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This Powerpoint Presentation takes a look into the Life of Nambi Narayanan, a scientist who wasn't a spy but was called as one. ...

This Powerpoint Presentation takes a look into the Life of Nambi Narayanan, a scientist who wasn't a spy but was called as one.

This was made for Educational Purpose
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Nambi Naryanan Nambi Naryanan Presentation Transcript

  • Nambi Narayanan…. The Scientist Who Wasn’t A Spy Truth must be the first imperative — no matter what the herd says
  • Nambi Narayanan’s Career and Life.. • S.Nambi Narayanan was an ISRO scientist. • He was the head of the cryogenics division in Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). • After working for nearly two decades, with French assistance, his team developed the Vikas engine used by several ISRO rockets. S.Nambi Narayanan
  • • Narayanan introduced the liquid fuel rocket technology in India in the early 1970s, when A. P. J. Abdul Kalam’s team was working on solid motors. • He foresaw the need for liquid fuelled engines for ISRO’s future civilian space programs. Nambi Narayanan’s Career and Life… The Vikas engine
  • • Narayanan developed liquid propellant motors, first building the successful 600-kg thrust engine in the mid-1970s and thereafter moving on to bigger engines. Nambi Narayanan’s Career and Life… India’s First Cryogenic Engine
  • • The Vikas engine used by several ISRO rockets including the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle(PSLV) that took Chandrayaan-1 to the moon in 2008. • The Vikas engine is used in the second stage of PSLV and as the second and the four strap-on stages of Geo- Synchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV). Nambi Narayanan’s Career and Life… Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV)
  • • In 1992, India had signed an agreement with Russia for transfer of technology to develop cryogenic-based fuels. • Prime Minister P.V Narashimha Rao and Russian President Boris Yeltsin signed the agreement at the Kremlin for Rs 235 crore, when the US and France were offering the same technology for Rs 950 crore and Rs 650 crore respectively. Nambi Narayanan’s Career and Life… Prime Minister P.V Narashimha Rao
  • • US President George H. W. Bush wrote to Russia, raising objections against this agreement and even threatening to blacklist the country from the select-five club. • Russia, under Boris Yeltsin, succumbed to the pressure and denied cryogenic technology to India. • To bypass this monopoly, India signed a new agreement with Russia to fabricate four cryogenic engines without a formal transfer of technology. Nambi Narayanan’s Career and Life… Boris Yeltsin George H. W. Bush
  • • ISRO had already reached a consensus with Kerala Hitech Industries Limited (KELTEC) which would have provided the cheapest tender for fabricating engines. • But this did not happen as the spy scandal surfaced in late 1994. Nambi Narayanan’s Career and Life… Fabricating engines
  • Nambi Narayanan’s Life Changes.. • From Now, Nambi Narayanan’s Life began to change. • In 1994, Narayanan was falsely charged with leaking vital defense secrets to two alleged Maldivian intelligence officers, Mariam Rasheeda and Fauzia Hassan. • Defense officials said the secrets pertained to highly confidential "flight test data" from experiments with rocket and satellite launches. • Along with Nambi Narayanan and another scientist, Dr. Sasikumaran was also accused of selling ISRO secrets for millions. Mariam Rasheeda Dr. Sasikumaran
  • • Narayanan was arrested and spent 50 days in jail. • He says that the Intelligence Bureau (IB) officials who interrogated him wanted him to make false accusations against the top brass of ISRO. He alleges that two IB officials had asked him to implicate A E Muthunayakom, Director of the Liquid Propulsion System Centre (LPSC). • When he refused to comply, he was tortured until he collapsed and was hospitalized. Nambi Narayanan’s Life Changes... A E Muthunayakom
  • • He says his main complaint against ISRO is that it did not support him. • Krishna Swamy Kasturirangan, who was ISRO chairman at the time, stated that ISRO could not interfere in a legal matter. Nambi Narayanan’s Life Changes... Krishna Swamy Kasturirangan
  • • In May 1996, the charges were dismissed as phony by the Central Bureau of Investigation. • They were also dismissed by the Supreme Court of India in April 1998. • In September 1999, the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) passed strictures against the government of Kerala for having damaged Narayanan’s distinguished career in space research along with the physical and mental torture to which he and his family were subjected. Nambi Narayanan’s Life Changes... Supreme Court of India CBI
  • • After the dismissal of charges against them, the two scientists, Sasikumaran and Narayanan were transferred out of Thiruvananthapuram and were given desk jobs. • In 2001, the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) ordered the Kerala State Government to pay him a compensation of ₹ 1 crore (10 million) • The Kerala High Court ordered a compensation amount of Rs 10 lakhs to be paid to Nambi Narayanan based on an appeal from NHRC India in September 2012. Nambi Narayanan’s Life Changes...
  • • On October 3, 2012, The Hindu Reported that Kerala Government has dropped charges against police officials who were alleged to have falsely implicated Nambi Narayanan in the espionage case on the grounds that over 15 years had passed since the case was initiated. Nambi Narayanan’s Life Changes... Siby Mathews
  • Nambi Narayanan’s Life In Cinema.. • Mohanlal is doing the role of scientist Nambi Narayanan. • Anand Naryanan Mahadevan who is bringing the life of Nambi Naryanan into the silver screen of cinema. • It named Witch Hunt. Mohanlal
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  • The End Done By :- Moideen Thashreef Jayaraj J Nair