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L&t industrial marketing ppt

  1. 1. INDUSTRIAL MARKETING<br />Presenter’s<br />KunalAssudani<br />MohitMalviya<br />SalilShrivastava<br />
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  3. 3. <ul><li>Larsen & Toubro Limited (L&T) is an Indian multinationalconglomerate company headquartered in Mumbai, India.
  4. 4. L&T has an international presence, with a global spread of offices and factories, further supplemented by a comprehensive marketing and distribution network.
  5. 5. The company was founded in Mumbai in 1938 by two Danish engineers, Henning Holck-Larsen and SorenKristian Toubro.
  6. 6. L&T became a private limited company in 1946. It then became a public limited company in 1950</li></li></ul><li>
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  13. 13. L&T CHIYODA LIMITED<br />L&T-CHIYODA LIMITED (LTC) is an engineering consultancy organization formed by Larsen & Toubro Limited.<br />India's premier engineering, manufacturing and construction company (holding 50% equity) & Chiyoda Corporation, Japan, world renowned Engineering Company with five decades of experience in Hydrocarbon and related fields (holding 50% equity).<br />Incorporated on 19th November 1994, LTC commenced operations in February 1995 and is catering to national & international clients, both directly and through its parent companies. <br />LTC offers international grade engineering and project management services with integrated engineering concepts, supported by state-of-the-art computer hardware and software facilities operating in a networking environment.<br />The actual plant itself is 'visualized' to a very close reality in the engineering office during the detailed engineering stage, resulting in high efficiency and accuracy in engineering and ease of construction. <br />LTC has specialized in the engineering for fast track EPC jobs of multiple complexities; repeatedly proving it's adaptability from time to time. <br />The major industries in which LTC adds significant dimension includes Petroleum refining, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Oil & Gas and LNG & LPG.<br />
  14. 14. Indian Clients :<br />Oil India Limited(OIL),Assam<br />Gas Authority of India Limited, Baroda<br />Indian Petrochemical Corporation Limited, Baroda<br />Cairn Energy India Pty. Ltd., Chennai<br />Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited, Chennai<br />Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. Delhi for petroleum refining projects in their various refineries like, Panipat Refinery, Digboi Refinery, Barauni Refinery, Haldia Refinery, Gujarat Refinery, Guwahati Refinery etc.<br />Kochi Refineries Limited, Kochi<br />Shriram Fertilizer & Chemicals Ltd., Kota<br />Bharat petroleum Coproration Limited, Mumbai<br />Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited(HPCL),Mumbai<br />Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd., Mumbai<br />ONGC-Mangalore Petrochemicals Limited (OMPL), Mangalore<br />Indian Oil Corporation Limited including Paradip Refinery, Mathura Refinery, Haldia Refinery<br />HPCL-Mittal Energy Investments Limited (HMEL), Bhatinda<br />
  15. 15. Overseas Clients<br />Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Co.(GASCO), Abu Dhabi<br />Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Co.(ADGAS), Abu Dhabi<br />Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company(Takreer), Abu Dhabi<br />Ruwais Fertilizer Industries, Abu Dhabi<br />Bahrain Petroleum Co., Bahrain<br />Karnaphuli Fertilizers Company Limited(KAFCO),Bangladesh<br />BA Energy Inc., Canada<br />HaldorTopsoe A/S, Denmark<br />Kashima Oil Refinery, Japan<br />Melaka Refinery, Malasiya<br />Petronas, Malaysia<br />Foster Wheeler Italiana, Milan<br />Oman Refineries & Petrochemicals Co.(ORPC), Oman<br />
  16. 16. <ul><li>Qatar Fertiliser Co.(S.A.Q), Qatar
  17. 17. Qatar Fuel Additives Co. Ltd., Qatar
  18. 18. Qatar Shell GTL Limited, Qatar
  19. 19. Ras Gas, Qatar
  20. 20. RasLaffan LNG Company Limited, Qatar
  21. 21. SAFRA Co. Ltd., Saudi Arabia
  22. 22. Saudi Formaldehyde Chemical Co. Ltd, Saudi Arabia
  23. 23. Saudi International Petrochemical Company, Saudi Arabia
  24. 24. OJSC Taneco Refinery, Tatarstan-Russia
  25. 25. Thai Olefins Co. Ltd.,Thailand
  26. 26. Consolidated Contractors International Company S.A.L., UAE
  27. 27. Saudi Aramco Total Refining and Petrochemicals Company, Saudi Arabia
  28. 28. Singapore Eastern Petroleum Limited, Singapore</li></li></ul><li>