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  2. 2. Q1 In what ways does your media use, develop or challenge forms of real media products? during the production and making of my music video I came across many different aspects that could be challenged or incorporated into my final piece. We researched different conventions of other music videos and researched facts, figures, and products that we could potentially take ideas from. When looking through this research we decided to look at certain aspects to make it easier for us to pick out key ideas and themes. These were:  Certain links between the visual context and the lyrics of the songs  Direct links between the music and the visual context  Conventions of the pop genre (special effects,  Different gazes used within the music video (male / female gaze or other views)  How the artist is portrayed to their target audience?  Performance / Narrative / Concept based music videos Throughout our research we found many examples of these concepts and saw a correlation of the same ideas in different pop music videos. From our research we ensured that we incorporated these into our video to ensure that the product we offer is of the same quality as established artists.
  3. 3. Certain links between the visual context and the lyrics of theQ1 songs The video that we thought really highlighted the lyrics running parallel to the visual context was Pixie Lott – Its all about tonight. We came across this video during our initial research of pop artists, which we recognised the pattern between certain shots and the lyrics. Before the lyrics in the song even begin, we see shots of her that suggests she is going on a night out. Images such as her looking into the camera with heavy eye make up and the city mis en scene suggests a party lifestyle. The song begins with ‘I bought a new pair of shoes’ and the shot is of her walking in heels, her bare leg is showing to suggest that she is on an night out. This shot brings energy as the beat of the song matches up with her walk. Having a link between the audio and visual not only helps push the narrative forward but also enables the viewers to have a personal invitation into the video, by understanding exactly what the artist means. This is something that is used consistently throughout many pop videos, so it was something that I used within my pop music video; you will see the following examples
  4. 4. Certain links between the visual context and the lyrics of the songs “ After acknowledging the clear links between the audio and visual context, I was adamant that I would fit the conventions of the pop genre, this is made clear within the first few shots. The lyrics of the song are ‘But I gotta let it go’ and during the course of this line the images flick from the young girl walking alone, to them as a couple and then back to her being alone to symbolize her ‘letting’ go. The blink effect used in the video gives the impression of her remembering what happened when they were together and ends when she is alone. The clothing she is wearing when with her boyfriend is different to that when she is alone which suggests that this was a different time.Here is another example of where we linked the lyricswith the visual, the lyrics of the song were ‘As yourshadow crosses mine’. We begun with a shadow in theright and using cross dissolve transitions used threeshots to show it crossing over the artist“As your shadow crosses mine”
  5. 5. Direct links with the music and visualThroughout the music video I tried to incorporate a lot of shots that are synced with thelyrics of the songs. This is something that is used a lot in our music video as it allows theaudience to recognize the narrative using the lyrics of the song. Here you can see the young girl at a party with a strobe light on her face. The constant flashing images and sunglasses show that she is having a good time and living her life. This shot is shown at two different times. The lyrics of these times are ‘Shine a light on an open door’, having a light on her face during this line really interacts the video with the music, and links with the lyrics. The following lyric it appears with is ‘ What it takes to come alive’. The shot is shown throughout this lyric being sung as it shows a party lifestyle, as if the young girl is coming ‘alive’ The second shot is shown during the words ‘We found love in a hopeless place’ – the arguments symbolize the hopeless place that they are surrounded by,
  6. 6. Direct links with the music and visualsThe link between the music and the visuals is not as apparent as that between the lyrics andthe visuals. It was not until I had researched previous artists did I recognize that there it iscommonly used throughout the pop genre and this is when I truly understood the effect that itcan have. I specifically remember recognizing it in the video Neyo – So sick. Neyo is aconventional pop artist and opens his video with shots of mountains in a split screen, andthroughout the video the top and bottom section is continuously travelling through themountains. Personally I think that the mountains represent the loneliness and isolation thatNeyo is feeling during the separation of his girlfriend, the endless mountains symbolize hisendless sadness. The cold weather could also represent his cold feelings towards theirrelationship and Neyo continuously writes songs regarding love so it could show his truefeelings. - Neyo: one in a million - Neyo: Mad - Neyo: Closer - Neyo: Sexy LoveThis I found really interesting as I gathered that it is not only important to expressthe meaning of the song but to also express the meaning of the artist, in doing sopeople will recognize songs with certain artists. There are contextual meaningsbehind each shot rather than just imaging lyrics, this really develops the narrativewithin the music video..
  7. 7. Direct links with the music and the visualThese links are first recognized in our music video when Jayme-Lee and herboyfriend are playing in the park, and they are spinning around, the shots areedited to sync the music and represent the rushing heartbeat. The rushing of herheart is because she is with her boyfriend and in love, the flutter of her stomachand the increased heart rate are all symptoms of Love and this is why the shotsare synced to the music.The representation of a heart beat isimportant to give the message that thereis love between them, this recurring beat 1 2gives an exciting feel that gives theaudience the suspense for the final beat.The music drops and the bass kicks inafter this shot and this consistent beat islike a drum roll and leaves the audienceexcited to move onto the next shots.However these shots are very fast 3 4moving and the audience could find itdifficult to keep up with. The link betweenthe music and the visual may not be asdirect as hoped and this could have beenimproved on.
  8. 8. Direct links with music and visualThere are a number of different shots that link with the music being played, it was importantthat this was recognized in my initial research as this helps the reader recognize thenarrative and really shows what the music is really about. After understanding the links between the music and the visual we really tried to put this into our music video as this is what drives the narrative forward. Shot number one is a shot of her and her boyfriend lying down, cuddling and smiling in the middle of a free. This setting shows that they are both free, representing their love. The next shots are of the young girl running around in the field, representing their freedom and the life that they have between them as a couple. This then is contradicted when we begin to see the arguments between the couple. These shots show the up and down relationship that they have, one shot they are so in love and the next they are fighting and arguing. All of these shots link closely with the music and this is important as it is these shots that develop the narrative. Without the shots of us arguing the audience would never have known that it is a love and hate relationship. By developing this we are giving the audience the chance to relate to the music video. From our initial research I learnt that having a link between the music and the visuals gives a video that easy-to-watch
  9. 9. Conventions of the Pop GenreWhen our group begun its research intothe different conventions within the popgenre, we came across many similarhappenings throughout a wide variety ofmusic videos. We mainly wanted tofocus on clothing and appearance as wellas looking at the setting of the videos. Ihad many discussions with my group todiscuss the ‘look’ that our pop artistwould be going for. Rather than use theidealistic conventions of provocative andedgy clothing, we decided to challengethis convention by using quite simplestyles. Wearing jeans, converse andbaggy jumpers. We wanted to challengethis convention to observe whether or notwe could make it a successful pop musicvideo without the lack of clothing.
  10. 10. Conventions of the Pop Genre – Performance, Concept or Narrative based.I tried to incorporate all three different concepts into our music videos. After watching anumber of pop music videos I realized that they are mainly Performance and narrativebased, as the artist is trying to tell a story through the acting and performance. In a lot ofpop videos the artist sings directly to the camera for example in Pixie Lott’s – All abouttonight, roughly 95% of shots are narrative or performance based. We decided to use thisin our music video and primarily use narrative and performance shots, Our video is mainlynarrative however includes many shots that are performance based. The reason behind thenarrative shots was to tell the story to the audience, it was important that we got ournarrative across and I do not believe this would have been done by mostly performanceand conceptual shots. We did, however, want to include at least one conceptual shot andthis was done through the use of tic tacs imaging drugs, we used the ‘drug’ scene, whichwe found very difficult to film, what we achieved was not as realistic as we had hoped for and this is something that if given more time, wewould re-film and perhaps change the conceptual shot.
  11. 11. Special Effects – Split screenAfter looking at a number of videos we saw the regularuse of the split screen effect. This is something that Ireally wanted to incorporate into our video as it hadbeen done by many artists and can deepen thenarrative for the audience. An example of a good use ofsplit screen is in Destiny’s Child – Emotions, whereeach split screen depicts his other life, as the narrativecontinues we then begin to see the destruction of eachlife in the different thirds of the screen. This use of splitscreen really shows the different points of view, whichis what we wanted to show.However we incurred a problem during the editing ofour film, out of all our group there was nobody whowas familiar to Final Cut Pro, the editing softwarethat enables us to have this effect, although mydecision would have been to continue with final cutpro, where eventually we would have familiarizeourselves with the software, a group decision meantthat we changed to iMovie 09, this software doesnot allow ‘split screen’ but instead can only place ashot on to another shot, which ended up looking likea box in the corner of the screen. Due to lack of timewe had to continue with iMovie 09 and instead ofusing this convention we challenged it and put across dissolve effect to obtain a close effect as splitscreen, we lengthened out the shots so that theyoverlap each other, giving a dream effect.
  12. 12. Special Effects – Reverse and Speed effects Another effect that I was very keen to use was changing the speed and the reversal of shots. This I thought would be a successful way to sync the beat of the song with the shots being played, we successfully included this into our video in two different places. What I did was copy and past the shot so that the same shot is being played over again. Every other shot was then ‘reversed’ and the speed was fastened. When looking at other pop music videos, we looked at ‘Usher – Climax’ as I had heard that there were a lot of shots“Going nowhere fast” been adjusted. This shot is of Usher and a female kissing, it is shown where speed had during the lyrics ‘Going nowhere fast’. The speed of this shot has been adjusted to give the song a build up and to match with the lyrics, The audience can instantly tell that the speed has been adjusted as the movements that they make are not possible, it gives the effect of a complete build up and adds energy to the other shots. This effect was used to give the impression that she is picking the leaves off the flower, a typical shot where the young girl says ‘Love me, Love me not’ which links with the narrative of the story Using this effect not only helped me with the editing and syncing the shots with the music but it also creates an energy that interacts with the audience and keeps them entertained. The shot was made to represent a heartbeat as it is synced with the music. When shown, a number of people have said that this was very successful and they enjoyed it. Therefore by including these effects we have successfully used this particular convention of a pop music video.
  13. 13. Special Effects – Point of view Another technique that is regularly used throughout a lot of pop videos, is to regularly change the point of view. The camera is wobbly and gives the effect of a handheld camera, this is used to show another persons point of view and the environment around them using a handheld camera. One music that I particularly noticed this effect is One direction – You don’t know your beautiful. Having shots like this in a pop video help tell the narrative, and make the video more personal by interacting with the audience. Here we used similar shots however have also developed them by adding a reverse effect. By doing this we are interacting with the audience and giving them an insight to the actual song and the point of view of the person holding the camera. As there are only ever 2 characters in the music video we assume that it is her boyfriend filming, this gives the effect of a ‘home video’ and a more personal touch compared to an ordinary acting shot. I think that we successfully managed to incorporate this into our video as it definitely gave the effect of a home video, and in doing so we made this more interactive and put across the boyfriends point of view.
  14. 14. Special effects- Cross dissolve After researching cross dissolve effects in popular music videos, I recognized that this was a popular convention used within the Pop genre, Here are a few examples of pop artists that use cross dissolve. Cheryl Cole – Fight for This Love Justin Bieber ft Chris Brown – Next to YouRihanna – Where have you been
  15. 15. Special effects – Cross dissolve During our research we encountered many pop videos that use a cross dissolve effect that allows the audience to see two shots at once, this evidence is shown on my blog. These shots give the impression of 2 points of view, they can see the transition clearly and this makes it aesthetically pleasing. We included a fire shot that cross dissolved into a shadow. This special effect was done using a deodorant canister and a lighter.We tried to include a lot of these effects as we only hadthe iMovie 09 software to use that limited our use ofspecial effects. By including many of these I thought that itmay look better even without the use of Final Cut Pro.Successfully we managed to include many cross dissolveeffects by layering the transition onto the shot andlengthening the transition to make it last longer. We crossdissolved three continuous shots to make it seem as sheis looking back on a bad memory, we then added an effecton the shot to further imprint the memory effect. You cansee from the images that the transition rolls over 3different shots, the lighting is dark to represent a ‘dark’time however I think that it could have been improved withbetter camera quality and lighting.
  16. 16. Different gazes and how they are represented to their target audienceThere are many examples that show the differentgazes, both the male gaze and the female gaze.The likes of Justin Bieber use the female gaze tohis advantage and sell records. He knows histarget audience is young women who adore himand therefore plays on this by making videos ofhim looking into the camera, holding eye contactwith the person watching the video. Other Artistssuch as Rihanna use their body and image to sellrecords, the male and female gaze is used inmany of Rihanna videos as ‘Men want her andWomen want to be her’. She uses explicit scenesand dresses provocatively to catch the audiencesattention. Here we tried to change her image compared to the rest of the video to make her seem more ‘sexy’. We wanted to attract the male gaze within the video as well as the digipak. I believe we achieved this as she is wearing little shorts and a small top which is similar to that of Rihanna. We used this particular convention of her videos, as Rihanna is a sex symbol and obviously works well.
  17. 17. How effective is the combination of your main product and your ancillary texts ?Photo insert (folds in and out)
  18. 18. Combination of my main product and ancillary textsFrom the initial stage of being told what our task was for the year, ourfirst reactions were what song are we going to choose? What genre?What themes shall we portray, once we had chosen on a certain genrewe then narrowed down different songs that we thought would workwell with a video of our own. We decided that love would be the bestthing to depict through a narrative, and therefore came to our decisionof We Found Love by Rihanna as this was in the charts at the time .When we first looked at the song we thought that the song was purelymade to show a narrative, we thought that Rihanna may have justmade up a story to fit with the lyrics of the song.After researching potential reasons behind, I came across an interviewwhich I posted on my blog, this interview is Rihanna revealing that thereasons behind the video was in fact to teach young women of lifelessons. As the video focuses on substance abuse and the youngcouple spiralling out of control, She quoted in this interview "One of the “One of thebig things for me, I always want to help young women and give them big things forinsight into life experiences” she goes on to mention her abusiverelationship with singer Chris Brown, she wants to give something me, I alwaysback and try and prevent others from being in the same situation. want to help young women and giveI t seemed as though according to our research, that we had judgedRihanna’s intentions when creating this video, and rather creating them insightsomething that is seen as sexually explicit and inappropriate she had into lifetouched on a much greater subject. We therefore decided that we experiences”wanted to continue with this aspect and include the themes that shewanted to target in the original
  19. 19. Combination of my main product and ancillaryAfter we came to the conclusion that we were going to continue the idea offocusing on substance abuse and an up and down relationship we looked at a lotof Rihannas other videos, I recognized that there is a large involvement of loveand hate with –take a bow – unfaithful – hate that I love you. This would matchperfectly with our love and hate theme, therefore we decided to change Rihannasalbum name from ‘LOUD’ to ‘Addictive’ to further imprint the idea of substanceabuse and an addictive love. This ‘Addictive’ love is what the single is about, werun through topics of abuse, happiness, substances and really show therelationship go from being good to being bad. First of all we looked at different digipak of pop artists and all noticed that they included a colour scheme, we then decided to continue our colour scheme that sprung from our research, the idea of black white and red. We wanted the digipak to include both sides to Jayme-Lee, the pop star side and the edgy side – just like Rihanna, by including a simplistic front cover and back cover of her smoking. According to YouTube statistics the most popular target audience is ages13-17 in females and ages 18-24 in both men and women. We wanted to use this convention and develop it into re branding Rihannas song so that it appeals for just the older audience, rather than the young. This then rebrands Jayme-Lee’s image into an older and more ‘edgy’ artist that can dive into more serious topics without having to be aware of her younger audience. From the statistics below you can see that the younger generation are still interested however the large decrease in numbers suggests that we have developed the convention successfully.
  20. 20. Combination of main product and ancillary textsFrom our research we finalized on the decision to include red throughout the video and thedigipak. There are a lot of similarities between each ancillary text.• All sections of the Digipak include red e.g. On the back cover Jayme-Lee has red lipstickon and the track titles are in red. On the front cover Photoshop was used to highlight Jayme-Lee’s lips against a black and white background, as well as the name of the album in red.The ticket to enter the competition also had a red, black and white theme which was runthroughout the ancillary.•Both on the back and front the writing is red•Pictures throughout have been edited to brighten the picture and make the colours lookmore dramatic. •Pictures have not been repeated and the outfits in each picture are different •Casual theme throughout, as if she has signed the album. Jayme-Lee on the front cover is put with a kiss to make it more personal and the ticket entry says ‘Lots of Love’ as if it is a personal greeting from the artist directly •From our research we recognized that the majority of pop digipaks that we analysed were close up shots that really show the detail. Therefore we took a close up picture of the young girl, and used a similar picture in the insert.
  21. 21. Combination of main product and ancillary task Something which could have been linked more effectively was the Single name and the album cover, many album covers mention the most popular single on the album and we could have put ‘featuring the hit single We Found Love’ however we looked at a number of different pop album covers and found this not to be a convention of the pop genre and so therefore did not put this forward. By following the conventions of the pop genre we were making our product as successful as possible and ensured that we fit our genre. We linked the competition entry to the album cover as we thought that this could potentially entice fans into buying the album. Something which we did however fail to mention was the freepost envelope, we also did not arrange other methods of entry as many people would ignore the ticket if it means sending it off. In today’s generation with the online age many people prefer to enter competitions over the internet as they cannot incur charges and find it a lot less hassle doing this with the click of a button.
  22. 22. Combination of main product and ancillary textsI wanted to include the themes of our video into our digipak, and so therefore continuedthe colour scheme of dark blacks and browns mixed with red. There are scenes withinthe video that have a lot of colourful visual, a lot of red is used throughout the video andthis was put into the digipak to link the two together. The red scenes are always during the performance based aspects of the video and this is to really highlight the link between our main product and our ancillary texts. Red is a very seductive colour and is normally associated with lust and fire, its important to understand this when we consider the idea of increasing the age of Jayme-Lee’s target audience. We wanted to link this adult and seductive look with the branding of her album and album cover, we included red and dark colours throughout the music video and then further onto the digipak. It gives the idea of a more adult feel and pushes it away from the younger target audience. We tried to include dark scenes during the down times within the relationship however the colour scheme did not always match because certain things were not red. E.g. Pink dressing gown. This link could have been initiated within the music video a bit more to really link the two.
  23. 23. What have you learnt from your audience feedback? 5 others like this After we had the final version of our video we posted it to facebook to get as many peoples opinions on it as possible, we posted it and received 19 likes altogether, thus being very proud of this and we received good feedback overall even though we had specifically asked for a critical analysis. Comments that we received were positive and gave us some good feedback. We posted it to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter in order to get a lot of different opinions. ‘Bath and pushing scene could be bit longer’‘I like how you used the flashlight’ ‘this is so good’
  24. 24. What have you learnt from your audience feedback? The feedback we received from twitter was astonishing, after posting the video we received a retweet and a reply within 5 minutes. It is important to link every media platform with our product as this is how things get recognized. Twitter is the fastest way of communication with over 140 million ‘tweeters’. The vast amount of users and fast interaction levels allow a lot of things to be spread very quickly which is why my video was noticed in such a short space of time. It was pleasing to see that people were retweeting it for their followers to see, this means that they enjoyed it enough to showcase the videoFrom our audience feedback through twitter and themselvesfacebook we learnt that there wasnt much we neededto change as they said they enjoyed it, however littleshots such as the bath shot and the fighting shot willbe lengthened and tweaked to ensure everybody is 182kept happy and that we listen to our audience. If weignored our feedback then we would not knowwhether or not our final product would be a success,having the opportunity to broadcast a lengthy videowith such ease makes it a lot easier for more peopleto view it. Our YouTube channel to date has one
  25. 25. What have you learnt from your audience feedback?On the 19th April our media group attended a showcase that involved different mediastudents, and their families. As a class we put together a group of questions which wereasked to the audience (including friends and family). We then evaluated the answers andput together a table that listed the answers, overall we received some really goodfeedback and took comments on board to improve on our video.1) Did you think the choice of settings in the video were appropriate? On this question we received different feedback, one audience member stated Sort of need more repetition however another person stated that it was too repetitive. Its difficult to analyse when you have comments that contradict each other. Other people said yes, yes it worked good, yes because they are varied. Overall a positive view for this question.2) How successful was the video in satisfying the conventions of the genre? There was a lot of positive feedback from this question, as you can see from the table below. We had to make sure that every part of our video matched the conventions of the pop genre, our digipak follows the conventions and to make our video follow we looked at different artists that are involved in the pop industry, we particularly looked at Rihannas other pop videos in order to develop a sense of her pop style. We got comments such as very typical pop video very successful in showing the genre’ and ‘the pop genre would be lucky to have this video. In terms of the editing we had different views one viewer stated lip syncing was great however another person said that the timing of the lip syncing could be improved, however after going through the video on a high speed computer it matched will and was synced in time with the song. We believe that the reason behind the poor lip syncing during the showcase was the slow speed cables and the connection. Our video kept buffering and took some time to load. Viewers particularly enjoyed the spotlight shot and stated that these really satisfied the conventions of a pop video.
  26. 26. What have you learnt from your audience feedback?3)|Editing - how successful is the editing?again this question linked with the above so the feedback that we recieved was verysimilar, stating good shots / sound linked with lip syncing and very good.4)Cinematography - How successful were the choice of camera angles and movement?The camera angles we used were very similar to those used in other pop videos, we tookideas from some and put them all together to create our video. We recieved some positivefeedback for this question, 100% of people thought that the camera angles matched the musicvideo however, one responder quoted some repetitive shots. However from our research onprevious pop music videos, they incur a lot of recurring shots here is an example Here you can see that at two different times, one at 1.51 and the other at 2.14, they both use the same shot, I found it a bit of trouble to get the 1.58 2.14 exact shot however this was as close as possible. If Justin Bieber a Known pop artist can use the same shots then I am sure Jayme-Lee can. However maybe we could have varied the shots a bit more 5) Did the narrative of the music video suit the themes of the song overall? Some people decided that the narrative of the music video did suit the song, however others thought that some ideas crossed over, other people thought of it as a replica of Rihannas previous video, even though the only similar shot was in the skate park, this was to remain contextual to the music video. Altogether most of the feedback received was positive.
  27. 27. What did you learn from your audience feedback?After our showcase we didnt have a lot of time to drastically change any of the editing,therefore using our audience feedback we came up with a list of scenes that werementioned in the feedback. We looked at the feedback and analysed what could betweaked or improved without drastically changing the video. Some shots were Could improve on slightly too lip syncing It was a very repetitive typical pop video What we will change? From our showcase we learnt that the majority of -Make the bath scene longer people did enjoy our video and did not give us any - Improve the lip syncing criticism however we also acknowledged the -Try and delete repetitive comments that did advise us on what needs to be shots changed: Because of the timescale involved we decided that we would not make any drastic changes - Shot where she is banging but try to tweak bits here and there to make our video on the door needs to be one more appealing and more successful. shot as you can see the difference in lighting.
  28. 28. What did you learn from your audience feedback? During the production of our digipak we begun researching different fonts and styles and considering different pictures we could potentially use, we thought it was important to get the right picture as this is what would depict the entire album and the song choice. The video is hidden behind this album cover so we thought it would be important to listen to the feedback that we received from family/friends and our A2 media class.Our target audience suggested that the firstimage that we thought of would not besuitable as this does not suit the black,white and red theme and they said althoughit is a good picture because the lighting isgood that we should reconsider our albumcover. We then sat and took more pictureswith a basic background. We then edited thelips so that it does fit the colour scheme,and we then chose image number 2 as outfinal picture.
  29. 29. What did you learn from your audience feedback? I have run through the post production feedback that was carried out however we also conducted pre production research, which came in the form of a questionnaire. We conducted a questionnaire to first back up our initial thoughts on our genre of music and our decisions This is the questionnaire that I initially created before producing our video we found out that 80% of people asked were aged 18-24 and a further 20% were aged 25-34, this gives us the idea to push Jayme-Lees image away from one that is appealing to those under 18s. We could consider re branding her image to use the female and male gaze. 50% of people said that they preferred pop music, 30% indie and 20% rock. So therefore by looking at this we are certain that creating a pop music video was the best decision. ‘What do you think makes a music video appealing’ was one of the most interesting questions to use, a lot of people said that bright colours, flashing lights and appealing people all make a music videoFrom our pre production appealing. It is important to remember your target audience andresearch we were include things that people want.confident of our choice of 100% of people said that colours were important and they also saidgenre and decided that that it is important to get the right colours, to use colours that standduring the production of out rather than ones that dissolve into the background.our video we were going nearly 80% of people asked said that Love was the most popularto include different topic of a pop music video, considering the likes of Justin Bieber andlighting and colours to Rihanna. 20 % also said that fun and partying was the next bestappeal to our target narrative for a pop music video.audience.
  30. 30. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?Blogger Throughout the process of our final A Level year we used a blog to track and keep up to date with work. In our previous year we simply printed out our research on A4 pages, very few pieces of research were done and compared to this year I found it quite daunting. When the year began it was hard to grasp the layout and format of the blog, which is why not many posts were posted in the early stages of the year. However as the year went on I got the hang of it and ended up using embed codes, html formats and different layouts to depict the format that I wanted. The best thing that i found with the blogger was -Interaction with people that are not bias towards you -Have access to other peoples pages all over the world - My blog has so far had audiences from all over the world from Russia to the United StatesHaving a blog makes life a lot simpler as it allows all ourresearch and planning and evaluation stages to all be completeat one place. On the blog you can label everything which groupsit together and makes it a lot easier to view and navigate around.The layout of your blog can be adapted according to the lookthat you want to go for.I used the blog to not only put my research on but to also embedYouTube videos that allowed my whole group to access, thisinteractivity is what helped me with lots of different and variedposts.
  31. 31. How did you use media technologies in the construction andresearch, planning and evaluation stages?Number of page views I The labelscurrently have on my allow easy This is the videoblog, shows my navigation bar that showsinteraction and the around my recent and popularinterest of other people. blog YouTube videos.
  32. 32. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? Here is an embedded YouTube video, the video is of Michael Wesch’s Web 2.0I have also used an online presentation software to create my presentation forweb 2.0, I think this is a great way to show Web 2.0, the interaction with this website is allbecause of Web 2.0. I also embedded a YouTube video into the presentation which furtherimprints the idea of interaction within websites. Using the website helped me createpresentations online, it makes it a lot easier and already has set formats. The disadvantageto this website is that it makes you develop a full and detailed presentation, for one that issimple it is near impossible to use. You are unable to embed the presentation withoutcompleting all the stages. This makes it very time consuming, and unable to use if you onlyhave a simple presentation.I was however impressed on the level of interaction compared to Microsoft presentationsoftware, it enabled me to upload a YouTube video which enhanced the interaction evenmore.
  33. 33. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?During our research we used YouTube to look at a variety of different music videos thathelped us to decide on a certain genre. Once we had begun the construction of our video welooked at the original and thought what we could do differently. YouTube statistics allowed usto conduct secondary research about the target audience of the original Rihanna video. Thestatistics showed that At the beginning of the year I did not know the extent tha YouTube could do., the statistics channel of each YouTube video enable the viewer to see the amount of views and the whereabouts of this view, this was used during the production as this is something that we used t challenge the conventions of Jayme-Lee’s image. We used YouTube statistics to back up our idea of pushing Jayme-Lee’s image away from the younger generation. YouTube also helped during our initial research as it linked similar videos with others, which gave us a much wider range to look at and potentially use.
  34. 34. How did you use media technologies in the construction andresearch, planning and evaluation stages?Another technology that I used throughout the developmentof our Digipak was an app called Instagram. Instagram is anapp that edits photos by clicking a button. It gives youdifferent effects that you can wash the photo with, you cancrop, flip, rotate or edit the contrast and saturation.Instagram is similar to twitter however rather than ‘tweeting’you upload pictures and can follow people all over theworld, the more likes you get on your photos the morepopular you profile will be. Instagram encourages a ‘citizen This picture wasphotographer’ nowadays you do not have to own an edited usingamazing camera to take amazing photos, an iphone Instagram, manycamera and a good app will give you some of the highest of the pictures inquality pictures. our digipak were edited using Instagram
  35. 35. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?Throughout the development and the production of my music video we usedthe software iMovie 09 rather than final cut pro as my group found this a loteasier to use. The downfall to this software was the limited effects that wecould use and I personally would have preferred to have edited on Final CutPro as it ended up being me that edited anyway. This is an example of iMovie 09, we used this software to include effects such as ‘cross dissolve’ and added transitions to create a blink effect. This is shown when she is walking on her own and the effect is used to show her moving further away from the camera
  36. 36. Sony BloggieWe also used a digital camera and video camera to put together allour shots, the sony bloggie I will list the advantages anddisadvantages to the camera that we usedAdvantages-Lightweight and therefore is portable, and easy when travelling todifferent locations-Uncomplicated and easy to use even without reading the manual,this is good as I am not very literate with manuals.-Negatives- Image quality was quite poor and was quite blurry at times-The lightweight camera did not give it stability and thereforemaintaining a still shot was quite difficultEven though we changed the settings to the highest quality and 24optical zoom we still found the images grainy and unclear, in certainlights the camera would not function and we found this quite difficultto work with.
  37. 37. All in all my media experience was a good one, I learnt so much about newand different ways to publish texts, I learnt about how to embed codes usinghtml which was something very alien to me at first. Regarding the filming, welearnt how to stabilize an image and understood which lighting is best to use.If I could change certain aspects of my production then it would be• Edit on Final Cut Pro to include effects that make the video look moreprofessional•Re film certain scenes•Put me behind the camera rather than in front