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Momasphere Events: Niche Marketing To Moms

Momasphere Events: Niche Marketing To Moms






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  • Slide 1.  Momapshere partners with corporations, nonprofits, small business and moms to create long-lasting alliances.  A two month old organization. Our mantra, ‘whole women make whole moms,’ is committed to ‘building strong families one mom at a time’ by creating innovative programs and events for moms  without their kids- while someone else is watching them on the weekend or evening or while mommy is at work. In a few months our initiatives have been met by enthusiasm by moms and sponsors alike. We had over 14,000 hits to our website in less than 45 days, have been written up in the Daily Intel, a feature article about Melissa Lopata in Huffington Post,  calls from Time Out NY Kids has reached out to us,  working with a charity organization about fiscal sponsorship.
  • A) Mothers are often portrayed as one-dimensional stereotypes. -Their identity is oversimplified into one-dimensional stereotypes- soccer moms, new moms, etc. - Campaigns often created by people who don’t have kids. Don’t really get the nuance of living in so many worlds at once. B) The media’s Mythic Modern Mom (MMM) is virtually impossible to live up to -Mythic modern mom who has-it-all and can-do-it-all is very hard to live up to and a far cry from reality--With all the freedom, comes responsibility.  Hybrid moms, because of a changing world in so many realms- at work, at home, online- are longing for a life that provides a deeper sense of fulfillment and balance, and with so many choices, it can be overwhelming. Whether they are deluged by consumer products marketed to moms, quality of life choices, or conflicts between budget and environmental concerns,  making good choices can be very confusing….and it’s been documented that we are the decision makers , which means moms are making these kinds of choices hundreds of times a day. C) What happened to the village?- It really does ‘take a village’ and that kind of trans-generational support is gone (due to more transient communities & the nature of mommy groups).Most mom groups are baby centric (or compartmentalized by age groups) ignoring the different stages of motherhood & our core identity as women. As a result we’re like the blind leading the blind, stuck with moms in the same stage of motherhood AND we’re lonely, often cut off from our work routine and identity, unable to hang out with old friends the way we used to, scared to compare, embarrassed that we may not be getting it right…D) Many work environments are not mom friendly. - Moms know that the general lack of workplace flexibility, family leave, sick days, and affordable and high quality childcare in most companies can make work/life balance a nightmare.  Plus the fact that women are paid 77 cents to a man's dollar,3 and moms are paid just 73 cents to a man's dollar How the mommies are approached, we are them, alleviating their pain
  • Address the Whole Mom: mind body spirit Our events  stretch the mind & stir the emotions -self realization is key for modern moms- fueled by authenticity and respect, aligns with women’s honest identities, empowering, informative, thought provoking, value messaging that makes women feel smart, not cheap.Creates Advocates without a hard sell:. Our solution to the barrage of choices  is to combine valuable resources  and reliable information with relaxed comraderie with enough time & space to make unpressured,  well informed choices …and this process  naturally creates advocacy. Feeling in control of their choices help moms create clarity, and balance. We know moms relate best to personal testimonials, word of mouth recommendations, storytelling, references to stage of life as opposed to age. Foster  transgenerational relationships among mothers. This creates an automatic support system for all- mentors get to keep up with new trends  and mentees, learn from older moms. Most marketers compartmentalize moms into certain age groups, but an Intergenerational approach  is also the way for corporations reach more moms with their products. So many products ARE trans-generational, with built-in advocates  among the longer term users, who have years of experience with the products like Electrolux,  etc.Seamlessly bridge the gap between corporate agendas and moms’ needs:  There are two different types of relationships going on between moms and corporations and we bridge the gap in both cases. 1. we work with businesses to create organic, non-commercial feeling events that target mommies where they live to to talk about their products 2. Offer valuable resources and to help with corporate retention strategies for corporations . Both help moms develop positive, direct relationships with the corporations so they don’t feel exploited. Tie-In with worthy causes: Demonstrating social responsibility provides an important reason for moms to choose your product overt the competitor’s and speaks to their desire for more meaning and giving back.  So far, the proceeds from each of our events  went  to benefit  a worthy organization- Children of the City, Girls Inc. We invite representatives to bring materials, speak to the audiences and make new connections-  In some cases we also benefit from  automatic network of sponsors affiliated with the organizations
  • In two short months, we have garnered the trust and support of national and local sponsors based on our creative approach to program development-from the content to the venue and setting- and  our ability to reach moms both on and offline creating an authentic  interactive experiences.  We have brought a fresh approach to the market.  We are adept at creating win/win relationships. We pride ourselves in out-of –the box programs matched by out-of- the -box sponsorship relationships.   We had over 14,000 hits to our website in less than 60 days, have been written up in the Daily Intel, a feature article about Melissa in Huffington Post,. Time Out NY Kids has reached out to us for a meeting and we’ve met with a charity organization about fiscal sponsorship.
  • Income generating Corporate Consulting - Fiscal Sponsorship:  We’re exploring fiscal relationships with non-profit organizations to be able to offer tax benefits to our clients.  If you want to create events and affiliate yourself with a philanthropic mission, you can contract us to put together an event to benefit the charity and get a tax write-off. Working within a fiscal sponsorship agreement might allow clients to be able to create events  that not only reach their audience with a soft sell but also benefit philanthropic missions aligned with their businesses. Not-for-profit grassroots community programs that benefit women, children & family charitiesWe do these not only for community building and to enrich the moms’ lives, but was also want to increase public awareness of  the Momasphere brand. These events represent a great way for us to continue to grow our membership with ongoing, monthly fact to face events…and it insures that we always have our finger on the pulse of what’s going on for moms.
  • Customized programs for employers to offer their mom employees: Both Melissa and I have spent time in the trenches ourselves, living firsthand the lives of hard-working, corporate women and moms,  and we deeply understand what it’s like to be a working mom. We’ve often seen how working mothers tend to be judged with a different kind of scrutiny, eventually rendering them less viable because the thinking is that additional family responsibilities, naturally cut into their loyalty and dedication to the corporation This is where Momasphere helps bridge the gap. We are stepping in to offer corporations dynamic programs for their captive working mom employee audience, to help equip them with valuable information, resources and solutions to navigate this new and challenging landscape. Our programs are innovative, thoughtful and engaging, led by our expert network of vetted specialists, delivered by the employer, or sponsored by an outside corporation as a part of a retention strategy.Lead generation: This includes driving traffic to websites or events, enlisting influential moms in the community, creating blogger meet-ups , research to  create fresh, new databases of moms, use our real-time events to sign up moms for promotions, sweepstakes, memberships, connect with mom experts. Elevate you client’s products to a place where our moms feel they can relate Micro Niche Marketing: We can take niche marketing a step further to micro niche marketing to allow for greater focus on a specific trend or opportunity that might arise for a smaller, specific piece that might be harder to pinpoint in a general mom market. Micro niche marketing also accelerates relationship building because of the nature of the smaller group. Meticulously crafted curriculums, events and programs for We find new and innovative ways to execute meaningful business, concept & brand development campaigns that inspire advocacy. We recognize the importance of engaging moms and creating alliances in an intelligent way, and guiding them through with important choices….Mommy Knows best Deep Dive Sessions:, Create  fun, interactive, focus group sessions  that  allow moms to  voice their honest feedback and explore great, new products.Post-program reporting of venue and consumer qualitative feedback
  • Prospect Park West Amy Sohn reading/Richard Meier building: leverage the power of celebrity ( both Amy Sohn and Richard Meier)  & a partnership w/Corcoran Group Realty to make use of their $5MM model apts. It was also an opportunity to jump on a very local story that is going national with HBO and Sarah Jessica Parker’s Production co. An upcoming repeat event is scheduled for a Broker Open House where we can continue to leverage to Corcoran Group relationship to other upscale venues.Does This Pregnancy Make Me Look Fat?- experts and the venue selected, which was warm and cozy made a sensitive topic accessible to moms at all stages of motherhood., and the discussion was fascinating.Workshop – We are working with a variety of program developers to provide turnkey workshops recreated with the Momapshere lens, co-present with experts of ongoing workshops. For example for our upcoming writing workshop,  we worked with the  leader to craft it specifically for mom s, something she has not done before.Motherhood is the New MBA: Collaborations with targeted lists and communities. We created relationships with large community groups that each reach 2,000 members plus  in the surrounding areas and then  partnered with them to co-present  with us, in order to leverage their mailing lists. They were not involved in the program development. Lunafest: As new players in this market, aligning ourselves with well-known brands & programs has given  us status & opened doors to world-class venues.
  • In many ways our philosophies align….moms who are happy and strong will have a positive effect  on the  whole family,  which has a ripple effect  on the community, which has an impact on society and ultimately leads to a better world. Moms who are approached with respect  and are better informed feel more in control of their decisions and consequently make better choices.
  • Production, marketing, program/business development, multi-media campaigns, design, and event planning
  • What we can deliver immediately is a hard to reach demographic on a silver platter: Our demographic is educated, with income of over $100K/year, two plus kids, loyal, brand affiliated, urbane, does not read the mommy magazines, so advertisers have a harder time reaching them.

Momasphere Events: Niche Marketing To Moms Momasphere Events: Niche Marketing To Moms Presentation Transcript

  • Ellen Bari
    Melissa Lopata
    November 5, 2009
    Whole Women Make Whole Moms
    Mothers are often portrayed as one-dimensional
    The media’s Mythic Modern Mom (MMM) is impossible to live up to
    What happened to the village?
    Many societal policies & work environments are not mom-friendly
    address the whole mom: mind, body, spirit
    create advocates without a hard sell
    foster trans-generational relationships among mothers
    seamlessly bridge the gap between corporate agendas and the needs of moms
    tie-in with worthy causes
  • Some of our sponsors include:
    By a ratio of two to one, more women than men say they make most of the decisions in their households (Pew Research Center Publications, "Women Call the Shots at Home").
  • Our Two-Tiered Business Model:
    Income Generating Corporate Consulting:
    • via standard arrangement
    • via fiscal sponsorship
    Not-for-profit grassroots community
    programs that benefit women, children
    & family organizations
    Customized programs for employers to offer their mom employees
    Lead Generation
    Micro niche marketing
    Meticulously crafted curriculums, events and programs for moms (from intimate gatherings to 1,000+ multimedia efforts)
    “Mommy Knows Best” deep dive sessions
  • Case Studies:
    Prospect Park WestAmy Sohn reading/Richard Meier building: leverage the power of celebrity & a partnership w/ The Corcoran Group
    Does This Pregnancy Make Me Look Fat?- experts and the cozy space we used made the sensitive topic accessible to moms at all stages of motherhood
    Workshops - Turnkey workshops recreated with the Momasphere lens
    Motherhood is the New MBA: Collaborations with targeted lists and communities
    Lunafest: has chosen us to host it’s 2010 Women’s Film Festival (sponsored by Luna Bars). .
    *All events are cross-promoted with local businesses
  • The Momasphere Philosophy:
    We’ve been called the “smart mommy meet-up”
    Substance & self-development are the cornerstone of our programming
    A natural ability to create events that mobilize moms by fostering out of the box, cross-promotional relationships
    Transgenerational & non kid-centric
    Twenty plus years of integrated expertise
    All our programs give back to the community
    Our Process:
    Meet to review goals, audience, time frame, budget, etc.
    Research the market
    Develop and deliver proposal
    Revise or refine as needed
    Upon acceptance, work in tandem with client
    Supply progress reports
    Deliver final product/event/focus group findings/report