Coaching for better performance ok


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Coaching for better performance ok

  1. 1. Coaching for better performanceCoaching for better performanceField TrainingField Training
  2. 2. Management Major FunctionsManagement Major FunctionsPlanningSetting goals and decidinghow best to achieve themOrganizingAllocating and arrangingresourcesControllingRegulating activities toreach goalsLeadingInfluencing others to worktowards a goal
  3. 3. 0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%1st. Line Middle TopPlanningOrganizingLeadingControllingManagement Major FunctionsManagement Major Functions
  4. 4. 0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%1st. Line MiddleanagementTopManagementConceptualHumanTechnicalKey Management SkillsKey Management Skills
  5. 5. Leadership AttitudesLeadership AttitudesHigh tech. low confidenceSupportingOld demotivatedCoachingHighly tech. self confidentDelegatingNew employeeDirectingTask OrientationPeopleOrientation
  6. 6. Coaching isCoaching is*Style of communication between coach &Style of communication between coach &coacheecoachee*Maintain & enhance the good performance*Maintain & enhance the good performance*Improve the performance in the diseased*Improve the performance in the diseasedareasareas----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. 7. The Manager as a CoachThe Manager as a Coach If you treat people as monkeys, they willbehave like monkeys Self motivation is the only truly effectivemotivation which is the coach role Your performance is only measured byyour employees performance----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. 8. The field coachingThe field coachingCoaching Continuous process Constructive Developmental Observing Learning Support------------------------------------Else Occasional process Destructive Appraising Joint call Teaching Criticism--------------------------------
  9. 9. The field coachingThe field coachingBenefits Company -- Ensure implementing messages &policies Sales Rep. -- Communication with the manager Coach -- Opportunities to develop & evaluate Customer -- Company image & support--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. 10. The coach abilities for better performanceThe coach abilities for better performance Building relationship Believing that people can and want to learn Providing information and ideas Context shifting Confrontation Encouragement Responsibility Effectiveness in questioning Listening Observing body language----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. 11. The shared responsibilityThe shared responsibility Manager control Sales Rep. control Both responsible(Coaching)----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. 12. Areas for coachingAreas for coaching Knowledge Selling Skills Territory Management Sales and Activity Attitude----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. 13. Areas for coachingAreas for coachingKnowledge Geographical Customer Product Competition Company Supplier----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. 14. Areas for coachingAreas for coachingTerritory Management Planning Customer Priorities Routing Time management Recording & Reporting----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. 15. Areas for coachingAreas for coachingSelling Skills Pre-Call Preparation Create Empathy The Sales Interview Post Call Analysis----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. 16. Areas for coachingAreas for coachingSales and Activity Distributors-Sales points Sales achievement Returns Collection Activity goal Conversion goal----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  17. 17. Areas for coachingAreas for coachingAttitude Knowledge Selling Skills Territory Management----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  18. 18. Learning Re-callLearning Re-callRe-call Told Told &shownTold,shown andexperienceAfter 3weeks70% 72% 85%After 3months10% 32% 65%
  19. 19. You tellYou doHe tellsYou doHe tellsHe doesStep by step field trainingStep by step field training
  20. 20. Coach as a field trainerCoach as a field trainer Wheel of motivation
  21. 21. CoachingCoaching The New representativeImportance of the first daysMany successive daysMaximum benefits for company, S.R.and you----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  22. 22. CoachingCoaching The New representative Good working habits Company image A positive attitude Self confidence Selling skills Interpersonal relationships----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  23. 23. CoachingCoachingThe Experienced Representative Nothing new I would not do it well What I did it before worked Money is the only motivator I will gain nuts I have my personal style----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  24. 24. CoachingCoaching The Experienced Representative Exact understanding of experience Actual against his assumption MILK RUN the greatest enemy Keep them stretched in the job Training by short term activity objectives Importance of training needs diagnosis andconvincing S.R. are equal------------------------------------------------------------------------
  25. 25. Exp.S.R.Established productsNew S.R. & Established ProductsORExp. S.R. & New productsNew S.R.New ProductsTime allocation for coachingTime allocation for coaching
  26. 26. The Coaching DayThe Coaching Day Role of the Coach Cultivate good work habits Observe, train and develop selling skills Motivate Generate enthusiasm for the massage Assist with territory management--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  27. 27. The Coaching DayThe Coaching Day Role of the Coach Provide guidance towards objectives Develop positive attitude Provide counseling Reinforce the company philosophy Support the representative------------------------------------------------------------------------
  28. 28. The Coaching DayThe Coaching Day Dynamics of the dayReview of the benefits of the daySet specific objectivesSet the appointment enough time beforeConfirm expectations in writingMeet the rep. Sometime before first call &leave lateAccompany the rep. In each call------------------------------------------------------------------------
  29. 29. The Coaching DayThe Coaching Day Dynamics of the dayStick to his normal work planKeep time for discussions bet. callsKeep observer diaryReview the achievement at the end of the daySet the next coaching visit objectives------------------------------------------------------------------------
  30. 30. The Coaching DayThe Coaching Day Post-day analysis Praise even in the most disastrous day The real test of management is how toexpress criticism Avoid little things Discuss your analysis and confirm in writingFill out the coaching report together------------------------------------------------------------------------
  31. 31. The Coaching CallThe Coaching Call What you SHOULD do Insure to be introduced correctly Help to put the customer at ease Be seen to be concerned observer Listen attentively------------------------------------------------------------------------
  32. 32. The Coaching CallThe Coaching Call What you SHOULD NOT do Contradict the representative Openly criticize the representative Appear as an echo to the representative Interrupt the doctor or representative------------------------------------------------------------------------
  33. 33. The Coaching CallThe Coaching Call Pre-call guidelinesThis should be done before each call1. Review the information (Sales-Report)2. What are the objectives for the call3. Pre-call planning4. Rehearse5. What are your objectives6. What will be your role7. Put him at ease------------------------------------------------------------------
  34. 34. The Coaching CallThe Coaching Call Call GuidelinesDon’t be used as active in sellingIntervene only in case of serious errorObserve the customer reactionsObserve the skills of the representativeObserve the use of product knowledge------------------------------------------------------------------------
  35. 35. The Coaching CallThe Coaching Call Call GuidelinesNote the deviation from the pre-call planObserve strengthsObserve areas for developmentThank the customer at the end------------------------------------------------------------------------
  36. 36. The Coaching CallThe Coaching Call Post call Guidelines Immediately after each call Be specific by discussing the pre-set objectives Support strengths observed Ask the representative to evaluate himself Tell the representative areas for improvement Demonstrate improvement--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  37. 37. The Coaching CallThe Coaching Call Post call Guidelines Rehearse Support and encourage Fill in the customer card Set the objective of the second accompaniedday--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  38. 38. The benefits of coachingThe benefits of coaching Improve performance Improve productivity Team development Improve relation Improve quality of life in work place----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  39. 39. The benefits of coachingThe benefits of coaching Save time for the manager Better use of employees skills & resources Maximize ability & adaptability to change One of the beneficial tools to achieve companygoals--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  40. 40. MERLMERLYOUR RELIABLE PARTNERYOUR RELIABLE PARTNER Learning is anendless process Successful coachmakes coaching asa second nature THE BEST OFluck