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Social Media for NGOs مواقع التواصل الإجتماعي للجمعيات
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Social Media for NGOs مواقع التواصل الإجتماعي للجمعيات


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A quick overview of the social media tools and tips that NGOs and organizations can use to create a strategy. …

A quick overview of the social media tools and tips that NGOs and organizations can use to create a strategy.

A version of this presentation was given on April 1, 2013 during the Hadeer NGO Conference in Beirut.

For more information or to request a consultation, kindly email me on

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Social Media for NGOs‫مواقع التواصل اإلجتماعي للجمعيات‬By Mohammad Hijaziwith the help of Darine Sabbagh
  • 2. AboutChief Collaborator, Online CollaborativeSocial Media Consultant: Leo Burnett,Accelerate Online, Cornerstone etc.@mhijazi |
  • 3. What is Social Media?Social media is the use of web-basedand mobile technologies to turncommunication into interactive dialogue.It is a group of Internet-basedapplications that build on the ideologicaland technological foundations of Web2.0, which allows the creation andexchange of user-generated content. ‫مواقع تواصل اجتماعي تهتم بالتواصل بين‬‫االصدقاء والمعارف واالشخاص ذوي االهتمامات‬‫المشتركة وانشاء المجموعات وصفحات التواصل‬ .‫بين االشخاص‬
  • 4. What is Social Media?
  • 5. Importance - ‫أهمية‬1. It is FREE ‫غير مكلفة‬ .12. Plenty new people out ‫جمهور جديد لن تتمكن‬ .2 there who’d like to get to know you! ‫الوصول إليه‬ ‫انتشار أوسع‬ .33. Higher visibility ‫تنمية العالقات مع‬ .44. Strengthen relationships with ‫جمهورك الحالي الموجود‬ existing audiences who ‫على المواقع االلكترونية‬ are online ‫بناء شبكة تفاعلية مع‬ .55. You’ll be able to build fans‫ال‬ up an interactive, social network of fans
  • 6. ‫‪Social Media is NOT FREE‬‬‫:‪You need‬‬ ‫لكي تقوموا بعمل جيد على‬‫‪• Proper training‬‬ ‫مواقع التواصل االجتماعي‬ ‫تحتاجون ل:‬‫‪• Someone monitoring‬‬ ‫• التدريب الصحيح‬‫‪• Strategy‬‬ ‫• شخص يراقب‬‫‪• Time Involvement‬‬ ‫• إستراتيجية‬ ‫• وقت‬‫‪• Online Advertising‬‬ ‫• االعالن على شبكة‬ ‫االنترنت‬
  • 7. More importantly – ‫واألهم‬1. Get valuable feedback and insight into ‫التعرف أكثر على جمهورك من‬ .1 who your audiences are ‫خالل ردود األفعال‬2. Make your content shareable and create – ‫القدرة على نشر المحتوى‬ .2 a snowball effect snowball effect3. Make it easy for people to find your ‫سهولة الوصول األشخاص‬ .3 organisation on multiple online platforms – and point them to your website for full ‫المهتمين لمؤسساتكم وأخذهم‬ details ‫لمواقعكم االكترونية‬4. Easily stay up to date with what people ‫مواكبة اخر األحداث والتطورات‬ .4 talk about ‫التواصل مع مؤسسات أخرى تهتم‬ .5 ‫بنفس المواضيع واألهداف‬5. Easily stay in touch with other organisations in your local area or ‫توظيف متوطوعين أو موظفين‬ .6 sector – and mutually support each other6. Recruiting staff or volunteers is easier through social networks
  • 8. Objectives – ‫األهداف‬• Why are you on social media? • to attract volunteers? • to raise funds? • to make the public aware about your campaign and mission? • to involve the public in your campaigns? ‫• لماذا تستخدمون مواقع التواصل اإلجتماعي؟‬ ‫الستقطاب المتطوعين؟‬ • ‫لجمع التبرعات؟‬ • ‫لتوعية المجتمع حول حمالتكم واهدافكم؟‬ • ‫إلشراك المجتمع في حمالتكم‬ •
  • 9. Target Audience ‫الجمهور المستهدف‬• Who is your demographic?• Where are they present the most?• Can you access them through social media? • 0 - 13 years: No • 13 – 30 years: Very active • 30 – 50 years: Moderate to low activity • 50+ years: Very hard to target• Which language do they speak/read the most?
  • 10. Monitoring – ‫المراقبة‬• Google Alerts • Google Alerts is a free Google service that allows you to monitor results for certain keywords and terms in real- time… • You can use to monitor what is being said: • about you • your industry • your campaigns • Do no forget about common spelling mistakes and your brand name variations•
  • 11. Monitoring – ‫المراقبة‬• Google Alerts • Google Alerts is a free Google service that allows you to monitor results for certain keywords and terms in real- time… • You can use to monitor what is being said: • about you • your industry • your campaigns • Do no forget about common spelling mistakes and your brand name variations•
  • 12. Monitoring – ‫المراقبة‬• Social Mention • Social Mention is a social media search and analysis platform that aggregates user generated content from across the universe into a single stream of information onsite or via RSS. • With Social Mention you can monitor overall or channel by channel.•
  • 13. ‫‪Social Media‬‬‫‪Tools‬‬‫أدوات مواقع‬‫التوصل االجتماعي‬
  • 14. Facebook• For my organization, should I create a: • Profile: No – that’s against Facebooks Terms of Service and people will be creeped out when you add them. • Group: Depends – if you are using it to organize your team and volunteers or prepare and brainstorm for an event • Page: YES! – ideal for organizations and businesses and allows uses to like or follow your updates
  • 15. Facebook Pages
  • 16. Facebook Pages
  • 17. Facebook Pages
  • 18. Facebook Pages
  • 19. Facebook Pages
  • 20. Facebook Pages
  • 21. Facebook Pages
  • 22. Twitter Followers – ‫أشخاص يتابعونك‬ Following – ‫أشخاص تتابعهم‬Your followers open the door for re-tweets and mentions ‫األشخاص الذين يتابعونك يساهمو في نشر المتوى من خالل الرتويت والمنشن‬People you follow are ones you can engage with and eventually becomefollowers followers ‫األشخاص الذين تتابعهم أرض خصة لفتح منقاشات وحورات والهدف جعلهم‬
  • 23. Different People discussing the same topic – excellent potential to interact ‫أشخاص يغردون عن‬ ‫موضوع معين – فرصة‬ ‫ممتازة للتفاعل مع الفئة‬ ‫المستهدف التي تهتم بنفس‬ ‫المواضيع‬#Hashtags – creating categories of interest ‫#الهشتاغ –تندرج تحت موضوع معين‬
  • 24. Tweet mentioning touch @touch ‫تغريدة تذكر‬ Reply from touch @touch ‫إيجابة من‬ Interact - ‫تواصل‬ Favorite Building relations – ‫بناء عالقات‬ ‫تغريدة مفضلة‬ RetweetReaching External Network– ‫نشر‬ ‫رتويت‬‫المحتوى خارج شبكتي المحدودة‬
  • 25. The Big FatGuide ToLebanese TwitterUsers
  • 26. Linkedin• Professional Social Network• Can be used to: • Meet new funders and donors • Meet new volunteers • Get new ideas • Get in contact with other organizations • Reach a professional demographic • Give your organization a professional appeal
  • 27. Linkedin – Personal
  • 28. Linkedin – Company
  • 29. ‫مدونة – ‪Blog‬‬‫‪A blog (a portmanteau of the term web log) is a discussion or‬‬‫‪informational site published on the World Wide Web and‬‬‫‪consisting of discrete entries ("posts") typically displayed in‬‬‫‪reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears‬‬‫.)‪first‬‬ ‫" مدونة " هي التعريب األكثر قبوال لكلمة ‪blog‬اإلنجليزية التي هي نحت من كلمتي‬ ‫‪Web log‬بمعنى سجل الشبكة. والمدونة تطبيق من تطبيقات اإلنترنت يعمل من خالل‬ ‫نظام إلدارة المحتوى، و هو في أبسط صوره عبارة عن صفحة وب تظهر عليها تدوينات‬ ‫(مدخالت) مؤرخة و مرتبة ترتيبا زمنيا تصاعديا، تصاحبها آلية ألرشفة المدخالت‬ ‫القديمة، و يكون لكل مدخل منها عنوان دائم ال يتغير منذ لحظة نشره يمكن القارئ من‬‫الرجوع إلى تدوينة معينة في وقت الحق عندما ال تعود متاحة في الصفحة األولى للمدونة.‬
  • 30. • Blog Title• Date Header• Post Title• Timestamp• Permalink• Post• Author Name• Category/Label/Tag• Comments• Sidebar
  • 31. Blogging Tools• Blogger:• Wordpress:
  • 32. Lebanon
  • 33. Other Social Networks• Instagram: Photo sharing mobile application• Youtube: Video sharing and viewing website• Pinterest: a brainstorming tool that allows you to collect things from the internet and organize them• Foursquare: A mobile application that tell people where their friends are
  • 34. Social Media Explained
  • 35. Facebook Advertising• Get more people to see your campaign or like your page• Extremely detailed targeting• Several types of ads• Reach more people much cheaper than traditional media• Detailed measurement
  • 36. Facebook Advertising
  • 37. Social Media =• All about listening to your audiences ‫• اإلصغاء إلى جمهورك أو الفئة المستهدفة‬• Building up trust and relationships with audiences ‫• بناء الثقة والعالقات مع الجمهور‬• NOT just another place to advertise your listings ‫• ليست وسيلة فقط وسيلة جديد لإلعالن – على المحتوى أن يكون شيق‬• About showing the human side of your organization ‫• تسليط الضوء على األهداف اإلنسانية في مؤسساتكم‬
  • 38. Crisis Management• Expect anything and ‫• توقعوا أي شيء وكل شيء ولكن كونوا‬ everything – but be ready to ‫دائما على استعداد للجواب‬ answer Positive - ‫• إيجابي‬ Negative - ‫• سلبي‬
  • 39. Crisis Management
  • 40. Crisis Management
  • 41. See criticism as an opportunity• Don’t try to delete or remove criticism (it will just make it worse)• Listen to your detractors• Admit your shortcomings• Work openly towards an explanation and legitimate solution
  • 42. Be Personal• Dont shout (?). Don’t be extra formal.• Speak like yourself – and join the conversation• Start a conversation– give people something they can relate to.• Most importantly: Be yourself
  • 43. Content CalendarSocial media editorial calendars create a cohesivelayer to a content strategy.A content Calendar Typically has the followingfeatures: • post date • social channels • post content • image • link
  • 44. Content Calendar
  • 45. Integrated Campaign ‫حملة متكاملة‬ • Your social media campaign should be aligned with your marketing strategy. ‫• يجب أن تكون حملتك على وسائل االعالم االجتماعية‬ .‫متناسقة مع استراتيجية التسويق الخاصة بك‬ • This includes your traditional communications (TV, radio, billboard, newspaper, radio, PR) and social media and email marketing. • Branding and design must also be consistent.
  • 46. Local Case Studies ‫دراسات المحلية‬• Be7ke• Donner Sang CompterBoth nominated for Beirut’s Social Media Awards
  • 47. Be7ke?
  • 48. Donner Sang Compter
  • 49. Questions?Thank you!Blog: www.mindsoupblog.comEmail: mhijazi@onlinecollaborative.orgTwitter: @mhijazi
  • 50. Resources• The Twitter Guide Book :‫دليل توتير‬ • book-101-7937568#btnNext• Social Media Tactics for Non-Profits: • tactics-to-help-nonprofits-meet-their-mission • media-tactics-for-nonprofits• Friend- and Fund-raising in the Digital Age • for-strategic-friend-and-fundraising-for-nonprofits