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Scrum For Developers

Scrum For Developers



A session on what a developer needs to know when applying to a company where the PM says "we work with Scrum"

A session on what a developer needs to know when applying to a company where the PM says "we work with Scrum"



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Scrum For Developers Scrum For Developers Presentation Transcript

    • Mohamed Ahmed Meligy
    • Senior Software Engineer
    • SilverKey Technologies, LLC
    • weblogs.asp.net/meligy
  • Project Management Methodologies You heard about them in collage
  • Waterfall Model
  • Does it work ??? Who goes home at 5 PM ? Why did Windows Vista take 5 years ?
  • Every Project Story
    • The customer knows nothing
    • The developer thinks about new technologies
    • The PM thinks about the deadline
    • The analyst thinks he knows everything
      • He got “everything” from the customer, who knows “nothing” ;-)
  • Every Project Story
    • The developer: “I can do it in 3 months ”
    • The PM: “You’ll do it in 2 months ”
    • The project takes 4-5 month
  • Every Project Story
    • 1 st Month: Everybody is happy
    • 2 nd Month: Customer sees “something”
    • 3 rd Month: Customer makes tons of changes
      • The developer screams
      • The project manager blames …. ???
    • Last Month: Everybody is at office t ill 8-10 PM
    • Every DAY:
      • The PM: Developer, you’re not done yet? LOSER!!
  • Why does it happen?
    • Requirements are not fully understood at the beginning of the process.
    • Requirements change during the process .
    • The process becomes unpredictable when new tools and technologies are used.
  • Other Methodologies
    • Spiral
    • CMMI
    • Rational Rose
    • Agile
  • Agile Who’s this ???
  • Agile Manifesto
    • Individuals and interactions
      • Over processes and tools
    • Working software
      • Over comprehensive documentation
    • Customer collaboration
      • Over contract negotiation
    • Responding to change
      • O ver following a plan
  • Agile Methodologies
    • eXtreme Programming (XP)
      • Pair Programming
      • Test Driven Development
      • Continuous Integration
      • Refactoring, Coding Standards, etc…
    • Adaptive Software Development
      • speculate, collaborate, and learn cycles
    • Scrum
  • SCRUM??
  • Scrum Model 2-4 weeks 7-8 hours Product Backlog As prioritized by Product Owner Sprint Backlog Backlog tasks expanded by team Potentially Shippable Product Increment Daily Scrum Meeting Source: Adapted from “Agile Software Development with Scrum” by Ken Schwaber and Mike Beedle.
  • Prerequisites
    • Small Team
    • Good People
    • Common Sense
  • Product Backlog List of work items during the entire project
  • Sprint A certain period of time with specific deliverables Lasts for 2-4 weeks – NO MORE NO LESS
  • Sprint
    • Before Start: Sprint Planning
    • Starts with Sprint Backlog
      • Choose highest priority items remaining in product backlog
    • Ends with Deliverables
      • New Features Developed / Old Bugs Fixed
      • Sprint Zero and Sprint One might deliver documents !
        • Architecture Documents
        • UI Prototype
    • After End: Sprint Review
      • Usually just before next sprint planning
  • Sprint Daily Meetings What did you do Yesterday ? What will you do today ? Do you have any problems ?
  • Sprint Daily Meetings
    • Stand up Meetings
    • 15 Minutes Max.
      • Well, don’t exceed 30 minutes at least
    • Entire Team
  • Scrum Roles Product Owner Scrum Master Project Team
  • Scrum Roles: Product Owner
    • Possibly a Product Manager or Project Sponsor
      • That’s what we call an “analyst”
    • Marketing
    • Internal Customer
    • etc.
      • Not a technical guy, BUT ….
  • Scrum Roles: Scrum Master
    • Responsible for enacting Scrum values and practices
      • Manages the sprint meeting
      • Does the sprint reporting
    • Typically a Project Manager or Team Leader
      • That’s what the books say
      • I have played it a different way
  • Scrum Roles: Project Team
    • Cross-functional
      • QA
      • Developers
      • UI Designers
      • etc
    • 5-10 members (as the books say)
      • I’d rather 5 to 7 MAX per team
  • Scrum Artifacts Product Backlog Sprint Backlog Burndown Chart
  • Burndown Chart
    • The Developer
  • Self Management 50% for managing yourself 25% for managing your boss 25% for managing everybody else (Dee Hock – Founder of VISA)
  • Accept Flexible Deliverables As this means flexible schedule Try not to hate the customer :-D
  • Be Reliable You are a good guy / gal ;-) Common Sense
  • Be Reliable You’ll make mistakes APOLOGIZE
  • Take Care You have your good day and bad day You have your productive and your slow weeks
  • Take Care Do NOT extend a sprint period Do I have the choice??
  • The Real World Reality has a tendency to make a beautiful project plan ugly
  • Problems! There’s no silver bullet
  • Where to go
    • www.controlchaos.com
    • www.scrumalliance.org
    • My weblog
      • weblogs.asp.net/meligy
    Ken Schwaber, 2004 ISBN 073561993X