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  • 1. Bundy Ranch | Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bundyranch[4/11/2014 5:20:09 PM] Email or Phone Password Keep me logged in Forgot your password? Community Cliven Bundy cows Range war BLM News cattle cowboy auction Bundy ranch Federal Government Ralley picket About Photos 17,402 Likes Highlights Bundy Ranch shared a link. Yesterday ATTENTION ATTENTION ATTENTION Many of you have been asking for a better way to keep informed and know what you can do to help. We love Facebook but it is not effective for getting the word out when we really need help. There are so many m... See More http://bit.do/bundy www.instantcustomer.com 384Like · Comment · Share Top CommentsPatrick Webb, Irish Lass, Teresa McDowell Wolt and 558 others like this. 10 Replies · about a minute ago 7 Replies · about a minute ago Ed Dyer The sheriff of Clark county needs get out from under his desk and do his job . Protect the people and their property.word on the street is he says this is a federal issue. And he isn't getting involved . He needs to talk with Jerry Keller , he told the... See More 119 · 20 hours ago Tammy Chiavarini-Coffin We have a bunch of people on the East Coast that want to help but we are so far away. I will send this page out to everyone I know. Maybe we can find a way to send donations for the militia 75 · 22 hours ago Recent Posts by Others on Bundy Ranch See All More Posts Byron J. Johnson 6 seconds ago  https://www.fleta.gov/fleta-board/biographies/michael-h… Byron J. Johnson 34 seconds ago  https://www.fleta.gov/fleta-board/biographies/sheldon-g… Tom Chacko 45 seconds ago Greetings from Austin, TX! A friend and I are considering d… Byron J. Johnson about a minute ago  https://www.fleta.gov/fleta-board/biographies/jeffrey-m… Byron J. Johnson 3 minutes ago https://www.fleta.gov/fleta-board/biographies/william-fallon/ Bundy Ranch about an hour ago · Edited Thank you everyone for your support! Here is some pictures from the sky! These are pictures of the BLM Compound near the area! (18 photos) Bundy Ranch is on Facebook. To connect with Bundy Ranch, sign up for Facebook today. Sign Up Log In Bundy Ranch 17,402 likes Log In
  • 2. Bundy Ranch | Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bundyranch[4/11/2014 5:20:09 PM] 2 of 166View more comments 229Like · Comment Top CommentsDaren Young, Colin Mullins, NA Milordi and 341 others like this. 5 Replies · 6 minutes ago 2 of 85View more comments Marie Ferrell Buto per Fox news interview with Greta lawmakers from DC will be there this weekend to stand with the Bundys 46 · 59 minutes ago Karen Lincoln she did an excellent job tonite, Hannity is suppose to have more interviews also. Was surprised CBS had it on but mainly about not paying. Greta Rocks 11 · 33 minutes ago Ray Breshears I aint in a militia but im trying my hardest to get the funds to get there and yes im locked and loaded 37 · 59 minutes ago Bundy Ranch about an hour ago Lot's of people have been concerned about the way we have the flags flying on the posts at the protest site! We are going to clear that up! On the left side we have the United Stats Flag on top then following it is the state and below that the county flag! On the right side we have the County Flag on top below that the state and below that The United States Flag. We realize that the American ... See More 71Like · Comment Top CommentsBrian Iokewe DeMello, Hollie Ann Booth, Jeannie Voigts and 403 others like this. 2 of 115View more comments Byron J. Johnson I Stand with the Bundys! Just in case I have any questions from the "Duuhh" gallery about the flag on my page: THE UNITED STATES FLAG CODE Title 4, Chapter 1... See More 62 · about an hour ago Rob Gazaway Fly this one. Ancap/Voluntaryism/Market Anarchism 24 · about an hour ago · Edited Bundy Ranch about an hour ago We are over 15,000 Likes, lets keep it up. Lets show what America really stands for!!! 161Like · Comment Top CommentsShannon Bell ILg, Irish Lass, David Houser and 855 others like this. 3 Replies · about an hour ago 2 of 58View more comments Logan Maples Ive been to iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan and about to go back to Afghanistan again defending my country. I would do almost anything to be standing next to you guys right now. my veteran brothers feel the same way hang in there AMERICA is watching. 28 · about an hour ago Angel Chavez Someone just commented on another page that a similar situation is happening in Texas that is not getting as much media attention. 1 · 10 minutes ago Brad Rierson First they came for the Communists And I did not speak out Because I was not a Communist... See More 15 · about an hour ago Bundy Ranch about an hour ago We are experiencing slow internet and bad cell service, we do Bundy Ranch 2 hours ago We want everyone to know at this point it is no longer about the
  • 3. Bundy Ranch | Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bundyranch[4/11/2014 5:20:09 PM] not believe the government is shutting us down via cellular towers etc, Once again no proof that they are or aren't, lots of Rumors saying they are. But we have no evidence, could be other issues as we have lots of people being here. They might be tapping in etc, We don't know. Still trying to get our hands on a Satellite phone for worse case scenario! Thank you for your support, Stay posted for updates! 180Like · Comment Top CommentsStanley Candage, Jack Carr, Nataly Bistline and 479 others like this. 2 of 98View more comments Bev Flint Nicholson I would imagine with all those people using all their collective devices would put a strain on the systems. However, I wouldn't put it past the Feds to do something that nefarious... Stand strong guys!!! 31 · about an hour ago Mark Dagg someone needs to look at the cell sites elect meters to see if they still have power at the sites ! 3 · about an hour ago Linda Slade Those towers have prob never seen this much traffic lmfao 23 · about an hour ago cows, that is not the overall priority. This is about OUR land and OUR Freedom, you know the song, "This land is your land, this land is my land" We The People have the power, WE THE PEOPLE Have control, show them you will not put up with this, you will not let them take your rights away. 370Like · Comment Top CommentsNataly Bistline, Shawn Anderson, Rodney Jasorkowski and 1,247 others like this. 2 of 114View more comments Leeron Morraes ppl from all across the nation are now seeing similar brutality from police and govt and this is an awakening! we will no longer accept fascist government! 41 · 2 hours ago Ginny Tucker Apparently it's not about tortoises, either! It's about Chinese money for your land! 37 · 2 hours ago Bundy Ranch 2 hours ago They are no longer stopping people at Exit 112! This is excellent new, Come one and come all. 184Like · Comment Top CommentsCarl F. Eddy, Shawn Anderson, Sylvia Fifer and 731 others like this. 4 Replies · 2 hours ago 2 of 52View more comments Steve Worthington Maybe I should come down and live stream this...ha 48 · 2 hours ago Therisa Casella YAY!! But just incase.. Officer that has pulled you over: Are you carrying any weapons? (NEVER EVER ANSWER THIS QUESTION!!) Driver: Am I being Detained?... See More 98 · 2 hours ago Bundy Ranch 3 hours ago We hope people from Vegas are at the Sheriffs office! We are getting reports that there isn't very many people there! If you are in the area please go and support us! 87Like · Comment Top CommentsJim Cooper, Codey Moseley, Tayna Houston Holmstead and 328 others like this. 7 Replies · 2 hours ago View 34 more comments Joel Thomson The officers who are currently assaulting the Bundy ranch should be ashamed of themselves. You are all traitors and do not deserve to call yourselves Americans. You're all pathetic losers. 27 · 3 hours ago Ken Pearson What!? Geeez, people! Get out there! This is about your rights and liberty! I'm in Texas just itching to be there! 51 · 3 hours ago Bundy Ranch 4 hours ago Ryan Payne one of the Main Militia who has been here protecting Cliven has reported it was HIS brother in law who reported the confiscating of weapons. This has been confirmed by Militia. If this happens to anyone else please call us or put it on blast, if you can get pictures, please do! Thank you for your support everybody! 235Like · Comment Top CommentsJim Cooper, Cody Jaqua, Melvin Shelton and 418 others like this. Chris Anderson Don't give them your guns you.idiots! What are you going to do when they pull guns on you? Use your words???!!!? ? Don't be ignorant and think they won't. 38 · 4 hours ago Bundy Ranch 4 hours ago If you have a Hot Spot PLEASE Let us know. We have lots of people asking for live feed and other things that will be of use! We ask that everyone carries a camera on them! Video and Pictures is the most vital thing at this point as we have learned. People want to see how they are treating us and having a picture helps express how we feel and show the truth!
  • 4. Bundy Ranch | Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bundyranch[4/11/2014 5:20:09 PM] 6 Replies · 2 hours ago 2 of 90View more comments Daniel Mottoh We have lost this fight if people are allowing the confiscation of weapons. Every one should pack it up and head home now. 33 · 4 hours ago 86Like · Comment Top CommentsFran Stoegbauer-Deane, Michelle N' Jacob Massaro, Serena Z Memering and 279 others like this. 2 Replies · 3 minutes ago View 26 more comments Cory Kepner In the US we have hit stage 2 of revolution.... mass civil disobedience filmed to document all forms of police brutality is manditory to wake the rest of the people. This is our chance for a peaceful show of force. Which yall are doing a great job at. Keep up the pressure 39 · 4 hours ago Bobby N Chell Riha We are here for you!! Keep up the fight! DONT TREAD ON US 11 · 4 hours ago Bundy Ranch 4 hours ago People are being pulled over near the protesting stand if they are showing any type of patriotism! Two men were driving and were pulled over and when they were pulled over the officer confiscated LEGAL Weapons! Then sent them on their way. The man stated: "I am on your side, but I am just doing my job" Keep on fighting. We need to do this together and we urge you to come out and support us! We need you, stop this tyranny! 515Like · Comment Top CommentsShawn Anderson, Bobby Ritter, Jay Kuntz and 455 others like this. 5 Replies · 3 hours ago 2 of 131View more comments Sandra Smith Dornick What a weak spineless statement "I am just doing my job" No you're not defending the people ... you're not doing your job. 72 · 4 hours ago Jason Amberson You're not on my side if "doing your job" means breaking your constitutional oath. 44 · 4 hours ago Bundy Ranch shared a link. 4 hours ago http://www.infowars.com/breaking-sen-harry-reid-behind-blm- land-grab-of-bundy-ranch/ Breaking: Sen. Harry Reid Behind BLM Land Grab of Bundy Ranch www.infowars.com Kit Daniels | BLM attempted cover-up of Sen. Reid/Chinese gov't takeover of ranch for solar farm. 489Like · Comment · Share Top CommentsBlake Adams, Richard Wagner, Steven Adams and 309 others like this. 5 Replies · 21 minutes ago 2 of 56View more comments Sandra Smith Dornick There is something so wrong about Reid, on so many levels Who keeps voting that fool into office? 25 · 4 hours ago John Rouse Harry Reid is an idiot like the rest in the Obummer clan!! 15 · 4 hours ago Bundy Ranch 4 hours ago There are numerous reports of Rumors about some crazy stuff. Remember, Rumors are rumors. Pictures help support your argument and so does video. Rumors can be true but remember not to believe everything you hear, and dont contribute to a RUMOR. Thank you everyone for your love and support. We are trying to share everything we can that we know is factual! Today we are trying to get the word out even more as Cliven has been jam packed with Radio Talk shows and everything else! Please stand by! 53Like · Comment Top CommentsTom Manion, Ann Yaggie, Steven Owens and 294 others like this. Jonathan De Vere I'm on the way from Mo. and drive a 97 'burban. They try to block, follow me through! 13 · 4 hours ago Bundy Ranch 4 hours ago The timer is ticking! If you are in Vegas and you can support get down to the Sheriff's by 2 ! We want everyone to know we are working hard, expressing the words and making people aware, but we need to get these people we elected moving! We need to get them motivated like we are! We love you and hope you are safe. 70Like · Comment Top CommentsJan Albaugh, Steven Owens, Jason Wiley and 245 others like this.
  • 5. Bundy Ranch | Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bundyranch[4/11/2014 5:20:09 PM] View 33 more comments Paul Brennan BOYCOTT NEVADA CASINOS! 11 · 3 hours ago Martha Carlton Hit the money Makers where it hurts ~ In their Pockets !!! 1 · about an hour ago View 19 more comments Thomas Robert Lacovara-Stewart I'm leaving shortly and on my way......my listeners can keep checking and support us getting our research into the hands of the BUNDYS by checking it out on http://ResurrectTheRepublic.com where all of our preliminary research is showcased. We believe we can PROVE the BLM is operating under a specific UN-Constitutional authority that is all about jurisdiction and control. 9 · 4 hours ago Victoria Pazienza Shared. And Good luck. America's behind you! 6 · 4 hours ago Bundy Ranch 4 hours ago ATTENTION ALERT ATTENTION! WE have had multiple reports of people being detained for 24 hours! These are people who are trying to come protest with us and are mostly Militia! If you are Militia and traveling, be safe and God bless you. We are doing everything we can. 317Like · Comment Top CommentsMatthew Gil, Sylvia Fifer, Della James and 585 others like this. 2 Replies · 4 hours ago View 44 more comments Doc Hansen You have to be low profile when traveling for purposes such as this. Try to look like a family on a camping trip o guys going fishing. 41 · 4 hours ago Tango Foxtrot Kilo Let's all remember we need to start establishing a new low tech method of comms because when shit hits the fan...FB and other social media outlets will be shut down, internet and phones too probably! We rely too much on them now!! 32 · 4 hours ago P. M. Hancock ham and morse code 1 · 48 minutes ago Bundy Ranch 7 hours ago Carol Bundy "I don't necessarily want peoples money, I want their support and them to stand up for what is right" We have almost hit 1000$ It is much appreciated! Those who have donated, we love your support! We also love those for moral support! Any kind of support is amazing. We hope everyone knows that we are growing and spreading. Showing that the Bundys stand for freedom! You have also shown that you stand for freedom and together we are making a change! 147Like · Comment Top CommentsMatthew Hicks, Alicia Osmak-Mohart, Nana Weems and 689 others like this. 2 of 100View more comments Karen Anderson Haifley You represent ALL of us, so we will support you any way we can!! 54 · 7 hours ago Leilani Jones As I follow the Bundy ranchers I realize that everyone has forgotten what public land is. The media has, for many years now, portrayed public land as owned by the government and we, the people, are mostly intruders, given a limited privilege of usage. ... See More 45 · 6 hours ago Bundy Ranch shared a link. 7 hours ago As of April 1st we have had the following stats hit www.bundyranch.blogspot.com The country, followed by how many people from that Nation have viewed the BLOGSPOT! Keep it up! United States 119325... See More Bundy Ranch 7 hours ago Once again, if you can make it down to Las Vegas and can meet at the Sheriff's office please do so at 2 P.M. If you cannot make it around that time or if you can all day keep calling, encouraging them to help and get involved! We thank you for your sacrifices! We love hearing your questions and responses!!! We have Sheriffs from all over supporting us! We just need to get ours to support us! 104Like · Comment Top CommentsMatt Bauer, Marvin Wilson, H Kay Mallekoote and 286 others like this.
  • 6. Bundy Ranch | Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bundyranch[4/11/2014 5:20:09 PM] Bundy Ranch bundyranch.blogspot.com 79Like · Comment · Share Top CommentsMatt Bauer, Lewis Bradley, Mary Diekmann Theisen and 261 others like this. View 15 more comments Gwen E. Lewis It's nice to see other countries watching. Maybe they will realize We the People are not the enemy...our government is. We seem to have a lot more in common then they have been lead to believe. 23 · 7 hours ago Holly Caniglia The more people who are in formed the harder it will be for the FEDS to get away with this! Thank God for social media! 18 · 7 hours ago 3 Replies · 7 hours ago 2 Replies · 3 hours ago View 29 more comments Jennifer Spencer You would think with the world watching that he would step up. 35 · 7 hours ago Jennifer Spencer I am hearing this is worldwide now? People from Netherlands, England, Australia have been in touch. 27 · 7 hours ago Bundy Ranch shared a link. 8 hours ago Lots of reports of scams asking for donations! If you want to donate or see someone who does, refer them to our page before they donate to the Wrong people! We posted our donation button on the OFFICIAL BLOGSPOT! Located at this link: http://www.bundyranch.blogspot.com/p/contact-list-attorney- general-state-on.html Thank you for your support!!! Bundy Ranch: YOU can make a difference!!! bundyranch.blogspot.com THEY DO NOT GIVE A HOOT ABOUT THESE TURTLES>>>>>>>STOP THEMThey have 1 million buck to harass you but they killed all the turtles they were caring for because they did not have any moneyhttp://www.kingsnake.com/blog/...Sun, August 25 2013 at... 88Like · Comment · Share Top CommentsBecky Edwards Tennant, Kevin Paulich, Jaylene Talbot Heaton and 110 others like this. Debbi Buskirk Thanks for info, Knew sooner or later the 'scammers' would show up GRRRR....Shared !!!! Bundy Ranch 9 hours ago · Edited ALERT: Everyone in Las Vegas, Nevada needs to be at the Sheriff's to protest with us! If you can make it please be there! Starts at 2 P.M If you cannot make it and you still want to help with this you can blow up their phones @ the following numbers! Phone: 702-455-3500 (702) 828- The address: Clark County Sheriff Douglas Gillespie ... See More 395Like · Comment Top CommentsTroy Worrell, Justin Goss, Kelly Richey and 406 others like this. 2 Replies · 5 hours ago 2 of 57View more comments Bundy Ranch We have not been commenting much because the phones have been crazy, but when we get the time we look at the comments! Your voices are being heard and we appreciate you! Thank you so very much! 59 · 8 hours ago James Mike Duncan Stand strong!!! Millions of Oathkeepers and III%ers have your six! 36 · 9 hours ago
  • 7. Bundy Ranch | Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bundyranch[4/11/2014 5:20:09 PM] View 9 more comments 3 · 7 hours ago Brad Wright Donate! Boots on the ground will need supplies!!! 2 · 7 hours ago Bundy Ranch 20 hours ago Bundy Ranch Cliven Bundy cows Range war BLM News cattle cowboy auction Bundy ranch Federal Government Ralley picket Community: 17,402 like this 1Like · Comment · Share Top CommentsJustin A Warren, Wende Oppliger Haeger, Larry Haney and 123 others like this. 11 Replies · 7 hours ago View 9 more comments Matthew Snorek Megan Kelly has a story on it on FOX! My heart and prayers are with you in spirit all the way from Wisconsin! I hope you find strength in numbers and can prevent any further killing and loss of your animals. This is much bigger than cows, this falls back on American rights and overbearing BLM officials. 15 · 19 hours ago Christopher Anderson Fox News still not picking up this story. WTF??!!! 5 · 20 hours ago Bundy Ranch 21 hours ago · Edited Lots of people have been asking about donations and we all thought we might as well try to cover finances if you would like to help. This is totally up to you, we are not asking at all. Thank you so much. http://www.bundyranch.blogspot.com/p/contact-list-attorney- general-state-on.html THIS IS THE ONLY DONATION LOCATION! We do not have any other Donation System, Website, etc. Thank you so much once again! Bundy Ranch Cliven Bundy cows Range war BLM News cattle cowboy auction Bundy ranch Federal Government Ralley picket Community: 17,402 like this 22Like · Comment · Share Top CommentsWende Oppliger Haeger, Matt Bauer, Lacy Cohee and 131 others like this. View 22 more comments Brenda Nielson Snell Please put a disclaimer out there that this is the only valid donation link, if it is. I read earlier that someone had set up a Go Fund Me account for the cause. The creater was a name that was not even remotely familiar to me. .....I just don't want people to be duped by fakes. 23 · 21 hours ago Bailey Bundy Logue Yes! I created this blog. It is ran by me! I am cliven a daughter http://bundyranch.blogspot.com/.../contact-list-attorney... 14 · 17 hours ago Bundy Ranch 21 hours ago NOBODY WAS ARRESTED! They were detained, then let go! This is good news. We will hopefully get more pictures for you soon as well as a full story as to what happened! 116Like · Comment Top CommentsSharon Kay Childers Dikeman, Marguerite Boehm, Donald J Swanson and 508 others like this. 9 Replies · 4 hours ago 8 Replies · about an hour ago View 36 more comments Jon Dyer Everyone needs to listen to the phone convo Mr Bundy had earlier. He called the local pd and they told him to "not call this number again or you will served with federal charges". The only people that will protect him, his family, and his property; are us, the people. 66 · 21 hours ago Brian Barrick Has anyone asked the Gov. to call in the National Guard to protect Nevada's citizens, land, and wildlife? 39 · 21 hours ago Bundy Ranch 22 hours ago Update: Not sure who got arrested, not so sure it is the Bundy boys. Still no news! 6Like · Comment Top CommentsMatt Bauer, Marvin Wilson, Karin Kilmer MacDonell and 80 others like this. K.e. French Our local station, KGET17, Bakersfield, CA did broadcast this story (which is not just a story, but you get the idea). This is good. 10 · 22 hours ago Bundy Ranch 22 hours ago
  • 8. Bundy Ranch | Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bundyranch[4/11/2014 5:20:09 PM] 6 Replies · 8 hours ago View 9 more comments Andrew Buck CNN is making this rancher look bad 4 · 14 hours ago Reports of a Truck of Cattle moving towards Mesquite! If anyone can take pictures please do and send them to us! Thank you! 56Like · Comment Top CommentsMatt Bauer, Wende Oppliger Haeger, Lacy Cohee and 153 others like this. 4 Replies · about an hour ago 2 Replies · 6 hours ago View 39 more comments Robert Willis Any cowboy that's worth his salt would NOT have nothing to do with this!!!! What happened to the CODE???? 69 · 22 hours ago Jake Marbach Any livestock auction that takes these cattle should be boycotted until they have to close their doors. 60 · 21 hours ago Bundy Ranch 22 hours ago We are getting reports of a "Cattle Caravan" on the Valley of Fire Rd. If you are near this location and can take pictures those are vital, do not cause any problems, still waiting to hear more about the "Arrests" 48Like · Comment Top CommentsMatt Bauer, Richard Moran, Wende Oppliger Haeger and 104 others like this. View 5 more comments Will Copper It's true no pics posted yet 3 · 22 hours ago Melinda Jackson Crosthwait http://www.8newsnow.com/.../breaking-news-blm-arrests-3... 2 · 22 hours ago Bundy Ranch 22 hours ago The rumors about 3 of the boys being arrested and some protesters as well is true for the most part, we are on standby trying to figure things out the very best we can! If you can make it to Moapa it will be for the best. Still calling, Still waiting thank you for your patience! 73Like · Comment Top CommentsSteven Hampton, Stacey Dier, Wende Oppliger Haeger and 179 others like this. 2 Replies View 24 more comments Bundy Ranch We have heard plenty of things about what is going on and we believe that these things are true. Doing our very best! 14 · 22 hours ago Marc Levine anyone out there to hook up a UStream live feed? would be a good idea, i think… #BundyRanch 28 · 22 hours ago · Edited Bundy Ranch 22 hours ago Hearing lots about people being arrested and the Militia getting involved if you have any Pictures, or factual evidence on what is happening share it with us! 30Like · Comment Top CommentsMarvin Wilson, Steven Hampton, Stacey Dier and 173 others like this. View 17 more comments Jason Judd Thats bullshit we the people get arrested for steeling from stores but yet the feds can steel this mans cows and property and get away this aint the united states no more it obama states now this impeach his ass so we can go back to normal WE HAVE NO RIGHTS GET RID OF THE TOWEL HEAD PRESIDENT he is stealing r freedom and r rights 23 · 22 hours ago Michele Saint The BLM has leased that land to oil companies. It has nothing to do with a turtle or unpaid grazing rights. 20 · 22 hours ago Bundy Ranch 23 hours ago "ALERT: We need help at the entrance to overton beach marina. Two arrested already. If you are in NV, or know somebody who is, let them know. WE NEED HELP" If you can be there, BE THERE. Stand up for what is right. Go level headed. Bundy Ranch shared a link. Yesterday Sign the petition! Stand up for what you believe to be true! https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/stop-blm-misuse- power/5WQdqZG6
  • 9. Bundy Ranch | Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bundyranch[4/11/2014 5:20:09 PM] Earlier in 2014 150Like · Comment Top CommentsMatt Bauer, Steven Hampton, Wende Oppliger Haeger and 202 others like this. View 18 more comments Hannah Holley Shared on FAR RIGHT OF LEFT AND ALL AMERICAN INFIDELS PAGES! GOD BLESS ~from Florida 6 · 23 hours ago Roy David Harris We are watching in Alabama. Wish I could be there right now. Will continue to monitor the situation. The whole nation is watching to see how this goes. Should the situation continue to escalate I will honor my oath to protect and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC! AIRBORNE!!!! 5 · 20 hours ago Ryan Coleman Was Medically Disqualified but doesn't mean I cant fire a boom stick 2 · 19 hours ago Stop the BLM misuse of power! | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government petitions.whitehouse.gov The BLM and NPS are trying to restrict our First Amendment rights, saying we have to be in certain areas. Give OUR PUBLIC land back to... 114Like · Comment · Share Top CommentsTravis Nischke, Marvin Wilson, Mary Filippini and 132 others like this. View 19 more comments Greg Clark For all the people who think this property belongs to the federal government, this is from the US Constitution and defines what land the feds are allowed to own within a state. "To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such Dist... See More 17 · 22 hours ago Michael West I spotted this a little while ago... http://m.naturalnews.com/.../044670_blm_lies_fracking... 6 · 23 hours ago · Edited Bundy Ranch Yesterday Cliven will be on Greta Van Susteren @ 4 P.M 2Like · Comment Top CommentsMarvin Wilson, Wende Oppliger Haeger, Lacy Cohee and 71 others like this. 5 Replies · about an hour ago View 6 more comments Andrew Buck CNN is making this rancher look bad 3 · 14 hours ago Suzieq Leonard I missed the interview! 2 · Yesterday at 4:15pm Eastidaho Libertarians shared a link. Yesterday This is whats it's all about.http://www.savethetrails.us/WildlandsProject.html Brad Patience Bundy Ranch Yesterday call in the militia Like · Comment · Share Top CommentsKris Cariou likes this. JulieAnn Holmes More on the way..... 1 · Yesterday at 3:28pm Jay Ronson They are already there. 3 · Yesterday at 2:52pm
  • 10. Bundy Ranch | Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bundyranch[4/11/2014 5:20:09 PM] obile Find Friends Badges People Pages Places Apps Games Music out Create Ad Create Page Developers Careers Privacy Cookies Terms Help cebook © 2014 · English (US) Save The Trails www.savethetrails.us Is a plan to rewild over 50% of America and make it off limits to humans. While this may sound too incredible to be true, aren't many of the steps already in place to make The United Nations Wildlands Project and their Agenda 21 a reality? 25Like · Comment · Share Top CommentsLarry Haney, Yasmin Dami, Michele Mikala Ross Artist and 14 others like this. View 4 more comments Chandie Morse Bartell There is an IUCN map for every state in the United States. This is known as Agenda 21, The United Nations Bio-Diversity Treaty that is quietly replacing our U.S. Constitution and private property rights. 6 · Yesterday at 4:08pm Blake Monk center of Bio-Diversity is part of this group they told the BLM they were going to sue them if they didn't get the Bundy cattle off gold Bute. 1 · 20 hours ago Jay Ronson shared a link. Yesterday BLM fracking racket exposed! Armed siege and cattle theft from Bundy ranch really about fracking... http://www.naturalnews.com/044670_BLM_lies_fracking_leases_ Bundy_ranch.html BLM fracking racket exposed! Armed siege and cattle theft from Bundy ranch really about fracking... www.naturalnews.com BLM fracking racket exposed! Armed siege and cattle theft from Bundy ranch really 52Like · Comment · Share Zeeda Andrews, Raymond Adrian III, Rick Dolan and 21 others like this. Joined Facebook Yesterday