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Dragonslayer weekly update_12_jan_12

  1. 1. DRAGONSLAYER WEEKLY UPDATE January 12, 2012 5-5 AIR DEFENSE ARTILLERY FACEBOOK PAGEAlpha Battery Update: Jan.17, 6 p.m., FRG Meeting at North Fort Chapel.Roxanne.Goins@us.army.milwith childcare requests.Bravo Battery FRG Meeting: Jan. 17, 6 p.m., at the Battery Conference Room, COFDelta Detachment Update:Jan. 25 Potluck and meeting, Detachment Conference room at COF1. THUNDERBOLT READINESS BOOT CAMP, JAN. 23, North Fort Chapel, 8:30-2:30 PM. Choose four classes from over 20! Families welcome, and encouraged to attend! Entertaining, interesting, and timely classes available to help keep our Soldiers and Families resilient. Details and registration instructions: https://einvitations.afit.edu/ThunderboltFamilyReadiness/anim.cfm2. FREE TAX FILING SERVICES FOR MILITARY FAMILIES Military OneSource (www.MilitaryOneSource.com for first time use, Military is user name, onesource is password) will once again offer free tax filing software to eligible service members and families through the H&R Block at Home® Basic service. The program provides free access to a customized version of the basic H&R Block at Home® electronic tax filing product. This customized product allows for free federal filing and free state filing (up to three states). In addition, free telephonic tax consultations are available to help with tax related issues. Please check the Military OneSource website for the release date. Please wait for the service to launch before you access your H&R Block at Home® Basic account. This will prevent any applicable charges being applied to your account when preparing to file your return. The free offer is only valid through the Military OneSource website.3. Applications for the 2012 SCHOLARSHIPS FOR MILITARY CHILDREN PROGRAM are available at commissaries worldwide as well as online at www.militaryscholar.org. To be eligible for a scholarship, the student must be a dependent, unmarried child, no older than 21 – or 23, if enrolled as a full-time student at a college or university – of a service member on active duty, reservist, guardsman, retiree, or survivor of a military member who died while on active duty or survivor of a retiree. Eligibility is determined using the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) database. Applicants should ensure that they, as well as their sponsor, are enrolled in the DEERS database and have a current military ID card. The applicant must also plan to attend or already attend an accredited college or university, full time, in the fall of 2012 or be enrolled in a program of studies designed to transfer directly into a four-year program.APPLICATION CLOSES FEB. 24.
  2. 2. 4. JOB FAIR , February 17, 2012 (Friday), from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the ACS Annex, Building 2166, Joint Base Lewis-McChord (on Lewis-Main) on the Corner of S.12th Street & Liggett Avenue. There will be SEVERAL EMPLOYERS with JOB OPENINGS IN AREA! For further information please contact theEmployment Readiness Program at (253) 966-8325.5. You are invited to BE A MEMBER OF THE JOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD MILITARY SPOUSE CAREER COMMITTEE. We‘d like you to assist in guiding the Employment Readiness Program by letting us know what we can do to assist Military Spouses to get paying jobs. Some of the employment experiences that you think we should know can help us. We will meet four times a year, for about an hour, in the Employment Readiness Program client center. Next meeting is currently scheduled for 25 January, 2012 from 1:00 pm to 2:00pm. Please let me know if you would like to be a member of the Career Committee for 2012. Email is the easiest way to let me know you‘d like to be a member. Steven.Wegley@conus.army.mil6. A RESIDENTIAL ENERGY AUDIT, with building science diagnostics (blower-door home depressurization and thermal imaging) normally costs about $450. Thurston Energy buys the cost of the audit down by 40% to $195 throughout Thurston County and in Lacey the city is contributing in another $100 for its residents to bring the cost of the energy audit down to only $95 for homeowners in Lacey, WA. We‘ve found that folks that go through the process and do upgrades can save on average between 15% - 20% on their energy bill. We‘ve been doing this for about 21 months, so we‘re nearing the end of our two year grant for cost buy-down. We‘re trying to reach out to as many local groups as possible in the next few weeks before the end of January. Please share with your Thurston county Military Families. Contact Joshua Cummings, Thurston Energy, 360-754-6320, Josh@ThurstonEnergy.org Thurston Energy (www.ThurstonEnergy.org) is a program of the non-profit Thurston Economic Development Council. It is federally funded by ARRA (American Recovery & Reinvestment Act) from the US Dept of Energy through the WA Dept of Commerce and administered by WSU Energy Extension. They have used much of their $1 million, two-year grant to buy-down the cost of energy evaluations for homes and businesses and then act as the honest advisor for the customer in what energy upgrades they should do first to get the most bang for their buck. They have a list of local approved contractors to recommend to customers or you‘re welcome to do the upgrades.7. THE MILITARY CHILD OF THE YEAR AWARD This award recognizes military children who stand out among their peers in their community. Ideal candidates for the Military Child of the Year Award demonstrate resilience and strength of character, and thrive in the face of the challenges of military life. They demonstrate leadership within their families and within their communities. The award will be given to an outstanding military child from each branch of service – Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. If you know a terrific military kid (and we know you do), please nominate them Military Child of the Year for this prestigious award.8. CARE FAIR If you like to be pampered, plan to spend the day at the free 2012 Operation Care Fair, Sat., Feb. 18 at McChord Club/Community Center, bldg. 700. More information to come on the JBLMmwr.com website.
  3. 3. 9. KEYS TO SUCCESS Preparing 9th and 10th Grade Students and Families for a Lifetime of Success Saturday, February 25, 2012at Evergreen Elementary, JBLM from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. There will be a 8:15 am bus pick-up at Clover Park High School and Lakes High School. Buses will return by 2:15pm. Those families living on base do not have to ride the bus.Parents/Guardians and Students are Invited. Free information preparing you for a lifetime of academic and social achievement. Students and parents will be able to participate in the following academic or social/emotional awareness workshops: • Bullying Prevention • Homework Help/Study Skills • Healthy Relationships • Brain Development • Parent to Parent Resources • Tackling Math • Advocating for Child‘s Education • Interpreting Test Scores (MAPs, PSAT, ACT) There will be numerous community resources on site. Space is limited. You must register to attend. Complete a registration form and return by February 15 to the main office at your school or the School Liaison office on JBLM. If you have any questions, contact: Lakes High School, Mr. Scher (360) 239- 7284; Clover Park High School, Ms. Garraway (253) 310-2386; JBLM School Liaison Office, Antoinette Walker (253) 967-7195.10. JOBS FOR MILITARY SPOUSES through Heroes at Home 2! Current opportunities with businesses in Pierce and Thurston counties include: Network Administrator, Pierce County; Inside Sales Representative, Pierce County; Telemarketer/Researcher, Pierce County; Physical Therapy Receptionist, Thurston County; Apprentice Optician, Thurston County; Ophthalmic Technician, Thurston County. For more information, call (253) 966-7366 or stop by Stone Education Center.11. MILITARY AND FAMILY LIFE CONSULTANTS (MFLCs) are licensed professionals who provide situational, problem-solving consultations anonymously and confidentially. No written records are kept, and it is free to military and Family members. Sue Dickson, the 17th Fires Brigade MFLC, has an office inside the brigade‘s new building on North Fort, Room 235. Phone: 253-363-6974 or 253-495-8425. In addition, two consultants work with Child, Youth and School Services and can be reached at (253) 677- 3883.12. EKNOWLEDGE DONATES $200 SAT AND ACT TEST PREP PROGRAMS TO MILITARY FAMILIES. Available to all service members, including members of the Reserves, Active Duty, and their families this offer is made possible because of donations from NFL/MLB players. This program has been extended to military Families and veterans for a sixth consecutive year through the eKnowledge Sponsorship Alliance, NFL and MLB players, and over fifty other organizations. Military personnel can obtain SAT and ACT PowerPreptm programs at cost ($13.84 to $72.00). The retail value of these programs is $199.99 to $599.00. The SAT and ACT PowerPrep programs are available as a DVD-ROM set and/or books.To order a copy of the program visit www.eknowledge.com/militaryhomefront13. MASSAGE THERAPY Say goodbye to pain and stress with a professional massage therapy session at JBLM. Choose a total back treatment, deep tissue, relaxation, steam facial massage, pregnancy massage, and more. Make an appointment with one of our licensed massage therapists at one of two locations: JBLM 253-224-1110 (at one of the Sports and Fitness centers) or McChord Field Fitness Annex, 206-396- 1467.
  4. 4. 14. USED CAR “LEMON-AID” The McChord Field Auto Center‘s new service helps your used car purchase decision by thoroughly checking out a used car before you buy it. Know what you‘re getting, don‘t get stuck with a lemon. $35 fee, call 253-982-7226 to make an appointment Wednesday through Saturday.15. PWOC- Protestant Women of the ChapelPWOC Facebook Page for all the latest information. They also have a night bible study that will meet on Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at the North Fort Chapel. FREE onsite childcare available to children registered with CYSS. CHRISTIAN MILITARY WIVES WEBSITE- http://wivesinbloom.com/16. JOIN THE LEWIS COMMUNITY SPOUSES CLUB- Want to meet new people, or get involved more? Join the Lewis Community Spouse‘s Club. This organization is open to ALL ranks and holds monthly luncheons and events. Visit their website for the events calendar, and more information. You can join the club right online!http://jblmlcsc.org/17. LEISURE TRAVEL SERVICES discount deals. www.JBLMMWR.com, click on ―Recreation‖, then ―Price List‖, then ―Travel Page‖ for exclusive deals and packages. 253-967-3085/2050 for help and information. LTS is located inside the AFC Arena, building 2275, Liggett Avenue. Open Saturdays.18. WEAR BLUE: RUN TO REMEMBER RUNNING CLUB- Each Saturday, "Wear Blue: Run to Remember" meets at Powderworks Park in DuPont, WA, at 9 a.m., to serve as a living memorial to fallen Service Members. Names of Fallen Warriors from JBLM are read out loud before each run. You can run/walk a 5K or 10K course each Saturday, and support Spouses of Fallen Warriors. For more information please visit their website at http://www.wearblueruntoremember.org/19. RENT MCCHORD THEATER FOR PARTIES Looking for a fun and unique place to hold a birthday party or a unit function? Rent the McChord Field Movie Theater! Entertain your guests with a DVD from the theater list, decorate the lobby and bring in your own food and cake. For an additional fee, guests can pick up popcorn and soda from the concession stand. For more information or to schedule a party, call the McChord Community Center at 253-982-0718/0719.20. JANUARY FOCUS Magazine online FOCUS MAGAZINE: www.jblmmwr.com/focus.html21. PASSPORT TO WELLNESS This Health Promotion & Wellness Event (now through March 30) ties the Five Pillars of Wellness (physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and family) together. The Wellness Services from the Air Force and Army have joined together with MWR to provide all ID card holders with an opportunity to increase their awareness of our programs, classes, agencies and activities at JBLM. To begin your journey stop by the Health Promotion and Wellness Centers to register and pick up your "Passport to Wellness". The passports are available at the following locations: McChord Field HAWC - BLDG 726 (Fitness Center Annex) Health Promotion & Wellness Service - Currently Located At North JBLM at Wilson Gym. Starting December we will move back to Jensen Gym, JBLM Main - BLDG 2022. For further information you can call 253-966-3757 or 982-0531.Each agency will stamp your passport after you participate in their activity. Afteryou receive the stamps you will be eligible to pick up various prizes. For example: 10 Visits & Participation /Stamps = Bronze Level prizes 20 Visits & Participation /Stamps = Silver Level prizes 40 Visits & Participation /Stamps = Gold Level prizesWhen you complete your passport with 40 stamps, Turn it in to a Wellness Center and your passport will beput into our raffle for our Grand Prizes! The Grand Prizes that have been donated by MWR include:
  5. 5. one night at Whistler, B.C. one night at Vancouver, B.C. passes to the "Hands on Childrens Museum" in Olympia free triathlon registrations weekend cabin on American Lake event entries and more!Prizes can be redeemed at the above listed Wellness Centers. http://www.mamc.amedd.army.mil/Wellpp/22. LAST DAY FOR SOLDIER SHOW 2012 NOMINATIONSSunday, Jan 20, 2012. The last day you can nominate a performer or technician for the 2012 U.S. Army Soldier Show. Call 253-967-5636 for more information23. CALENDAR The following holidays and days of no scheduled activities are planned:• Jan 13, DONSA • Jan 16 MLK Holiday • Feb 17 DONSA • Feb 20 President‘s Day Holiday •24. Information on the REDUX RETIRED PAY PLAN is available in the Career Status Bonus/REDUX Soldier Information section at: http://www.armyg1.army.mil/rso/PreRetirement.asp25. RETIREMENT RESOURCES FOR SOLDIERSSoldiers and Families making financial decisions for approaching retirement have help available to them in-person and online. At every major Army installation, a full-time retirement services officer (RSO) supports both retiring and retired Soldiers and Families of the active and reserve components. The Army G-1s Retirement Services homepage offers 24/7 online support, at: http://www.armyg1.army.mil/rso/26. Puget Sound Naval Shipyard & Intermediate Maintenance Facility is offering a FREE APPLICATION AND SKILLS BUILDER WORKSHOP. If you would like to work for the second largest industrial employer in the state of Washington please attend the workshop. If your Math and English is a little rusty no problem, the workshop will help you improve your Math and English skills. Drop-in applications will be accepted at the workshop and resume building help will be provided from 9am to 2pm. The Math and English Improving Workshop times will be at: Accuplacer English: Accuplacer Math 10:00am – 10:50am 10:00am – 10:50am 11:00am – 11:50am 11:00am – 11:50am The workshop will be held Saturday, January 14, 2012 9:00am to 2:00pm at St. John Transformation Ministries International 2001 South J Street, Tacoma, WA 98404 (Adjacent to St Joseph Hospital). Bring family and friends, for questions or more information please call (360) 340-7319. GET OUT OF THE BARRACKS/HOUSE27. WARRIOR ZONE GRAND OPENINGFriday, Jan 27,at the corner of D St & 17th St.Come to the Warrior Zone Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting! Ribbon Cutting takes place at 2 p.m. and the Party starts at 3 p.m. Giveaways, DJ, BOSS Patio Bash, Free food sampling of menu items, Pool & Gaming (MW3 & League of Legends) Tournaments, Door Prizes & more! Located next to Wilson Sports& Fitness Center. The Warrior Zone has everything a service member could want in a recreational facility — gaming, Internet, movies, billiards, snack bar, patio and more. For ages 18 and older, the Warrior Zone houses game stations with 55-inch hi-definition monitors for console gaming, Xbox and PS3 stations that are Internet- ready and LAN-connected for casual play tourneys and challenges, Alienware gaming computers (with the latest games), computers to surf the Internet, WiFi and more. Relax with a game of pool — there are eight tables — or in front of one of many flat-screen TVs throughout the facility. A patio with fire pit and barbecues provides an outdoor setting for your get-togethers. A snack bar offers a variety of food and beverages, including beer. Locally roasted Battle Bean Coffee is proudly served at the Warrior Zone. The Warrior Zone is home to the Better Opportunities for Single Service Members (B.O.S.S.) program. To learn more about how you can get involved with BOSS and give back to the community, call 253-967-5636.
  6. 6. 28. SUNDAY FOOTBALL 9:30am – 9:00pm Heroes Lounge at Cascade Community Center (map) every Sunday up to the Big Game from 9:30 am-Close. Watch all the NFL games on eleven 42" hi-def plasma screens!! Heroes Lounge is located on Lewis Main, corner of Division and Bitar in back of Cascade Community Center.29. KEEP YOUR WINTER GOLF GAME SHARP Enter the Red T Tournament, Sat., Jan. 21 at Whispering Firs. Cost is $10 a golfer plus greens fees (Military month of Jan, $10 greens, guests, $18). Play is strike, gross, and net. Tee time is 8 a.m. 253-982-4927.30. SAY „I LIKE PIE‟ AND GET FREE BOWLINGWho doesn‘t like pie? Monday, Jan. 23, is I Like Pie Day! Any adult or child who says ‗I Like Pie‘ at the front desk of any CYSS facility gets a pass for a free game of bowling at Bowl Arena Lanes at Lewis, or Sounders Lanes at McChord Field.31. TEXAS HOLD „EM McChord Community Center (bldg 700 near main gate), Sat., Jan. 28. Check-in 1 p.m., play starts 1:30. Entry includes a light buffet, and prizes include a gift card for first-, second-, and third- place winners. A pay-as-you-go bar is available. For more info call 253-982-0718/0719.32. MURDER MYSTERY CASTING CALL Looking for 20-30 people, 18 and older, to put on a ―Who-dunnit‖ mystery. Auditions Feb. 7, Rehearsal Feb. 7-11, Show Feb. 12. For details call the Nelson Rec Center, 253-967-2539.33. MYSTERY DINNER THEATER Sat., Feb. 11, Nelson Rec Center. Murder 101, an Interactive Comedy Murder Mystery, is set at a high school class reunion of a closing high school. Details and tickets, call 253- 967-2539.34. ADULT SWIM LESSONS are available at Keeler Pool on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-6 PM. We advertise them as free 30 minute sessions on a drop in basis so there is no need to sign up for a formal class. Questions please call 253-967-6652.35. KEELER POOL (Old MAMC): Phone 253-967-6652 BLDG 9993 brian.sweetmanjr@us.army.milbill.hickey@us.army.mil Monday & Wednesday 0500-0900 Military Training 0900-1000 Warrior Transition Battalion 1000-1200 Military Training 1200-1300 Fitness Training & Lap swim 1300-1600 Military Training 1600-1800 Fitness Training & Lap swim 1800-1930 Lewis-McChord Youth Swim Team 1930-2200 Scuba/Kayak Tuesday & Thursday 0500-0900 Military Training 0900-1000 Warrior Transition Battalion (Thursday Military Training) 1000-1200 Military Training 1200-1300 Fitness Training & Lap swim 1300-1600 MAMC Physical Therapy 1600-1800 Adult Swim Lessons and Fitness Training/Lap Swimming 1800-1930 Lewis-McChord Youth Swim Team 1930-2200 Scuba/Kayak Friday 0500-1200 Military Training 1200-1300 Fitness Training & Lap swim 1300-1600 Military Training 1930-2200 Scuba/Kayak KEELER POOL CLOSED SATURDAY, SUNDAY AND HOLIDAYS
  7. 7. 36. THUNDER ALLEY makes Friday night fun Sounders Lanes on McChord Field features Thunder Alley with black lights and music from 8–midnight every Friday. Just $9.95 a bowler gets you up to three hours of bowling. To reserve your lane, call 253-982-5954.37. BOWL on Mondays at Bowl Arena Lanes (Lewis Main) and Wednesdays at Sounders Lanes (McChord Field) for $1.50. 11 a.m.–9 p.m. Each game is $1.50, shoe rental is $1.50, and select menu items are $1.50 each, such as fries, pizza, soda and drafts. Pitchers cost only $6.50. Additionally, at Bowl Arena Lanes, seniors and retirees pay only 75¢ a game on Mondays.38. VOLUNTEER FOR ―QUILTS FOR KIDS‖ to make comfort quilts for children having difficulties with parents‘ deployments. THURSDAYS, 4:30–6:30PM Grandstaff Library Bldg. 2109, 10th & Pendleton. For more information, call 253-966-1320 or email lewisdmwrflls@conus.army.mil.39. COACH A YOUTH TEAM TO VICTORY The Youth Sports Office is always looking for volunteers interested in coaching a variety of youth sports teams. Share your love of the game, experience, and skills with JBLM youth-athletes. Promotion points can be earned. For more information, call the Youth Sports Office, 967-2405.40. DESIGNATED DRIVER (DD) PROGRAM: VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!! This is an easy way to get hours for volunteering. It starts from 2100 – 0300 every Friday and Saturday. If this program isn‘t used, then it will disappear. If you want to volunteer, sign up at your BOSS board or at the Nelson Recreation Center. Plus, you get free bowling all night. To contact the DD van, call 253-208-9169. It will soon be able to accommodate off post as well.41. WHAT IS B.O.S.S.? Almost all of you know that BOSS (Better Opportunity for Single Soldiers) is a program that is set up for Single Soldiers to have activities that you can enjoy and volunteer for to get out into your community. SOLDIERS AND SOLDIER‘S IDEAS ARE THE PROGRAM! You can improve the program by just bringing your thoughts to the table. BOSS wants to know what you think would be fun and exciting. You can now follow the events that BOSS is holding by texting ―FOLLOW JBLMBOSS‖ to 40404. You will receive messages about what events are going on. You could also have the chance to receive free tickets or other cool stuff. Battalion BOSS rep is Jessica Culver: JessicaCulver44@yahoo.com42. MOUNT BACHELOR SKI WEEKENDJan 13 – 16, Spend Martin Luther King Jr. weekend at one of the largest resorts in North America. Mount Bachelor offers skiers, snowboarders and Nordic skiers great conditions, plenty of snow, big terrain and short lift lines. It features four different terrain parks, an Olympic- sized super pipe, plus hills and trails for tubing, snowshoeing and dog sledding. Trip includes three nights of lodging, transportation and gear. Lift tickets are not included but can be purchased at the mountain. The trip is Friday, Jan. 13 through Monday, Jan. 16. ($550 for single occupancy; double occupancy: $375 each; three to a room: $315 each; four to a room: $285 each) Preregistration is required for all trips; prices and schedule subject to change without notice. Register through WebTrac at https://webtrac.mwr.army.mil/w ebtrac/jblmrectrac.html or at the Northwest Adventure Center at Lewis North. Trip pick up locations are the NAC and/or McChord Field‘s Adventures Unlimited. Group rates/private trips available. For more information, call 253-967-6263.43. TUBING AT PARADISE Sunday, Jan 15, travel to the tubing hill at the Paradise Lodge on Mount Rainier for a great day in the snow. Dress warmly and get ready to go for a wild ride. Fun for all ages! ($35; ages 6–12: $25; ages 0–5: $5) Preregistration is required for all trips r through WebTrac at https://webtrac .mwr.army.mil/webtrac/jblmrectrac.htmlor at the Northwest Adventure Center at Lewis North. For more information, call 253-967-6263.
  8. 8. 44. BUNGEE JUMPINGSaturday, Jan 21, Head to the base of Mount St. Helens to bungee jump off the highest bungee bridge in the country! A full 20 stories high, the spectacular private bridge is nestled in an emerald forest above a sparkling river. If adrenaline is what you crave, you won‘t be disappointed Saturday, Jan. 21. Fee includes two jumps and the coveted Dangerous Sports Club T-shirt. Minimum weight: 90 lbs. ($125) Preregistration is required through WebTrac at https://webtrac.mwr.army.mil/w ebtrac/jblmrectrac.html or at the Northwest Adventure Center at Lewis North. For more information, call 253-967-6263.45. HORSEBACK RIDING Saturday, Jan 21, 2012, Head to Elbe, a town on the outskirts of Mount Rainier National Park, for a two-hour guided afternoon horseback ride Saturday, Jan. 21. No experience is necessary; minimum age: 7 ($80) Preregistration is required through WebTrac at https://webtrac .mwr.army.mil/webtrac/jblmrectrac.html or at the Northwest Adventure Center at Lewis North. For more information, call 253-967-6263.46. MOONLIGHT SNOWSHOE GOLD CREEK PONDSaturday, Jan 21, Snowshoe by the light of the moon Saturday, Jan. 21. Gear, guide and instruction are provided. Minimum age: 12 ($35) Preregistration is required through WebTrac at https://webtrac.mwr.army.mil/webtrac/jblmrectrac.html or at the Northwest Adventure Center at Lewis North. For more information, call 253-967-626347. Every month the FISHER HOUSE has a wish list that includes the Top 3 and other currently needed items for the house. If you are interested in donating any of these items please contact the Fisher House to set up a drop off time. Thank you for your support!December 2011http://fortlewisfisherhouse.org/support/donations/wishlist/  Current “Top 3″ Needs: o 1 lb. bags of sugar o Large plastic food storage containers o Toilet bowl cleaner  Items we are Always in Need of: Toilet Paper Paper Towels Napkins Bottled water Snacks (individual packages) Juice boxes Shower curtain liners Febreze All purpose cleaner Swiffer mop pads (dry and wet) Laundry detergent (HE only) Laundry softener (HE only) Dryer sheets Dishwasher detergent Garbage bags (all sizes) Ziplock bags (all sizes) Fresh fruit Fresh vegetables Visit our Target Online wishlist: http://www.target.com/ot/list/3MppmsAuhLygST6COXUhSg48. THE FISHER HOUSE is supported by wonderful people who volunteer their time and talents! If you are interested in volunteering for the Fisher House please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 253-964-9283 ext 10 or flfhvolcoord@aol.com. Current volunteer opportunities can be found and applied for through the VMIS website. Click here for current open positions.
  9. 9. 49. Are you looking for a playground on JBLM Main? Look no further....Thanks to your ICE recommendations for improvement the JBLM MAIN LODGE PLAYGROUND (RAINIER INN) is now available for children of parents that aren‘t guests at the Lodge. A key to access the playground can be checked out at the front desk and conveniently returned to the key box located at the playground entrance. The playground offers a covered, fun, enclosed, centralized area on Main post for children 5-12 years of age to play. Adult Supervision is required.50. OUTDOOR RECREATION Rent all the snow gear you need for winter fun on your own, or sign up for some of our January and February trips to the mountains51. RUN LIKE A GRRRL is an all levels, womens-only running group in Olympia, Washington. We are grrrl runners that come together to share stories, dreams, and love of the open road and trail. All women (all ages, all skill levels) are welcome. Weekly Grrrls Social Run Wednesday nights, 5:30PM. We meet at the Olympia Farmers Market stage. Three and five mile options. Stroller and dog (on a leash) friendly. No boys allowed!52. CARE FAIR If you like to be pampered, plan to spend the day at the free 2012 Operation Care Fair, Sat., Feb. 18 at McChord Club/Community Center, bldg. 700. More information to come on the JBLMmwr.com website.
  10. 10. 53.54. Preregistration is required for all trips; prices and schedule subject to change without notice. Register through WebTrac (visit JBLMmwr.com) or at the Northwest Adventure Center at Lewis North. Trip pick-up locations are the NAC and McChordField‘s Adventures Unlimited. Group rates/private trips available. We‘ll visit FRG meetings or unit functions. KIDS55. THE MILITARY CHILD OF THE YEAR AWARD This award recognizes military children who stand out among their peers in their community. Ideal candidates for the Military Child of the Year Award demonstrate resilience and strength of character, and thrive in the face of the challenges of military life. They demonstrate leadership within their families and within their communities. The award will be given to an outstanding military child from each branch of service – Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. If you know a terrific military kid (and we know you do), please nominate them Military Child of the Year for this prestigious award.
  11. 11. 56. MILITARY TEENS FREE TRIPS Washington State University, Chelan County Extension and the staff at both Mission and Stevens are offering multiple opportunities this winter for you to spend a day ―on us‖ at one of these world class resorts. Transportation to and from the resort is provided at ―No Charge‖ ($25 registration fee) along with your choice of equipment, (skis or snowboard) including a free lesson to learn how to use the equipment or to improve your skills, a full day lift ticket pass and if this wasn‘t enough we are even including a free ―hot lunch‖ as well. You can contact Kevin C. Powers, for further information and to register at kcpowers@wsu.edu, WSU Chelan County Extension, 400 Washington Street, Wenatchee, WA 98801, 509-667-6540 or find us on the web at: http://county.wsu.edu/chelan- douglas/youth/youth/mtac/Pages/index.aspx Sign-ups are under way now for January camps with more dates to follow in February and March.Click on Trip Name below for further details ACTIVITY/CAMP NAME DATE(s)Skiing/Snowboarding: Mission Ridge 28 January 2012Skiing/Snowboarding: Stevens Pass 29 January 2012Overnight Skiing/Snowboarding Adventure 11-12 February 2012Skiing/Snowboarding: Stevens Pass 26 February 2012Overnight Skiing/Snowboarding Adventure 3-4 March 2012Skiing/Snowboarding: Stevens Pass 24 March 2012Deschutes River Rafting Trip 9-14, April, 201257. RED CROSS BABYSITTING CERTIFICATION CLASS for Military Youth ages 11 & up. Jan. 28 or March 17, Camp Murray, Bldg # 3, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. $15 fee. Workshop will prepare youth for situations that may arise while caring for younger children. Class will cover responsibilities and skills required of a safe babysitter, supervision and play with children of various ages, basic child care, basic first aid, safety precautions, accident prevention, and critical emergency action skills. Red Cross certification available upon completion of course. MUST PROVIDE YOUR OWN SACK LUNCH. To register and for more information: Robbin Seeberger, 253-512-7985 or Robbin.Seeberger@us.army.mil.58. EKNOWLEDGE DONATES $200 SAT AND ACT TEST PREP PROGRAMS TO MILITARY FAMILIES. Available to all service members, including members of the Reserves, Active Duty, and their families this offer is made possible because of donations from NFL/MLB players. This program has been extended to military Families and veterans for a sixth consecutive year through the eKnowledge Sponsorship Alliance, NFL and MLB players, and over fifty other organizations. Military personnel can obtain SAT and ACT PowerPreptm programs at cost ($13.84 to $72.00). The retail value of these programs is $199.99 to $599.00. The SAT and ACT PowerPrep programs are available as a DVD-ROM set and/or books. To order a copy of the program visit www.eknowledge.com/militaryhomefront59. I LOVE FASHION/TEEN ZONESat, January 21, 5:30pm – 8:00pm, Teen Zone Fashion Show/Swagger contest on January 21 from 5:30 to 8 p.m. at the Teen Zone. Music and runway show. Contestants will be judged on clothes and their walk. Registration deadline is January 17. Ages 12 - 18 yrs. Must be registered with CYSS to participate. For additional information call 253-967-4441.60. FREE PARENT CLASSES AT RAINDROPS &RAINBOWSBring your children to learn and play — you‘ll both love story time, crafts and more. Stop by Bldg. 8197 American Lake Avenue on Lewis North and check out the classes below (call 253-966-4802 for details; no CYSS registration required except for infant massage):
  12. 12. 61. The CHILDREN‟S MUSEUM OF TACOMA has Free admission between 10 am-7 pm, the first Friday (Feb.3) of each month.62. BABYSITTER LOCATOR WEBSITE- Through a partnership with DOD, Sittercity.com offers a free membership ($140 value) for military personnel. This site gives you access to babysitters, nannies, housekeepers, pet care, tutors, senior care. You can access background checks, references, provider profiles, and reviews from other military parents on this site. To take advantage of this wonderful offer visit www.sittercity.com/dod63. EDGE - TEEN FITNESS PROGRAM Teens are invited to get in shape with the Youth Fitness Program at Wilson Sports & Fitness Center. You‘ll work out under the supervision of a CYS Services trainer, ensuring your workout will be safe and smart. Monday-Friday, 3-7 PM and Sat. 10 AM-2 PM. Register TODAY to meet your trainer. The following is needed to participate: • Register with CYS Services • Onsite fitness assessment with parent/guardian present • Proper workout attire • Ages 13–15 CYS Services registration is FREE! Simply bring DoD ID, sports physical, shot record and info for three local emergency contacts to a Parent Central Services location (Bldg. 2295 at Lewis Main or Bldg. 100 at McChord Field). For details, call 253-966-CYSS.64. ADVENTURE CAMPS: Over 1700 military teens (14–18 years old) will have an opportunity to participate (at little to no cost) in adventure camps scheduled through April, 2012.http://militaryfamilies.extension.org/military-teen-adventure-camps(See Ski trip above)
  13. 13. 65. CROSS COUNTRY sign up Jan 24- Feb 15, $15, ages 8-15 years.66. ESCAPE ZONE hours The Escape Zone at McChord Field is extending its hours to Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to noon. The Escape Zone offers a place to parents and their children 5 and younger to learn and play together. The Escape Zone is in Building 841 on Fairway Road. For information, call 982- 8590/2695.67. The JBLM FOSTER PARENT RECRUITMENT PROJECT is a group that has formed on JBLM to address the needs of military foster children. The group is helping advertise the need for military-connected foster homes, both on the installation and in the surrounding communities. Interested families can get licensed if they plan to remain in the JBLM area for as little as one year. By choosing to become a foster parent, they can help these children to live in the familiar military environment, continue to attend their home school and continue their medical care at from Madigan Healthcare System. For more information on this initiative, or to receive information on how to become a licensed foster parent, please contact Sandi Vest at the CAFAC at Sandra.vest@us.army.mil.68. JBLM- CYSS CLARKMOOR HOURLY CARE CENTER OPERATING HOURS : Mon 0730-1800 Tues 0730-2100 Wed 0730-1800 Thurs 0730-1800 Fri 0730-2200 Sat 0900-1700 EFMP52. EFMP RESILIENCY WORKSHOP “Effectively Communicating your EFM Needs‖ Jan. 26, by Michele Gross, RN and EFM Parent &“Financial Fitness‖ by Mary Cron, ACS Financial Readiness at Cascade Training Annex, 2400 Bitar Ave, JBLM Lewis Main. Limit of 50 – RSVP Required – 253-967-9705.53. WINTER SNOWBALL DANCE SOCIAL Sat., Feb. 25, 7-9 PM. Enjoy your favorite dance tunes, contests, and light snacks with friends and Family. Four Chaplains Memorial Chapel, Bldg. 9120, Jackson Ave & Transmission Line Rd. All EFMP registered Families invited, one guest per Family member is permitted, All children must be accompanied by an adult. Nancy Dozier, 253-967-9705 for more information. Facebook.com/EFMPjblm.54. 16th January – EFMP Office Closed55. MILITARY CHILD EDUCATION COALITION WORKSHOP:Jan. 19, EFMP is excited to host monthly workshops presented by the Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC). ACS Classroom in Waller Hall (Bldg 2140, Lewis Main); the teen workshop is from 9:30-10:30 and the school-age workshop is from 10:45-11:45. If you have any questions, please contact us at jblmimcomdfmwrefmp@conus.army.mil.56. EFMP PLAYGROUP Jan. 25, 10-11:00 a.m., Raindrops & Rainbows, Bldg. 2197, American Lake Ave, JBLM Lewis-North.69. EFMP COFFEE GROUP The EFMP Coffee Group will meet Feb. 14, 10am, at the Lewis Main Battle Bean inside the AFC Skate Arena (bldg 2275, Liggett Ave.) : Meet other adult EFMs or caregivers of EFMs for coffee, friends, and discussionthe second Tuesday of every month, 10 AM, at the Lewis Main Battle Bean. Call 253-967-3553 for more information; no RSVP required.
  14. 14. 70. SENSORY-FRIENDLY MOVIE, Jan. 21: Join EFMP for a sensory-friendly movie at the McChord Theater, Bldg. 700. inside Club, Barnes Blvd. Open to everyone. Sensory friendly movies are not as loud, nor as dark. FREE. Sensory friendly movies are shown every 3rd Saturday of the month.For more information, call 253-982-2695.71. If you would like to join our EFMP e-mail distribution list, please e- mailjblmimcomdfmrwefmp@conus.army.mil.72. SPECIAL FAMILIES OF PIERCE COUNTY, Meet first Monday of the month. POC: Angela Fish SpecialFamiliesPC@gmail.com or 253-830-4368. Facebook http://www.Facebook.com/SpecialFamiliesPC .73. Please contact JBLM EFMP at jblmimcomdfmrwefmp@conus.army.mil if any of the EFMP contacts above do not respond within 2 business days TRAINING ANDCLASSES74. SPOUSE RESILIENCY ACADEMYTuesday, Jan. 17, 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m. at the ACS Annex, 2166 Liggett Avenue. Classes are designed to help strengthen the resiliency of our Spouses by teaching them to look within themselves in order to learn to grow and thrive in the face of challenges and bounce back from adversity. Resilience starts at home and in a networked community that cares. The Spouse Resiliency Academy is strengthening that network. To RSVP please email lisa.l.evergin@us.army.mil.75. EBOOK BASICS BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! You asked, and it‘s back! The eBook Basics program is back at JBLM libraries — just in time for you to learn more about that eBook reader you received during the holidays. The McChord Library will host eBook Basics Saturday, Jan. 14 and the Grandstaff Library will host the seminar Saturday, Jan. 28; both are at 1:30 p.m. Bring your eReader and computer cable to class. For more information, call McChord Library at 253-982-3454 orGrandstaff Library at 253-967-5889.76. INCOME TAX RETURN BASICSWed, January 18, 11:30am – 1:30pm, at ACS, Waller Hall. For additional information or to register for class call 253-967-1453. Learn the ins and outs of filing your tax return. Everything from the forms you will use to filing requirements to exemptions and deductions are explained and discussed.
  15. 15. 77. PRE-DEPLOYMENT WORKSHOP Tuesday, 17 January 2012 18:00 until 19:30 at the ACS Annex- 2166 Liggett Rd (across from Waller Hall) Discuss budgeting, emotions, preparing children and assisting them with deployment, Red Cross, Care Teams and much more78. TUESDAY TOPICS, RELATIONSHIP WORKSHOP SERIES Presented by the Child and Family Assistance Center (CAFAC) Every Tuesday from 2:00pm to 3:30pm – CAFAC Conference Room, bldg 9923B, room 108, Madigan Annex, Ramp 3, across the hall from 9923A. Watch for signs! No need to register, just show up. Casual atmosphere. WORKSHOP TOPICS: What makes a marriage work and what shuts it down? A detailed look at communication. Are you misinterpreted, stuck and misunderstood? Do you need a referee? ―Here we go again...‖ (sound familiar?) How to identify ―dead end‖ or destructive patterns.How to have meaningful connections with your spouse. January 10, 2012 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm. Anatomy of the stress response. What is going on in my brain and how does it affect my relationship? Has deployment stress affected your relationship? Have you forgotten how to be a couple? Do you live in emotional extremes . . . shut down or chronically angry? Understanding the effects of chronic stress on. . . your brain, body, emotions and thoughts. January 17, 2012 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm. Emotional competency.The best tool for anger management /conflict resolution and emotional closeness. Do you avoid or deny the way you feel? Do you tell everybody you are ―fine‖ when you are not? Do you over or under react? Do you push each other‘s buttons?Understand your emotions. Be able to watch and label them. Increase positive emotional experience. Develop coping skills so your emotions are in your control and not controlling you. January 24, 2012 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm. What does my family have to do with us?A look at family history and gender roles. Does your past effect your present? How our childhood families affect beliefs, values, expectations and the partners we pick. Understanding the role of attachment in childhood and adulthood. Building your family genogram to map your relationship patterns. January 31, 2012 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm. Soldiers E5 and below can receive childcare voucher to attend with their Spouse. Register hourly childcare by calling 253-966-CYSS and receive voucher after class.79. FOOD HANDLER COURSE First Tuesday/Month 1900-2000 Third Tuesday/Month 1600-1700 POC: Carol Elliot 253-968-4331. 1 Hour Classes given by Environmental Health. This Installation certificate is valid for one year. Each volunteer must have a certificate for all FRG fund raising involving food sales, even if you are not directly handling the food. Held at Old Madigan, Ramp 2, RM 9911C. Directions to Food Handler Course classroom: o From Exit 122 (Madigan Gate) take a left onto Wilson (the street across from Madigan Nursing tower that has the stop light) o Left onto Madigan Bypass o Right onto McKinley o Right onto E. Johnson Street o On your left you will see a parking lot. Park there. o Look for the building with RAMP 2 next to the door o Go through the door and down the hallway to Classroom 9911C (follow signs).
  16. 16. 80. FAMILY WELCOME BRIEF/What to do the first week of arrival- Every Tuesday 1100 – 1130 Join us in Bldg. 2026D Waller Hall conference room, from 11 to 11:30 a.m. and learn more about Fort Lewis. Attendance is highly recommended for newly arrived spouses. For more information call 253-967- 3628.81. ARMY FAMILY TEAM BUILDING Alpha, bravo, Charlie, delta, echo, foxtrot ... Learn the ―military ABCs‖ and about the Army‘s lingo and culture with Army Family Team Building. Learn the rank structure, leadership skills, how to interpret an LES and more. Soldiers (E5 and below) can earn 4 promotion points by completing AFTB classes.For more information and to register, call 253-967-AFTB. Classes are held at ACS Annex, Bldg 2166,Corner of 12th St. & Liggett. LEVEL I CLASSES 1.01 Expectations and Impact of the Mission on Family Life 1.02 Military Acronyms and Terms 1.03 The Chain of Command 1.04 Introduction to Military Customs and Courtesies 1.05 Basic Military Benefits and Entitlements 1.06 Introduction to Military and Civilian Community Resources 1.07 Introduction to Family Readiness Groups 1.08 Supporting Your Child‘s Education 1.09 Introduction to Family Financial Readiness 1.10 Basic Problem Solving. JAN 10-11 9am-2:30 pm Level I JAN 24-26 9 am-2:30 pm Level II82. CROSSROADS OF PARENTING AND DIVORCE: This course has been approved by the Superior Court of Washington State for Pierce County and is open to all Department of Defense Service Members and their Spouses, free of charge. You will learn five prevention steps : a. Keep your child out of the middle b. All you child to love both parents c. Work on your own recovery d. Develop new communication skills. e. Create a new relationship as co-parents. To sign up for the next Seminar, Call 253-968-6819.83. COMMON SENSE PARENTING OF TODDLERS AND PRESCHOOLERS focuses on setting reasonable expectations based on your child‘s age, development, and abilities. This evidence based program will help you teach (discipline) your children what you want them to do. There are 7 sessions to this class and each session builds on the previous one. This class is great when you have older infants, toddlers and preschoolers. The class is Tuesday mornings from 1000 to 1200 at the Escape Zone.84. INFANT MASSAGE is now taught at two locations on JBLM for your convenience! Learn the art of infant massage in this 3 session class from instructors trained to teach the Loving Touch curriculum. Take this fun class while pregnant or with your infant, solo or as a couple, to learn techniques to soothe a colicky baby, improve sleep, appetite and digestion, bonding and attachment, and increase brain development. Classes are taught monthly at monthly at Raindrops and Rainbows on North Fort, the first three Tuesdays of February, April, June and August from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m. Contact Nancy McDermott- Halverson at 253-318-2293 to pre-register. Infant massage classes are also being offered monthly at McChord at the Escape Zone from 10:30 a.m. to noon the first three Wednesdays of each month. Call Rosie Anderson at 360-280-1416 to pre-register
  17. 17. 85. ASIST classes,Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) is a two-day workshop that trains you to become an effective caregiver for a person at risk of suicide. It helps you perform suicide first aid and to assist the person at risk to stay safe and to seek further help. ASIST is an interactive workshop that equips you to recognize invitations for help, how to offer support, review the risks of suicide, apply a suicide intervention model and link the person at risk to community resources, Jan 19 & 20 or Jan 26 & 27, 8:30 AM- 4:00 PM, at the North Fort Chapel. Call Art Wienandt at 477-0258/0259 or e-mail arthur.j.wienandt@us.army.mil.86. ACS FINANCIAL COUNSELORS are now available at Waller Hall the first Saturday of every month (Jan. 7). Call for appointment 253-967-716687. FIRST TIME PCS MOVE (FINANCIAL) Wed, January 11, 1:30pm – 2:30pm, at ACS, Waller Hall. For more information or to register call 253- 967-1453. Class is designed to teach the financial ins and outs of moving with the military. AAFES http://www.salutetoyourservice.com/ JB Lewis-McChord Movie Schedule PH (253) 967-4329 *recording PH (253) 967-5976 Reel Time JB Lewis-McChord Exchange SUN Jan 15 – 1400 Arthur Christmas (PG) 1900 New Years Eve (PG13) MON Jan 16- WED Jan 18- No Showing THU Jan 19 – Babies Night Out 1900 Arthur Christmas (PG) FRI Jan 20 – 1900 The Sitter (R) SAT Jan 21 – 1400 Jack and Jill (PG) 1900 The Sitter (R) SUN Jan 22 – 1400 Jack and Jill (PG) 1900 The Sitter (R) YOU MADE THE GRADE PROGRAM is designed to reward students in grades 1 through 12 for above-average academic achievement and to inspire them to work that much harder. Qualifying students can receive a booklet with various discount coupons on variety of items. To get the booklet, students must present a valid military ID card and proof of an overall "B" or better average to their local BX or PX. The overall objective of this program is to provide an incentive for kids to not only stay in school, but to excel in school.FREE MOVIES- The Theater at McChord Field has reopened for free weekend movies. 253-982-583615 JAN 4pm GNOMEO AND JULIET G21 JAN 4pm THE THREE MUSKETEERS PG-1321 JAN 7pm PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 R22 JAN 4pm RIO G28 JAN 4pm JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN PG28 JAN 7PM TOWER HEIST PG-1329 JAN 4PM DESPICABLE ME PG911 DRIVING SCHOOL Classes held at Lewis Main Exchange. www.911DrivingSchool.com 253-512-0911.Course is exclusively instructed by Police Officers.
  18. 18. COMMISSARY The Commissary...Helping You Eat Better!88. Applications for the 2012 SCHOLARSHIPS FOR MILITARY CHILDREN PROGRAMare available at commissaries worldwide as well as online at www.militaryscholar.org. To be eligible for a scholarship, the student must be a dependent, unmarried child, no older than 21 – or 23, if enrolled as a full-time student at a college or university – of a service member on active duty, reservist, guardsman, retiree, or survivor of a military member who died while on active duty or survivor of a retiree. Eligibility is determined using the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) database. Applicants should ensure that they, as well as their sponsor, are enrolled in the DEERS database and have a current military ID card. The applicant must also plan to attend or already attend an accredited college or university, full time, in the fall of 2012 or be enrolled in a program of studies designed to transfer directly into a four-year program.Applications are available at JBLM Main Commissary, Customer Service, behind Register 2. Hurry, closes February 24.89. You can now purchase Commissary gift cards, $25 or $50 denominations, in the Commissary or online at Commissaries.com website Online orders incur a handling fee that is not assessed to in-store orders. Call the toll-free phone number for questions, 1-877-988-4438, which also allows the user to check the card balance.90. If you are looking for a part time job as a store associate and would like to work at the Lewis main commissary go to the following website to apply: usajobs.opm.gov, click on the search jobs tab and type in the announcement # 220275, click on store associate then click on "how to apply" and apply.91. http://www.commissaries.com/press_room/press_release/breaking_news_07/index.cfm Food alerts and product recalls. MADIGAN NEWS92. SUICIDE PREVENTION: Do you know the warning signs, and where to turn for help? TriWest can lend a hand: http://bit.ly/TriWestBH . - Soldiers and Family members must understand that suicide is a permanent solution for a temporary problem. Please understand that help is available for Soldiers as well for Family members to aid in those situations. The 17th Fires Brigade Leadership and agencies on post are available to help all cases of suicidal ideations. One case is too many and 17th Fires Brigade is committed to help our Soldiers and Family and stands shoulder to shoulder with them to help during hard times as necessary. While situations arise that are a burden, remember you do not need to endure those problems alone. There are many resources available. Please pass the contact information below to every one for resources available for confidential counseling and help as necessary which are available 24 hours a day. Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK , Press ―1‖ for Veterans, SuicidePreventionLifeline.org 5-5 ADA BN CHAPLAIN: CH (CPT) Williams: (253) 306-4963 17th Fires Brigade Chaplain- CH (MAJ) Simpson: (253) 548-4252 JBLM Duty Chaplain: (253) 306-2783 Behavioral Health Clinic: (253) 968-2700 MAMC Emergency Rm: (253)968-1390 Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-SUICIDE (273-8255) Thurston/Mason County Crisis Line (24 Hrs): (800)627-2211 Pierce County Crisis Line (24 Hrs): (800)576-7764 Military One Source: 1-800-342-9647 http://www.militaryonesource.com
  19. 19. 93. Contract between Walgreens and TRICARE expires If you would like more information on the expiration of the retail pharmacy contract with Walgreens please visit http://www.tricare.mil/mediacenter/news.aspx?fid=741 for TRICAREs official information. More information on the change is also available at: http://www.tricare.mil/walgreens/. For assistance with moving prescriptions or any additional questions please call (877) 885-6313.94. Are you looking for a MEDICAL JOB AT MADIGAN? Check out CivilianMedicalJobs.com! Find Jobs - Submit Resume - Civilian Medical Jobs or www.careers-civilianmedicaljobs.icims.com95. FLU HOTLINE: 253-968-474496. NEW ONLINE SERVICE HELPS TRICARE MEMBERS EASILY TRANSFER THEIR PRESCRIPTIONS TO CVS/PHARMACYCVS/pharmacy, which accepts nearly all Express Scripts insurance plans including TRICARE, has launched a new service on its CVS.com website to assist military Servicemembers, veterans and their families who need to transfer their prescriptions to one of CVS/pharmacy‘s conveniently located 7,300 pharmacies across the U.S. To help raise awareness of CVS/pharmacy‘s new webpage for TRICARE members, the company will donate $3 to the USO for every person who visits http://www.cvs.com/tricare between January 1 and January 31, 2012, up to a total of $50,000. The money will help the USO continue to provide America‘s troops and their families with services and programs they need most. To read this article in its entirety, please go to: http://www.prnewswire.com/news- releases/new-online-service-helps-tricare-members-easily-transfer-their-prescriptions-to-cvspharmacy- 136599658.html97. MADIGAN SOUTH SOUND MEDICAL HOME..Get your medical care closer to home; always see the same team of providers, PLENTY OF PARKING. Madigan South Sound Medical Home is coming to Lacey/Olympia in the Olympia Plaza. It will open January 2012, but you may change your enrollment to South Sound Medical Home starting in December. The SAME Army Medicine &TriCare health care, closer to home, and with better access. Same day appointments will ALWAYS be available
  20. 20. 98. The Child & Family Assistance Center - FAME Clinic - offers free, easily accessible behavioral health counseling services to spouses and children of active duty service members. We help keep families strong by promoting emotional, behavioral, and relationship health through individual, marital, and family counseling services. Help is a phone call away. We want to hear from you! Call 253-968-4843. New! Expanded Walk-In Hours: M-F 8:00a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Hours of Operation: M-F 7:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. No referrals needed Free service for dependents of Active Duty Service Members with TriCare Prime -Counseling available for Individuals, Couples & Families Located at: Old Madigan Bldg. 9923A E. Johnson Ave. Tacoma, WA. 9843199. THE TRICARE YOUNG ADULT (TYA) Prime option is available for purchase. TYA Prime will offer young adult beneficiaries TRICARE Prime coverage for monthly premiums of $201. To purchase TYA Prime, dependents must be under age 26, unmarried and not eligible for their own employer-sponsored health care coverage. TYA Prime Care is delivered through military clinics and hospitals and the TRICARE network of civilian providers.. Complete information and application forms are available here TYA is available only to unmarried young adult dependents. FINANCIAL READINESSLocation: Waller Hall, Room 400, 2140 Liggett AvenueHours of Operation: 0700 – 1630, Monday - FridayOPEN all DONSA days, closed Federal HolidaysServices Available: Confidential one-on-one counseling for Service Members and their spouses (budgeting,debt management, credit counseling, investment education, general financial planning), Personal financialmanagement classes, Army Emergency Relief (AER). All services are free of charge.Appointment Line: Call 253-967-7166 to make an appointment with a FinancialCounselor or to register for aclassPROGRAM POC: Mary Cron, AFC, CHC, 253-967-9917 or Mary.T.Cron@us.army.mil FINANCIAL READINESS CLASSES in JANUARY To register for classes at Lewis Main, please call (253) 967-7166 (Classes are held at Army Community Service located in Waller Hall unless otherwise noted)Date(s) Class Description Times This day-long series of classes focuses on the basics of financial Required Classes issues that are dealt with in everyday life. They cover the topics of for First Term 01/10 Principles of Personal Finance, including Banking & Checking, Soldiers 0830 - 01/24 Planning & Budgeting, Saving & Investing, Using Credit Wisely and 1630 02/14 Buying Insurance. If JBLM is your first duty station, these classes (Cascade Training 02/28 are mandatory for you. Annex, Bldg 2400, Please Note: This class will be held in Bldg 2400 (Cascade Bitar Ave) Training Annex) 01/11 1st Time PCS Move 1330 - Learning the ins and outs of moving as a member of the military. 02/08 (Financial) 1430 This course covers the pros and cons of different debt 0930 - Understanding Debt 01/12 management strategies and how they impact your credit score. 1130 Management Please Note: This class will be held in Bldg 2166 Students will develop an understanding of the basics of good 01/12 Personal Finance money management and the skills needed to create a brighter 1630 - 01/19 for Teens financial future. Topics include banking, saving, money 1900 01/26 management, and budgeting. Ages 15-18.
  21. 21. Come and refresh your money management skills in this hands-on Checking Account01/17 learning session. Learn how to keep and maintain a checking 1330 - Maintenance02/21 account register and then balance your transactions with the bank 1600 (Remedial) statement to make sure all entries are accounted for correctly. 1130 - Learn the ins and outs of filing your tax return with Uncle Sam.01/18 Income Tax Return 1330 Everything from the forms you will use to filing requirements to01/31 Basics 0930 - exemptions and deductions are explained and discussed. 1130 Gain a better understanding of where you are financially, where Understanding 0930 -01/23 you want to be, and how to better manage your money. Money & Credit 1100 Please Note: This class will be held in Bldg 2166 Learn how to prevent other from stealing your identity and what to 1330 -01/23 Identity Theft do if your identity has been stolen. 1500 Please Note: This class will be held in Bldg 2166 Contributing to TSP but don‘t know what it is or how to manage it? Thrift Savings Plan 1330 -01/31 Come to this class and learn more about the importance of your Basics 1430 contributions or why you should sign up for it. This class covers the steps necessary to understand and repair 1300 -02/07 Credit Repair your credit. 1530 Buy or rent: Find out which option is best for you. When buying fits Home Buying 1300 -02/13 into your plan, learn about the basics of buying a home. Basics 1530 Please Note: This class will be held in Bldg 2166 Financial issues in the different stages of life are discussed. Learn Financial Life Cycle 1300 -02/29 how to plan for now and your future to better prepare for each Planning 1500 stage in your financial life. McChord Field Financial Readiness Classes in January 2012 To register for classes at McChord Field, please call (253) 982-2695 (Classes are held at the Airman & Family Readiness Center, 552 Barnes Blvd, unless otherwise noted)Date(s) Class Description Times This lesson provides simple tools for evaluating your present financial01/3 0900 - Budget situation, setting up a budget to control personal finances, and planning02/07 1030 financial goals for the future. 1000 - 113001/06 Required briefing for single first term airmen moving off base; Discuss 1330 -01/27 pay entitlement, legal and consumer obligation associated with tenancy 1500 Ready to Rent02/03 and personal financial obligations. Also discussed are pertinent laws 1000 -02/21 associated with renting a residence or apartment. 1130 1330 - 150001/10 This lesson explains how to choose the financial services and financial 0900 - Banking02/14 institutions that best meet your needs. 103001/13 Large Before making a large purchase, learn how this will affect your personal 1330 -02-10 Purchases budget and see if you can really afford it. 1500 This class helps you understand where you are financially, where you01/17 want to go, and what you should do with your money. We give you tips, 0900 -02/21 Money & Credit guidelines, worksheets, and quizzes that are designed to help you 1030 understand and improve your financial situation. We teach you the 5 basic steps toward successful money management. Investing products are not created equal. Learn the difference between Tax Deferred 1330 -01/20 regular investing and how tax deferred investments and see how your Investments 1500 money can grow faster.
  22. 22. This lesson focuses on the four keys to successful saving and investing: Save and Invest to Reach Goals, Learn All You Can About Investing,01/24 Saving & 0900 - Rule #1: Start Saving Early, and Rule #2: Save Regularly. Participants02/28 Investing 1030 will discuss the difference between short term savings and long term investments and prepare a plan of action to begin reaching their goals. Consumer This course covers consumer rights and obligations, highlighting scams 0900 -01/31 Rights and perpetrated to defraud consumers. 1030 Scams The class concentrates on the Thrift Savings Plan, but also introduces Thrift Savings 1330 -02/17 401k plans, 403b plans and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). Plan (Military) 1500 Traditional and Roth accounts are compared and contrasted. Life Cycle Financial issues in the different stages of life are discussed. Learn how 1330 -02/24 Finance to plan for your future and what may be important to you as you age. 150093. STILL TIME TO ORDER YOUR 5-5 ADA BLANKET/THROW. $40 each. Blanket measures 48‖ X 68‖. Four color, heavy weight blanket. You can see sample at FRSA office. Order through your Battery Command or see MAJ Recella. WEEKLY FINANCIAL TIPSWinterizing your car can save you money, time andcold feet.There are some auto maintenancejobs and safety checks that are specific to thewinter season. In addition to the addedchallenges of winter driving, the change inweather tends to make your car’ssystems work harder. These wintermaintenance jobs will keep you out oftrouble:1. Check your maintenance book or log. It’s important to do the proper maintenance on your vehicle and log it. Keeping a log of when and the maintenance preformed can help keep your warranty intact.2. Check the lights. Seeing where you are going or being seen, will greatly decrease your chance of an accident. Replace bulbs or inspect the wiring to ensure complete safety. Ensure you check the fuse box; often a fuse blows and can be replaced quickly with minimal costs.3. Check fluids especially your antifreeze. Check your fluid levels every time you fill up or check them weekly. Checking them on a regular basis will help your car run better and longer. Check your owner’s manual for specifics for your wiper fluid, engine oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and cooling system fluids. Your antifreeze is an essential part of your car’s winter protection. Your car contains a 50/50 mix of water and antifreeze. Many service stations and repair centers will check this for FREE.
  23. 23. 4. Replace your wiper blades. Having an unclear view invites accidents. Ensure you can see the road and other drivers by replacing your wipers when they are worn and filling your wiper fluid when low. Invest the time in defogging your windows before you start your trip too! Invest in an ice scraper.5. Inspect your tires. Check your tires not only for proper inflation, but also for wear. Remember your last line of defense between you and the guardrail are your tires. You can improve your gas mileage by around 3.3% if your tires are properly inflated. The way your tires wear is a good indicator of the other parts for your care. Abnormal wear patterns are often caused by the need for simple tire maintenance, or front end alignment. Tires should be inspected at every opportunity; every time you fill up is a good rule of thumb. Learning to read early warning signs of trouble can prevent wear that shortens tire life or indicates the need for having other parts of the car serviced. Remember to have tires rotated in accordance with your maintenance manual.6. Inspect your brakes. Brakes are not a good area to cut corners. Be sure your brakes have enough brake pads left to get you through the season. Checking your brakes every 10,000 miles or more often if your brakes suddenly start to squeal or pull to one side.7. Ensure your battery is in good shape. A thorough inspection of the cables, the fluid levels, and the terminals can prevent you from being stranded. Check your car manual for the prescribed maintenance. If your battery is over three years old, consider having it tested by a certified automotive repair facility, many parts store will check the battery for FREE.8. Invest in an emergency kit and winter travel gear for your car or create one. Visit wsdot.wa.gov/winter/emergencykit.htm for a complete emergency checklist. If you find yourself stranded, stay in your car, put on your flashers, call for help and wait for it to arrive.WEEKLY FINANCIAL TIPS ARE COMPILED BY RYKI CARLSON, Ryki.Carlson@us.army.mil , email foranswers to your financial questions, or to make a financial planning appointment CRIME PREVENTION, COUNTERINTELLIGENCE, AND SAFETYFORCE PROTECTION Force protection conditions for Joint Base Lewis-McChord are now posted on theJBLM public website at http://www.lewis-mcchord.army.mil . This will allow commanders to keep their Soldiers,Airmen, DOD civilians and Family members aware of the current FPCON to raise security awareness. TheFPCON can be raised in the event of a specific threat to the installation or upon direction of higherheadquarters. REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: https://www.inscom.army.mil/isalute (Suspicious activity reporting form, iSalute website) HTTP://TWITTER.COM/JBLMMFPDIVISION HTTPS://WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/PAGES/JBLM-PROTECTION-DIVISION/160688777317183 EMAIL: LewisPMFusionCell@conus.army.mil If you wish to remain anonymous, call the Counterintelligence Hotline: 1-800-CALL-SPY 94. FORD SUV AND MINIVAN RECALL http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/breaking/chi-ford-recalls-539000-minivans- suvs-worldwide-20120111,0,7191223.story
  24. 24. 95. PROTESTS: Avoid these areas, 14 Jan 2012. Bring Diaz Down! Time: 4:00pm until 7:00pm. Location 23rd and Union, marching to East Precinct (1519 12th Avenue), Seattle. Reason: Chief Diazs resignation and the prosecution of the officers who are repeat offenders of excessive use of force. (Pugetsoundanarchists.org) 96. 14-16 January 2012. Everett and Seattle. "Occupy Trident" is the theme as Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action honors Martin Luther King, Jr.s legacy with a vigil and nonviolent direct action on Saturday, January 14 at the gates of the Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor at 2:00pm. On January 16th, there will be the annual MLK march in Seattle beginning at 12:30 at the Garfield High School. (Ground Zero). 97. 20 January 2012. Occupy the Courts will be a one day occupation of Federal courthouses across the country. (Occupy Seattle) 98. PHOTOCOPYING OF MILITARY IDENTIFICATION CARDS Recent incidents regarding the photocopying of military identification cards, by commercial establishments to verify military affiliation, have been reported. Personnel are reminded that the photocopying of US Government Identification is a violation of Title 18, US Code Part I, Chapter 33, Section 701 and punishable by both fine and/or imprisonment. Many military members, family members and DoD employees are unaware of this law. NOTE: This does not apply to medical establishments who are allowed take a copy for the purpose of filing insurance claims; and other government agencies in the performance of official government business. FPO Comment: Criminal elements and terrorist organizations place U.S. government identifications as a high value logistical element when planning acts against the U.S. military. There are no safeguards in place to ensure a government identification card won‘t be counterfeited or ―cloned‖ based on a photocopy by a commercial establishment. It is recommended that military/DoD personnel provide a state drivers license or other form of photo identification to be photocopied if an establishment insists on a photocopy of the traveler‘s identification. (Reserve Affairs Office of SECDEF) 99. ROAD CONDITIONS For the latest information about JBLM road conditions, closures, and delays, call (253) 967-1733 (recorded message) or check the JBLM Current Conditions Web site at http://www.lewis-mcchord.army.mil/ and click on Joint Base Lewis McChord Updates. Air Force personnel on McChord Field can also call (253) 982-TALK for updated information. INTERESTING LINKSDisclaimer for External Links: The appearance of external hyperlinks does not constitute endorsement by theUnited States Department of Defense of the linked web sites, or the information, products or services contained therein.For other than authorized activities such as military exchanges and Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) sites, theUnited States Department of Defense does not exercise any editorial control over the information you may find at theselocations.5-5 AIR DEFENSE ARTILLERY FACEBOOK PAGE <- CLICK ME!!!!JBLM Website: www.lewis-mcchord.army.mil/JBLM Warrior Zone, North Fort, www.facebook.com/JBLMWarriorZoneJBLM MWR FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/jblmmwrJBLM Army Community Servicewww.Facebook.com/JBLMACSMILITARY ONE SOURCEwww.MilitaryOneSource.comEvery resource you need, free confidential counselingservice, PCS information, Spouse employment, Child careHttp://www.whitehouse.gov/joiningforces/stay-connectedJoining Forces initiative Facebook and Tweeter linkswww.AfterDeployment.org Great resources to help with stress. New Smart phone apps that help record yourstress levels, teach Combat Breathing techniques, suggestions, and resources.
  25. 25. NORTHWEST GUARDIAN newspaper: www.nwguardian.comARMY ONE SOURCEwww.MyArmyOneSource.com information for Spouses and Soldiers,FRG eLearning,Mandatory First Term Soldier Financial eLearning Classes.Customer Management Services Website: www.lewis-mcchord.army.mil/cms/ Ideas, Comments,Complaints?ICE Comment/Suggestion: http://ice.disa.mil/index.cfm?fa=service_provider_list&site_id=957&dep=*DoDEFMP website: www.jblmmwr.com/acs_efmp.html17th Fires Brigade FACEBOOKwww.facebook.com/17thFiresBrigadewww.adpaas.army.milArmy Disaster Personnel Accountability and Assessment System. Soldiers mustcheck-in at this website if involved in a natural disaster, such as flooding, tornado, earthquake, etc.Looking for a phone number?Lewis Information (253) 967-1110Madigan Information (253) 968-1110McChord Information (253) 982-1110SUICIDE PREVENTION LIFELINE 1-800-273-TALK