MessagingMo Ltd Solutions for Exchange Server 2007 Unified Messaging


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Exchange Server 2007 Unified Messaging Solution from MessagingMo ltd

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MessagingMo Ltd Solutions for Exchange Server 2007 Unified Messaging

  1. 1. Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Unified Messaging MessagingMo acknowledges the ownership of all trademarks and trade names used throughout this document. Document Version: 1.0
  2. 2. Why MessagingMo? MessagingMo Solutions MessagingMo have a wealth of Exchange Server experience gained during the entire lifespan of the product. Our Microsoft certified consultants are able to plan upgrades and migrations using Exchange 2007 ensuring that there is no unplanned user disruption during the process. Planning is vital to the implementation of the new features within the software. MessagingMo’s consultants - take the time to realise the full MessagingMo have Exchange Server 2007 Unified Messaging highly qualified and potential of implementing Exchange trained consultants 2007 by ensuring that all the options with a wealth of are fully explained, demonstrated and Exchange Server considered prior to any of the major experience. installation decisions being made. As detailed within this document there are many exciting and innovative enhancements which may drive an upgrade decision. MessagingMo have made a long running and significant investment in Exchange technologies, consultancy and training which can be used to ensure that your Exchange upgrade is performed successfully. Exchange 2007 Upgrade & Migration MessagingMo plan, implement and support migrations to Exchange 2007 from previous versions of Exchange Server as well as from alternative email software solutions 2
  3. 3. Email …… A Business Critical Service MessagingMo Solutions The vast majority of organisations now view their email systems as critical to their operating environment. Users of email systems expect the data held in the mailboxes and public folders to be available to them 24/7 and as a result store vital data and documents within the email environment which historically used to be located exclusively within standard network file shares. Therefore the availability of e-mail systems is absolutely key. With all of this in mind, Microsoft has redesigned their ‘Exchange Server’ product. There are now compelling reasons to consider implementing Exchange Server 2007 from all three of the major business considerations... “We can‟t afford - our Exchange Security Exchange Server 2007 Unified Messaging systems to be Availability to Users / Resilience unavailable” Return on Investment Deverill understand the importance that companies place on their Exchange email infrastructure and the implications of the service not being available. The comprehensive feature-set that is available with this latest release of Exchange Server can dramatically improve the reliability of the email and collaboration infrastructure. MessagingMo have a proven track record of implementing innovative, Design, planning secure and highly available Exchange e-mail solutions. and skilled Exchange Server 2007 has some very appealing features which will appeal implementation to the majority of organisations. This document is designed to provide an are key to the overview. realising the potentials available. 3
  4. 4. MessagingMo Solutions Redesigned Infrastructure Exchange 2007 has become a very modular system to implement. As shown in the diagram below, the design allows the separate components to be installed on different hardware thus maximising performance in environments with heavily used email architecture. - Exchange Server 2007 Unified Messaging “Mailbox sizes are becoming a real headache” This release of Exchange has a radically different design platform which allows organisations of differing sizes to select the most appropriate server and storage configuration for their particular environment. However, it is important to note that for the majority of smaller and The move to 64bit medium size organisations a single server can be used to host all the architecture will seperate internal roles. ensure performance is maximised as 64-bit architecture storage growth increases. Exchange 2007 requires a 64-bit operating system thus providing a superb platform for the predicted rises in future growth of user mailboxes sizes and use. Mail flow within The move to 64-bit also improves the Server multi-site organisations is performance and scaleability. simplified and optimised to share existing Active Directory replication connections. 4
  5. 5. Resilient Systems MessagingMo Solutions Continued access to e-mail data is vastly improved within the design of Exchange Server 2007. Replication of Exchange databases was not natively available within previous versions. Currently clustering is by far the most popular method of providing resilient systems. Whilst standard shared storage clustering is still available with Exchange 2007, there are now an additional three options available which do not rely upon a single copy of the data..... Option 1: Local Continuous Replication - The most cost effective manner to provide “I need my Exchange replicated Exchange data is to copy it to a systems to be Exchange Server 2007 Unified Messaging separate storage array on the local server. Easy available round the to configure and simple to manage ‘LCR’ makes clock” online replication easily available and affordable for business of any size. Protection from database and hardware failure is featured very Option 2: Cluster Continuous Replication prominently within This replicates the Exchange data to a separate Exchange 2007. server node creating a second copy of the data. This architecture provides resilience for the server hardware in addition to providing Standard clustering is protection for the databases. A third ‘witness’ still supported but is server is used to control the failover with MSCS. now offered alongside some alternative solutions which are Option 3: Standby Continuous Replication applicable within different environments. Standby replication is a huge leap forward in This means that all well regard to Exchange availability as it supports the designed Exchange replication to servers located anywhere within 2007 implementations the Intranet (clients environment). It is possible should now have a form to implement local Cluster replication (shown of replicated resilience above) and provide an additional layer of security in place. by implementing a remote ‘Standby’ server also. These database replication options are a major attraction for implementing Having servers Exchange 2007. It is now possible to protect your valuable email data in a hosting „live‟ standby variety of manners to suit any IT budget. versions of the The ability to provide complete site resilience by having a replicated Exchange databases server on an alternative site is also a major improvement. on separate physical sites hugely improves the Disaster Recovery options available. 5 The services offered by our IT Facilities Management Scheme provides WMS with the
  6. 6. Improved Administration MessagingMo Solutions “I‟d like to be able - to automate some of our Exchange Exchange Server 2007 Unified Messaging administrative tasks” Microsoft’s new Windows Powershell scripting language is Exchange Server 2007 introduces some brand new tools for managing the integrated into e-mail infrastructure. A redesigned graphical management console (shown Exchange 2008. All above) has been updated to be more intuitive for the user. In addition, all tasks can now be the troubleshooting and diagnostic tools have been combined into a sensibly easily scripted and laid out toolbox available from the interface. scheduled by administrators The introduction of Microsoft’s Powershell scripting language has been allowing a new completely intergrated into Exchange 2007. Every command issued through degree of control the GUI can equally be performed by using the new command line over the Exchange management shell (shown below)...... messaging infrastructure. The existing GUI interface has been overhauled to provide a more intuitive and useful management tool. Windows Powershell is completely integrated into the forthcoming Windows 2008 release. 6
  7. 7. MessagingMo Solutions Anywhere Anytime Access - “Do we need to employ a separate Exchange Server 2007 Unified Messaging Blackberry server to introduce push email?” No The latest version of Exchange Server Having easy access to email data only within the office is no longer has some really acceptable to most organisations. Indeed Microsoft has offered a growing neat remote and number of accessibility options during the recent Exchange editions. mobile access Exchange Server 2007 provides a robust and dependable set of access technologies built into the product. methods which can ensure that your critical email data is available where and when required. Mails can be ‘pushed’ out to Laptop - Outlook Anywhere (fully synchronised from anywhere) mobile devices. Mobile Devices - Push email (similar to Blackberry) Lost and stolen devices can be Internet Site Outlook Web Access - remotely ‘wiped’ to maximize security. Laptop users can access and synchronize their standard Outlook folders from virtually anywhere without requiring a separate VPN. Exchange 2007 offers the ability to have voicemail messages delivered to the users‟ e-mail inbox 7
  8. 8. MessagingMo Solutions Fully Featured Outlook Web Access Exchange provides a multitude of connection options for users over the Internet. However, one of the most popular is Outlook Web Access. This has evolved tremendously since Exchange 2000 and is now more of a reflection of the full Outlook 2007 client as seen in the screenshots below... - Exchange Server 2007 Unified Messaging “I‟d like Outlook Web Access to more closely match the features and layout of the latest outlook client” Exchange 2007 has given a whole new look and feel to its web based e-mail client. Many new It is even possible to access voicemail messages using Outlook Web Access features have been as Exchange Server 2007 can offer the ability to implement ‘Unified added including.... Messaging’ as shown below...... Search Ability Calendar Scheduling Voicemail Access Tasks Auto Complete LAN Document Access Client Type Caching It is now possible for users to access standard LAN based documents (located in a file share) through the OWA client interface. 8
  9. 9. MessagingMo Solutions Simplified Connectivity When partnered with Exchange 2007, Outlook 2007 clients can take advantage of the ‘Autodoscover’ functionality within Exchange. This requires that users only need to know their e-mail address and password in order to fully configure their Outlook client. - “Having to make Not only can this auto-configuration be remote based used to configure Outlook clients within Exchange Server 2007 Unified Messaging users come in to the LAN but the office to externally also. initially configure Clients using a and synchronize unconfigured their Outlook Outlook client clients can often across the be inconvenient” Internet can The Autodiscover have their service within connection and Exchange 2007 can configuration be a godsend in automatically being able to setup by simply entering their e-mail configure LAN and WAN based Outlook address and password when Outlook 2007 clients in the fires up. minimum possible time. Mobile devices (such as those based on the latest Windows Mobile operating system) are also supported. This results in IT administrators being able to talk users through configuring their devices quickly, easily and successfully. The services offered by our IT Facilities Management Scheme provides 9 WMS with the benefit and infrastructure of regular on-site and
  10. 10. MessagingMo Solutions Microsoft Top Ten Reasons To Upgrade 1 Lower running costs and higher availability through the new replication features. 2 Access to e-mail, voice mail, calendar and contacts from virtually anywhere at any time. 3 Integrated enterprise-class mobile messaging using push e-mail technologies. - 4 Unified Messaging capabilities. Users can access e-mail, Exchange Server 2007 Unified Messaging “WHY?” voice mail and faxes from a single accessible inbox. Each organisation has different needs, 5 Integrated anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-phishing requirements and technologies. reliance on their e- mail based systems. 6 Integrated compliance features such as retention rules, However the vast the ability to scan and act on messages in transport and majority of companies comprehensive searching. would agree that their e-mail is becoming 7 Rich Outlook Web Access experience. The Outlook 2007 more business critical as its use increases. like interface has some major improvements including the ability to navigate to file shares not held within the The ongoing exchange environment. development of the Exchange product ensures that users of 8 Newly designed administration GUI, command line 2007 can assure their management shell, diagnostics and troubleshooting user base of a stable, tools. speedy, resilient and feature rich e-mail 9 Easier and more modular deployment and management environment. architecture. MessagingMo would highly recommend a 10 Optimized for future growth. As a native 64-bit review of the e-mail application Exchange 2007 does not suffer from previous systems in place for hardware and performance limitations. every organisation in order to evaluate the possible advantages that would come with Exchange 2007. An informed business decision could then be made. 10