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Great Cup od Java
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Great Cup od Java


Published on

java seminar @Excellence gate

java seminar @Excellence gate

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Great Cup of Java 1
  • 2. 2
  • 3. 12345 Let’s Start >>>> 3
  • 4. 4
  • 5. Name: James Gosling.Born: May 19 ,1955 (age 55).Residence: United Sates.Occupation: Computer Scientist.Employer: SUN microsystemsKnown For: Father of Java. In April 2nd, 2010, Gosling left Sun Microsystems which had recently been acquired by the Oracle Corporation. He wrote on his blog "Just about anything I could say that would be accurate and honest would do more harm than good" 5
  • 6. Object Oriented Paradigm Robust Good Performance Multi-Thread 6
  • 7. First : what is a Platform ?Platform: describes some sort of hardware architecture and software framework (includingapplication frameworks), that allows software to run.Framework: are a special case of software libraries in that they are reusableabstractions of code wrapped in a well-defined API. JAVA is WORAWrite Once Run Anywhere
  • 8. Object Oriented Paradigm
  • 9. OOP: is a programming paradigm that uses "objects " – “data structures”. 10
  • 10. ClassObjectEncapsulationInheritancePolymorphism 11
  • 11. Object Oriented Paradigm Robust 12
  • 12. The Java programming language is designed for creating highlyreliable software. It provides extensive compile-time checking, followedby a second level of run-time checking.No PointersAutomatic Garbage Collection (GC) 13
  • 13. Object Oriented Paradigm Robust Good Performance 14
  • 14. But Java programs are Slow.Just-in-time compilation in 1997 for Java 1.1 15
  • 15. Object Oriented Paradigm Robust Good Performance Multi-Thread 16
  • 16. 17
  • 17. (Java Development Kit) Is a basic tool that is necessary to compile,documnet and package java programs (javac – java - ) it include JRE. (Java Runtime Environment) is a Runtime environment that implements Java Virtual Machine it provides allclass libraries. It should installed on a pc that run java Programs. (Java Virtual Machine) VM: is a software implementation of a machine that executes programs like a physical machine. (Software Development Kit) 18
  • 18. Ambiguity between a JDK and an SDKJDK is :(Java Development Kit)SDK is :(Software Development Kit)The JDK forms the subset of the SDK which is responsiblefor the writing and running of Java programs. Theremainder of the SDK is composed of extra software, suchas Application Servers, Debuggers, andDocumentation. 19
  • 19. 20
  • 20. Java Standard EditionDesktop Applications Examples: MS Office. Adobe Photoshop. 21
  • 21. Java Enterprise EditionEnterprise Software.Business Logic. 22
  • 22. 23
  • 23. Client Tier:Run on Client Machine.Web Tier:Dynamic Web pages Generated By Servlet , JSP & JSF.Business Tier:Run On EJB Server as a apart of JEE server.EIS Tier: (Enterprise Information System)Run On EJB Server as a apart of JEE server. Database Systems 24
  • 24. RedHat (JBOSS).IBM (WebSphere).SUN (GlassFish).Adobe(JRUN).Apple(Web Objects). 25
  • 25. Java Micro EditionApplication For Limited Devices Run on: Mobile Devices PDA 26
  • 26. 27
  • 27. 1) Study with yourself 28
  • 28. 2) Take a course 29
  • 29. 30
  • 30. 31