How do I use video marketing and video email to get more sales?


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Finally Discover How to Use Attraction Marketing To Get More Customers NOW using Video, Webinars, Mobile, and Automation

Cory & Ira started their company just 3 ½ short years ago. They had zero clients, no database, and no revenue...and they were starting their company in one of the largest economic downturns in American history.

It was a huge struggle and they felt like they were crawling through the desert without a glass of water.

Then they made a "Game Changing Discovery". They discovered 6 EXPLOSIVE SECRETS on how to bring in long term, repeat customers from 22 different countries all over the world on autopilot.

And now, on this very special book, they are going to train you on how you can do it NOW in your business.

Here is what they are going to reveal:
Secret #1) 1 video trick that got a local, blue collar business owner "Tile Guy" a 400% increase in new customers in 30 days
Secret #2) How a 60 year old "computer illiterate" real estate investor used video to go from broke to generating $200,000 in one year
Secret #3) How to get 97% open rate on your messages (you're going to LOVE this)
Secret #4) The one reason why webinars DON'T work, and how to transform them into profit producing machines
Secret #5) The hyper effective way to close up to 80% of your prospects on the first phone call!
Secret #6) How to do all of this on autopilot and free your life!

"This is an ABSOLUTE MUST READ for today's entrepreneur!"
--Lon Safko, Author Social Media Bible

"The Mojo guys are clearly PIONEERS, TRAILBLAZERS, and THOUGHT LEADERS in their space."
--Mark Victor Hansen, Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

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  • Questions who here currently uses video for their business. who here doesn't use video but know they needs to use video? Who here wants to know how to learn how to do it better and faster? who hear would like to learn our secret how we've grown our company at 25%/month? How many people want to become the ultimate subject matter expert in their industry. How many people would like to do more with less time? how many of you would like to build deeper relationships and multiply your list? how many of you would like to double your revenue in the next 12 months? How many would like to double your database in the next 90 days? ..guaranteed. Why use video FINALLY!! Simple, Proven, Effective “Real-World” Tactics for Tapping into the POWER Video Marketing to Create a River of Revenue Constantly & Continuously Flowing into YOUR Bank Account 100% GUARANTEED!! Who feels like their marketig is stuck? Who would like to go from being stuck to unstoppable? Who would like to double or triple their database in the next 90 days Who would like to double their icome I the next twelve months guarateed. if you could with the push of a button sed out videos and talk with them all automated…would you do that? Who believes that video is the future of the internet Who has offline business? Who has an online business? Who has a database of 500 or less. Who would like to go from zero to hero in the next 90 days Who here would like to be an internatioal rockstar Who thinks they’re an expert Who would liked to be the ultimate subject matter expert in their industry. Who hear feels they are ready to blow it up with video in 2011 Who would like more time to spend with their friends and family Who here would like financial freedom Who has dreams that have been put on hold and feel that now is your time? Who has trouble getting people to call you back or respond Who here feels that what worked 2 years ago is completely obsolete Who here agrees that it has never been harder to separate yourself from your competition. Who believes that when you have massive chaos and confusion you have massive opportunity Who feels that branding ad telling your story is critical for success in 2011 Who believes that everything is going mobile? Who hear believes that we have to make it happen and not wait for it to happen Who hear believes that there is greatness in all of us and we ca achieve anything. Who would like to take your database and turn it into a following of raving fans Who thinks its important to have a database I 2011 secondary headline: How To Master THE Most Valuable And Profitable Skill of Video marketing, Dramatically Improve Your Earning Power, And Make All The Money You Like With Less Stress And Strain Previusly undisclosed methods on how to increase your selling opportunities by 50-500% How to build a "set it and forget it" video marketing machine that will help you dominate your industry, create raving fans, and attract prospects to you like bees to honey Video marketing so easy, even a monkey could do it. the Secrets to making a video funny (even if you're NOT a comedian) the 7 cardinal sins that business owners make when shooting video How to tip the scale between trust & fear in YOUR favor using video (this is critical to making more sales) how to take advantage of the huge tidal wave of opportunity with video on mobile phones How to take a quantum leap by implementing the 5 campaigns that will maximize marketing ROI (it’s a lot easier than you think when I show you how…) the 4 critical elements that every video must have the ninja approach to outsourcing ALL of your video editing...for FREE! how to multiply traffic to events and webinars P.S. #3 “The Holy Grail To Video Marketing Domination” is NOT for everyone. It’s ONLY for business-owners, marketers, & entrepreneurs who are SERIOUS about QUICKLY AND DRAMATICALLY INCREASING SALES. If that describes you, what are you waiting for?
  • Total value: $9843 You Will Learn to MASTER: Subconscious Influencing to Sell, Create Wealth, Empower, Explode your possibilities, and much, much, more! Reprogram Yourself for Success, Hypnotize yourself and others, and Master all Personality Types and MORE!
  • How do I use video marketing and video email to get more sales?

    1. 1. How to Super Charge Your Profits with a Virtual "Sales Team" of Video, Webinars, & Automation •Discover the 5 insider tips on creating a 7 figure automated webinar •Learn the “stupid simple” method to getting a 97% open rateCory M. Sanchez & Ira Rosen Founders of Mojo Video •Get the One Call Close Method that Marketing gets 80% of your prospects to buy •The “Traffic Stack” method that sends hordes of prospects into your automated selling & appointment getting machineSee the entire video for this presentation by going
    2. 2. Clients in 22 Countries!!
    3. 3. Secret #1: Instant Video Follow Up
    4. 4. Secret #1: Instant Video Follow UpNeuro Science Brain on emailMarketing Brain When Fully Engaged (VIDEO)
    5. 5. Secret #2: SMS Video 97% open rate!
    6. 6. Secret #3: Automated Follow up Got 6 listings in one week, which resulted in almost $2 million dollars in transactions!
    7. 7. Dr. Gary Lawrence Success Story
    8. 8. tg omeryBil l Mon mula Vi d eo for Video Relationship Building
    9. 9. Election Results:Bill M: 75% Opponent: 25%
    10. 10. Award Winning Marketing!!!
    11. 11. Secret #4: Webinars Get instant customers!Benefits of Webinars:• Builds Trust & Rapport• Overcomesthat in order to sell more, Ira Discovered objections you have to have more sales presentations!! ~Brilliant eh =)
    12. 12. Secret #5: Offer a FreeConsultation After the Webinar Up to 80% closing ratio
    13. 13. Secret #6: Automate Everything Ira Discovered that in order to sell more, you have to have more sales presentations!! ~Brilliant eh =)•Fill Your Calendar•Clone Yourself•Set it and forget it!
    14. 14. Claim Your FREE STRATEGY SESSION Retail Value: $500 FREE 339-4300 *