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  • We have wisdom come with the age, broad range of cultural
    and ethnicity that’s comes with distance. Herbalife has cutting edge research in botanical and
    human nutrition with distinguish scientist and nutritionist in the world . Our scientific and medical adversary board headed by Dr.
    David Heber, Director of center for Human Nutrition at UCLA, Louis Ignarro, Nobel Laureate in
    Medicine for his research in Heart disease and discovery of molecule nitric oxide and Dr. Luigi
    Gratton, a Howard Medical school graduate , obesity clinic at UCLA Medical, and in charge of our wellness coach training.
  • Dr. Anoop Misra is our own doctor from India who is part of Herbalife’s Nutrition Advisory board. Dr. Misra has received multiple awards including the highest award for medical science in India, the Dr. B. C. Roy Award; and has served as the personal physician of two Prime Ministers of India.
  • Absorption and Villi:
    • Ask yourself this question: Why is it that I can be making good food choices, working out multiple times per week….but I’m still not losing the weight that I want to lose?
    • Tell the Villi Story: Your body absorbs nutrients in the digestive tract. Your digestive tract is lined with tiny fibers called “villi”.
  • Have participants hold their hands out in front of them with fingers spread apart and wiggle their fingers…That’s what healthy villi looks like. It reaches out and grabs onto the nutrition which allows it to be absorbed quickly and efficiently into the body, all the way down to the cellular level.
    • Over time, we do things to our bodies – we might smoke, or drink or eat tons of French fries or other transfats etc. and this has weighed down the villi Have participants make a fist with their hands. That’s what unhealthy villi looks like. And when that happens it cannot absorb the nutrition properly.
    • What we need to do is to repair that villi so that it can once again reach out and grab onto the nutrition so that it is going into the body to serve the body well. We can take in all the nutrition in the world but if it’s not being absorbed it isn’t doing us any good!
  • Go thru as many products as possible with time allowed
  • Our Core Healthy Meal Is Amazing Because It Is…Engineered Super Food, Combining Cellular Nutrition and the Power of Protein makes us unique.
    Cellular Nutrition helps ensure the nutrients absorbed and delivered throughout your body at the cellular level.
    The Power of Protein means, you can manage your weight by:
    Controlling your hunger
    Maintaining you lean body mass
  • Do you suffer from water retention?
    Do you sometimes feel bloated?
    Do you have orange peel skin?
    Formula 3 is a special herbal complex tablet with added vitamin C and iron.
    The botanical ingredients have three specific tasks:
    1. to assist in reducing water retention;
    2. re-stabilize the body’s fluid balance;
    3. which in turn can help in smoothing the appearance of orange peel skin and reduce centimetres.
    Formula 3 takes some of the hard work out of trying to improve your figure/shape. The herbal complex encourages the body to produce more water flow.
    The added Vitamin C helps replenish any that may be lost due to increased water flow.
    Vitamin C is also a vital anti-oxidant nutrient, which assists in the body’s ability to absorb iron.
    RECOMMENDED USE: Take one tablet with meals three times a day.
  • Basic training 2013

    2. 2. REFERENCE POINTS Present Herbalife and yourself in an effective and efficient manner while addressing these main questions: 1. What is Herbalife’s history? 2. How do I overcome objections? 3. Are the products safe and how are they used? 4. What’s the difference between drugs and nutrition? 5. How do I package my story?
    3. 3. Questions and Objections 90% of what is said is typically based on here say and/or rumor NOT to be taken personally. 10% is based on fact.
    4. 4. OVERCOMING OBJECTIONS How to respond: Simply say… “I don’t know about that. All I know is ____________” • …share facts and • testimonials.
    5. 5. 2011 W hy Herbalife? 2012 W hat makes Herbalife a unique oppor tunity? 1. Herbalife superior world class Wellness Products 2. Product results of +70 million daily users worldwide 3. A comprehensive training and mentoring system 4. Operations in 88 plus countries 5. A 33 year track record of success
    6. 6. 2011 W hy Herbalife? 2012 W hat makes Herbalife a unique oppor tunity? 1. From $2 million in 1980 to $6.2 Billion in 2012 2.Double digit growth even in recent economic meltdown 3.In excess 1000 self-made millionair es 4.New millionaire ever y 3 days – you could be next!
    7. 7. Indian Health Scenario • Every 4th Indian is either a diabetic or at risk of developing diabetes • 30% men and 50% women in urban India are overweight • Childhood obesity is on the rise • Indians are 3-4 times more prone to heart diseases
    8. 8. World Health Organization says 5 lifestyle diseases: • • • • • Type II diabetes Heart diseases High blood pressure Stroke Certain forms of cancer Obesity increases the risk for all these diseases Obesity has become a global epidemic!
    9. 9. Doctors say The #1 complaint is fatigue • 70% of all doctor visits are due to diet related conditions • 50% of these can be prevented with good nutrition & lifestyle improvement
    10. 10. DRUGS VS. NUTRITION Drugs are chemicals made in labs Herbalife nutrition comes from food  Drugs require FDA Approval Herbalife is beans, vegetables, grains, and Herbs  Drugs are for severe sickness Herbalife is for wellness
    11. 11. What is Balanced Nutrition? Ensuring we get a daily supply of the adequate amount of nutrients from our diet to stay healthy. What our body needs on daily basis • Proteins • Vitamins and minerals • Carbohydrates • Essential fats • Fibre • Herbs • Water etc.
    12. 12. The Indian Diet Indian Diet High High High High Low Low Herbalife Carbohydrate Fat Salt Calories Protein Fiber Low Low Low Adequate Adequate Adequate
    13. 13. Basic Need Herbalife Nutrition It is so easy It is so easy LOSE WEIGHT TABLETS SHAKES BALANCED MEAL MAINTAIN WEIGHT GAIN WEIGHT 3 2 3 1 3 3 1 2 3
    14. 14. GENERAL LAWS ABOUT FOOD MEGA-DOSING LAW Prohibited from putting too much of any one ingredient in a product. LABELING LAW Labels must indicate any conditions that may prevent a person from using the product.
    15. 15. PACKAGING YOUR STORY Before Herbalife I was… (share 3 negatives) 1. 2. 3. Since starting Herbalife I… (share 3 positives) 1. 2. 3.
    16. 16. QUALIFYING PROSPECTS 1. What do you want to do (goal)? 2. Are you serious about ________ (goal)? 3. What have you tried before? 4. Why do you think it didn’t work? 5. Why are you serious about ________ (goal) now?
    17. 17. Medical & Scientific Advisory Board Dr. Louis Ignarro, Ph.D. Laureate In Medicine Nobel I
    18. 18. Nutrition Advisory Board Dr. Anoop Misra Director and Head Department of Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases Fortis Hospitals • • • • • • Padma Shri Award Winner Professor at AIIMS Dhanwantari Award winner BC Roy Trophy winner Top most India’s Diabetologist Advisor to 2 Prime Ministers of India
    19. 19. Use, Wear, Talk A business opportunity for everyone that’s Fun, Simple and Magical!
    20. 20. USE 1. 2. 3. 4. Use the products Start achieving your results. You look healthy and feel great. People will notice and ask you how you did it. 5. Share your story and others’ stories, and offer the products. 6. Teach others to use the products.
    21. 21. 5 KEYS TO THE BUSINESS KEY #1: CONSISTENCY A. USE THE PRODUCTS Why? 2 Reasons 1. Business Reason – Tell The Truth (People can feel how you feel)
    22. 22. 5 KEYS TO SUCCESS KEY #1: CONSISTENCY 2. Personal Reason – Good For You 70% Deaths CANCER – STROKES – HEART DISEASE 50% Are DIET Related 70% All Doctors’ Visits - FATIGUE
    23. 23. 5 KEYS TO SUCCESS KEY #1: CONSISTENCY Nutritional DEFICIENCIES – 2500/4000 calories per day - Protein - Carbohydrates - Vitamins - Minerals - Fat - Oils - Herbs
    24. 24. 5 KEYS TO SUCCESS KEY #1: CONSISTENCY Why DEFICIENCIES? - Soil Problems/Chemicals - Over Cooking - Food Choices - Over Eating = Health Problems - Reduce Calories = Deficiencies = Health Problems
    25. 25. Absorption and Villi  Why am I not losing weight?  Do you know an importance of clean villi? 
    26. 26. 5 KEYS TO SUCCESS KEY #1: CONSISTENCY Increase ABSORPTION – VILLI Impaired by: - Tobacco - Alcohol - Medications - Pollution - Stress - Dieting
    27. 27. Healthy –vs- Unhealthy Villi Which do you prefer?
    28. 28. 5 KEYS TO SUCCESS KEY #1: CONSISTENCY HERBALIFE SOLUTION (Keeps Improving) Herbalife Shake 300/400 Cal. Vs. 3,000/4,000 Cal. Food Better Absorption – F3 Cell Activator
    29. 29. 5 KEYS TO SUCCESS KEY #1: CONSISTENCY How To Use The Products Tablets Shakes Meals * (After Each Meal) LOSE 3 2 1 MAINTAIN 3 1 2 GAIN 3 3* 3
    30. 30. 5 KEYS TO SUCCESS KEY #1: CONSISTENCY Use ALL Products, As Often As Possible Nourifusion / Targeted / Etc… Buy From Your Own Store Become A Product Of The Product! Learn More From Trainings - Live - Tape/Video/DVD/CD-Rom/Internet - Conference Calls/HBN
    31. 31. WEAR 1. Wear the button 2. You will become a walking advertisement. 3. Wear, use or show any Herbalife item that might get people’s attention–this will facilitate the conversation.
    32. 32. 5 KEYS TO SUCCESS KEY #1: CONSISTENCY B. WEAR THE BUTTON Button Response: 1. Are You Serious About Losing Weight? 2. How Much Would You Like To Lose? 3. What Have You Tried Before? 4. Why It Did Not Work? 5. Why Do You Want To Lose Weight?
    33. 33. TALK 1. Talk to people 2. Tell your weight-loss or business story. 3. Explain the product and the business opportunity. 4. Explain how people can improve their health and earn extra income right away. 5. Talk to people you know. 6. Talk to the entire world.
    34. 34. 5 KEYS TO SUCCESS KEY #1: CONSISTENCY C. TALK TO PEOPLE 5 day = 1 YES = Rs.15,000/month 10 day = 2 YES = Rs.30,000/month Daily Methods Of Operation
    35. 35. 5 KEYS TO SUCCESS KEY #2: SIMPLE = DUPLICABLE A. PRESENTATION 1. Your Story 2. Other People’s Story – Ideally Your Customers And Borrow Stories – Use The Tools: - DVDs/Audios/HBN/Internet - Journals/Flyers/Brochures/Manual - Before & After Pictures - HOM/Live Meetings Distributors.
    36. 36. 5 KEYS TO SUCCESS KEY #2: SIMPLE = DUPLICABLE A. PRESENTATION 3.The Herbalife Story - 29 Years - 69+ Countries - 60 Million+ Clients - 3.7 Billions In Sales in 2007
    37. 37. 5 KEYS TO SUCCESS KEY #2: SIMPLE = DUPLICABLE A. PRESENTATION 4. Keep It Simple - Easy As 3-2-1 (Scripts) - Which Program? - What Flavor? - Cash? Check? Or Credit Card?
    38. 38. 5 KEYS TO SUCCESS KEY #2: SIMPLE = DUPLICABLE A. PRESENTATION 5. Questions? – I Don’t Know About That… All I Know Is… - MEGADOSAGE LAWS - LABELING LAWS
    39. 39. 5 KEYS TO SUCCESS KEY #2: SIMPLE = DUPLICABLE A. PRESENTATION 6. Income Presentation – Same As Above Do You Know Anyone Who Could Use An Extra Rs.5000 – Rs.15000/Month Part-Time?
    40. 40. 5 KEYS TO SUCCESS KEY #2: SIMPLE = DUPLICABLE A. PRESENTATION 7. Next Step – Buy / Sign-Up Now - Set Up A Time To Meet - HOM/1 On 1/Telephone - Watch Video - Internet Who Can Do That? ANYONE!!
    41. 41. 5 KEYS TO SUCCESS KEY #3: BE POSITIVE! A. Don’t Take “NO” PERSONALLY! 10 = 2 YES = Rs.30,000/Month (Why Not Everyone?) Problem – 8 Say “NO” - NO’s Are CURIOUS Not SERIOUS - Each NO Is Worth Rs.100!! 5=1 YES=Rs.500 Profit on Rs.1000 sale 500 divided by 5 = Rs.100/Person
    42. 42. 5 KEYS TO SUCCESS KEY #3: BE POSITIVE! B. NEGATIVE OPINIONS 4 Out Of 8 NO = NEGATIVE OPINIONS - Protecting Their Ego - Competitive Business - Excuses – All Are EQUAL* - Don’t Burn Bridges – Give A Flyer - Wipe Off Negative Energy *(Baseball – 3 Strikes Rule – 3 NOs = Move On)
    43. 43. FOLLOW UP 1. Pennies in Sale, a fortune in follow-up 2. If you make a sale, you can make a living. If you make an investment of time & Good Service, You can make a fortune. 3. Records 4. Customer Call Backs 5. Product Delivery 6. Regular Contact
    44. 44. 5 KEYS TO SUCCESS KEY #4: CUSTOMER CARE Use The Herbalife Follow-Up System With Both CUSTOMERS And DISTRIBUTORS 1st DAY – How Do They Use The Products? OPEN Questions 3rd DAY – Inches/Weight? Some Blame Everything On Herbalife 7th DAY – Inches/Weight? Clients Familiar With Program – Habit 15th DAY – Inches/Weight? Ask – Who Noticed? Referrals 25th DAY – Re-Orders/Referrals/IBP Referrals: Use Incentives - $$/Credits/Products/Gifts/Home Party
    45. 45. 5 KEYS TO SUCCESS KEY #5: TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE MARKETING PLAN AND SUPPORT SYSTEM Distributor Success Retail Rs.1000 WS Rs.0 TOTAL Rs.250 25% Rs.1000 sale Rs.250 profit A 25% Rs.1000 sale Rs.0 profit Supervisor Retail Rs.420 WS Rs.340 Builder TOTAL Rs.760 42% Rs.1000 sale Rs.420 profit B 25% A 25% Rs.1000 sale Rs.1000 sale Rs.0 profit Rs.170 profit Retail Rs.500 WS Rs.500 TOTAL Rs.100050% Rs.1000 sale Rs.500 profit B 25% A 25% Rs.1000 saleRs.1000 sale Rs.170 profitRs.250 profit B 25% Rs.1000 sale Rs.250 profit
    46. 46. 5 KEYS TO SUCCESS KEY #5: TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE MARKETING PLAN AND SUPPORT SYSTEM Use The Herbalife Sliding Scale In Your Career Book Manual Suggestions: 1. 500 VPs – 35% Cost Rs.21,300/- = Profit Rs.8,000/2. 1000 VPs – 42% Cost Rs. = Profit Rs.19,000/- (Best Deal) 3. 4000 VPs – 42% Cost Rs.1,60,000 = Profit Rs.74,000/-
    47. 47. 5 KEYS TO SUCCESS KEY #5: TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE MARKETING PLAN AND SUPPORT SYSTEM Set Your Goals Supervisor – Active Supervisor – World Team - 50% Profit / Wholesale / Royalties Next Month Vs. in 75 Days - Supervisors Schools /Higher Level training - Current Promotions
    48. 48. 5 KEYS TO SUCCESS KEY #5: TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE MARKETING PLAN AND SUPPORT SYSTEM How To Qualify For Supervisor 1. Retail Your Way To Supervisor 10 = 2 YES = 25 days X2 = 5,000 VP How? A. WHO DO YOU KNOW? MEET? Work LOCALLY / Think GLOBALLY
    49. 49. 5 KEYS TO SUCCESS KEY #5: TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE MARKETING PLAN AND SUPPORT SYSTEM B. Referrals / Re-orders – Upgrade C. The Buttons D. Direct Approach – Live / Phone E. Surveys/Questionaires F. House Parties (ShapeScan – Protein Estimator) G. Flyers / Car Signs / Pull-Tabs H. Advertising – Newspapers, Mailings, Postcards… I. Lead Generation J. Internet / Websites
    50. 50. 5 KEYS TO SUCCESS KEY #5: TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE MARKETING PLAN AND SUPPORT SYSTEM 3 . How To Qualify For Supervisor 2. Recruit Your Way There 1. YOU 1000VP 4000VP 1000VP 1000VP 6000VP 2000VP Ea. 2. YOU 1000VP 5000VP 2500VP Ea. 1000VP YOU 1000VP 4000VP A 1000VP 5000VP 2000VP Ea. 4000VP B 4000VP 4000VP
    51. 51. 5 KEYS TO SUCCESS KEY #5: TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE MARKETING PLAN AND SUPPORT SYSTEM How To Qualify For Supervisor 3. Purchase Inventory To Have On Hand Rs.1,60,000X8% = Rs.8,000 Interest At The Bank Annually Rs.1,60,000X42%= Rs.74,000 Profit With Inventory When You Have Products – You Sell It (Testimony) Combination Of 3 Ways To Become A Supervisor
    52. 52. 5 KEYS TO SUCCESS BUILD WEALTH USING THE SUPPORT SYSTEM 1. Herbalife Support System - STS Seminars - HBN / Video – Audio / DVD – CD Rom - TouchFon - Corporate Events And Trainings
    53. 53. 5 KEYS TO SUCCESS BUILD WEALTH USING THE SUPPORT SYSTEM 2. Your Organization Support System - Local HOM / Trainings / Quickstart - Conference Calls - Promotions / Special Events
    54. 54. 5 KEYS TO SUCCESS BUILD WEALTH USING THE SUPPORT SYSTEM 3. Personal Support System - Great Product Results With Your Follow-Up - Tell – Show – Try – Do (Duplication) Products / Retail / Recruiting / Promotion - Mentoring All Aspects Of Herbalife
    55. 55. I Daily Methods Of Operations (DMO’s)
    56. 56. All DMO’s Work! DMO’s (Daily Method Of Operation)  FREE Smoothie Invites  Posters/Pull Tabs      (Club Model) Practice Wellness Evaluations Flyers / Flyer Displays E-mails / SMS Using Products in Public Branding your Car / Clothes  In-Services  Circle of Influence / Referrals  Wear the Button  Sampling  Surveys  Ads Newspapers / Internet  Facebook / Twitter
    57. 57. All DMO’s Wor k! Communication Mediums'  Nutrition Clubs  Fitclub Active Healthy Life Style Events  Weight Loss Challenges  Personal Meetings / Presentations  Shake Parties  Grand Openings         Wellness Days Sport Events HOM, STS’s Telephone Call Conference Calls 3-Way Calls Internet / Websites Webinars
    58. 58. I Center Of Influence DMO
    59. 59.  Cell Phone / Email address book  Your Colleagues / Neighbors  Personal Trainer / Gym  Hairdresser  Real Estate Agent  Secretary  Waitress / Waiter  Insurance Agent  Builder  Pharmacist  Travel Agent  Fashion Model  Resigned / Retired Creating Your Name List Is into sports & fitness   Was recently married / getting married  Owns a Business  Lives Overseas  Salesperson  Had a baby / have children  Medical Rep  Guests at your Wedding  Accountant  Electrician / Engineer  IT Specialist  House Wife  Dietician
    60. 60. Working Your Name List How To Approach Your Acquaintances…  Phone/In Person Contact >  First, always ask them about themselves first >  Be an active listener  The more they talk about themselves the more they will be interested in you>  When they ask about you…> What To Say…  Share your product and business testimony (your story)>  If you don’t have one then share someone else’s  Your story (or others) are worth a fortune.
    61. 61. I Nutrition Club DMO
    62. 62. FREE Smoothie Invites “Hi! I’m (Name), we’re having a grand opening! Have you been invited to our nutrition club for a Sampling of our Aloe, Tea, and Smoothie?” Fold Out Cards… “Also inside is a gift certification worth $249 for a full Wellness Evaluation!” Wor king T he Nutrition Club Model Practice Wellness Evaluations See Practice Wellness Evaluation Script!
    63. 63. FREE Smoothie Invites        Free Invites > Counter Presentation > Order Tickets > 24 Hour Follow Up > Wellness Evaluation > Product Purchased > % will go Distributor Wor king T he Nutrition Club Model Practice Wellness Evaluations  Make Name List >  Call List using Practice Wellness Eval Script >  Wellness Evaluation >  Product Purchased >  % will go Distributor
    64. 64. 5 KEYS TO SUCCESS SUMMARY Care More About Your Customers’ Results Than Your Profit = FORTUNE= Care More About Your Distributors’ Success Than Your Profit Set Your Goals Develop A Plan Be Consistent Do Your Best HAVE FUN!!
    65. 65. NUTRITION • Definition of Nutrition • Why Nutrition • Balanced Nutrition
    66. 66. What is Food & Nutrition? Food is what we eat when we are hungry and even when we are not hungry! Nutrition is what our body needs on a daily basis to stay healthy
    67. 67. Why Nutrition? It helps in… • Growth & development • Detoxification • Immunity • Fertility • Anti Aging • Maintaining optimal health
    68. 68. Foods depleted of nutrients... Due to improper methods of: • Growing • Storing • Cooking
    69. 69. Our daily ‘normal’ food EXCESSES Salt, sugar, fats,calories, carbohydrates Vitamins & minerals, protein, fiber, water DEFICIENCIES
    70. 70. Why Herbalife products? • For Nutritional problems • For Obesity related problems • For wellness related solutions
    71. 71. Our Core Healthy Meal Is Amazing Because It Is… Engineered Super Food Combining Cellular Nutrition and the Power of Protein makes us unique. Cellular Nutrition helps ensure the nutrients absorbed and delivered throughout your body at the cellular level. The Power of Protein means, you can manage your weight by: Controlling your hunger Maintaining your lean body mass It Includes…. I
    72. 72. Formula 1- Nutritional Shake Mix Ideal meal replacement! • • • • • • Soy protein based Packed with vitamins and minerals Rich in essential antioxidants Provides high quality dietary fibre Low in calories, fat & sodium Scientifically designed food supplements that gives nutritional benefits of a meal without overloading on calories, fat and sugar • Provides optimum protein and essential vitamins and minerals needed to stay healthy • Convenient solution for weight management! 25 g of soy protein a day, as a part of a low fat, low cholesterol diet can help reduce the risk of heart disease – US FDA
    73. 73. Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix A nutritious meal replacement shake mix with soy protein, healthy fiber, and up to 19 essential vitamins and minerals, plus herbs A core product for Cellular Nutrition and weight management: weight-loss and keeping weight A nutritious meal replacement shake for weight management and overall good health * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 1 As part of a program that includes healthy meals and exercise
    74. 74. Formula 2 - Multivitamin Mineral & • Supplements Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix • Provides antioxidants • Aids in detoxifying Helps provide key ingredients our daily shopping forgets! Herbal Tablets
    75. 75. Formula 3 – Personalized Protein Powder Best quality soy protein isolate & whey protein Protein is needed daily • Vital for growth & development • Maintenance of muscle & tissues, because of Whey protein, rich in cysteine and methionine, which are vital to muscle development Perfect protein supplement to your daily diet!
    76. 76. “CELL ACTIVATOR” • Helps activates cells to perform better •Increases vitality & energy •Decreases fatigue •Helps absorption of nutrition • Helps energise body cells • Rich in powerful antioxidants Great for good health at the cellular level!
    77. 77. Activated Fibre Benefits of fiber: • Cleanses the system • Gives feeling of fullness • Reduces fat absorption • Assists in lowering blood Cholesterol • Stabilizes blood sugar levels Terrific support to weight management!
    78. 78. Aloe Plus Best Aloe Vera extract with added herbs • Immune booster • Stomach soother Great for digestion & long-term Good health!
    79. 79. Cell-U-Loss A herbal blend that helps fight cellulite! • Vitamin C – antioxidant • Potassium • Reduces orange peel effect • Reduces fluid retention
    80. 80. AFRESH – ENERGY DRINK MIX • • • • • Containing Guarana seed extract and Orange Pekoe extract with lemon flavor & in Peach Flavor For refreshing, relaxing, rejuvenating Can have cold or hot Easy to make any where any time Low in calories
    81. 81. DINOSHAKE Balanced Nutrition for children Ideal protein supplement: • Has the highest protein content per serving • Contains essential vitamins & minerals • Is low in sugar & fat • Good for bone growth & brain growth A must-have for all growing children!
    82. 82. Introducing NouriFusion™ • • • • New MultiVitamin Skin Care line Basic nutrition and basic care for skin Protection from environment Products are a fusion of science and nature
    83. 83. Key Ingredients FPO • Antioxidant vitamins A, C and E • Skin-enhancing botanicals • SPF 15 sunscreen in moisturizers for UVA/UVB protection • Improved product texture, look and feel
    84. 84. Normal to Dry Skin Type • Multi Vitamin Lotion Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer • Rich, hydrating formulas • Leaves skin soft, smooth, protected • Available as a system or individually
    85. 85. Normal to Oily Skin Type • Multi Vitamin Foaming Gel Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer • Light, non-greasy formulas • Helps reduce excess oil and shine • Available as a system or individually
    86. 86. Multi Vitamin Eye Cream • Rich, emollient formula • Moisturizes delicate skin around the eye • Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines • Helps increase skin firmness around the eyes
    87. 87. Multi Vitamin Eye Gel • • • • • Helps reduce under-eye puffiness EyelissTM technology for visible results Instant cooling sensation Skin feels fresh and revived Provides light moisture *EyelissTM is a brand name of Crode International PLC.
    88. 88. MultiVitamin Night Cream • • • • Rich, lightweight face cream Hydrates while you Sleep Provides long-term Moisturisation Awaken to soft, Supple skin
    89. 89. MultiVitamin Moisture Mask • Deep hydration for dry, parched skin • Improves skin complexion • Luxurious whipped texture • Softens, smoothes, reduces flakes