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Annotation framework Annotation framework Presentation Transcript

  • http://Learning-Layers-eu 1
  • • Annotating: the act of creating associations between distinct pieces of information... • An annotation is considered to be a set of connected resources, typically including a body and target, and conveys that the body is related to the target. W3C Open Annotation Data Model http://Learning-Layers-eu 2
  • • Create media-rich annotations within a media object (text, image, audio, video, Maps, Spatial, DB) by selecting an area, segment or entire object and having the ability to cross-reference it through persistent URI to other annotated media resources. • Annotations through persistent URI. • Search annotations within the framework database through a keyword, a search term or predefined ontological terms (OWL). • Import and export sets of annotations in standardized interchangeable (machine readable) data formats (RDF). http://Learning-Layers-eu 3 View slide
  • < Annotation Body > Annotation Source simple (textual note, a marker) complex combination of multiple media items (images, video, audio, georeferenced locations. Annotation Target Persistent URI Media-rich Annotations Media-rich Objects < Annotation Metadata > Time Stamp User Info 7:07:07am Profile, Location, etc. http://Learning-Layers-eu Visibility Tags 4 View slide
  • Annotation http://Learning-Layers-eu 5
  • Open Knowledge Foundation framework for text annotation http://Learning-Layers-eu 6
  • Image annotation (Annotorious.js) http://Learning-Layers-eu 7
  • Shared Canvas http://Learning-Layers-eu 8
  • Media-rich Video Annotation for the Web http://www.openvideoannotati http://Learning-Layers-eu 9
  • The Collaborative Annotation Tool (CATool) http://Learning-Layers-eu 10
  • aybook/annotations.html http://Learning-Layers-eu 11
  • Video Annotation Tool from Irvine, California http://Learning-Layers-eu 12
  • Annotating Academic Video Tool http://Learning-Layers-eu 13
  • Maps and zoomable Image Annotation (Annotorious.js + OpenLayers web map viewer) http://Learning-Layers-eu 14
  • Maps and zoomable Image Annotation (Maphub) http://Learning-Layers-eu 15
  • The Domeo Annotation Toolkit http://www.annotationframew http://Learning-Layers-eu 16
  • Semantic Image Annotation (Annotorious.js) http://Learning-Layers-eu 17
  • The Domeo Annotation Toolkit http://Learning-Layers-eu 18
  • Semantic Map Annotation in GeoNames ( Georeferencing) http://Learning-Layers-eu 19
  • Annotation http://Learning-Layers-eu 20
  • <anno1> a oa:Annotation; oa:hasBody <body1>; oa:hasTarget <target1>. http://Learning-Layers-eu 21
  • http://Learning-Layers-eu 22
  • Annotation http://Learning-Layers-eu 23
  • th_a_Textual_Note http://Learning-Layers-eu 24
  • th_a_Webpage http://Learning-Layers-eu 25
  • mage http://Learning-Layers-eu 26
  • http://Learning-Layers-eu 27
  • http://Learning-Layers-eu 28
  • http://Learning-Layers-eu 29
  • http://Learning-Layers-eu 30
  • http://Learning-Layers-eu 31
  • http://Learning-Layers-eu 32