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  • 1. Violence rages in Syria despite high-level diplomacy By Molly Vora Period 6
  • 2. Conflict in Syria Protests began on March 15, 2011 Began in Daraa with the arrest of 15 children By April 2011 protests all over Syria April 25, 2011 government launched a siege on major cities (Daraa and Homs) Government tortures protestors
  • 3. What sort of country is Syria? Government: Republic under an authoritarian regime Current President: Bashar al-Assad Has been in power since 2000 Inherited the control of Syria after his father died  Population: 22 million people
  • 4. What do the protestors want? Initially: Basic reforms, more freedoms, a multi-party political system Now: The al-Assad regime out and true democratic elections Opposition groups are not united Protestors are unarmed
  • 5. How is the government responding? New constitution offering multi-party election Regime is slaughtering civilians to wipe out everyone who is not loyal to Assad Brutal crackdown There is international pressure Many Western countries have imposed sanctions Assad refuses to step down
  • 6. The revolution Three main groups: Syrian National Council (SNC) National Co-ordination Committee (NCC) Free Syrian Army 9,000 dead 30,000 neighboring countries Thousands have been arrested U.N. Security Council has failed to agree on a resolution
  • 7. Currently Violence in the areas of Homs, Idlib, the Damascus, and Deir Ezzor Syrian Army has blockaded many cities By April 10th, President Assad promises the U.N. it will pull forces out of cities and not use weapons (Cease fire) Government is lying Tanks are entering cities still
  • 8. Future of Syria Peaceful solution seems unlikely Military intervention Big Civil War Diplomatic approaches  not effective Eventual collapse of Syrias currency  regime will die If Assad steps down transitional government before elections Why we care? Assad supports terrorist groups and allows them to cross into into Iraq.
  • 9. Thank you for listening!