Our approach to Internet marketing


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We provide services tailored to your particular needs.

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Our approach to Internet marketing

  1. 1. OUR APPROACH TO INTERNET MARKETING A full service Internet Marketing company www.seoservicecorp.com
  2. 2. About SEO Service Corporation (SSC)  Established in 2013, SSC is a dedicated full service Internet Marketing company with offices in Delhi NCR, Mumbai & Guwahati.  We provide customized and out of the box online marketing solutions for online businesses in US, EMEA & APAC regions.  We have a team of world class digital marketers who had been instrumental in strategizing Digital Marketing campaigns for Fortune 500s, SMBs and Startups.
  3. 3. Internet Marketing Strategy & Branding Solutions Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Social Media Optimization Paid Advertising (Search, Social & Display) Google Penalty Reversal Online Reputation Management (ORM) Content Services & Blog Management Our service offerings SEOServiceCorporation Web Development & Designing
  4. 4. Our approach
  5. 5. Client’s Need Analysis  Identify and define your company’s specific need for establishing or enhancing your online presence.  Identify the best channel(s) of Internet Marketing for your specific need.
  6. 6.  Identify your target audience based on  Geography  Demography  Interest  Behavior Target Audience Identification
  7. 7.  We will conduct a comprehensive competitor analysis to help you understand  Your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.  The marketplace dynamics.  Your competitive advantage to stay ahead of your competitors. Competitor Analysis
  8. 8.  Understanding your business goals.  Ensuring that your business goals are SMART - we will create the best Internet Marketing strategy to help you achieve your SMART goals. Specific | Measurable | Achievable | Realistic | Time Constrained Understanding Client’s Business Goals
  9. 9.  We will develop a well-researched and robust strategic roadmap to help you achieve your Internet Marketing objectives.  Based on the strategy document, we will create an effective Internet Marketing plan that will define the following elements.  Tactics,  Specific steps and processes,  Resource utilization, and  Milestones and deadline. Strategy & Planning
  10. 10.  Efficient execution of your Internet Marketing strategy.  We will help you reach out to many more potential customers.  Establish your brand online. Execute Prioritize Plan Execution
  11. 11.  Everything we do and deliver, undergoes strict quality control check.  Domain authority  Page Rank/Alexa Rank  Number of outgoing and incoming links  Social presence  Quality of online content  Page index/ Page cache Quality Control
  12. 12.  Transparent reporting structure.  Reports customized according to your specific KPIs.  Regular touch-points with project stakeholders.  Periodic re-evaluation of risks and issues. Reporting
  13. 13.  Evaluating the success of your campaigns is critical to determine if we have met our goals and to shape your future campaigns.  We measure the effectiveness of our campaigns based on various Key Performance Indictors (KPIs). Post Campaign Analysis Engagement Time Spent on Site Conversion Rate Page Rank Bounce Rate Organic Paid Referral New Visitors Returning Visitor Traffic Sources
  14. 14. Get a free SEO audit report of your website CLICK HERE FOR A FREE AUDIT REPORT OF YOUR WEBSITE (worth $799) Click here to view a sample website audit report Click here to view a sample SEO report
  15. 15. We also provide comprehensive paid audit report for websites penalised by Google to determine the issues and their remediation. We offer Google Penalty Removal service for such websites to help them recover and enhance their ranking. Paid Audit – Websites penalised by Google
  16. 16. Business card Seoservicecorpwww.seoservicecorp.com