Haarp asaignment


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Haarp asaignment

  1. 1. Research PurposalCimate change and Threat of Weather weapon By Mohammed Ayoub Nizamani 10TIM05 Supervised by Dr. Qazi Muhammad Moinuddin Assistant Professor MUSTID MUET Jamshoro
  2. 2.  Index Objetive of Research Proposal Introduction Know How about HAARP How HAARP Works What can done by HAARP Summary 1 & 2 Conclusion Proposed Research Methodlogies Questions need to be focused. Definition of used Terms in proposed References
  3. 3. Objetive of Research Purposal To determine the climate change reasons. Try to maximum Know-How about HAARP and motivate for initiate research on this Technology (Future Perspective) . To promote the our communication system in defense perspective by fallowing the HAARP Technology (Future Perspective).
  4. 4. Introduction The climate changing has been observed a challenging issue in the world. Some researchers argue that this change is being created by artificial using HAARP technology, before to about the HAARP Technology we see the statement of HAARP technology inventor about climate change: He says that “Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is at a level that is 30% greater than it was at the start of the industrial age” (Dr.Barnard J.Estlund-1998). Its believable statement about Climate change but on another side we can not ignore the HAARP Technology.
  5. 5. Know How about HAARPHAARP ( High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program ) is an ionospheric (ionosphere is a part of the upper atmosphere, it is ionized research program jointly by solar radiation) funded by the US Air Force, the US Navy, the University of Alaska and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Its purpose is to analyze the ionosphere and investigate the potential for developing ionospheric weapons technology for weather modification and
  6. 6. Know How about HAARP (Contin….)The inventor of this technology is Dr.BarnardJ.Estlund, And the patent own by USCompany ARCO (The Atlantic RichfieldCompany). ARCO sold this subsidiary, thepatents and the second phase constructioncontract to E-Systems in June 1994. E-Systems is one of the biggest intelligencecontractors in the world -- doing work for theCIA, defense intelligence organizations andothers. $1.8 billion of their annual sales areto these organizations .
  7. 7. HOW HAARP WORKS ?“HAARP will zap the upperatmosphere with a focusedand steerable (pushable)  electromagnetic beam. It is anadvanced model of an"ionospheric heater .“(The ionosphere is the electrically-charged sphere surrounding Earthsupper atmosphere. ) .
  8. 8. HOW HAARP WORKS ? Contin… HAARP is the test run for asuper-powerful radiowave- beaming technology that liftsareas of the ionosphere byfocusing a beam and heatingthose areas. Electromagnetic waves thenbounce back onto earth andpenetrate everything -- livingand dead” (Dr. Nick Begich andJeane Manning ,Book Angles don’tplay with HAARP 1995).
  9. 9. HOW HAARP WORKS ? Contin….According to DR.Eastlunds (inventor of thistechnology) ," provides the  ability to put unprecedented (unique)amounts of power in the Earths atmosphere at strategic locations and to maintain the powerinjection level particularly if random pulsing (vibration) is employed.
  10. 10. WHAT CAN BE DONE BYHAARP ?Interfere third party communications  To carry out a communications network even thoughthe rest of the worlds communications are disrupted. Large regions of the atmosphere could be lifted toan unexpectedly high altitude so that missilesencounter (come across) unexpected and unplanneddrag forcely with resultant destruction. HAARP was created to manipulate (control) theupper atmosphere of earth, to control the weather,and to disrupt communications over large areas.
  11. 11. WHAT CAN BE DONE BY HAARP ? Cont……..It is also expected to communicate with  submarines submerged (underwater) some 12,000miles away .Increasing electromagnetic pulses could punch ahole in the planets magnetic field, leaving uscompletely vulnerable (weak) to intense solarradiation . (, Dr. Nick Begich, Jeane Manning)
  12. 12. SUMMARY-1 Climate Change in perspective by HAARP Tech.HAARP Technology Research can be applied to control global weatherby sending relatively small signals into the Van Allen belts (radiationbelts around Earth) .World-recognized scientist MacDonald had a  number of ideas for using the environment as a weapon system and hecontributed to what was, at the time, the dream of a futurist. When hewrote his chapter, "How To Wreck The Environment," for the bookUnless Peace Comes , he was not kidding around. In it he describes theuse of weather manipulation, climate modification, polar ice capmelting or destabilization, ozone depletion (reduction/weakening)techniques, earthquake engineering, ocean wave control and brainwave manipulation using the planets energy fields.Predictions and Reviews of Scientist around the world on this Projectare:Change Weather, Change and move Air and Air pressure, Earthquake Change, direction change of Air, increase heat ofsunraise, Change rain into flood etc, Almost all scientist reviews about the Project is "The most Dangerousproject" ever because US scientists interfering Natural atmosphere
  13. 13. SUMMARY-2 Threat of Weather weaponAccording to Dr.Begich and Manning brought to light USAgovernment documents indicating that the military has weather-control technology. When HAARP is eventually built to its full  power level, it could create weather effects over entirehemispheres What this means is that HAARP could potentiallybe applied by the US military to selectively modify the climateof an "unfriendly nation" or "rogue (Trouble maker) state" with aview to destabilizing its national economy. It is important tounderstand the linkage between the economic, strategic andmilitary processes of the New World Order. In the abovecontext, climatic manipulations under the HAARP program(whether accidental or deliberate) would certainly made worsethese changes by weakening national economies, destroyinginfrastructure and potentially trigging the bankruptcy offarmers over vast areas. Predictions and Reviews of ScientistHAARP can be for Detection of Nuclear weapons even storedthe underground. According to Dr. Rosalie Bertell, HAARP ispart of an integrated weapons system, which has potentiallydevastating (disturbing) environmental consequences .
  14. 14. Conclusion!Predictions and Reviews of Scientist around theworld over this Project it   can be used in followingtasks.Change WeatherChange and move Air and Air pressureChange (increase) EarthquakeChange direction of AirChange (increase) heat of sunraise.Detection of Nuclear (underground)Change rain into flood
  15. 15. Proposed ResearchMethodsBoth research methodologies will be used in thisproposed research  1.Quantitative Methodology: Data will be collectedfrom reliable sources for analysis as in depth aspossible.2. Qualitative Methodology: All gathered data willbe measured in scientific way and objective will beset to initiate the research program in perspectiveof human betterment as well as to value add in ournational defense system
  16. 16. Questions need to be focused ! How we can take a research measures to develop defensive shield from these types of weapons? How we can initiate the policy for research program on this sensitive Technology? How we can develop the human resource for research in perspective to prepare a defensive system from these types of threats on prompt basis?
  17. 17. Definition of used Terms1. Ionosphere:The ionosphere is a part of the upper atmosphere;it is ionized by solar radiation. It plays an important part in atmospheric electricityand forms the inner edge of the magnetosphere2.Electromagnetic waves:The waves produced by the acceleration of an electric chargeand propagated by the periodic variation of intensities of,usually, perpendicular electric and magnetic fields. Anyelectromagnetic wave is characterized by two parameters: itsfrequency and its wavelength.3.PlasmaThe word ‘plasma‘ comes from the Greek and means ‘form‘ or‘shape. Plasma is often referred to as the fourth state ofmatter. When a solid material is heated, it typically Transformsfirst into a liquid and, at a higher temperature, into a gas. Iffurther energy is supplied to the gas, it becomes electricallyconducting, even though overall electrical neutrality ismaintained.
  18. 18. ReferenceHAARP is instrument of destructionBy Karal Ayn Barnett HAARP, Weather War, and EMF Mind Controlfrom James Shannon 1997Corresponding referenceWashingtons New World Order Weapons Have the Ability toTrigger Climate Change  by Michel Chossudovsky, Professor of Economics,University of Ottawa “Third World Resurgence, January 2001”The Book “ANGELS DONT PLAY THIS HAARP” 1995 andthe Article “The Militarys Pandoras Box “ by Dr. NickBegich and Jeane Manningwww.HAARP.net
  19. 19. THANKS