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  • 1. Communication Tools
  • 2. Outline
    • E-mail Tools
    • SMS/Text Tools
    • Instant Massaging Tools
    • Voice Groups
    • Live Chat Tools
  • 3. E-mail Tools
    • Voice email pilot
    • Voice E-Mail Pilot allows you to create voice e-mails by recording your spoken text and attaching it as compressed .
  • 4. Web mail Wab Mail is a small and simple tool, that makes it easy to quickly retrieve a plain list of email addresses that are contained in your Windows Address Book (.WAB) file
  • 5. Mail box exterminator MailBOX Exterminator is a small tool that you can use to delete all the mail in your POP account.
  • 6. SMS/Text Tools
    • Texts are a good way to reach someone for fast, important information gathering.
    • Text Me
    • SMS Comments
    • SMS Blog
  • 7. Text Me Receive SMS from your visitors/readers without giving out your own mobile number.
  • 8. SMS Comments created to give complete customization to the user.
  • 9. SMS Blog Blog on the go! Set up this tool with a keyword of your choice, and keep your readers up-to-date by sending SMS with your keyword to our number.
  • 10. Instant Massaging Tools
    • Zopim
    • This site provides a top quality chat service that goes from a lite version at no cost to a business subscription with all the features included.
  • 11.
    • Bold chat BoldChat is a software technology made for increasing website sales and improving customer service.
  • 12. Voice Groups
    • About Gong project
    • Gong is a free system for voice communication on the Web.
    • Using Gong as standalone system
    • After you set up the Gong server users can use their browser or the Gong program to use the Gong system .
  • 13. Live Chat Tools
    • Twitter M
    • social M
  • 14. Conclusion
    • The Impact of communication tools on Organizational Life
  • 15. Resources
    • http://www.mindtools.com/CommSkll/CommunicationIntro.htm
    • http://www.chrisbrogan.com/communication-tools-and-levels-of-interruption/
    • http://gong.ust.hk/
    • http://webmastersms.cardboardfish.com/
    • http://www.thecomplianceauthority.com/compliance-whitepapers/impact-of-new-communications-tools-for-financial-services-firms.pdf