cu.again for media companies


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Traditional local advertising revenues are steady or in decline. CU.AGAIN is a mobile platform that represent a new local advertising revenue stream for media companies. Flip through the presentation for more details.

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cu.again for media companies

  1. 1. Sophie’s Fashion Our new Spring Collection has arrived. In store as of Saturday. Remind me Thanks cu.again Mobile CRMA new revenue opportunity for media companies targeting local businesses.
  2. 2. In a nutshellThe world is moving towards the mobile internet. In 2014, more people willaccess the internet on their mobile devices than on their desktop PC, according toGartner and Morgan Stanley.Already today, Mobile is changing how people shop. They use their mobile tolocate stores, compare prices and scan coupons.A number of companies are entering the local, mobile advertising market,targeting your clients, the local businesses. Offers such as Groupon Now, GoogleLatitude, Facebook Deals, Foursquare and 02More help local businesses acquirenew clients on smartphones.What if you could help your clients focus on customer retention and increasingrepeat visits with a mobile CRM platform you are providing?In the next few slides, we will explain how cu.again works and you’ll see howsimple it can be.
  3. 3. How does it work?It’s very simple...1. The consumers scans a barcode in store and opts in.2. From then on, he or she receives push notications from the local business on his/her smartphone.
  4. 4. Campaign Modules Deals and Discounts News Flashes Small businesses can subscribe to one or more campaign modules, allowing them to create and Reminders manage campaigns. You’ll nd examples in the next few slides. Rate and reviews Loyalty cards
  5. 5. Deals and Discounts Sophie’s Fashion Simply Catering Hairdresser Annick Every piece at 50% off Only 8 meals to go! Look good at New Year’s eve Starting this Tuesday 25% DISCOUNT Free BrushingRemind me Thanks Call? Thanks Call Thanks Announcing deals and discounts to customer base.
  6. 6. News Flashes Sophie’s Fashion Restaurant Chez Jean Devino Our new Spring Collection has Check out our New Year’s Menu 2006 Sauvignon Blanc Semillo is in arrived. 36 Euro/person 13 Euro/bottle In store as of Saturday.Remind me Thanks Look Thanks Read more Thanks Fitness Travel Travel Spinning classes Book your Summer Holiday! Last Minute to Madrid starting next week Saturday Download new destinations now 100 Euro per person (all in) Book Thanks Download Thanks Details Thanks Announcing latest news to client base.
  7. 7. Reminders Dentist Veterinarian HairdresserIt’s now 5 months since your last Your dog needs another vaccine It’s 6 weeks since your last haircut appointment shot Make a new appointment? Make a new appointment? Make a new appointment? Call Thanks Call Thanks Call Thanks Remind customers of recurring appointments (Cleaning, Beauty and wellness, dentist, vets, ... .)
  8. 8. Rate and reviewsTo increase the number of ratings and reviews on thedesktop or mobile internet, local businesses can promptconsumers to scan a QR code and LIKE them on Facebook orrate and review their shop or services.
  9. 9. Loyalty cardsIt’s a loyalty card, but on a smartphone youalways have with you.The vendor add points on the card with hissmartphone.The card also shows the vendor and thecustomer the balance and noties when it istime to redeem.
  10. 10. Who we are?Momads is a fast growing international mobile agency focused on customercentric innovation, strategy and execution.We are a strategic and development partner for companies such as Kipling,Truvo and Deloitte. For media companies such as Concentra and VMMa wecreate mobile products and tools that create new revenue streams.We are headquartered in Brussels, at the heart of Europe.