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Newsletter of the Delegation EU to Moldova

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  1. 1. 08 February 2013RENEWABLE ENERGY HEATS OUR HOUSES, NOT THE PLANETCHISINAU, 14 January. “Renewable energy heats our houses, not theplanet” this is the message promoted by the boys from FurioSnails in acommercial produced by Energy and Biomass Project in Moldova. Thevideo represents a concert of the boys from FurioSnails where all theirmusical instruments are powered by solar energy. It was the first timewhen the equipment of a band from Moldova was powered by renewableenergy.“We care about our environment. We want to keep it clean”. “Today our equip-ment is powered by solar batteries”. ”This park is illuminated at night due towind energy”. “And to protect the environment in our country people can heattheir homes with briquettes and pellets”, these are the lines spoken by boysfrom FurioSnails. The video spot can be found on the bellow link: videos which are part of the communication campaign on pro-renewable energy, produced by Energy and Biomass Project couldbe found on the website: person: Ina Prisacaru-Zglavuta, or Oleg Hirbu, Oleg.HIRBU@ec.europa.euNEW EU FUNDED PROJECT WAS LAUNCHEDIn Republic of Moldova was lunched a new EU funded Project inStrengthening the Link between Migration and Development: Testing anIntegrated Service Provider to Moldovan Migrants and their Communi-ties. The timeframe of the project is 36 months with a total budget of 2.5million Euros.NEXUS Moldova is a prototype of an integrated and durable migration servi-ces provider. It offers practical solutions to help Moldovan migrants/diasporaachieve their migration goals through a platform that enables conversationand builds community. NEXUS directly supports the personal, social and eco-nomic development opportunities of migration.NEXUS Moldova is implemented by a project consortium led by IASCI, and is funded by the European Union (Thematic Programmeof cooperation with third countries in the areas of Migration and Asylum) and co-financed by the Swiss Agency for Development andCooperation (TBC).To learn how to become a partner contact: Nicolaas de Zwager,; Contact person: Andrei Vrabie, To join the group of beta-testers visit: DIALOGUE WITH STAKEHOLDERS ON DECENT WORK FOR YOUTH IN MOLDOVA HAS BEEN INITIATEDIn the framework of the Project “Improving the social-economic situationof young people in Moldova by empowering Moldovan youth andMoldovan civil society” four stakeholders’ consultancy sessions havebeen organized in January 2013 – one in each of the regions targetedby the Project (Ungheni, Calarasi, Falesti and Causeni). The main aim ofthese sessions was to elaborate on the youth profile for the Republic ofMoldova.The information collected within the stakeholders’ consultancy sessions willallow the project team to identify the social-economic actors and media whichshould be more actively involved in the dissemination of the informationon Decent Work and social-economic rights for youth, so that the projectproperly responds to the information needs of the youth and social-economicactors in Moldova.A permanent stakeholders’ consultancy mechanism will be developed within the project by establishing a national SteeringCommittee and 4 Project Advisory Committees in each of the 4 project pilot regions.Contact person: Ludmila Gurau, or Cornel Riscanu,
  2. 2. 08 February 2013IN 2013, ENERGY AND BIOMASS PROJECT WILL COVER THE ENTIRE TERRITORY OF THE REPUBLIC OFMOLDOVAIn 2013, Energy and Biomass Project will be present in all regions of theRepublic of Moldova. This year, Moldova Energy and Biomass Project,funded by the European Union, will be launched in 12 new districts, thuscovering the entire country. This week, the project will be launched in thedistricts of Straseni, Taraclia, Causeni, Calarasi, Nisporeni and Ialoveni.A project’s team visits each district and, during public meetings, presentsin detail the Energy and Biomass Project and the conditions to be met byvillages willing to heat their public institutions with renewable energy. Mayors,agricultural entrepreneurs, directors of public institutions from all villages ofthe district are invited to participate in these meetings.Interested communities from districts mentioned above shall submitExpressions of Interest to the Energy and Biomass Project by 30 January2013. “Communities willing to install biomass heating systems shall undergo four stages of selection: (1) evaluation of expressionsof interest, (2) assessment of project proposals, (3) energy performance of the buildings, (4) final evaluation and approval of projectsfor investments”, Alexandru Ursul, Energy and Biomass Project Manager, said. Selection criteria is available on Energy and BiomassProject’s website: person: Ina Prisacaru-Zglavuta, or Oleg Hirbu, Oleg.HIRBU@ec.europa.euEUBAM LAUNCHED “MY EUROPE” DRAWING COMPETITIONCHISINAU, 22 January. In the framework of the annual Europe Daycelebrations, the European Union Border Assistance Mission to Moldovaand Ukraine (EUBAM) is pleased to announce “My Europe” drawingcompetition for children from the Republic Moldova, Odessa and Odessaregion, Ukraine, aged between 8 and 16 years.All artworks should be developed with the following themes in mind:“European fairy tale”, “The future of Europe” or “European values”.Terms and conditions of the drawing competition are available bellow person: Cristina Turcan, email: christina.turcan@eubam.orgAT EUBAM HEADQUARTERS IN ODESSA, UKRAINE WERE ASSESSED THE RESULTS OF THE JOINT BORDERCONTROL OPERATION (JBCO) PODOLIAODESSA, Ukraine, 23 January. At EUBAM headquarters in Odessa,representatives from Interpol, Europol, and EUBAM’s partner servicesin Moldova and Ukraine assessed the results of the Joint Border ControlOperation (JBCO) PODOLIA that was carried out at key locations on thecommon Ukrainian-Moldovan border during autumn 2012.Aimed at increasing the effectiveness of border and customs control,preventing and combating trans-border crimes, and enhancing inter-agencyand international cooperation, PODOLIA is the 10th JBCO to have beencoordinated by EUBAM together with its partners in Moldova and Ukraine,international organisations and law enforcement authorities of EU MemberStates.The operation was supported by the National Coordination Bureau of Interpolin Kiev, Europol, SELEC, WCO Regional Intelligence Liaison Office Eastern and Central Europe (RILO/ECE), BLKA (Bavarian Police),Frontex and several EU Member State border and customs authorities such as Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary, as well asliaison officers from Poland, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands. JBCO PODOLIA has obviously achieved its goals and proved to be aneffective operational technique worth to pursue.More details at person: Cristina Turcan, email:
  3. 3. 08 February 2013RELIABLE DATA ON EXTERNAL ASSISTANCE - MAXIMUM IMPACT OF DEVELOPMENT PARTNERS’ FUNDSThe reliability and accessibility of external assistance information is atopical issue in the context of transparency of the process of coordinationand use of the resources allocated to Moldova by its developmentpartners. In this context, the State Chancellery initiated a comprehensiveprocess of modernization of external assistance data storage platform.During two weeks, our country is being visited by a mission of DevelopmentGateway, a company with experience in installing software regarding externalassistance in over 20 countries, including Moldova. The new platform forstoring and processing external assistance data will be called AMP (AidManagement Program), and will replace the current platform, IDEA.During the mission, experts had meetings with key ministries, developmentpartners, and with representatives of the National Participation Council.In order to obtain a more diverse feedback, they also delivered a presentation in the framework of the traditional Open Seminarorganized by the EU project ‘Support to the State Chancellery – TTSIB’ on January 31.Contact person: Iana Pustovaia, or Andrei Vrabie, Andrei.VRABIE@ec.europa.euA NEW EU FUNDED PROJECT WAS LAUNCHED ON SUPPORT OF THE DECENTRALIZATION OF SOCIALSERVICESCHISINAU, 24 January - was launched the Project “Strengthening public-private partnership for sustainable development of community servicesfor people with disabilities”. The EU Project has a budget of 273,436 Euroand it supports the Program “Inclusive Community – Moldova”.The project, being aimed to develop the social service Mobile Team in fivedistricts of the country – Sangerei, Falesti, Ungheni, Anenii Noi and Dubasari,comprises actions designed to change the society’s approach towards peoplewith disabilities and to promote their human rights.“This project is very important not so much because of the allocated budget,but also because it indicates a new stage of cooperation in the social fieldbetween European Union and Republic of Moldova. The project has a greatvalue also because it contributes to the creation of a public-private partnership,which in turn will ensure a sustainable development of community services for people with disabilities”, mentioned Head of the EUDelegation to Moldova, Dirk Schuebel at the launching event.The Project is implemented by the Keystone Moldova Association in cooperation with Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family,Open Society Foundations / Mental Health Initiatives and Soros-Moldova Foundation.Contact person: Lina Malcoci, or Cornel Riscanu, Cornel.RISCANU@eeas.europa.euEU FUNDED PROJECT CONTRIBUTED FOR AN ACTION PLAN FOR SUSTAINABLE ENERGY OF CHISINAUCHISINAU, 29 January. The Head of the EU Delegation to Moldova,Dirk Schuebel and Mayor of Chisinau, Dorin Chirtoaca attended thepresentation of Sustainable Energy Action Plan of Chisinau (SEAP). Thedocument is a part of the Project “Increasing Energy Efficiency of Chisinauand Sevastopol Municipalities based on existing positive experience”.On this occasion, Dirk Schuebel, the EU Ambassador to Moldova expressedhis hope that Moldova will succeed to optimize the energy consumption,considered the fact that Ukraine faced the same problem and managed toachieve remarkable results. According to the opinion of the Head of EUDelegation, the energy projects conducted here will help Moldova to reachthe European Standards.The Chisinau Mayor, Dorin Chirtoaca stressed that the new document is anambitious plan for Moldova, but also the way forward towards energy efficiency, if proper results are wanted. “The plan provides a20% reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, increasing energy efficiency by 20% and also raising the energy consumptionproduced from renewable resources to 20% by 2020. These are the objectives established by several thousand mayors of the EuropeanUnion”, Dorin Chirtoaca underlined.More details: Contact person: Daniela Frantujan, or Oleg Hirbu,
  4. 4. 08 February 2013A NEW TWINNING METHODOLOGICAL SUPPORT PREPARED FOR BENEFICIARY ADMINISTRATIONSThe Moldovan central public authorities – present and future beneficiariesof Twinning – will have a new Twinning methodological support, which isnow undergoing a wide consultative process.The Guidelines include general definitions, project development and theimplementation process; tasks of the stakeholders, recommendations and aseries of annexes which facilitate the successful implementation of foreignassistance projects.“The most important role is that of the beneficiary administration shouldactively participate in the project. For this, the administration should rightlyknow how to transform ideas into achievements and also to know all the basicrules of the process”, said the European Twinning expert Gintharas Makstutis.In this context, it is necessary to develop a document which would facilitatethe beneficiary administration’s activity and to provide them a set of guiding principles.The draft Guidelines have been consulted with State Chancellery officials, but also members of the Twinning Experts Group. They willbe finalized taking into account the comments submitted and disseminated in central public administration authorities.Contact person: Iana Pustovaia, or Andrei Vrabie, Andrei.VRABIE@ec.europa.euWITHIN EU FUNDED PROJECT WAS ORGANIZED AN EXPERT MISSION INTENDED TO INCREASE THECAPACITY OF THE CONSUMER PROTECTION AGENCYCHISINAU, 31 January. Consumer Protection Agency held an expertmission on increasing its capacity to ‘screen test’ consumer electrical andtoy products, organized within the EU Project “Support to the ConsumerProtection Agency”.UK and Lithuanian safety experts met with the staff of the Agency anddiscussed ways in which screen testing equipment is used in the EU to identifyproducts which may pose a serious risk to consumers. They also discussedwhich equipment is most likely to be relevant for Moldova, according theexperience of Agency Inspectors.Screen testing is a way of ensuring the efficient use of the Agency’s testingbudget. The intention is that the Agency will in future carry out such screentests to increase the safety of consumers, particularly vulnerable consumers.Once products have been screen tested, those failing can be sent for further more rigorous testing at local accredited laboratories.Contact person: Beth Baker, Viorica Sterbet, or Speranta Olaru, Speranta.OLA-RU@eeas.europa.euEUBAM PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION MOVES TO CHISINAUCHISINAU, 31 January. The European Union Border Assistance Mission(EUBAM) to Moldova and Ukraine today opened its photographyexhibition, “Dogs: Service and Friendship”, at the Academy for EconomicStudies (ASEM) in Chisinau.The exhibition will show off over 80 of the best entries for the “Dogs onthe Border” photography competition, for which EUBAM received over300 submissions. EUBAM launched the exhibition in Odessa at the end ofNovember to mark its 7th anniversary, and after spending a couple of weeksat the Odessa Literature Museum the exhibits are now crossing the border.“Dogs are the best friends of those crossing the border. And they are the worstenemies of criminals”, said Wicher Slagter, Head of the Political and EconomicSection of the European Union Delegation to Moldova, at the openingceremony.More details at person: Cristina Turcan, email:
  5. 5. 08 February 2013A NEW EUROPEAN PROJECT SUPPORTS THE DEVELOPMENT OF ORHEI AND TELENESTIBusiness Consulting Institute is launching a new Project,financially supported by the European Union “Promoting PPI as anefficient mechanism for community empowerment and sustainablelocal development”. The project, which will last until July 2014, aims tostrengthen sustainable development capacities of non-state actors andlocal authorities in Orhei and Telenesti and the neighboring communities.Civil servants and local councilors, representatives of civil society and privatesector will be involved in its activities, which will promote mechanisms ofcooperation among society and LPA and will empower communities toparticipate to local development and have better access to improved servicesand infrastructure. Local authorities will learn within this project to implementdevelopment initiatives on a rights-based and gender responsive approach.The mechanisms applied by the project are Community Driven Development (CDD) and Participatory Planning (budgeting) andImplementing (PPI), which support local development of communities through their human capital.For more details: www.bci.mdContact person: Liviu Andriuta, or Oleg Hirbu, EVENT CALENDAR OF EU FUNDED PROJECTS FOR FEBRUARY 20138 FEBRUARY, 09:00, FLOWERS HOTEL CHISINAUPromo-LEX Association and Association for Efficient and Accountable Governance organize a Launching event (round-table) of theProject “Monitoring justice sector reform for increased Government’s accountability”.Contact person: Olga Manole, e-mail: olga_manole@promolex.md8 FEBRUARY, MOLSPF VENUE, 1 V. ALECSANDRI STR., 4TH FLOOR, CHISINAU3rd Meeting of the Inter- Institutional Technical Committee of the “Addressing the negative effects of migration on minors andfamilies left behind” Project.Contact person: Alisa Harlamova, e-mail: aharlamova@iom.int10 FEBRUARY, BENDERMir Ravnih Vozmojnostei NGO training for physically disabled people to raise their motivation, under the Support to ConfidenceBuilding Measures Programme.Contact person: Natalia Costas, natalia.costas@undp.org13 - 15 FEBRUARY, CONSUMER PROTECTION AGENCY OFFICES, CHISINAU3-day training seminar held to train local specialist staff on the EU approach to the market surveillance of consumer products, underthe “Support to the Consumer Protection Agency” Project.Contact persons: Beth Baker or Viorica Sterbet FEBRUARY, TARACLIAWithin the Energy and Biomass Project, is organised a Study visit for representatives of Taraclia local public authorities to publicinstitutions from Hincesti district heated with biomass based energy.Contact person: Ina Prisacaru-Zglavuta,
  6. 6. 08 February 201316-17 FEBRUARY, TIRASPOLIndependent Journalism Center training in blogging for school students, under the Support to Confidence Building Measures Pro-gramme.Contact person: Natalia Costas, natalia.costas@undp.org17 FEBRUARY, BENDERMir Ravnih Vozmojnostei NGO training for physically disabled people to raise their motivation, under the Support to ConfidenceBuilding Measures Programme.Contact person: Natalia Costas, natalia.costas@undp.org19 FEBRUARY, 11:00 – 13:00, CHISINAUFirst Steering Committee Meeting, State Chancellery, under the “Strengthening the Link between Migration and Development: Test-ing an Integrated Service Provider to Moldovan Migrants and their Communities” Project.Contact person: Nicolaas de Zwager, nicolaas.dezwager@iasci.info19 FEBRUARY, CONSUMER PROTECTION AGENCY OFFICES, CHISINAUMeeting of the Market Surveillance Law Working Group, under the “Support to the ”Consumer Protection Agency” Project.Contact persons: Beth Baker or Viorica Sterbet FEBRUARY, EDINETFirst Edinets Region Advisory Board Meeting, Edinets Rayon Offices, under the ”Strengthening the Link between Migration andDevelopment: Testing an Integrated Service Provider to Moldovan Migrants and their Communities” Project.Contact person: Nicolaas de Zwager, nicolaas.dezwager@iasci.info25 FEBRUARY, TIRASPOLirst Cahul Region Advisory Board Meeting, Cahul Rayon Offices, under the ”Strengthening the Link between Migration and Develop-ment: Testing an Integrated Service Provider to Moldovan Migrants and their Communities” Project.Contact person: Nicolaas de Zwager, nicolaas.dezwager@iasci.info25 FEBRUARY, CAHULApriori NGO, legal consultations for single parents, under the Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme.Contact person: Natalia Costas, natalia.costas@undp.org27 FEBRUARY, UNGHENIFirst Ungheni Region Advisoryvsiroy Board Meeting, Ungheni Rayon Offices, under the ”Strengthening the Link between Migrationand Development: Testing an Integrated Service Provider to Moldovan Migrants and their Communities” Project.Contact person: Nicolaas de Zwager, nicolaas.dezwager@iasci.infoFEBRUARY, BENDER”Open Filed Vegetable Growing” Course for representatives of the agro-industrial complex, under the Support to Confidence BuildingMeasures Programme.Contact person: Natalia Costas,
  7. 7. 08 February 2013FEBRUARY, BENDERLaunch of the new course for beginner-entrepreneurs “Basics of Own Business Creation”, Bendery under the Support to ConfidenceBuilding Measures Programme.Contact person: Natalia Costas, natalia.costas@undp.orgFEBRUARY, TIRASPOL“Investments planning and business financing” seminar, under the Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme.Contact person: Natalia Costas, natalia.costas@undp.orgFEBRUARY, TIRASPOL“E-commerce, online marketing, partnership programs to promote own businesses online” seminar, under the Support to Confi-dence Building Measures Programme.Contact person: Natalia Costas, natalia.costas@undp.orgFEBRUARY, CHISINAUPA project Steering Committee under the “Improving the social-economic situation of young people in Moldova by empoweringMoldovan youth and Moldovan civil society” Project.Contact person: Ludmila Gurau, ludmila.muncadecenta@gmail.comFEBRUARY, UNGHENI, CALARASI, FALESTI AND CAUSENIProject Advisory Committees will be created in each of the 4 pilot regions under the “Improving the social-economic situation ofyoung people in Moldova by empowering Moldovan youth and Moldovan civil society” Project.Contact person: Ludmila Gurau, This newsletter is produced in the framework of the project “Communication and Visibility 2013 in Moldova”. The project is funded by the European Union and implemented by PARC Communications. Contact person: Anna Moghilda, e-mail: