engineering Analysis n Service Bulletins (SBs)  Detail Design & Drafting Services n Structural Repair Manuals (SRM) n Wiring Diagram Manuals (WDM)  Engineering Change Management n Fault Isolation and Troubleshooting Manuals  Engineering Conversion Services n Final Assembly & Delivery Instructions  Program and Project Management n Many more n Manufacturing Support Services n S1000D™ Services  Manufacturing Support Analysis  Authoring, Training, and Software Platforms  3D Modeling and Simulation Services n Content Conversion Services  Composites / Materials Engineering and  Many Formats Supported: S1000D™, ATA Selection iSpec2200, DITA, MIL-PRF 87269, others  Discrete Design Optimization n Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals  Safety Analysis/Engineering (IETMs and IETPs)  Reliability and Maintainability  Authoring Services and Software Platforms  Tool Design n Parts Data Management Services To support your engineering projects, CDG also has  Provisioning Data / T-Files Development expertise in a number of the leading engineering  S2000M software tools and platforms, including CATIA, ENOVIA, DELMIA, Pro/E, Solidworks and many others. We also  ISDP - In-Service Data Program offer Engineering Data Conversion services to support n Technical Publications Standards Expertise conversion of files to or from any standard formats.4
  5. 5. Training & eLearning SolutionsCDG can work in partnership with you to create captivating,engaging and cost-effective training materials. Ourservices to support your training requirements include:n Training Needs Analysis (TNA)  Analyze and review requirements to develop a ISDP – (In-Service Data Program) detailed project plan and scope of work CDG offers Boeing ISDP services and solutions for Boeingn Training Content Development - including eLearning Suppliers & Operators. The Boeing In-Service Data and Computer Based Training (CBT) Program (ISDP) allows airlines and suppliers to securely share fleet reliability data with other ISDP members. The  Research and creation of new courses program enables Boeing to support the member airlines  Transformation of existing material into eLearning by using airline data to locate and resolve issues specific to each operator. Additionally, the ISDP enables Boeingn Content delivery in multiple formats, including: to plan improvements to the entire fleet by analyzing  Internet or Intranet delivery platforms - supporting issues such as early component removals. “self-paced” student modules and scenario-based evaluation CDG’s ISDP Services include support to suppliers for the creation and maintenance of tools and processes to  Modules to support instructor-led classroom generate reliable shop data feeds in the industry-standard training sessions XML format as specified by the Air Transport Association  Training materials packaged on CD/DVD (ATA) SPEC2000, Chapter 11. CDG services to support data feeds for submittal to the ISDP include:n Evaluation, Testing and Student Profile Administration n Map database data elements to the Shop Findingsn Integration with a number of leading LMS (Learning and Piece Part data subjects in the SPEC2000 Management System) software platforms Chapter 11 data dictionaryn AICC and SCORM compliant training materials n Create a reliable tool and/or process to generate shop data feeds in SPEC2000 XML compliant formatCDG can provide full circle solutions by assisting in and to perform schema content validationsdevelopment of engineering data, authoring relatedtechnical publications, and developing eLearning n Submit test data to Boeing for schema, load andmodules. This re-use of engineering related content content validationsmaximizes consistency and efficiency in your technical n Establish Message Courier for manual feeds ordocumentation and training materials. Hubspan automated electronic file transfer capability for submitting production files to BoeingCDG offers a global team of hundreds of engineersand technical specialists with strong domain expertise.Many on our team have practical hands-on experienceand in-depth understanding of how complex equipmentoperates in a real-world environment, and can apply thisknowledge to create more relevant and useful trainingmaterials. 5
  6. 6. Digital Imaging/Document Scanning CDG offers digital imaging/scanning and indexing services for virtually any size document or media format at your facility or ours. n Engineering/ Blueprint Drawing Scanning n Paper Scanning (A size up to 54”x 240”) – Color and Black and White n 16mm & 35mm Microfilm & Microfiche Scanning – bi- tonal & grayscale n Aperture Card Scanning with Hollerith reader n Book Scanning – (A to C size) - Color and Black and White n Document Destruction Services (available on-site or off-site) n Rapid Mobile Deployment of trained employees and scanning equipment Scanned image files can be converted for delivery in a number of selected engineering software formats and delivery platforms. We also can prepare files for direct loading into numerous commercial document and content management software platforms. Other media delivery options include CD-ROM, SFTP, DVD, or access via Process Consulting customized web-based repositories. CDG offers high security facilities for processing of documents in multiple media formats, including documents Ensuring that your processes are optimized and your containing confidential and sensitive information. CDG staff is functioning effectively with the training and imaging facility security provisions include: knowledge they need is no easy task. CDG Process Consulting Services help our customers examine and n Access Limited to Screened and Authorized Personnel uncover inefficiencies in existing processes, design new, n Security Cameras On Site more effective processes, and transfer key knowledge and expertise from our expert staff to your team. n Barcode Tracking of All Customer Materials n Security Clearances to Handle Sensitive and n Technical Authoring Advisory Services - Take Confidential Documents advantage of what we have learned in our decades of experience in managing some of the most in-depth and complex technical publications processes. n S1000D™ Training & Advisory Services - CDG takes you from the beginning stages of “What is S1000D?”, to an expert level understanding of this emerging content standard. Our consultants are industry leaders who have been involved with S1000D™ standards development and S1000D™ technical authoring environments for the past ten years. n Lean Training & Advisory Services - Learn from CDG’s extensive and highly successful experiences with Lean practices. We can help you put Lean to work in your organization to identify inefficiencies, and realize opportunities for cost reduction, cost avoidance and capacity increases.6
  7. 7. CDG Software SolutionsCDG’s Software Solutions include Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs/IETPs), Wiring Maintenanceand Parts Configuration tools, Maintenance and Content Information Management solutions, and Supply ChainAnalytics solutions.IETM / IETP SolutionsCDG’s IETM/IETP Software Solutions support authoring and delivery of interactive electronic technical publicationsin industry standard formats, including S1000D™, ATA, DITA and MIL-PRF 87269. CDG can provide and supportboth COTS and custom-developed IETM applications, with full integration to other internal management systemssuch as ILS/LSAR. We will work with you to select the IETM software application best suited to your uniquerequirements for development and delivery of technical publications. Wiring Illuminator Web™ Wiring Illuminator Web™ is a wiring data system that reduces the time, effort and associated costs of troubleshooting complex wiring systems. It provides a single integrated source for wiring and component data, delivered in an easy-to-use browser-based interface that can run as a network client or stand-alone. Wiring Illuminator Web™ was developed to support maintenance requirements of critical systems in a military environment. It has been successfully deployed for the F-15 and F-18 fighter aircraft, C-130 transport aircraft, and Apache Longbow helicopter programs for the U.S. and other military programs worldwide. It is adaptable to accommodate requirements for commercial, non-military equipment as well. 7
  8. 8. Supply Chain Analytics Solutions for Aviation Commercial airlines and military aircraft fleets face the same challenge: Maximize aircraft utilization and readiness while reducing maintenance costs. These organizations strive to minimize Aircraft On Ground (AOG) situations through better planning and more effective inventory decisions. This requires greater insight and perspective into parts data, repair histories, engineering and customer service systems, and third party information sources. CDG Supply Chain Analytics for Aviation puts these views and insights at your fingertips. Benefits: n Optimize maintenance planning by leveraging data in all maintenance related systems n Make better inventory decisions with 360 degree views into parts and component data n Enable non-technical users to perform deep analysis of complex maintenance information with powerful but easy to use data visualization tools n Preempt unplanned maintenance activities with predictive analytics n Perform powerful maintenance analytics across disparate systems and present findings in a user- friendly web browser CDG Supply Chain Analytics for Aviation enables your organization to make optimum maintenance decisions that keep your aircraft flying.8
  9. 9. Smart IPC™ Smart IPC™ provides manufacturers, aircraft operators, and their maintenance service providers with a highly specialized, interactive Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC) easily accessible via a web browser interface. Smart IPC integrates Illustrated Parts Catalog information with parts provisioning and equipment-specific configuration management data, all linked and accessible via a single application. It can be offered as either a hosted or client installed application. Smart IPC™ supports integrated technical data delivery for mixed fleets of aircraft or equipment from different OEMs, and is customized to each operator’s allowable configuration requirements, so users only view data applicable for their fleet.Smart IPC™ facilitates parts-related communications and transactions across multiple departments, andcan be linked to various ERP parts inventory and procurement systems. This integration enables directexport of parts lists from Smart IPC to query inventory and other systems. Users are able to view andinteract with screens in external parts sourcing systems from within the Smart IPC application.CDG Secure On-Demand™CDG Secure On-Demand™ is a hosted documentrepository specifically designed to provide access todocuments in a tightly controlled and highly secureenvironment. It is ideal for situations where high volumesof legacy documents have been scanned to digital files ornative files need to be presented in a secure platform thatcan be accessed by internal and external team members.Featuring an easy-to-learn, user-friendly interface, SecureOn-Demand™ accommodates internal document sharingwithin a department or across the entire organization. Itcan also manage the secure sharing of content outsideof your corporate firewall as well, enabling you to interactwith customers, business partners, and suppliers in a highly protected environment. With its sophisticatedviewing rights management, Secure On-Demand™ gives you total control over access to your content forall users, whether internal or external. 9
  10. 10. Our History Continental DataGraphics (CDG) was established in 1969 as an innovative data management services division of Continental Graphics Corporation, a successful printing and reprographics company. With strong leadership and vision, the company recognized a unique moment of opportunity when data management services were just beginning to take root. Its newly created CDG division discovered opportunities in the growing field of parts data management services for complex equipment. As a result, CDG helped to diversify its parent company’s service offerings and positioned itself for growth well into the future. In the 1980’s, the company opened new offices in Europe and expanded its software development capabilities. CDG was later acquired by The Boeing Company in 2000 and became a wholly-owned subsidiary. Today, CDG has grown to over 1,200 employees across 8 global locations. Each year, CDG employees deliver more than 2 million hours in the production of complex, mission- critical technical publications and other technical and engineering information for The Boeing Company and other commercial customers around the world. With more than 40 years of proven experience, CDG has built a reputation as a leader in engineering-focused services and software solutions. Our employees are constantly integrating new ideas into our processes, striving for higher quality standards, and applying Lean principles to help CDG deliver highly efficient and cost effective solutions for our customers. Our Customers CDG’s customer base includes a broad spectrum of organizations across multiple industry sectors. Some of our customers include: n AEBI Schmidt n Hawker Beechcraft Corporation n Air Transport Association (ATA) n Ipeco n American Airlines n International Airlines Technical Pool (IATP) n BAE Systems n Messier-Dowty n The Boeing Company n Ministry of Defence — U.K. (MoD) n Eaton Corporation n Raytheon n Flowserve Corporation n Rolls-Royce n Global Aeronautica n Spirit Aerosystems n Goodrich n United Airlines10
  11. 11. Industries Served Commitment to Quality Assurance & SecurityCDG services and solutions have been successfullyapplied across these industry sectors: CDG is a global leader in providing the highest leveln Commercial Aviation & Aerospace of Quality, Service, Security, Responsiveness and Customer Satisfaction.n Defense & Spacen Manufacturing CDG continuously adheres to stringent security and regulatory standards. We ensure confidentiality ofn Energy proprietary and sensitive information while performing extensive volumes of work for government agencies,By focusing exclusively on a few core industries, the defense sector, airlines, and other companies.CDG is able to add value by providing our customerswith a highly informed perspective on the specific All of CDG’s US and UK-based facilities are currentlyissues they may face. We strive to provide the registered to ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Managementhighest quality products and services supported by System) and ISO 14001:2004 (Environmentalour strong knowledge of leading edge technologies. Management System). Our Chennai, India facility isWe also make an additional effort to gain a thorough also registered to ISO 9001:2008.understanding of each industry we serve, and therequirements of each of our individual customers aswell. BS EN ISO 9001:2008 Certificate No. FM 34807 Certificate No. FM 532240 11
  12. 12. email: The Americas Other USA Locations Europe Corporate Headquarters 100 North Sepulveda Blvd. London North Suite 1950 Gate House 6141 Katella Avenue El Segundo, CA 90245 Fretherne Road Cypress, CA 90630-5202 Phone: (310) 662-2300 Welwyn Garden City USA Fax: (310) 662-2310 Hertfordshire AL 8 6NS Phone: (714) 503-4200 6910 Carroll Road UK San Diego, CA 92121 Tel: +44 (0) 1707 367700 Phone: (858) 552-6300 Fax: +44 (0) 1707 371813 Fax: (858) 552-6301 West York 9302 Pittsburgh Avenue Monkswell House Suite 100 Manse Lane Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 Knaresborough Phone: (909) 758-9800 North Yorkshire Fax: (909) 581-0778 HG5 8NQ UK 15500 SE 30th Place Tel: +44 (0) 1423 867 867 Suite 103 Fax: +44 (0) 1423 868 844 Bellevue, WA 98007 Phone: (425) 456-0500 Main Fax: (425) 450-1935 India 5890 N. Lindbergh Blvd. Continental DataGraphics M/C SO34-3070 Technical Services India Pvt Ltd P.O. Box 516 a Boeing Company Hazelwood, MO 63042 Block 9A, 3rd Floor, DLF IT Park SEZ Phone: (314) 232-0980 1/124 Shivaji Gardens, Mount Poonamalle Rd CDGAAG-052611-F Fax: (314) 232-5997 Manapakkam, Chennai 600 089 INDIA Phone: +91 44 4592 000012